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Chat log from R19 of 2019: St Kilda vs Melbourne

Chat log for St Kilda vs Melbourne, R19 of 2019

BigChief: Dees have a new player on the bench according to AFL website. Jack Harmes.
thiccgucci: am i only one captaining gawn?
pharace: Trying to square up on the number of Jacks with Saints.
pharace: Jack Jones has a ring to it…..
pharace: Frosty should be a Jack as well
Stikman35: Torn between Gawn or Dunkley.
BigChief: I am happy with Capt Cripps 🙂
thiccgucci: i went gawn cause its the safest 🙂
thiccgucci: atleast imo
vartic: Going Yawn captain out since my opponent has gone Dunks, will probs regret it
vartic: Gawn* thanks phone
DrSeuss: Finally traded Brayshaw this week, watch him go big lol
MONEY TALK: welp tv off time
TheLegend6: Gawn (C) and Oliver hoping for big scores!
BRAZZERS: gawny up and about, looks like a big game on the cards
OhSoRozee: some1 stuck a rocket up gwn
Breezey: Gawn might just go enormous here. Marshall can’t handle him at the moment. Only early though
pcaman2003: SOMEONE SHould tell the Saints the game started.
Apachecats: Seuss you are safe without Brayshaw.
th3rio: same here lads. I wish Steele would eff off though
Apachecats: In desperation Gawn captain.
th3rio: HAHAHA did you hear Steele ?
thiccgucci: owning marshall and having gawn captain is bittersweet
th3rio: i feel that gucci
th3rio: im hoping he makes up for it with possessions and moving around the ground
Catatafish: Marshall will get monstered tonight
thesilentl: Marshall should get some points around the ground
Raspel31: Only reason I didn’t bring in Marshall this week thiccgucci
Breezey: Marshall will get plenty just not out of the Ruck
Apachecats: Both of them will ton up.
thiccgucci: should be entertaining, you can see the mutual respect they have for each other
thiccgucci: right now its going beautifully hahah
BigChief: Cmon Jack Harmes and James Steele do something.
OhSoRozee: marshall will ton b4 gawn
Apachecats: Gawn will ton up quicker and go large.
th3rio: hell yes! and oliver broken the tag for now. Perfect
StuL: A Marshall drop would be nice but not going to happen
thiccgucci: what counts as an effective kick? does it have to be marked?
The0Grrr: Why do I give up skiing every weekend for this schizen!
Breezey: Saints have settled now.
original: Thiccgucci I don’t think so
original: This is awful viewing
thiccgucci: If it werent for the supercoach interest would have turned it off by now
original: It’s not just the blues games I’ll whinge about umpiring. Awful so far here
thiccgucci: love the tackling from melbourne, so aggressive
pcaman2003: Marshall only got 50 points last time they met
original: Altho not paying that Clayton Oliver dive is a really good call
OhSoRozee: clark for 3rd yr breakout player?
Phasir: Someone explain how 4 tackles and 4 effective handballs could possibly be 42 SC…
heppelitis: too much info billings squeezes one out
OhSoRozee: he got hurt in that game
thiccgucci: ahh have a crack maxx!
The0Grrr: There’s some loose body muscles in Dees fwd line!
DrSeuss: That kick to Max was about 10 metres lol
TheLegend6: @Phas all contested
thiccgucci: olivers been good so far imo
OhSoRozee: this game must b alot better to watch than the other 1 turnover city
Donzoes: havent seen brayshaw have a good stat game, droppable?
OhSoRozee: fritsch is always a good pick in the fwd line
thiccgucci: wow and marshall leads gawn at the qtr!
LMartos: Marshall outscoring Gawn after Gawn took a 25-0 lead, unexpected
OhSoRozee: yeh my prediction so far so good
cmperrfect: Luving the Gawn vs Marshall show
Raspel31: Well, yep, I was wrong to not bring in Marshall this week for fear of big Max. My bad.
pcaman2003: Opponent doesn’t have Max or Marshall,so go big fellas
ConVoid: what overall rank in sc are you boys i’m 239
jbjimmyjb: Took the C off Gawn a minute before the game for Dunkley… sigh
Breezey: Even the umps have Maxy
thiccgucci: get involved again clarry
BRAZZERS: stay down billings
th3rio: lift oliver lad
OhSoRozee: wonder how lever is feeling about his dees move atm
heppelitis: 9 points billings? lift imp
Catatafish: Shit, go Marshall. Thought he’d struggle.
