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Chat log from R19 of 2019: Sydney vs Geelong

Chat log for Sydney vs Geelong, R19 of 2019

pcaman2003: Have Heeney,JPK and Danger as POD’s in this. Not a great start at all. Heeney could kill me here.
jocka: Lots of garbage from the umpires already.
Apachecats: Just bought Lloyd ,hope I don’t break him.
thiccgucci: heeney, unlike those that traded u, i believe in u. plz reward me
confuddled: how on earth is Danger a POD pcaman
jocka: and that was a dropped mark
BRAZZERS: Cats playing like garbage here
pcaman2003: Opponent just doesn’t have him
pcaman2003: My round has turned to sewerage. Had Dunks as C in other game and stunk it up
burger01: Need Dangermouse to lift. This is rubbish footy from #1 team in the comp!
StuL: Who do we have kill to get a free kick?
pcaman2003: Any chance of a decent game Danger? FGS! Get cracking!
VodkaHawk: Burger, Top of the ladder, but not #1 team
Nuffman: #1 team is clearly the Baggers atm
VodkaHawk: Lol, Blues doing well, even though they beat 3 rubbish teams
VodkaHawk: But WC, Brissy and Tigers clear flag faves
thiccgucci: hoping heeney can put together more than one decent qtr this game 🙂 normally manages about 2
CozzieCan: Dangerfield 50 pt quarter coming up
blonde0na: carlton will get a reliable measure of improvement next week when they face the eagles for sure
BigChief: Hewett not tagging anyone?
StuL: Has Ablett EVER been frosty? I doubt it.
Ben_Gogos: @StuL early career GAJ probably. Not this decade.
StuL: We’re missing Rohan surprisingly. Back to the bad old days of Hawk being our fwd line
DrSeuss: Traded in Duncan from Cats and Newman from Carlton. What a train wreck
thesilentl: Geelong are an average side that’s been blessed with minimal injuries
StuL: That free was evening up for theft in q1
CozzieCan: Feeling Geelong will bounce back this game
Raspel31: Just got abused Fyfe to Bonts- but I’ll take 127 over 92 any day Dr Seuss.
burger01: Dangermouse +10 -> sight for sore eyes
DrSeuss: Yeah traded out Fyfe last week; the last few rounds have not been kind 🙁
thiccgucci: start getting into it again heeney. leave the pine for jpk
amigaman: Have Ablett’s legs fallen off?
Phasir: Geelong’s midfield is light years better than Collingwobbles!
CozzieCan: We are Geelong the greatest team off all, a wise man once quoted 🙂
DrSeuss: Duncan and Stewart – keen to get involved??
BestCoast: Don’t slip Cats we are on your ginger
Apachecats: Smart move going forward too Rasp ,you’ll get that dividend every week.
BigChief: That is a good trade Raspel.
VodkaHawk: Geelong-“we are Geelong, the greatest team of all”. Hawthorn – Hold my beer =)
BestCoast: When is GWS Kelly back next week or week after
CozzieCan: @Vodka hawthorn vs Geelong one of the most exciting games to watch in the comp
Grimes Jr: hoping the swans can find a way to get up here
BestCoast: Vodka last decade Hawks light years ahead of Cats
pcaman2003: Keep going JPK. You too Danger and Heeney.
Raspel31: Cheers Apache and Big-hard to trade out a champ but the cutting edge now.
VodkaHawk: Cozzie, no matter where either team is on the ladder, that’s the game I most look forward to
BestCoast: Grimes I am with you there now that would bring trouser arousal
VodkaHawk: BestCoast, if WC win this year, they’ll be sniffing a 3peat, stay away, lol -.-
Raspel31: Ablett must be getting cold.
pcaman2003: Give JPK more TOG coach.
CozzieCan: @Vodka agree mate , been an exiting decade & the history of our 2 clubs . Superb
Grimes Jr: of all weekends i captain dunkley. literally could have chosen anyone else
pcaman2003: @Grimes. Same here. Really hurting my score. The only time I’ve put the C on him too.
Raspel31: There but for the grace of gods go many Grimes and pcaman- I got stuck with Macrae-sigh.
Apachecats: GAJ has been found alive -still breathing.
pcaman2003: Damn you Danger. Do something
CozzieCan: If T.Kelly goes from Geelong this year , is he a must have in SC for next year given the potential?
burger01: I flicked my C from Dunkley to Dangermouse at the last minute, hoping for a decent second half from Geelong midfield
Ben_Gogos: @ApacheCats he didn’t like the missing symbol apparently
Apachecats: I reckon Hawkins went beserk this time last year as well.
duckky: Im in a tight one – +24 + stewart to beat Duncan. Winner takes 1st place, loser goes to 3rd.
Apachecats: Wont like the icicle either Ben.
