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Chat log from R19 of 2019: Port Adelaide vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Western Sydney, R19 of 2019

OhSoRozee: thought that coulda been front on to westhoff
SilverLion: And he blasts it
OhSoRozee: ryder looks fresh and nimble
pcaman2003: Hope Ryder doesn’t take away too much from Lycett. Need a big score from Lycett
pcaman2003: FO Cameron!
SilverLion: Port with as many tackles as their score
SilverLion: Jezza finally repaying the faith after the shower of the last 8 weeks
OhSoRozee: love greene as a mid
wadaramus: Took Duursma over Hately, 🙁
jbjimmyjb: I have Cameron, Whitfield, Williams and Boak, not a bad start
pharace: Sutcliffe tagging Greene, yet no tackles by Slutcliffe. Great tag!
Hazzalowry: Cameron kicked 6 last week.
CozzieCan: Duursma always has a quiet first half , don’t worry he’ll still get 70+
wadaramus: Sutcliffe tag on Whitfield working a treat..
pcaman2003: Wish Power would do something about Cameron and Whitty
pcaman2003: FFS Lycett! Stop giving away frees
cmperrfect: Was hoping Port would pull their finger out this week…
pcaman2003: FFS Lycett! Stop giving away frees.
SilverLion: Lycett, giving away frees? Unheard of.
SilverLion: He’d be up there with an and Mummy for most FA for ruckmen (or even players in general).
exatekk: Whitfield C
pcaman2003: @Silver. He never listens to me.
DrSeuss: Rocky needs to stop wasting his energy on wrestling
Stu7: Mumford is sh1t
SilverLion: With Nank***
pcaman2003: Someone stop Cameron and Whitfield,please. They’re killing me here.
thiccgucci: sutcliffe is trying @pca should try harder
Vogesy69: @pcaman2003 exactly the same for me, cameron and whitfield can fuck odd
DrSeuss: Someone tell Rockliff to start getting involved –
SilverLion: Kids got some class about him
pcaman2003: @Voges and thiccgucci. I think rule 303 needs to!
jbjimmyjb: cameron and whitfield, keep doing what you’re doing 🙂
SilverLion: Gotta love port fans. Constantly booing for no reason
OhSoRozee: some1 ordered an extra goalpost this game (mumford)
thiccgucci: sutcliff tag def been tighter than first qtr
OhSoRozee: well an xtra 1 if u throw simpson into that
Raspel31: Okay- coming out of the closet. Have Hopper. Go lad.
OhSoRozee: ryder or goldy at gws who would u take
StuL: Glad I took TT over Greene. Flower u Phantom.
heppelitis: lol raspel
original: Non calls to gws are ridiculous
Breezey: Come on Wobbie Gway
BestCoast: Greetings gentlemen
BestCoast: Mumford is a bag of leaf
Raspel31: Evening Best.
Stikman35: Feel sick
Stikman35: These kfc hot rods are too hot
Stikman35: And stressed over picking Dunkley over Gawn to get a point of difference seeing apponent upgraded to Whitfield.
OhSoRozee: loved that tackle 1 for the small guys
DrSeuss: Need to tag Greene – he is killing it
DrSeuss: Of course my opponent has Greene and Taranto but no Whitfield – Drop the tag ffs
Apachecats: Hi BC ,just home from The Pour House in beautiful Hahei ,Coromandel Peninsular NZ ,lashings of the local brew on board
OhSoRozee: touchdown shaw
Apachecats: *no radio ,no TV ,just fanfooty.
OhSoRozee: ur better off now being able to know apache terrible turnovers pre much every 2nd disposal
DrSeuss: Coromandel is beautiful – great place
OhSoRozee: not being*
pcaman2003: Come on Lycett. 3rd qtr started mate.
DrSeuss: Whitfield touched it yet this quarter??
pcaman2003: PO Finlayson.
OhSoRozee: how the f did 3 gws players get free at the 50 and 2 out of the square
pcaman2003: Wowee Finlayson jumps from 43 to 60 with one goal.
BestCoast: Apache been dry for the last couple of weeks two to go it’s killing me bloody women lol
CozzieCan: Come on hately & duursma need at least 60 from both of you otherwise I’m screwed:-(
BestCoast: Raspel European footy kicking of soon
jbjimmyjb: lift williams
pcaman2003: Whenever you’re ready Lycett,you can touch the ball
BestCoast: Going to be a big month of AFL action leading to finals
OhSoRozee: @pca yeh he had a contested mark to goal
BestCoast: OhSoRozee what’s the news on Bont is he going to fire or still carrying niggles
Apachecats: You on dry July BC?
J_Herer: Can Port win this to keep their finals chances alive?
pcaman2003: @OhSoRozze.Then now jumps up to 76?For what I don’t know.
BestCoast: Apache just had the manager (Misses) saying my thirst was out of control
BestCoast: When my suspension is over I will reward myself with a bottle of Whistlepig
OhSoRozee: he got a cp and goal immedietly after and another loose ball get kick
Apachecats: Get ready for Don’t remember September BC.
DrSeuss: Zac Williams stopped finding the ball
pcaman2003: Massive last qtr please Lycett.
Gandhi: If only Amon could kick goals
SilverLion: ZWill playing fwd tis why
runt: Cracking game this….reaches for a suicide pill
DrSeuss: Why move Williams forward?
pcaman2003: Ton up Lycett.
SilverLion: Give us a draw
J_Herer: Season nearly over Port, kick a goal!!!!!
SilverLion: Keep booing all the way to the siren port fans, that’s the spirit
Baldfrog: Silver every teams fans boo everything
pcaman2003: Cameron -2 this half. What a turnaround
pcaman2003: Well played Lycett. Very happy now.
SilverLion: Maybe so frog, but ports fans at home seem especially feral
SilverLion: Cmon give us a draw
OhSoRozee: boak needed to keep running it through
runt: You would never hear the Queen boo
Baldfrog: Good game now
V@lks: My team is smashing it….then there’s mumford. Why I thought he’d be better than ROB. #fail
runt: Port just blindly bombing
J_Herer: Season gone for Port, great effort tonight.
Grimes Jr: bye bye hinkley u flog
runt: The solitary Giants fan clapping
SilverLion: Keep booing port fans, bunch of ferlas
duckky: City of Adelaide looks like missing finals action
SilverLion: Ferals**
pcaman2003: Mumford is finished.
duckky: Dominant ruck doesn’t equal winning the match … Gawn, Grundy, Marshall, Mummy…
BRAZZERS: grimes jr you’re the only flog muppet
OhSoRozee: 1 ton to gws umm
CozzieCan: H Shaw 19 disposals for 95 sc to Finlayson 3.3 & 14 disposals ??? How

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