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Chat log from R20 of 2019: Essendon vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Essendon vs Port Adelaide, R20 of 2019

pcaman2003: Lycett dropped after a reasonably good game last week. Port don’t deserve to win dumping one of their best big men
Pokerface: hinkley was scathing, said he had a poor game
pcaman2003: Have my doubts on Hinkley’s state of mind thinking that. Lycett dominated 2 GWS ruckman and had 20 touches as well.
Pokerface: what was he like defensively, workrate etc? coaches look for alot more than possessions/hit outs
pcaman2003: He did well from what I saw. He also had 11 cont poss,5 marks,4 tackles and 80% DE.Put simply,he’s their best big man.
Pokerface: you are still looking at it from a purely statistical point. Positioning, workrate etc matter to coaches
pcaman2003: Like I said,he did well from what I SAW. He did everything expected from a ruckman I believe.
Ash777: If he loses this game he’s gone I think.
pcaman2003: Ryder and Dixon better play out of their skins today,or Hinkley will look foolish
Pokerface: hey im annoyed too.. i also have him 🙁 but i didnt see any of that game
Pokerface: ladhams is the one brought in for him
Pokerface: video of him speaking about the dumping on afl website
Pokerface: against zac clarke i was looking forward to a big score!
pcaman2003: Thanks Poker. Not familiar with Ladhams. Anyone know anything on him?
Pokerface: i thought he was more a young key forward
wadaramus: I think Port just have too many big men and don’t know how to combine them.
Pokerface: think you are right wada
th3rio: merrett butchering it 🙁
Grimes Jr: Ive tipped port. Dons overrated
Pokerface: I’ve tipped dons. Port overrated
Gandhi: Westhoff killing dons at the moment
pcaman2003: I’ve tipped a draw. Both teams overrated
Grimes Jr: agreed pcaman
Pokerface: lol pca
Stikman35: Zac Clarke is great ruck back up
Ash777: ugh fantasia’s hair
Pokerface: did you just say ugh fant-asia’s hair? or ugh, fanta-sia’s hair?
th3rio: no tackle for dyl clarke?
zoomba23: Is Clarke tagging anyone
Baldfrog: When Dons supporters are born the first word they learn is boooo
th3rio: bit of a tag on boak zoomba
Gandhi: Great time to have Saad in my keeper league
frenzy: boak i reckon zoomba
Pokerface: lol frenzy
Pokerface: *ghandi sorry
pcaman2003: Keeping Dixon in instead of Lycett. You pillock coach.
Ash777: The thinking might of been if dixon could get up that hooker might get forced back
th3rio: why are clarkes tackles not being tackled?
wadaramus: Dixon will be munching on a tasty donut in 60 seconds.
pcaman2003: Dixon has been back 5 rounds and has been rubbish. Hinkley is a moron.
wadaramus: Mmmmmmm…donut
Ash777: Essendon supporters are the worse going around all year.
Baldfrog: Dixon is Ken’s mate common knowledge
th3rio: there we go lol
Grimes Jr: come on power
BRAZZERS: when sutcliffe is on pace for a ton, you know it hasn’t been a good start.
BOMBRBLITZ: Tippa great mark
NewFreoFan: Don’t worry, Sutcliffe won’t maintain this
BRAZZERS: is rocky done for the day?
wadaramus: Bombers woeful in front of goals so far.
Nigma97: wtf was that shot for goal hahaha
NoneyaB: rocky not looking good
wadaramus: Not sure Brazzers, was a big hit to the back of his noggin.
Raspel31: Just home- what happened to the Rockster?
wadaramus: Rocky back on.
th3rio: hes back on lol
Raspel31: Ah, thanks Wada.
BRAZZERS: cheers lads
Baldfrog: Where was Jonas prior opportunity?
th3rio: zerrett would be on fire if it wasnt for 5 clangers
BestCoast: Afternoon gentlemen
Raspel31: Afternoon your Bestness.
Evan_Bryce: Rocky is back out there amongst the action. Seems to have recovered from the head knock.
pcaman2003: Hinkley’s decision to drop Lycett and leave Dixon in is working well. Sack the coach!
BestCoast: Ash777 calling Bombers fans the worst is insulting. I thought West Coast were lol
Ash777: no they’ve been better of late lol
pcaman2003: @BestCoast. Maybe equal billing?lol!
wadaramus: Stupid Hinkley, forced me to trade Lycett..
BestCoast: Raspel with the Bombers would put Port to the sword. How’s your team shaping up this week
jbjimmyjb: merrett’s ball-use is terrible
Raspel31: Stack was going to be my last upgrade but lost him, Rampe and De Goey groan.
pcaman2003: @Raspel. You’ve had a few rough weeks with injuries etc.
BestCoast: pcaman2003 still recon those PIE FLOGS have us covered lol
noobcoach: luke ryan + birchall + 0 trades = season over
thiccgucci: get going again boak
Raspel31: Yep pcaman- tanking this round to see what next week brings.
BestCoast: Predicted for 2650 only one trade left and have spudcliff
duckky: Boak has been shut down this quarter
pcaman2003: @BC. Quite possibly! Close call!
