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Chat log from R20 of 2019: Western Sydney vs Sydney

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Sydney, R20 of 2019

Pokerface: Bonar late in for Simpson m0nty
frenzy: happy to see whitfield tagged, nice
thiccgucci: whitty will be tagged for rest of the season
Pokerface: not with kelly back probably next week
thiccgucci: havent noticed kelly being tagged too much this season?
thiccgucci: could be wrong, dont watch much gws games
Grimes Jr: need a big one whitfield. break the tag and be that POD that wins me my elimination final
noobcoach: gucci kelly wasnt tagged at all this season – injured atm now
Pokerface: oh ok i thought he did get it earlier
thiccgucci: good goal whitfield. thought so @noob πŸ™‚
Pokerface: nice work hately
pcaman2003: Need Heeney and JPK to lift.Need massive scores from them and Lloyd today.
Grimes Jr: if mclean cracks a ton do i take him over walters or kelly?
thiccgucci: take him over walters. kelly could go crazy against the dockers
pcaman2003: Williams kicks OOB’s and still picked up 2 pts. Lol!
pcaman2003: Wish JPK had more TOG. Would help my SC score.
thiccgucci: loving williams in the middle
Danstar: traded in treloar over whitefield…..smh
BRAZZERS: Greene any chance you could hit a target thx
thiccgucci: treloar been having a great season @Danstar
Erich1036: Look at @Danstar judging his trade off one whitfield quarter before treloar has even played LMAO
Danstar: my opponent has whitfield and we only have 6 different players.
Danstar: whitfield has started really well… @erich thats all im getting at
BRAZZERS: its the finals, Trelaor has been awesome but Whit on pace for 150 plus, no need to get all up in your feelings lol
zoomba23: Keep going Zilliams
pcaman2003: Be nice if you got involved JPK.
jbjimmyjb: I swear williams gets hurt every single game
Grimes Jr: mclean going very nicely. could be a late inclusion for walters
biggs2dujj: phew, Zac back. i need 175
jbjimmyjb: lift whitfield, go get a tackle
The0Grrr: Treloar my potential Capt @Dan
thiccgucci: get involved again heeney and whitty plz
pcaman2003: That’s the problem with Heeney. Doesn’t work hard enough for long enough. Limited tank I think.
Pokerface: dahlhaus out for those few who have him
thiccgucci: just want himt to get to 50 by half
pcaman2003: I wonder if any of my players will reach proj? Going terribly so far out of 6 players.
colin wood: Good boy Zacca, pump out a 170 bud. Whitfield stay down
thiccgucci: glad i didnt get parker
Stikman35: Had to put Shaw in hahaha
The0Grrr: My opp has Dahlhaus. Hope he’s asleep til 4:36
feralmong: vc on whitfield hopefully picks up a bit.
pcaman2003: @thiccgucci. I have JPK and now have buyers regret.
Manowar: Toby!
Baldfrog: Geez Toby thought without Cameron a big score was comin
BigChief: Cmon VC Timmy. Want at least another 70 from you.
pcaman2003: JPK looking very slow and i feel the game is passing him by.Shame!
thiccgucci: get involved heeney and whitfield ffs
pcaman2003: Go Heeney!Need you and Lloyd to make up for JPK.
BigChief: Stop going backwards Timmy.
DrSeuss: Come on Whitfield – Dont stop now
colin wood: come on zac you’ve stopped
thiccgucci: Heeney did this last week too. useless around the ground. deadly around goal
BigChief: Looks like I will be relying on Neale as my C.
colin wood: Lol @ the Parker free points right there
pcaman2003: JPK 6 clangers,you muppet
Baldfrog: Another upset on the cards
DrSeuss: Wow Giants – surely you aren’t going to lose this…
pcaman2003: @Baldfrog. I see you now have colours. What took so long?
Grimes Jr: come on swans
BestCoast: Carn Swans
zoomba23: Not much of the clutch gene in Isaac is there
Baldfrog: Just figured how to put a team to my name pcaman
Baldfrog: Wont be picking Isaac next year
pcaman2003: @Baldfrog. Pity about the colours though. lol!
DrSeuss: Zilliams run out of gas?
Baldfrog: I feel the same atm pcaman lol
pcaman2003: Hope so Seuss. My opponent has him and he’s killing me.
DrSeuss: Haha hope not PCA – I have him and I would prefer a big finish πŸ˜‰
thiccgucci: 115+ isaac and lachie please
amigaman: If Greene was playing for any other team, he’d be in the middle every week.
jiska78: JPK you friggin troll. Only Three PODs and he’s one of them. Season over.
jiska78: Oh boy
BestCoast: Carn Lloyd eat your chips
jiska78: lol ba
jiska78: lol. Bald frog u n00b
biggs2dujj: Zilliams +14 for minus 2 points
Raspel31: Hopper kicks a goal and loses 4 points.
biggs2dujj: make that +22
Raspel31: Ah, rectified.
biggs2dujj: Tobias sniffs a turd and got +20
thiccgucci: come on clark and heeney
The0Grrr: Timmy even on this qtr?
J_Herer: Taranto fail today dam it
biggs2dujj: Champion Data clearly playing a bloke with Williams
teddyt: why the fuck is williams going down instead of up? hes done nothing wrong. 10 touches for 20 points apparently
biggs2dujj: All effective too Teddy
zoomba23: That is 50 every day of the week
biggs2dujj: Heeney cost Sydney the game. Can’t kick for shit
thiccgucci: lets see if heeney will miss three clutch goals
amigaman: Catching up with Williams now
Ash777: go da bloods
thiccgucci: heeney no points for that mark and goal?
pcaman2003: @biigs2dujj. He also kept them in the game too. Need others to step up
circle52: Still a lot of SC points available some 200
biggs2dujj: who was that deadshit who gave the free away? wowee
BRAZZERS: lol “cost them the game” lmao, he’s the only reason they’re in the game
Stikman35: Thanks heater
thiccgucci: im fuming if heeney gets nothing for the goal and mark
biggs2dujj: Heeney lost points for that goal! CD is a cheat
AuroraBore: Shocking umpiring this last quarter
thiccgucci: gone down 4*
zoomba23: Give Heeney his points you bald headed CD flogs
teddyt: LOL he keeps going down by 1 also gucci but surely it will change….. SURELY
Schillaci: Heeney needs to be significantly scaled up 110+
pcaman2003: I’m sure they will adjust Heeny’s score. There will be outrage if not. Don’t worry!
biggs2dujj: Yup. Heeney needs to be 110+ at least. Should be 120
Schillaci: Whitfield went down after effective long kick to greene too
JockMcPie: 200+ points of scaling to come, hang in there guys
JockMcPie: SC haven’t added any scaling points since about 6 minutes to go
Stikman35: They lost. No scaling for heeney
teddyt: lmao scores are locked in apparently champion data are cooked

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