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Chat log from R21 of 2019: Melbourne vs Collingwood

Chat log for Melbourne vs Collingwood, R21 of 2019

Yelse: who is everyone VC and C. its wet will grundy go well in wet?
dipstick: max gawn is rated the #1 player in the league by far so it will be tough for Grundy
dipstick: Gawn is by far a much better ruckman.
Yelse: would you VC gawn in the wet then?
BRAZZERS: Grundy easily as VC, clearly the best scoring player in SC this season so worth the punt, smashed gawn last time in pts
Yelse: grundy was injured against gawn last game and gawn monstered him
Yelse: do rucks do well in the rain?
Grimes Jr: vc neale cap macrae
dipstick: grundy relies on possies and not rucking for SC. could be difficult in this weather
Grimes Jr: opp has vc on treloar
dipstick: Gawn DESTROYED grundy in the ruck. Grundy not even in the same league as Gawn
wadaramus: I can’t choose between the two! Might VC Neale.
Yelse: thinking fyfe VC
dipstick: @brazzers Gawn basically DOUBLED grundys score when they played. what are you talking about?
Grimes Jr: fyfe steele tag?
Pokerface: grundy has never scored well against gawn. what are you on brazzers.
Pokerface: last game was first time gawn scored well against grundy too. wouldnt go either.
frenzy: vc and c won’t help me this week, sooo
Yelse: going neale into mcrae after everyones suggestions
dipstick: treloar VC in DT and Fyfe VC in SC
TheLegend6: Cmon Dees!
TheLegend6: Changed last minute to Gawn VC hope it comes off!
Raspel31: That’s the way I’m going Yelsey.
pcaman2003: My opponent has the V on Gawn and C on Grundy. Go figure!
dipstick: brawshaw denies egg protector
Yelse: R/v stuffed up again lol cost pies a goal
Raspel31: Lucky you pcaman
circle52: I’ve also gone Neale into Macrae
StuL: Wow. Donuts for Grawndy.
pcaman2003: @Raspel. I need luck. 2 donuts in backline.Hahaha!
Apachecats: Neale into Macrae here also.
Yelse: Gawn and grundy not looking good in this game
StuL: Neale into Macrae
Apachecats: Obviously doesn’t believe in insurance PCA.
Raspel31: Had that last week pcaman- okay this week.
pcaman2003: Neale into Macrae. Looks like many of us doing the same.
pcaman2003: @Apache. He’s our second highest scorer for the season too. Can’t understand his error.
thiccgucci: oliver treloar grundy gawn been my best scorers in recent times. hopefully they dont negate each other
CozzieCan: Pendlebury to steal treloars thunder at this rate (early days)
Raspel31: Who will hit 19 first- big Max or Grundy?
Raspel31: 10 whoops
CozzieCan: Max for me
Yelse: geezzz this game is so scrappy cmonn gawn oliver and trelaor
Pokerface: at least wet weather footy will bring the field’s effectiveness back to treloar.
Grimes Jr: its hard for ruckmen to score when there are no ruck contests
thiccgucci: this couldnt have been a worse qtr of football SC wise
CozzieCan: Gawn hit 10 first @Raspel lmao
thesilentl: Umps have put the whistle away in tackles. Throws and htb just being let go
SilverLion: Clock wasn’t ticking during elliots shot
zoomba23: Lol Grundz
pcaman2003: Loving this qtr so far.Opp has Grundy as C,Crisp and Ollie.. I may have hope yet this rnd.
dipstick: liverpoo-l scored more goals last nite in 30 mins than this game
Hadouken: baker on fire haha
Yelse: shocking qrt for me vs opponents big scores yesterday
Raspel31: Was just about to say that dipstick.
thiccgucci: disgusting qtr for me too. actually revolted.
dipstick: anyone doing EPL DT?
Apachecats: I will dip ,where do you log on for it.
wadaramus: EPL Fantasy.
Pokerface: bit late as Salah is locked. Without the 19-20 golden boot, you won’t win.
dipstick: @poker Kane is favourite for golden boot. and you cant start with both
dipstick: same site as AFL DT
Pokerface: why would Kant be favourite when Salah will win?
StuL: I have Salah AND Kane
dipstick: @stu is that in premierleague fantasy?
Yelse: grundy is making a move
thesilentl: Now umps are calling bad htbs
Yelse: i had salad captain great start
Pokerface: His name is Salah Yelse. Don’t be so disrespectful.
Yelse: cmon oliver 50 by HT
th3rio: what the hell? Jetta is kennedy harris now?
StuL: Yea. Fantasy EPL
StuL: I didn’t even know it had started. Crap. Salah woohoo!
Raspel31: Everyone had Salah captain Yelse. Carn Oliver.
noobcoach: I went the sterling captain
Grimes Jr: clayton lets me down in every big super coach game
Pokerface: You took Salah over walking kane Raspel? well well well
Yelse: where is dunkley lifttt wanted to loophole him in
noobcoach: I dont think kane will be a wise captain choice.
noobcoach: His history in august is quite shocking.
Raspel31: Kane never scores in an opening game- Stirling other good option.
Tig-Train: Kane is a wank… Salah is the right choice every week
Yelse: why is oliver SC so low
noobcoach: Has thhere been any news on alissons injury
Pokerface: he never scores in a champions league final either.
th3rio: 5 clangers and shit efficiency yelse
Tig-Train: Just that it’s a calf injury…
