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Chat log from R20 of 2019: North Melbourne vs Hawthorn

Chat log for North Melbourne vs Hawthorn, R20 of 2019

frenzy: congrats Silk, you legend.
frenzy: congrats Silk, you legend.
frenzy: hello
amigaman: Shhhhh!
frenzy: iiIi/
OhSoRozee: finally good to see some brains back in the commentary, welcome back daisy
J.Worrall: Go Norf!
Grimes Jr: pls don’t spud it up tonight sicily
wadaramus: Can the Worpedo deliver anything but an even 100?
J_Herer: Dropped Sicily this week, expect a ton lol
Ash777: what is with all the smoke? or is it mist?
BigChief: What a dud Friday night game yet again.
Kaalia: I imagine this was scheduled knowing it clashed with the first Ashes test…
bushranger: Please Sicily at least a 90
Ash777: I dropped ziebell so I expect him to get up too
wadaramus: Let’s go Australia, get some early wickets!
OhSoRozee: was some pyrotechnics with roof closed they never learn
Breezey: @Ash. It was the fireworks at an Indoor Stadium. Pretty smart
OhSoRozee: hate all at hawks but i enjoy lewis
Breezey: Come on North. Get it down Sicily’s end
Ash777: Ahh. I expect who approved that to be fired.
OhSoRozee: just know hes destined for great things at hawks with the name mitchell lewis
Apachecats: Lewis in my starting line up 2020
Ash777: oh and a fine from work safe
OhSoRozee: yeh idiots saw in the big bash gamed delayed many times from the smoke
pcaman2003: Can’t believe they gave Birchill a clanger on that last kick. Unbelievable!
Apachecats: Zurhaar gets some of his own medicine.
Ash777: every team wants a player like zurhaar
J_Herer: North has nothing at the moment, season over
Grimes Jr: thanks sic!
Breezey: Rhyse Shaw appointed Head Coach and they go back to this rubbish.
OhSoRozee: who wont b at roos next yr?
OhSoRozee: sicily outpositioned the giraffe
DrSeuss: Shaw puts Ziebell in the middle and wins games, then moves him back forward – loses games. Genius Coach
Ash777: Thompson and Anderson my guess
Breezey: I thin’ Anderson has been good this year
J_Herer: Womens golf is on channel 503 FYI
Breezey: Think
Kaalia: That Zuurhar is a tank – and plays like it too.
Gotigres: Cinderella on channel 415 at 8.30
Ash777: goldy hasn’t re-signed yet. Maybe he’s got an offer from another team
Baldfrog: Kill Bill on TCM uk
OhSoRozee: was reported this week goldy looks set to stay as saints miss out
Breezey: I love them 2 Kill Bill movies @Baldfrog
Ash777: Imagine goldy at the cats.
DrSeuss: Ziebell and Higgins – want to get involved?
bushranger: So crap Sicily it is, bugger!
OhSoRozee: was probz just wait and see on coach
Baldfrog: Imagine footy being interesting again? Hard to I know
Breezey: Nothing has changed Sic
Raspel31: Well. I/ rooted- De Goey, Rampe and Stack all out for me. Cheering from the sidelines. Good luck lads.
Ash777: I was watching last season of OitnB
OhSoRozee: 2020 backline looking fairly cheap birchall,roberton,docherty
Baldfrog: I lost lycett and Ryan raspel so having a 🍩 this week
J_Herer: Hungarian F1 on also, lift North!
Gotigres: I have great players such as Rozee, Clarke, Burgess and…..Sicily on field
BigChief: J. Roy c Smith b Pattinson.
wadaramus: I burned my last 2 trades on Ryan and Lycett.
wadaramus: Brought in Bont and Rich.
Raspel31: Come on England!. Back to the footy.
wadaramus: Still never got to a finished team.
wadaramus: Looping Duursma with Hately.
wadaramus: Ranked about 700 though so happy with that.
Baldfrog: U mean United nations raspel. Hardly any poms in the side
Raspel31: Same Wada- was going to bring in Whitfield this weer-tanking in hope Rampe back next week.
wadaramus: Just went all out for the first week of finals
DrSeuss: So first Ziebell put up forward – then just sits on the bench…great
Baldfrog: Cunnington c’mon mi need a decent score for once
wadaramus: Worps better fukn make this start count!