Grimes Jr: fuck of steele you prick
BRAZZERS: lol Lever left because of money, so he just needs to look at his bank account to remind himself it was a good decision
th3rio: crows lost to carlton, he prob doesn’t care too much
OhSoRozee: nah he had bigger offer elsewhere
The0Grrr: How many opposition scores start with a Pechoker turnover
Breezey: Lever has been injured for most of his time at Melbourne
SilverLion: Petrasha
original: Yucky
BRAZZERS: crows just last a granny after being on top of ladder, he didnt go to the dees because he thought they were better
MONEY TALK: no mark ?
Yelse: Need Gawn to slow down opp captained him last second and can’t afford to lose
OhSoRozee: he chose melbourne coz they were better suited coz he wanted to back to melbourne
Breezey: Dees were in a prelim last year also. He hasn’t played much. I think the Dees were entitled to do better this year
burger01: Brayshaw you beauty!
Apachecats: Brayshaw needs a run in the magoos ,not coping at all.
th3rio: lift oliver 🙁
OhSoRozee: had 2 bigger offers from other vic clubs but went there
th3rio: after a good start, steele has got the better of him 🙁
Breezey: Meanwhile Brayshaw shower again
OhSoRozee: lol did any1 see 1 umpire propose to Glouftsis
th3rio: saw pics of it, the lucky bastard
Breezey: I did Rozee. The Boundary Ump I think he was.
thiccgucci: oliverhas a high projected too, so will sting
pcaman2003: Loving Billings score
The0Grrr: Prefer Chelsea myself
th3rio: wasnt the dude her boyfriend?
original: Awful
Breezey: Well that’s be why he was proposing @Th3rio
TigerKid_A: does anyone know the other female that does goal umpiring but isnt chelsea? Can’t remember her name
OhSoRozee: coffield and clark are on my 2020 watchlist
The0Grrr: Not just free kick decisions that are shocking
Raspel31: Hmm, Steele well and truly locked Oliver up-bummer.
Breezey: I think Clark will be in my team@ Rozee
th3rio: people made it sound like he was just a random breezey lol
OhSoRozee: rose o’dea
Breezey: Sally Boud @ Tigerkid
Breezey: @rozee. Well he is a high draft pick so he should be good methinks
OhSoRozee: yeh they were pick 6 and 7 werent they
MONEY TALK: they just needed confidence in the vfl
OhSoRozee: 7 and 8 my bad
CozzieCan: Eh jack newnes is useless never again for bench cover
thiccgucci: if clarry finds the ton i will be one happy man
Stikman35: Gawn needs a spell on bench
pcaman2003: Billings just doubled his half time score.Hahaha!
SilverLion: On ya skunk
DrSeuss: Marshall is playing too concerned about Max – needs to play his own game. Get some tackles
th3rio: lift olive oil
The0Grrr: Is it a coincidence that U follow Melb and listen to Billie Eilish
th3rio: why does bruce get booed?
SilverLion: Skunk again!
The0Grrr: Coz his names Bwoos
pcaman2003: Seuss,I thought Marshall doing well against Maxy.
SilverLion: Saints fans saying oooo coz of his name @th3rio
thiccgucci: they are just saying bruuuuuuce
SilverLion: Skunk yet again!
