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Chat log from R20 of 2019: Adelaide vs St Kilda

Chat log for Adelaide vs St Kilda, R20 of 2019

frenzy: c’mon Brouch, big one tonite
pcaman2003: Brouch,Sloandog and Laird. Need a big game from all 3 to survive this round.
Baldfrog: My round is rooooted already but a win would be nice
Baldfrog: Now that Jenkins will be traded hope Fog goes well
StuL: Come on Sloane. You’re my POD in this one
pcaman2003: @Stul. We may have to get on his back and push him along. 😅
Baldfrog: Stul is too heavy
pcaman2003: Mrouch had a free against,yet picks up 4 pts. WTF. Get with it CD
thiccgucci: sloane why are you useless!
pcaman2003: thiccgucci. I ask that most weeks now. Sloane is very inconsistent. Won’t get him in 2020
pcaman2003: Well! CD never paid the FA against MCrouch even though ump paid it for holding against him. Hopefully adjusted at qtr ti
pcaman2003: Bingo! Took 10 mins to adjust his score and FA. Bloody slow!
Apachecats: Marshall is my deputy sheriff.
Apachecats: Had to go left field on captains due to being thrashed in my leagues.
pcaman2003: Lift Brouch and Sloan
Drak: Gucci, why didnt you ask Sloane that earlier?
pcaman2003: Shame Marshall won’t be fwd next year in SC. He’d be my 1st pick,so consistently good.
OhSoRozee: i wouldnt touch marshall with a ten foot pole even if fwd saints looking to play him fwd recruit a ruck
thiccgucci: fuck me why did i decide to keep brodie smith.
LMartos: not watching but how can Sloane be running at 85% with no clangers for that SC
BigChief: Dropped marks, not hitting targets on the full as classed as ned DE LM
BigChief: neg*
duckky: Kicking to a contest also
DrSeuss: Lucky everyone has Brad Crouch – Brodie Smith can piss off though
Baldfrog: Don’t have Brad but have Matt
pcaman2003: You need to get going now Brouch,please!Get to at least 40 by half time
LMartos: I meant how is his SC that low with a good efficiency and no clangers
OhSoRozee: crouch doesnt wanna go to saints so puttin in poor game
pcaman2003: Way to go Laird. -2 for last 4 touches. FGS!
thiccgucci: lift marshall, sloane, smith. u all have high projecteds dont let me down
Baldfrog: Lonie looks 10 years old
thiccgucci: wayyy to many frees against the ruckmen. they are both grabbing, just let them
Drak: happening in the other game too gucci, they must have had a meeting this week to focus on it. Wish theyd just leave it
DrSeuss: Agreed Thicc – Umps blow the whistle then guess who it is against.
pcaman2003: @thiccgucci. They only have 1 FA each.
SilverLion: is Gibbs actually playing HB? Or just roulette with FF’s symbols?
NewFreoFan: Crows need a bunch more goals before their inevitable second half fade
DrSeuss: Laird having a big Seagull Game tonight it seems
pcaman2003: Sloane not even tagged and still playing poorly.
MONEY TALK: laird finaly plays good when my oppo has him
thiccgucci: i dont know what i am watching
SilverLion: players can have bad games without being tagged ya know…
SilverLion: also can confirm gibbs is playing midfield @m0nty
thiccgucci: sloane been everywhere, just not quite getting it in his hands
SilverLion: I mean he could have 4 clearances as a half back who knows 😛
pcaman2003: @Silver. He just plays more bad games than he should, that’s all
SilverLion: he is inconsistent, but thats always been the case imo
thiccgucci: remember two years ago when sloane was scoring 140 every game and was 670k? feels like yesterday
pcaman2003: @Silver. That’s exactly what I said earlier. Not in my team next year for that reason.
BRAZZERS: langlands had donuts in that quarter
thiccgucci: marshall sloane and smith to have massive halves, i can feel it
Apachecats: Do you feel any thing about BRouch guch?
StuL: Sloane to have a massive half at the potato farm. I can feel it.
pcaman2003: Sloanedog is now weakdog.
thiccgucci: just believe stul
StuL: I have Sloane v Wilkie. Top 2 all year. Bugger off. On the cusp of losing
pcaman2003: C’mon Laird,you’ve seized up again.
MONEY TALK: laird getting tagged by d mac
pcaman2003: @Money. Hope he can break the tag then. Wasn’t aware he was tagged.
pcaman2003: You useless flog Sloane
pcaman2003: Steele playing on Sloane and what a contrast.
J_Herer: Sic Dog to Laird seems to be a good trade so far!
DrSeuss: Someone put a body on Laird FFS – Seagulling better than Lloyd tonight
pcaman2003: Go Laird,but where is the stat for Sloane’s around the neck free kick? CD where r u .
DrSeuss: Opponent has Laird, Crouch and Brodie Smith as uniques – this game is gonna screw that matchup in 1 foul swoop
BestCoast: Yeah Laird and Marshall 2700 still could be on the cards
pcaman2003: Sloane HB after awarded the free,so should get the stat,shouldn’t he? I don’t see how he can’t get it.
The0Grrr: My opps PoDs are Laird and Brouch also @Doc
DrSeuss: 0grr – good to know Laird hasn’t broken the ton since the bye – until this week
pcaman2003: So much for the CD checkers. Sloane ripped off his free kick. That’s bad!

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