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Chat log from R19 of 2019: Western Bulldogs vs Fremantle

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Fremantle, R19 of 2019

CozzieCan: Let’s go N.fyfe , M.bont , L.ryan , C.daniel, J.macrea & J.dunkley !!
Grimes Jr: dunkley, macrae, bont, fyfe or danger captain. leaning to dunkley. do freo tag?
CozzieCan: @Grimes Fyfe unsure on his elbow & bont had a small injury in the last 2 weeks ..
Grimes Jr: dunkley it is
barra17: i’m torn between dunkley or macrae for captain
amigaman: I’ve gone for Macrae. Very consistent.
BigChief: Lets go Fyfe and Hamling 🙂
wadaramus: Macrae C in DT, went for Max in SC.
Growlers: Big Game for the Dogies, must win game, Ross Lyon will be happy just to be out of the West for a day or two!
frenzy: Got six playing here
Burnsy03: Fyfe starting at FF
BRAZZERS: who wins captain dunks, fyfe vs 15 pts, ryan, heeney, walters?
Grimes Jr: don’t let me down dunks
Burnsy03: Walters looks agressive, hopefully no weeks out
duckky: Macrae C.
duckky: Are they playing Fyfe injured/crook?
Burnsy03: Cordy foward aswell
Haydo: Abc think fyfe is carrying an injury
Raspel31: Make or break game for me.
BigChief: Of course Fyfe is not fit. Still has the elbow issue.
duckky: Is Ross trying to get run out of Freo?
Jackwatt$: Another Father/Son for Bulldogs?! No wonder they weren’t winning games in 80s/90s? Clearly they were busy doing somethi
Raspel31: To my shame ditched Fyfe last week- heading into finals with a dodgy elbow?
duckky: Got Fyfe on the field… not happy
pcaman2003: C’mon Dunks. Need minimum 100 from you today.
duckky: Settle down Logue
pcaman2003: I put the C on Dunks today,so hopefully big risk =big reward. Who knows?
thesilentl: I wish I had as many trades and as much foresight as raspel, every week he’s traded the did premo
CozzieCan: Surely Fyfe to go in the midfield at some point ??
Raspel31: Um not true thesilent- Fyfe only primo I’ve traded.
BestCoast: Raspel g’day King you flicked Fyfe gutsy
original: Ryan going to be a liability in finals
Stikman35: Hudson as a commentator is cringeful.
BigChief: WTF is the goal umpire smoking? Clear goal.
Raspel31: Gday Best- believe me, didn’t want to. Just didn’t trust that elbow.
Grimes Jr: cmon dunks
jbjimmyjb: sorry guys, put the C on dunkley this week
burger01: Switched away my C from Dunks at the last minute since my opponent had C on him too so won’t be cheering too loudly
CozzieCan: L.Ryan = flowering spud
pcaman2003: Need more from you Dunks. Get in there.
burger01: Looks like Hunter is a non-factor for second week running
DrSeuss: League Opponent has Johanissen and Bont – watch them go huge
PowerBug: Dale Morris fwd tag on Luke Ryan I like it
Grimes Jr: changed from macrame to dunkley last minute
Raspel31: Whoops Grimes- stuck with Macrae as safe option.
pcaman2003: I have Ryan and Dunks,Oppo has Bont. Not a good start
BestCoast: Nice captain Macrae nice Bonts lift Fyfe and Dunks
thesilentl: Guessing they are tagging ryan due to dude not playing middle. Might swap if he goes in the middle
BestCoast: OhSoRozee missing in action got confirmation GOD had C on Cripps
BestCoast: thesilentl pies look like they are slip sliding away
VodkaHawk: Stay very low Dunks, K cheers
CozzieCan: Fyfe in the middle 😀
amigaman: BS free against Macrae
Apachecats: Afternoon all ,back to Morrinsville for a couple of days ,still no radio or TV just fanfooty to keep in touch.Sounds lik
PowerBug: Dunkley barely sighted and has 24 at QT? Captainers should be pleased!
Apachecats: *are safe here.
BestCoast: Apache as long as your thirst is quenched and your hangovers mild
Apachecats: Yeah BC not too bad today.Nice drop though.
thesilentl: Reckon the fitness department folk may be dusting off the old resume soon @bestcoast
The39Steps: Who got the goal on the siren? Blog says West but not acknowledged on stats.
duckky: Are there 2 Bailey Dales on the field?