StuL: Sicily the big tease is a fail. Luckily most other teams in my league jumped on too.
Baldfrog: Bought in Birchall for Ryan going ok so far
pcaman2003: @Baldfrog. We had sam conversation last week. C’mon Cunners!
wadaramus: Good value Baldfrog.
StuL: I’ll believe the Worpel ton when I see it but should be 150 at this rate.
Baldfrog: Pcaman hoping cunners reads fan footy
wadaramus: Surely Worpedo can push well past the ton today?!
pcaman2003: Birchell doing okay. Keep going Birch.
Ash777: clarko is going to give himself a stroke the way he’s acting lol
NoneyaB: mcevoys back
Grimes Jr: opp has goldy i have sic…
pcaman2003: Waiting for Clarko to aerate the wall
Apachecats: Rhys on his 4th bag of lollies.
DrSeuss: Why play Ziebell forward ffs? Ball winner and tackler yet nowhere near the ball
Ash777: only thing I can think of is Ziebell is playing through a injury
Breezey: Because he can take a mark forward and kick a goal
pcaman2003: Sicily’s intercept marks and spoils have turned to crap.
DrSeuss: Haha maybe I need to ask the question more often
amigaman: Worpels DE gone to crap this qtr
wadaramus: His SC is still ticking over nicely amigaman!
Apachecats: Sic got 14SC out of that little interaction with brown
Ash777: sicily earned big points for that 1
amigaman: That worked, going up again now
BigChief: No way that was 15.
Apachecats: he was lucky it wasn’t a free against him.
pcaman2003: Birchill having a 3 min purple patch. Keep it up!
Breezey: A big man like Brown just fell over
StuL: Go Worpig. Doing it when it counts
amigaman: Is this the breakout night for the Worpedo?
MONEY TALK: of course worp shows up against me
Ash777: bet worpel will still end up on just over 100
BigChief: Spud for chips Frawley.
pcaman2003: Well done Hawks,bunch of spuds. Deja vu from last week. Big lead given up..
Raspel31: Who is this Worps man?
Schillaci: Worpel will have a negative third quarter and score 99
Apachecats: So good to have Daisy back ,raised the IQ of their setup.
wadaramus: Carn Worps, buck the trend!!
BestCoast: Evening gentlemen I have no starters in this one opponent has a couple finals time
StuL: Worpel never gets much over 100 so surely a 15 point half coming up? Come on Worps!
BestCoast: Worpedo smashing nearly tons at half time
StuL: What are you drinking tonight BC?
Sixty656: Keep it Birch!
Sixty656: Keep it up even
Stikman35: Brownlow worpel
Jackwatt$: Just give Worps the Rising Star now if eligible. If he’s not eligible, he won’t win it then
Ash777: Worpel wont win because he only plays 2qtrs in a game
pcaman2003: C’mon Birchill and Cunners..start scoring fellas
wadaramus: Don’t go to sleep Worpel, wake up!!
bushranger: tackle for Hendo missed??
J_Herer: Sicily going better than i thought, getting a bit angry now
pcaman2003: Cunners and Birch 3 pts between them this qtr. I’m in trouble me thinks.
bushranger: Sicily welcome to my never again list.
Ash777: BT should be banned from saying erect ever again… :X
Pokerface: ‘erect run up’ .. BT wtf
bushranger: Sicily welcome to my never again list
bushranger: Sorry for repeating myself, he just angers me so
pcaman2003: @Poker. Running on 3 legs I believe.
Grimes Jr: fuck you sicily u flog
pcaman2003: Geez! Is anyone standing Brown,FFS
BigChief: BT should be banned from ever speaking again.
Raspel31: Even so, I’d have have Sicily than Dane Rampe this week-groan.
pcaman2003: Birchill gone,so there goes my year!