Raspel31: I’ve been banned for going off topic noob- be careful.
noobcoach: Thats how we like it Poker
noobcoach: Eh Raspel I never really chat on this anyway
Lynch_MOB: grundy destroying gawn
thiccgucci: keep going treloar, lift please clayton!
noobcoach: Any city supporters going to watch them lose tonight – early game
Raspel31: Go Westham!
th3rio: oliver litrally going to knock me out of SC
Grimes Jr: cheers oliver u flog
Raspel31: Me too th3rio.
th3rio: what a pig hey grimes
Yelse: @th3rio me too oliver really stuffing me up, not many POD anymore and he is one
th3rio: yep basically the other week my opp doesnt have oliver Yelse
th3rio: only week*
Raspel31: I’m Oliver v opp with Treloar- whoops.
rabp1es: brought in treloar this week and put him vice. looking great so far
th3rio: Ouch, my opp had sicily so i was hoping clarry would close that gap. He’s doing opposite the ranga
frenzy: never again Crisp
Yelse: why is older TOG so low
Grimes Jr: oliver pls do something
The0Grrr: Think it’s time to retire gracefully Nathan
Raspel31: Oliver v Treloar getting out of hand, sob, sob.
thiccgucci: treloar 150 please make up for clarry the ranga
CozzieCan: Anyone else avoid vc/c Grundy & Gawn this week ?
The0Grrr: And cue Witches Hats
arbel: My opponent had Sicily, worpel, pendles and treloar as unique… season over for me
zoomba23: How shit are Melbourne
Yelse: if oliver can get to 60 3QT will be happy at this rate
arbel: Yeah Melbourne are a joke
The0Grrr: Pretty freakin shower zooms
Raspel31: Whoops arbel-tough. I’m just hanging in there- but step up Oliver-pleez?
Baldfrog: Someone needs to drug test sidebum just saw him snort some vicks
The0Grrr: This is a club going absolutely nowhere. Gold Coast are gonna have more of a short term future!
arbel: @raspel … Yeah all having their best weeks in this game. Need my players to have blinders
Rage_Trade: Was D. Martin name OUT after lockout?
zoomba23: Can’t say that I envy you Grrr. This was supposed to be your shot at a flag and now you’re struggling to avoid the spoon
frenzy: flower me Crisp
FLAG: nice vc treloar
The0Grrr: Excuse my rambling. It’s just well beyond a joke now. Can’t play. Can’t coach etc etc
OhSoRozee: Wonder how many big bets for dees preseason to b premiers
The0Grrr: The bride is happy tho. At least I get into the workshop earlier and longer.
Grimes Jr: come on clarry. keep going
Baldfrog: Think we all thought Dees would improve as the season went on
dipstick: is BT the most natural flog and unfunny tosser in australian history?
The0Grrr: Scary thought Roze. Big bucks potentially lost.
Raspel31: Tis the week of frustrations The0Grr when the best laid plans fall apart.
OhSoRozee: Beside oliver , gawn would another team want a dees player?
The0Grrr: True Rasp. Only thing is the week started back in March. LoL
Baldfrog: TheOGrrr maybe dees overachieved last year
The0Grrr: True Baldy. I said here months ago last year was the exception rather than the promise.
dipstick: who was bagging 1 of Gods favourite clowns?
Baldfrog: Rozee TMac if played in one position
DrSeuss: Crisp +17 in 2 minutes. Your turn Treloar
pcaman2003: How did the Dees allow Crisp to do that so easily? That’s weak!
Grimes Jr: 65 at 3/4 time clarry
The0Grrr: Been bruise free for years! On that note adios til tonight fellas. Workshop is calling.
OhSoRozee: Jnr Maynard retiring end season
DrSeuss: Treloar hasnt touched it for 15 minutes
Grimes Jr: great quarter clayton
Yelse: if by a miracle gawn and oliver get 100 it will make my weekenbd
OhSoRozee: Best thing dees can do is sign dunkley for next yr
shaker: Demons should really look at a new coach
BigChief: Paul Roos is available @shaker
Nigma97: Bolton is available @ shaker
Baldfrog: Richardson is available
Pokerface: Malthouse is available @ shaker
Baldfrog: So many choices so little talent
shaker: You forgot Scott or he a Saint already ?
megawatts: ben cousins is available @shaker
Tig-Train: Hahah megawatts… isn’t he back in jail?
thiccgucci: keep going treloar dont stop now
Yelse: treloar done nothing for a while
Grimes Jr: opp has the vc on treloar and i have pod oliver. starting to feel a little better
Tonche: Any brownlow votes for Grundy in this game?
feralmong: no vc or c on any rucks today seems a good move.
BigChief: Great work Grundy. 3 FA in 5 mins.
Grimes Jr: come on oliver get 90
Lynch_MOB: lol grundy bog easily, he dominated the 2nd quarter and thats why they doubled the dees score
StAnselm: Give Treloar the magnet.
Raspel31: 2 times 46 IS 92-not quite doubled. I went to school I did.
_Wang_: Cmon Oliver
BigChief: Pendles and Sidebottom would argue that @Lynch_MOB
Lynch_MOB: pedles was good but sidey seagull
Pokerface: nobody with a 35% disposal efficiency should ever be considered bog
megawatts: enough time for dees to kick 3?
LMartos: Imagine getting 30 touches and 11 tackles and still not crack 90 SC, bloody hell Clarry
thiccgucci: plenty of scaling to come

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