BRAZZERS: fuck me, shoulda started snelling on the ground lol
th3rio: snelling a must have next season it seems
BestCoast: pcaman2003 now now lets not get nasty lol
th3rio: another clarke tackle ot counted wowww
zoomba23: Champagne footy
Raspel31: Glad I didn’t bring Boak in- was a measly $600 short for Marshall- damn.
BestCoast: Carn Bombers year these ass clowns a new one
BestCoast: Zoomba23 was champagne footy from the shinboners last night
BestCoast: Tear *
pcaman2003: Snelling great last week and even better this week. Definitely one to watch.
BestCoast: Is RockFlog off the ground injured
BRAZZERS: he was 91% TOG wtf do you think? lol
PowerBug: Nah he played out the half
DrSeuss: Snelling sitting on my bench…might have to hope for a late out
BestCoast: It’s just been announced for the 5th running Charlie Dixon has won best impersonation of a footy player
zoomba23: Best Coast nah wouldn’t say that haha. There were some great plays last night but we still find ways to fuck up
BestCoast: Cheers Powerbug
The0Grrr: Dixon playing like he’d be a good fit at Melb
BestCoast: zoomba23 anytime ya team wins it’s champagne Louis Roderer Cristal
Manowar: Got the C on C Dixson, happy with my decision today!
Baldfrog: Least you didn’t put the C on Dixon
LMartos: Rozee hasn’t scored well for ages so no surprise I’m playing someone with him at F6 lol
thiccgucci: SPP is dogshit. always gets hold of it then wastes it
Nigma97: fkn need Mcgrath to get 20 disposals for my multi
Ash777: explode and the package should not be said in the same sentence lol
DrSeuss: Any reason why Zerrett has slowed up a little this quarter?
thiccgucci: that goal was for you @Lmartos
Stikman35: Why can’t Duursma win rising star.
DrSeuss: Rockliff time to get involved Piggy
Nigma97: Because there’s a guy named Walsh running around
Ash777: right now it’s Rozee, walsh, smith and stack
Stikman35: Overrated
jbjimmyjb: how has marshall, a key fwd, only had 70% TOG
Baldfrog: Usually we have about 20 bomber sups here today none
jbjimmyjb: i can hear the fat lady entering the room
Baldfrog: Ash Smith and Stack no chance
Raspel31: I’m here Baldfrog- just keeping mum.
thiccgucci: come on boak
Baldfrog: Well done raspel
Baldfrog: Charity shield on tonight raspel
Raspel31: Yep, it is indeed Baldfrog.
BestCoast: You’ll Never Walk Alone
BRAZZERS: no one is even close to Walsh, its a one horse race
amigaman: @Baldfrog, you’re too weak to even show your colors
Stikman35: Tippu needs to know he hasn’t kicked a goal yet. He’s making his team lose
NewFreoFan: Bombers may be good at comebacks, but I think they’re cooked this game
BestCoast: NewFreo Port specialise I’m stealing defeat out of the jaws of victory
Ash777: biggest margin from the last 5 rounds. Dons no chance
Nigma97: that ices it
BigChief: No way Ess win this 1 now.
Baldfrog: Just for you amigaman
heppelitis: got snelling with erm and cannot get him on…doubly upset.
Ash777: Ladhams > Lycett
amigaman: Congratulations @Baldfrog
Baldfrog: Clarke to port next year?
Ash777: Well Clarke is being dropped next round
BestCoast: Congratulations Baldfrog on your ninth placed finish
Baldfrog: Lol I don’t barrack for port
pcaman2003: Didn’t expect Port to flog Bombers like this.
DrSeuss: Merrett, Boak and Rocky – big finish please.
BestCoast: Baldfrog you would be a Pies man
BigChief: Didn’t expect it pcaman, but it’s good. Tighens up the ladder.
Grimes Jr: what did i say. port to win
Baldfrog: Na best coast my team is crap
BestCoast: Carn Rockspidercliff
Nigma97: 2 more posessions, come on mcgrath
BestCoast: Baldfrog Freo ??
colin wood: Drop Dixon and bring in Lycett
Baldfrog: No Best Coast
BigChief: Baldfrog Dees or Freo my tip.
amigaman: That makes sense
Baldfrog: I wish Collin Wood
Stikman35: Bombers supporters have lost they’re counted chickens for finals
BestCoast: Baldfrog I don’t feel so bad for you now better than that window licking port shirt
Baldfrog: I had to disinfect my keyboard after using port logo
The0Grrr: Geez Rozee ya coulda kicked straight! Whinging much?
BigChief: Imagine if Rozee kicked straight. This would be close to 100 points.
BestCoast: Baldfrog lol
Baldfrog: I rekon rozee will be better than Walsh in years to come
Manowar: M Tipungwuti, you will need to play better than this if you want to come to Carlton!
The0Grrr: 120 odd maybe? I got him vs Duursma
The0Grrr: Or duh me
Ash777: thanks greay, duursma and boak
Pokerface: he doesn’t want to go to carlton manowar. nobody does.
BestCoast: Showerflogflowercliff
The0Grrr: Surely U get 10 extra bonus SC points for the X Factor
BRAZZERS: lol bestcoast your must be about 12, sook lol

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