Ash777: bye bye for the season birch
Apachecats: Birchell hammy
Baldfrog: Birchall gone and so is my season
pcaman2003: Hawks gonsky. Backline is utter rubbish
Pokerface: birchall hammy.. who is somehow surprised?
pcaman2003: Congrats to Worpel owners,he tonned up for you.
BigChief: Is that Birchall’s career over?
amigaman: Worpedo crashes the ton barrier 🙂
Apachecats: 4th ton in a row for Worpel.
Baldfrog: Not suprised poker only had 1 trade left and ryan out and no cash so worth a chance
wadaramus: Started with Worpel and stuck with him all year, along with B.Crouch and B.Smith.
duckky: Hi all – who spiked Worpel and Ziebell’s supliments?
pcaman2003: Cunnington should be sent to the glue factory.
StuL: The Birchall lesson. Players with issues come back to bite you more often than not
wadaramus: Shayna Jack!!
Gotigres: Ok, maybe i’m glad i didn’t get in Birchall
Pokerface: fair enough baldfrog, though at ryan’s price thought thered be a few available as a straight swap
StuL: Go Worps. Getting me to the Prelim on his own I hope.
duckky: Wow – they should drink girls suppliments more often then @Wadaramus!
jbjimmyjb: cunnington is a joke at the moment
wadaramus: I swapped Ryan for Rich!
Baldfrog: B crouch didnt nor omera still so doesn’t always apply
wadaramus: Hell yeah!!
Stikman35: Birch done?
StuL: I got Libba and Rocky in and bite, bite.
Baldfrog: Rich has burnt me too many times
J_Herer: @Monty can we get some symbol for never again list, e.g. Sicily?
amigaman: Plan on swapping Ryan for Lloyd. 6 trades left.
wadaramus: Lions going well, I just want 95 from old Richy boy.
Baldfrog: And Cunnington herer
wadaramus: With 6 trades left you should have gotten Lloyd in weeks ago!
Breezey: Have Hawthorn got an extra man on the bench with Birchall playing the +1
J_Herer: The outter red symbol of no smoking would do well
amigaman: Was spending cash elsewhere
Ash777: as soon as lions started winning games regularly Rich become a premo
wadaramus: Sicily on 57SC could still get to 80/90.
duckky: The snake swallowing its tail would be apt… or just a biohazard warning
Baldfrog: Crisp can be added to never again list
duckky: Birchill is now playing the ++1 role Breezy
StuL: Worpel v Larkey. Woo hoo.
Pokerface: as soon as teams stopped tagging him for some reason.
wadaramus: Come on Worpel, the time is now to CASH IN!!!
Ash777: I think Mills will be a 95+ avg player next season
Breezey: Birch has 2 crosses. AnRed
Breezey: A Red one and a Green one
duckky: Scully must be the worst #1 pick going around
Ash777: Scully was great 2 years ago he’s just fallen off since
duckky: 2 Years ago Scully was in a great team.
Gotigres: Sicily you buffoon
J_Herer: lol Siciliy had a free, umpire calls Shawn you take it
pcaman2003: Way to go Hawks. Keep handballing until you turn it over,yet again
Apachecats: Sic finally gets a free himself and it goes to advantage ffs.
Stikman35: Sicily should go forward
Ash777: give worps the blue moon 😮
J_Herer: Hahaha Stikman35
MONEY TALK: thank me latter worp owners, hes going up against me
Baldfrog: Sounds like Bruce and BT are coming to
Ash777: trade out ziebell and he does this 🙁
Apachecats: Bruce always sounds like that Baldfrog.
pcaman2003: My opponent has a proj of 2667. I had Birch and Cunners in this. No possible hope now.
AuroraBore: Ziebell only gets 3 points for kicking the sealer?
Pokerface: itll come aurora. sc doesnt add on straight away
Pokerface: there u go
AuroraBore: @poker cheers
duckky: For goodness sake Cunners – get to 80
AuroraBore: as if Ziebell didn’t mark that on the goal line, selfish prick
Pokerface: lol aurora
Manowar: Hawthorn a pathetic, how can you lose to North!!!!
Breezey: I hope Silk doesn’t back his car into anything when he leaves tonight. Not happy
BRAZZERS: lol you muppet that wasnt the sealer

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