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Chat log from R20 of 2019: Collingwood vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Collingwood vs Gold Coast, R20 of 2019

Grimes Jr: surely grundy scores more than gawn
Grimes Jr: surely grundy scores more than gawn
Yelse: I have to go either Grundy Macrae Cripps or dunks for C and need to beat Fyfe score to win but who more likely
Grimes Jr: do i take gawn or go grundy. projected at 2668 atm
BigChief: I am taking Neale as my C.
SilverLion: Carn the suns
SilverLion: Blow the sirennnn
Valens: Witts doesn’t concede a big score very often
Juzzo: 200 for Macrae today
BigChief: Pedal faster m0nty
Lynch_MOB: Let’s go VC Grundy! Pls don’t make me use Neale or Maccrae as my C
Stu7: Grundy Yelse
pcaman2003: Had choice between Grundy and MaCrae. Put the C on Grundy in the finish.
Stikman35: Another pies defender gone
Tig-Train: ohh how good would it be if gold coast win…
SilverLion: treloar good for one of those a week
Danstar: Libba will yah Neale imo
SilverLion: well, most of the time heh
StAnselm: I need Treloar to have a big game and he’s delivering.
Kaalia: Treloar Superman?
Stikman35: Lukosius, hard to spell but is a gun in the making.
StAnselm: Treloar still at 100% efficiency.
StAnselm: Treloar still on track to beat the all time SC score…
zoomba23: Treloar at 100% efficiency. Must be an impostor
Stu7: Sorry for the bad intel Yelse
wolfheart: if thats not worth the superman icon I dont know what is
StAnselm: And just like that, he stuffs up his perfect efficiency.
LMartos: Must’ve changed ruckman scoring overnight in SC, Grundy and Witts very low
zoomba23: Ofc I’m playing a guy with Treloar. Just my fucking luck
Raspel31: Golly gosh- too late for Treloar now but wow.
Grimes Jr: lift grundy
zoomba23: Stay down Grundy
frenzy: clean it up crisp
Lynch_MOB: treloars massive game is affecting grundys scoring obviously
pcaman2003: Have the C on Grundy. Opposition has Trelooar. What a joke!
Stikman35: Ben king. Deserves the rising star. I know walks will win. Dumb award.
BestCoast: Afternoon gentlemen POD Treloar giddy up
Stikman35: Allot of scores to fluctuate and balance out yet pcaman.
Stikman35: Walsh.
zoomba23: Stikman you mustn’t have watched Walsh much this year. King’s been good but nowhere near Walsh’s level or consistency
BestCoast: Stikman stay away from drugs please
Grimes Jr: why is grundy sc so low
zoomba23: Cos CD have sucked him off so much this year there’s nothing left
BestCoast: SC scores in the last two rounds have been looking suspect to say the least
intergaze: most likely not many effective kicks, tackles or hitouts Grimesy
thesilentl: King?!?! 10 games only and 5 under 30 sc
Stikman35: I said Walsh will win you peanuts. But the bigger star will be king. Forwards win games.
Lynch_MOB: king? lmao. someones on crack
thesilentl: That’s not what rising star is mate
Stikman35: Rising star is a silly award. It’s a midfielders award more effectively speaking.
BestCoast: Stilman Stay away from the Drugs no good for you at all
Growlers: I am all confused over the Champion Data Scoring system, how can Treloar be + 44 points DT to SC and Grundy be -20?
thesilentl: Stephenson, McGrath, mills Hogan last 4…zero midfielders
zoomba23: Growlers it’s really not that hard. Fantasy records every stat no matter its impact. CD take into account other factors
Stikman35: My point of view is on deaf ears here.Funny. Rhys
zoomba23: Stikman it’s not a midfielder’s award mate. It goes to the guy who plays the best, regardless of position
zoomba23: Stikman he literally just proved your point of view wrong
Stikman35: I give up. I’ll get back on the stuff that made me select Duncan this week.
BestCoast: Stikman nothing wrong with having an opinion we all look through different eyes
Stikman35: But I didn’t go for Grundy as C. Winning…
frenzy: imagine if CD chose the rising star
BestCoast: frenzy been the same as Joffa running Westpac
blonde0na: touk gunna wear treloar like a glove for the next half?
frenzy: thanks BC, Lol
th3rio: winning stikman ? :
frenzy: here come Grundy
Grimes Jr: come on grundy. need you to go huge for 2700
Stikman35: Yeah. I’m still winning as I love Grundy regardless
Sillybugga: should have gone to spec savers
Tig-Train: that umpire should be fired…
BigChief: Cox has eye injury. Must be from crying too much.
The0Grrr: U know Treloar 15 mins ago I was happy I vc’d U rather than Fyfe at the last moment.
The0Grrr: But now U haven’t touched it this qtr!
The0Grrr: And on cue…
thiccgucci: reckon treloar can get to 160+?
The0Grrr: It’d be nice @gucc
The0Grrr: My opp took Max’s 134
thiccgucci: I took gawn’s 134, you just dont risk it with a score like that
Lynch_MOB: should do, think he’ll be under 170 imo
Raspel31: I;m taking Macrae’s 200.
The0Grrr: Tru that. I just thought better vc options this week is all.
thiccgucci: macrae bont and dunkley all have insanely high projecteds, hope atleast two of em can live up to it
The0Grrr: I just moved the C from Macrae to Bines now @Rasp
Raspel31: Wise move Grrr.
The0Grrr: Yeap I had all 3 of them to fall back on. But with my form I woulda pulled the wrong 1
SilverLion: Cox is cooked btw m0nty, dunno what with but
Lynch_MOB: should I take grundys vc score? or roll the dice with maccrae or neale?
lukefield9: stuck in 3 minds, cripps macrae or dunkley?
Raspel31: Don;t have to decide till this game over Lynch but personally- Macrae.
thiccgucci: I think u have to go with macrae given recent form (unless grundy 130+)
zoomba23: Swear Treloar’s being given 10 pts for every possie
The0Grrr: If forced Macrae would be my choice.
The0Grrr: Grundy maybe 125’ish?
The0Grrr: Yeah I’m paying CD zoom
Lynch_MOB: thx rasp, forget that is was the later game
thiccgucci: treloar 170 grundy 125 would be ideal. getting working fellas
NoneyaB: whats wrong with witts?
pcaman2003: Grundy doing lots of work for little SC reward.
NthsFinest: Why do only certain players get points for spoils? You would think all players would.
thiccgucci: grundy SC hasnt moved in a while, although gaining +14 total
Raspel31: Can Gold Goast pull it back from here?
Grimes Jr: Grundy sc seems to be glitched
Lynch_MOB: relax there will be a lot of scaling adjustments
Gelly: what a dull and boring game
pcaman2003: Grundy should be way past 111. What’s happening CD?
thiccgucci: still 200 odd points to come, grundy should be 130 atleast i thought?
Raspel31: Agreed pcaman- he’s racked up 30 points for 5 SC.
SangaT13: a lot with the c on grundy it seems lol
Lynch_MOB: just relx muppets, this happened yesterdayin the gws game and oyuu all had panic attacks lol

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