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Chat log from R19 of 2019: West Coast vs North Melbourne

Chat log for West Coast vs North Melbourne, R19 of 2019

A_Frame_: hello?
A_Frame_: hello?
Vogesy69: come on roos let’s hit it
zoomba23: Jesus boys. Feel free to turn up
FLOG: cmon cunners, punch someone
DrSeuss: You there Ziebell?
pcaman2003: Get in there Cunnington and work for the ball
arbel: @flog wanting someone to lay someone out is the dumbest thing to say
drfrazzll: go gaffy
zoomba23: Gonna be a long one
FLOG: f off arbel
FLOG: arbel = snowflake
Pokerface: think it was a comment on cunners himself arbel
Nuffman: Flog by name, flog by nature. still sooking about last night I see
Pokerface: but it was pretty dumb i agree
FLOG: thank you poker
zoomba23: 3 tackles in 18 minutes. Fuck me dead boys. That’s not gonna win you games of footy
V@lks: Agree arbel. Flog….Go drink a Bundy and watch UFC in your TapOut tracksuit you redneck.
Grimes Jr: #hotpies
TWAT: = Arbel, volks and nuffman
zoomba23: Oi Pies fans. This is supposed to be a civilised discussion page. So what are you doing here
CozzieCan: Back to the game boys , irrelevant chat
Nuffman: lol Flog. sad sad little “man”
pcaman2003: Since bringing in Cunnington, he’s died on me.
DrSeuss: Less time on the bench Ziebell – more time actually getting the ball
CozzieCan: @pcaman gets tagged a lot lately, D.Clarke from Essendon did a good job . Other clubs following suit
Gotigres: Cameron down in the rooms
pcaman2003: @Cozzie. I can see him on his own a fair bit,so not a hard tag.
Pies20: @ nuffman why he sad??
Pies20: @zoomba we can chat every game don’t discriminate on who’s playing
zoomba23: Siren plz
CozzieCan: @pcaman hopefully he bounces back & tons up this week . Fingers crossed
pcaman2003: You need to lift big time No 10.
DrSeuss: Is Shaw playing Ziebell forward again this week – or he just isnt getting near it?
Pokerface: he means the site drongo
Baldfrog: Pcaman we must have bought cunners in on the same week haven’t had 1 decent score from him yet
CozzieCan: This game could get ugly , lift kangas
zoomba23: Cozzie: We’re out of juice. Last couple of weeks have taken it out of us. Fully expecting a smashing here
Sixty656: what happened to cameron?
pcaman2003: @Baldfrog. As Cozzie said,hopefully he tons up this week. Fingers crossed.
Yelse: Would you play Clarke or hately for jelly ?
CozzieCan: @Zoomba unfortunate but I need kangas to kill the eagles percentage . Hence why I’m rooting for the Roos !!
Baldfrog: Good to see jk is back
zoomba23: Yeah, say goodbye to that idea Cozzie haha. You’ll just have to back your mob in to stay top
Raspel31: I;d consider Hately with no Conigs or Kelly Yelse.
Baldfrog: Clarke only gets 70 per week hately can ton up
DrSeuss: Ziebells TOG has been terrible last couple of weeks – get him off the bench FFS
pcaman2003: 17 scoring shots to 6 doesn’t bode well for Norf.
heppelitis: Why do you even have him Dr Seuss? (I have him too haha)
CozzieCan: Kangas stepping it up here well done lads
Baldfrog: Lol Cozzie the eternal optimist
zoomba23: Garner is rubbish
pcaman2003: @Zoomba. Cunnington not much better with only 1 kick. Not good enough for a mid.
CozzieCan: @Baldfrog after just winning against Melbourne , I tipped kangas this week
zoomba23: Pcaman true, but gotta give him some leeway for his outstanding year. He’s put the team on his back several times
Baldfrog: I have seen planes take off with a shorter run up than Brown
Nuffman: you’re all harping on about Garner or Cunnington… But Durdin has had a half game of donuts
heppelitis: old goldy has done well fantasy wise lately
pcaman2003: @Nuffman 343 people own Durdin,so no interest.
CozzieCan: Half time still lots of sc points up for grabs , go Cunnington 60 pt 3rd qtr please & thanks
pcaman2003: @Cozzie. I can only!
CozzieCan: you & me both mate . Could be costly this week heading into sc finals
frenzy: Missy could extract the digit for a change.
Rilian: Witches hat or Mare for Tarrant..
BRAZZERS: cunnter next contested fotty and clearances to score well
Phasir: Darling playing in the ruck in f50 is getting him into the game so much lately!
BRAZZERS: needs*
DrSeuss: Ziebell wtf are you doing? Get involved
VodkaHawk: Cunners to, at least, reach 75 by 3qr, cheers thanks
VodkaHawk: and sheed to stop at 75
DrSeuss: Why is Ziebell spending so much time off the ground? Shaw trying to lose?
Sixty656: Dont screw me here gaff ffs
V@lks: Need Sheed to beat Oldstein
CozzieCan: @Vodka few of us hoping lad fingers crossed
Baldfrog: Great pass tarrant
pcaman2003: C’mon Cunners! More kicks and tackles please
CozzieCan: I have 1 trade left & it looks like it will be cunners :@
DrSeuss: Just catch Gaff – that’s all I ask of you Ziebs
pcaman2003: @Cozzie. Looks like a few of us on here getting screwed over with Cunners. Like I said last week. Fools gold!
CozzieCan: @pcaman had him since round 9 been good up until the last few weeks . Just looks uninterested hey
OhSoRozee: cunners isnt himself cant do anymore dirty things or suspension so its in his head
BRAZZERS: captain gawn, maccrae or Dunks?
CozzieCan: @Rozee , that would be a great explanation. Wonder if he’ll bounce back this year or not
pcaman2003: @BRAZZERS. I’ve taken Dunks,but could go to several players.Dunks just really good at present.
DrSeuss: Looks like Cunners and Ziebell have gotten over the New Coach excitement
OhSoRozee: unlucky lions good win and end up dropping spot to this margin
pcaman2003: I wanted Cunners to beat Setterfield’s score. Little chance of that now.
Patty19: Yyyyyyyyyeoooooooooo
pcaman2003: @OhSoRozee. Lions way too good for us today. Our kicking was disgraceful.
OhSoRozee: sheed a lock for me in 2020 worked out how to play a role with gaff
Apachecats: Boy ,was Jy Simpkin a flash in the pan.
V@lks: @rozee. Jet. Watched him JLT and he was my second pick after Whitfield. Had a bad patch but 100 avg for 320k is good.
Vogesy69: do i pick up yeo or oliver to finish my team @boys
pcaman2003: Not bad having 113 pts on a DE of 42. Darling
DrSeuss: Is Ziebell in the middle? Hasn’t even had a tackle in the second half
Hazzalowry: Sheed star?
Yelse: Since Grundy failed us all who is everyone captaining
V@lks: fyfe
pcaman2003: Dunks
pcaman2003: Gee! Cunnington just shuffling around. Does he even care? Not going near the ball.
bushranger: Dunks
exatekk: whitfield
bushranger: Good boy Dom
amigaman: Macrae
thiccgucci: do freo tag? hill?

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