BestCoast: thesilentl we are in second and I am far from convinced just yet
Tig-Train: Dogs got their big boy kicking boots on today…
AuroraBore: @steps Lachie Hunter
BestCoast: Apache as the Irish day there are people dying of thirst the Irish are born with one
pcaman2003: Start getting busy Dunks.
Apachecats: Just about straight Irish here BC ,bit of Cornish thrown in but all Celtic.
BestCoast: Raspel might be a smart move with Fyfe he is in my sights now
The39Steps: Tks @aurorabore.
pcaman2003: FFS Dunks. Don’t shaft me now.
BestCoast: Free Dorkers are Rubble Ross Lyon has always been a sewerage defensive coach flower him off
thesilentl: At full strength you have the best squad @bestcoast, just shading tigers and pies full squads
BestCoast: Whiskey sunlight held together by water
thiccgucci: need more than one good qtr from bont this game please 😀
BestCoast: thesilentl we are to patchy need to put teams to the sword more we go missing for quarters
LMartos: Get out of the way Libba ya dog
Raspel31: Good timing theccgucci
VodkaHawk: Bugger off Dunks, under 80 from you today
Grimes Jr: fire up dunks better
VodkaHawk: 120+ from Bont, Macrae, Daniel and Fyfe thanks
Raspel31: One might call that rather wishful thinking Vodka.
Apachecats: Vodka ,yes for Bont and JMac ,no to the other two.
VodkaHawk: Lol correct Rasp, and a little bit greedy
BestCoast: Fyfe be doing well for 80 at this point
arbel: I think the better question to vodka is how don’t you have dunks?
thiccgucci: If everyone can reach their projected, im a happy man 🙂
Raspel31: But the Bonts and Macrame def Vodka.
BestCoast: Looking at 2600+ how bout everyone else
SwaggyP: I’ll be jumping off the walls if i can crack 2400 tbh, awful sc year for me
FlyinRyan2: Might’ve got that but the C on dunkley not looking good
pcaman2003: Oh Dunks! Now you start playing crap.
VodkaHawk: @Arbel, bad timing of injuries to other players, but he’s my last upgrade for a full premo team 🙂
Grimes Jr: better recovery from dunks there
burger01: Logue – minus 5 points for Griffindor
BestCoast: Just wish for one week to have everything in sync and smash a 2700-2800 got Hurn out and a couple of no firings
VodkaHawk: Looking at 2500. But C Macrae may push that up a bit
a1trader: @bestcoast – I’ve got the C on Dunkley, if he gets 300 and Walters get 150, I’ll get 2600 too 😸
CozzieCan: Be lucky myself to get over 2,100 this week .
burger01: I love it when someone who is getting a weekly score in top 5% is complaining…
BestCoast: burger no complaints it’s not world hunger
BestCoast: Burger what you are really saying is you see the negatives in others writings
SwaggyP: Nothing wrong with holding yourself to high standards burger…
BestCoast: Swaggy that would be a burger with the lot commonly know as a kitchen sink
thiccgucci: nothing nicer than having a good whinge. fixes u up
brano: burt burger lol gday best caost
BestCoast: Listen to this Marty
BestCoast: Matty *
BestCoast: Kennedy
brano: conflict
BestCoast: Both a bit left handed there old mate
brano: 600 yeehaaa
brano: Cant believe Ive still got Mummy,13 points lol
BestCoast: Put the wine down please Mummy the king size witches hat
brano: enough to drive a man to drink!
BestCoast: Brano you don’t have trades left do you
frenzy: look at the toasters up and about
BestCoast: frenzy condolences king
BigChief: GOTY from Naughton.
m0nty: it was all Tiger fans in the chat yesterday for some reason
BestCoast: Merge Freo with Gold Coast two super spud sides
BestCoast: I would like to thank you Sir m0nty for not banning me so far this season I have changed lol
BigChief: And make their home ground Alice Springs @BestCoast.
BigChief: Uh oh. Morris injured.
VodkaHawk: New NT team, merge GC with them. the Darwin Suns
BestCoast: BigChief send the to the penal colony The Apple Isle
original: Go Ryan go
Grimes Jr: lift dunks
original: Melbourne surely biggest spud side getting round atm
StuL: GOD has the c on Bailey Dale…
The39Steps: Seriously, how does Lyons escape the heat that others seems to attract?
pcaman2003: Do something at least Dunkley. Anything will do. Show me you have a pulse still.
BigChief: We don’t need or want that rabble here thanks BestCoast.
The39Steps: You would be petrified if your club signed him as a coach.
The39Steps: And drop kick Healey called him a “great coach” on the couch the other night. Great coaches don’t have zero flags after.