V@lks: Think it’s more of a ‘brrrrrreeeeewwwccceee’
th3rio: oh lol.. haha
MONEY TALK: not a boo its bruuuuu
thiccgucci: pains me when oliver is near it but not touching it. wish i could help him
BRAZZERS: lol they copying bruest, need to think of their own material
Raspel31: Come on Oliver-you broke the tag 1st quarter-you can do it again-pleez.
th3rio: how good!
original: Remember when brayshaw and hibberd were good at SuperCoach?
th3rio: oliver tagged out and now hes on the pine. eff me
Stikman35: Lonie is a bit hot n cold
The0Grrr: Christ! Aren’t U even allowed to use Ur body anymore
th3rio: oliver boom! stay o the bench steele
StuL: Melb
thiccgucci: love how clayton tackles, can tell he is frustrated and wants it
StuL: Melb no 1 list at the start of the year according to CD
Baldfrog: Keep going Maxxy
original: Is Salem just an outside seagull? Seems very average tonight
th3rio: wtf lonie
Baldfrog: CD is full of it Stul
The0Grrr: The Pretenders were No1 too weren’t they
BigChief: @original Salem = J. Lloyd 2.0
heppelitis: should have been a free to lewis then
Raspel31: Attaboy Oliver.
J_Herer: People were saying trade Seb Ross
BigChief: Kermit for Carlisle.
SilverLion: Well done jakey ya idiot
Stikman35: It was a fake . Good work dees
MONEY TALK: afl really want dees to get some wins
The0Grrr: That’s pathetic!
The0Grrr: Melb don’t want wins. They’re tanking again!
travo: Melbourne are shot, rebuild time
The0Grrr: Yeap another 10 years on the bottom
pcaman2003: Need massive last qtr Marshall and Gawn. Stay down Billings
Baldfrog: Lever ain’t complaining still getting his 800k per year
Baldfrog: Want 150 Maxxy at least
The0Grrr: May’s laughing even more. Getting paid to rest up
Ash777: dees would be bottom if not for gawn and oliver
th3rio: clarry!
OhSoRozee: wonder who at dees is in for surgery next week
Apachecats: Heart transplants OhSo?
jbjimmyjb: the dees coaching box is currently panicking, they dont want the lead
Baldfrog: Do say that to loud rozee lever will do an acl
Baldfrog: Don’t*
J_Herer: Go Seb Ross, prove them wrong, love it (don’t own)
OhSoRozee: they were a good month behind on surgeries at end of last yr they weren’t use to it so 12 weeks earlier this yr
OhSoRozee: will do them some good
Baldfrog: Think I saw some Melb sups at the tour de france last night on holiday
The0Grrr: Membrey another Josh Jenkins
Baldfrog: That’s hard on Membrey
OhSoRozee: nah membery is decent needs good mids to get it to him
pcaman2003: Come on Marshall and ton up quick. Want at least 110 from you please.
The0Grrr: Good cheese platters over in France
MONEY TALK: Membry better than any dees fwd
The0Grrr: Wouldn’t be difficult Money
OhSoRozee: hes a beast with good midfield as u can see in alfx dif game but all those good mids
Baldfrog: Haha TheOGrr
The0Grrr: AFLX counts for fa
Baldfrog: Akward score here Maxxy need some more
pcaman2003: Get going Max,not backwards.
OhSoRozee: id take him at dogs anyday
SilverLion: Give us a draw
th3rio: go maxxy go marshall
Breezey: Great stuff Sainters
The0Grrr: Anyone know where I could find turnover for the years stats anywhere?
DrSeuss: Take that Melbourne
Ash777: hopefully all the care taker coaches become head coach
Baldfrog: Dees have secured the no.2 pick
Apachecats: Collingwood need a caretaker coach.
Breezey: Chris Judd reckons they want someone else other Teague
Stikman35: Robert Harvey.
Breezey: Essendon could do with one too
scrappers: then judd needs to go
J_Herer: Seb Ross back to 2018 late season form, clap clap clap!
runt: Teague looks like Garth Algar from Wayne’s world
pcaman2003: Maxy done stuff all last 10 mins. Should’ve been around 150
CozzieCan: S.goodwin needs to go tbh
The0Grrr: CAn’t believe Dees extended Goodwin earlier in the season!
bones351: Darcy keeps announcing what a great kick Billings is. He has no idea he’s a butcher!
Apachecats: Very happy with Worsfold ,you happy
DrSeuss: Agreed 0Grrr – Goodwin should be gone – massive under achievers
Apachecats: *with Bucks Breezy?
Stikman35: Go Dunkley

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