pcaman2003: Blicavs you faker.
duckky: Sorry, not Duncan, Dahl
Harmzy99: Stewart and 109 points v Telly and Lloyd and im going to be knocked out of my league comfortably
Grimes Jr: same pca. changed from macrae 30 seconds before the boucne
pcaman2003: @dukky. Good luck!
Lynch_MOB: Need Heeney to be 103 or less to win my SC league, not looking good
CozzieCan: @Pcaman not wrong lol , taken over from drama queen dangerfield
pcaman2003: @Grimes. Ouch! I thought about MaCrae and thought he might cop a tag.
duckky: Heeney gets lost in 3rd quarters
duckky: Thanks @pcaman… Stewart strangely slug like today
pcaman2003: @dukky. Hope that trend stops today
Lynch_MOB: hope so duck, only had 6 disposals
pcaman2003: DeGoey out for next week with slight hammy. Quaynor doubtful too.
Raspel31: Phew, got this one in all my leagues unless Zerrett goes 250. Gnawing my nails.
StuL: Ablett chased like Ablett senior at one point. Might need a rest.
Raspel31: DeGoey out- really pcaman?
Lynch_MOB: yes he’s out, no gooman next week at least
CozzieCan: Quaynor out also -moon boot
Breezey: Quaynor has also been ruled out. Roughead doubtful though
Lynch_MOB: pies confirmed already
Raspel31: Thanks lads- poo, the best laid plans go astray.
italz: alright boys i need stewart to score less than 73 to win this week and make finals, what are my chances?
Raspel31: Marshall or Boak then for Dagooooey?
CozzieCan: @italz sorry but unlikely ,
CozzieCan: Marshall vs R.Obrien & Boak vs gws next week .
Apachecats: Stewart will get his usual late 90 ,I hope ,sorry italz.
frenzy: don’t go to sleep now Heeney
DrSeuss: If Stewart and Duncan get anything close to 90 I would be over the moon. I am doubtful.
Apachecats: Hmm ,H mcLean at $102k ,going to generate some much need cash for last couple of upgrades.
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Had Marshall since early rounds. Super reliable.He’d be my choice
StuL: Chief o meter just blew
mattmac24: Doesn’t matter who Marshell plays on, he still scores reliably
BestCoast: Marshall could become a super beast
pcaman2003: Be nice if you got involved Danger.
BestCoast: Hawkins is the total knob end
Raspel31: Marshall it is thanks lads but not a trade I wanted to make.
pcaman2003: Get going Heeney and JPK. You’ve nearly stopped.
pcaman2003: Can’t believe I have Danger as a POD in this game and he spuds it badly. FGS!
BestCoast: Anyone with C on Danger
CozzieCan: Lloyd wake up mate 3rd quarter is almost over ya spud
pcaman2003: 5 more of those please Danger to make up for your crap game so far
CozzieCan: @Baldforg I suppose your first comment would now be irrelevant seeing as Geelong burnt your earlier comment
burger01: Zero tackles for Danger, toughen up lad!
italz: cmon stewart have a terrible quarter please
pcaman2003: Out for dinner now. Catch you next week lads. GLTA
DrSeuss: Only need 60 pt final quarters from Duncan & Stewart – should be fine
BestCoast: pcaman2003 enjoy lad until then
TheOnyas: Onya Millsy
Apachecats: If any one is wondering what has hap
Apachecats: *happened to Lloyd ,its simple ,I bought him in this week ,sorry guys.
frenzy: start seagullin Jake
Apachecats: Someone is feeding the seagulls again thankfully.
StuL: Gaz is not gaz today
Apachecats: Share a few chips with Rampe would ya.
CozzieCan: T.Kelly been busy this quarter keeping going son
StuL: We’ve seen off the slump. We’re back on top haters
Raspel31: No disrespect here StuL- good team.
BestCoast: StuL not a hater just don’t rate the Cats
CozzieCan: Flower off heeney
StuL: Yea we’re rubbish. All these one tuplet fans giving it to us. You have to win this year then bc
LMartos: Heeney lifting his team here wow wee
BestCoast: StuL time will tell when the goes on who will survive that’s why I love this game
BestCoast: Heat*
StuL: the next Jimmy
BestCoast: Maybe to much vinegar on the chips for Lloyd
Raspel31: Nobody in their right mind would still have Jelwood- but wow lad.
StuL: Bombers getting touched up atm
burger01: Gotta look on the bright side of life, at least my new C managed to eclipse Dunkley’s score – won’t get VC’s though
frenzy: just CD taking the p155 Raspel
CozzieCan: J.selwood surely to be down scaled for sc points , ridiculous
DrSeuss: Huge 2nd half from Duncan – Stewart, not so much
StuL: Scaled up because GOD has the c on Jelwood
italz: lost by 1, ouch

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