BestCoast: BigChief sorry for offensive comments give them no home and send them on the road
The39Steps: 20 years. Clarkson is the only one of the current crop you could call great with his X flags.
BestCoast: Lyon coached sides hit 100 points 3 times a year that’s why he is known as Mini Bus
Raspel31: Macrae is a god. I will pick up on my macrame now.
frenzy: very strange when only 1 Jack onfield
zoomba23: Walters with his usual Neymar-esque antics
dipstick: didnt ross lyon used to have players live in his garage?
dipstick: @fenzy but how many Jacks off?
Breezey: @Frenzy. If Macrae wasn’t playing there would be Jack Shower
burger01: Frenzy, yeah especially after watching Saints and their 5 Jacks last night 🙂
frenzy: this is the hungry jack
Burnsy03: Luke ryan done with a thigh monty
pcaman2003: Dunks get 6 pts for mark,kick to adv and HB to adv. Seems wrong!
hinsch: Cannot wait to hear Ross Lyon post game interiew
pcaman2003: With Ryan gone,that’ll be my SC finals difficult now.
zoomba23: 150 plz Macrae
amigaman: Traded Ryan in today. BANG!
original: Ryan ffs. Definite hammy? Who to bring in – Sicily or laird?
pcaman2003: I only hope Hurn right for next week. Currently on my bench.
amigaman: Glad I kept all those trades now
pcaman2003: Might be time for Morris to hang up the boots me thinks.
CozzieCan: Sc keeps on giving this year all for the wrong things . Moore hore & now Ryan ffs
pcaman2003: I won’t put the C on Dunks ever again. This is a debacle.
zoomba23: Cozzie: I could use some Moore Hore
zoomba23: Pcaman can’t expect him to pump out 170s every week mate
BestCoast: Sack Lyon straight after the game keep the tradition this year continuing
Tig-Train: Dunks is only a good VC option in hope for that big score
CozzieCan: @zoomba missing the point lol , backline has been atrocious this year . Also hurn , Whitfield , Z.williams ect
pcaman2003: @zoomba. I know,but a minimum of a ton shouldn’t be too much to ask
Tig-Train: I find it crazy when people talk about teams trying to steal Lyon away to coach… hasn’t done anything imo
Grimes Jr: lesson learnt. always go macrame over dunks c
CozzieCan: Spent about 10 trades this year all in the backline with injuries lol
BestCoast: Do the right thing Ross Lyon resign you imposter
zoomba23: Yeah yeah I know, I’m in the same boat. Just couldn’t help myself making that joke lol
CozzieCan: @Zoomba classical combination lmao
frenzy: i did 2 minutes before the start,GrimesJr
burger01: Logue has been a bit of a disappointment after his 90+ scores in first two weeks
Ash777: maybe this time dogs can cause a coach to be sacked after the game instead of them getting sacked before the game
pcaman2003: Opponent has Bont and he’s killing Dunks. SC is not good for mental health.
frenzy: anytime you’re ready Dunks
pcaman2003: @frenzy. He doesn’t seem to be getting near the ball as much. Needs to put body on the line.
blonde0na: dunks looks like he’s playing the centre role not so much on the ball
amigaman: Go Macrae
Baldfrog: Is Ryan’s injury serious? Not watching
Raspel31: Okay- I did bring in Bonts for you Fyfe but you are a hero even to be playing.
Ash777: brad hill talking with bont about what it’s like at the dogs 😛
frenzy: good boy Jack, finishing strong
thiccgucci: keep going bont and macrae, make up for dunkley and fyfe!
blonde0na: here i was sitting happy on friday night when grundy didn’t score well thinking the dunks C will be genius
Schillaci: Funny that players can have a negative quarter scaling helps injured players. Ryan +5 this quarter
Raspel31: Many Macrae caps breathing a happy sigh of relief.
Grimes Jr: cheers captain dunks
BigChief: So happy I stuck with Cripps as C
dipstick: grundy the ONLY player on the ground in the last qtr to have ZERO touches 🥵
Schillaci: Well done Caleb. Another 100. He’s back!
Raspel31: That was brave after last week BigChief.
Grimes Jr: if i captained anyway but dunks i would’ve had 26
VodkaHawk: Lol, I wasn’t far off with my earlier score hopes, Except for Fyfe
dipstick: dunkley 30 point second half… awesome dude
BRAZZERS: wheres the flog who traded fyfe? lmao
Raspel31: I’d be here Brazzers.
Haydo: Lol
BigChief: 92 for a premo is poor BRAZZERS, so depends on who Raspel brought in it could be a good trade.

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