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Chat log from R19 of 2019: Gold Coast vs Essendon

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Essendon, R19 of 2019

Apachecats: Some serious interest in this game mOnty ,just you and me here.
Oddsy5: i didnt want to be the first person to say something 😁
m0nty: I am sleepblogging at this point
CozzieCan: D.Clarke tagging anyone at this point ?
Raspel31: Well, this is rather embarrassing.
Schillaci: The traffic will come once the other game is finished and everyone says how much they need Zerrett to get haha
Tig-Train: Could be pretty funny if this continues…
J.Worrall: Go The Same Olds!
J.Worrall: Apparently the Zerrett ton is paying well …
SwaggyP: Yeah this is the type of result that I expected. Beat good teams then lose to gc. Classic dons
J.Worrall: … not that it would interest anyone, least of al me …
amigaman: Very poor
CozzieCan: Cmon Essendon you’re ruining my tips this week . Lift
Zee94: Being an essendon support is suffering
amigaman: The Essington bus has arrived, and the fat lady is on board
DrSeuss: Come on Zerrett and Snelling
TheOnyas: Onya W
Raspel31: My main consolation is my opp capped Zerrett expecting a blow out-trouble is it’s going the wrong way.
frenzy: c’mon zerrett, hahaha schillaci
Schillaci: Here they come haha
zoomba23: Essendon trolls strike again
Lawls: If Clarke scores 118 my opponent beats me…
zoomba23: Lol Clarke. Tears Goldy a new one but
Raspel31: And pigs might fly Lawls.
zoomba23: Lmao Witts is tearing Clarke a new one
amigaman: Surely Suns don’t need the umpire’s help?
amigaman: Maybe they do. Obvious free to McKernan ignored
Nuffman: Bombers playing like crap and the umps are still helping GC
Lawls: D. Clarke I should clarify
cmperrfect: Z Clarke is a dud.
BestCoast: Carn Bombers
CozzieCan: Cmon bombers !!
amigaman: The AFL are cheats and They can stuff off
Nuffman: Wow. Talk about playing against 24 players
Oddsy5: that was so far over 😂
Sixty656: Fire that ump…
Lawls: I s2g if Essendon cause me to miss out on a 9/9
Grimes Jr: #donsfooty
Ash777: after weeks of getting wins from umpire help you complain when 1 week doesn’t go your way
upweydons: Review system ??
a1trader: Suns need to be 5 goals up at 3/4 time or dons will catch them. Go Suns!
Nuffman: “help from umps” lol where?
upweydons: Bs ash
Sixty656: cant review if there’s no score…
Grimes Jr: when u need help from the umps to beat the suns 😉
CozzieCan: @a1trader take your “suns” and leave
Sixty656: wtf zerrett you ugly gnome do something
frenzy: dons gunna sign Tippa
a1trader: Lol, Suns need this percentage
Grimes Jr: imagine if melbourne come last
Nuffman: Don’t need help from umps, would just like to play against 18 on field, not 22
Schillaci: Go Suns!!! Hahahaha
Oddsy5: that rischitelli free wtf
BigChief: Cmon Suns. You can win this.
Breezey: Needed 193 from Witts and Parish for the win. I am going to get there methinks
Grimes Jr: ffs suns
CozzieCan: Keep going bombers !!!
jbjimmyjb: lift gold coast
Apachecats: No panic here.
Grimes Jr: haha what did the bombers take at half time?
Nuffman: The umps stopped handing the ball to GC half the time. That’s what 😉
Zee94: that goal ump is clinically blind
BestCoast: Hold the phone
frenzy: priority pick needs to go to bummbers
TheOnyas: Onya Wittsy
The39Steps: SC numbers seem real low for this stage of a game. What would be the norm at this stage?
Nuffman: 1 down, another 5 gifted, and then we’re even methinks
Ash777: dons needing umps to win as always
CozzieCan: D.Clarke tagging ? Pretty decent sc score for him
Nuffman: Lol Ash. Out of the last 8 goals Essendon have kicked. One can be attributed to umpire interference.. how many have GC g
BestCoast: Buff man loving the umpires today not
BestCoast: Nuffman* flowering auto spell
Nuffman: Not at all. Too many of GC goals can be directly attributed to ump interference. It’s bull. There’s another
BestCoast: Umpires will have sore backs piggybacking the Bombers
Nuffman: @bestcoast: I am also Buff Man… Tim Tam buff** haha
Breezey: Mark by King and a goal. How was that to do with the umps
Haydo: Please gold coast have 8 more frees than essendon
BestCoast: Nuffman the only buff with me is buffet
frenzy: teabag you flat tracker
Nuffman: Mistype Breezy. Site auto refreshed
BestCoast: frenzy a good old teabag or Siberian sunglasses
Seb78: Lol I traded out B King last night! Arrrrgghh
Nuffman: But there you go Breezy, GC handed possession from nothing really… Now shot on goal from the resultant decision
Nuffman: @BestVoast: nothing wrong with a decent buffet
Breezey: Shiel took the Suns player off the ball. That’s paid every game
BestCoast: nuffman a good old graze if heaven
Nuffman: @breezy. Touk Miller did the same thing in the following stoppage and was not awarded ??
Nuffman: @Bestcoast: *homer drool*
BestCoast: Put the peppies away the Bombers are
BestCoast: Put the peppies away the Bombers areHome
Breezey: Please. Your playing the Suns. They ve kicked 14 goals. They all haven’t been the Umps
BestCoast: Nuffman I just put on 4kg just thinking about it lol
VodkaHawk: Lol, umps favoring Bombers yet GC with double the frees and 20 less tackles.. ooh k then
Zee94: They need all new umpires for next year, this is beyond appalling
BestCoast: Breezey winding them up
Nuffman: Didn’t say all Breezy. Never did I say that
Danstar: Come on Gold Coast!!!!
Sixty656: Muppet Zerrett
Nuffman: Woeful by Langford there
LMartos: Actually gonna lose a game to a guy who has Burgess lol
Gotigres: Burgess!
The0Grrr: Suns doing their best to give Dees No1 draft pick
SALAH: what a bummer for the bombers
frenzy: wheres the friggen siren
Lynch_MOB: blow the siren muppet!
nick2397: Go the Suns!
Breezey: Ya always need a Hooker to finish ya off
BestCoast: Yeah Bombers
Apachecats: Never in doubt.
The0Grrr: Bugger! Means we gotta tank again next week!
Nuffman: Hooker is making a name for himself as the clutch king now
Grimes Jr: drug boys
Sixty656: Gil breathes a sigh of relief
Nuffman: Gil sighs in relief
SALAH: time to send suns to tassie and merge with norf
CozzieCan: Go the bombers !! Well done what a cracker of a game
Zee94: Suns did play well, but jesus christ did the umps try to get them over the line
frenzy: pwr off, salad
BigChief: We don’t need or want that rabble here @SALAH. Merge them with Sydney.

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