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Chat log from R19 of 2019: Carlton vs Adelaide

Chat log for Carlton vs Adelaide, R19 of 2019

dipstick: Blues will punish Crows for dropping Eddie and not letting us see him again
Apachecats: This happenned last weekend and already twice this round.Verry annoying that is can’t be relied on.
Apachecats: Previous post about AFL website saying no late change when there is a late change was missed.
Nigma97: I hope you’re right dip
dipstick: dont get me started on AFL site late change failures 😡
CozzieCan: Need you to go big Mr Cripps , B.crouch, J.kelly
Gandhi: Feel like this game could be an upset
Vogesy69: who’s copping the ed curnow tag?
Nigma97: No idea yet Vogesy
AlbySmedtz: get outta my way Walsh
jocka: sloane
DrSeuss: Let’s go Newman and Brouch
duckky: Took a risk today – ROB as my VC
Nigma97: ROB was always gonna destroy Phillips
arbel: Why is Smith playing a tagging role? Who’s he tagging?
duckky: He is meant to be tagging Cripps … LOL
Nigma97: No one worth tagging in our forward line lmao
arbel: @dukky he’s doing it wrong then 😛
original: Joke that blood rule call
original: Can’t wait to see this double 50m bs replay
Nigma97: are you shitting me with that call? 2 50’s??
VodkaHawk: Come on Blues, smash these crows
Nigma97: wtf is that for a call?
DrSeuss: Why did I bring in Newman this week 🙁
frenzy: lift Brad
Drak: If Grundy wants to go home, Pies could have a serious winner with straight swap for ROB + a first round pick
Bails31: Brouch kicking it sideways again.. SC toxic
cmperrfect: Crippa brought his own Cape today
Sloaneyyyy: C’mon Crows, desperately need some midfielders to lift
duckky: ROB just signed a 2 year deal.
Drak: Deals mean nothing for player trade. Just gives clubs more value on their player.
J_Herer: Great start Crippa!
Nigma97: Man, I’m still livid about that double 50m penalty
Sloaneyyyy: free kick count looking a bit dodgy early
CozzieCan: Cripps almost scored his last sc game in 1 quarter lol
Yeehaw: I hate cripps, convinced me to get Oliver over him after last week/injury scare
Grimes Jr: another week of matt crouch shit
Apachecats: Went Carlton by 27 ,looking good so far.
Sloaneyyyy: what’s with all these bullshiz 50’s ?
Catatafish: For fuck’s sake Brouch, any danger of hitting a target?
pcaman2003: Can’t believe no one tagging Cripps. He’ll destroy the Crows by himself.
m0nty: not sure if I have ever seen a bloke on 0DT with a goal before, gg Stengle
original: BCrouch back to his regular ways
kano22: Crows are rubbish
hinsch: Projected 120 for BCrouch not looking good might be my in for a win this week
pcaman2003: FFS you useless tool Sloane.
thiccgucci: need brodie smith to lift. dont make me regret keeping u
Catatafish: Fuck off Smith
VodkaHawk: Stengle just came in to ruin 1st goalscorer bets
BRAZZERS: just accept it, sloane will struggle. always does when tagged.
thiccgucci: and as i say that he lifts by 12 lol
blonde0na: not over yet, but what a turn around from a 100 point drubbing same fixture last year
VodkaHawk: Lol, Say it again gucci
Sloaneyyyy: any time you feel like laying a few tackles Crows would be good
pcaman2003: @BRAZZERS. I was hoping he could at least beat Setterfield,which shouldn’t be hard,tagged or not.
drfrazzll: soooooooo can we agree that bolton was the plague
BRAZZERS: he’ll be lucky to get 70
Catatafish: It’s the red thing, Sloane.
pcaman2003: I think you may be right Brazzers. He’s hopeless with any tag
thiccgucci: sloane break the tag, not that hard 😉
zoomba23: Crows engine room is soft. Once Sloane gets taken out of the game they get smashed in the centre
Catatafish: He’s hopeless with the tag, but he’s just loitering outside packs.
pcaman2003: I won’t get caught with him next year.
pcaman2003: @Catafish. Correct! He’s been doing a lot this year and looks lazy. Doesn’t work hard enough.
DrSeuss: Brouch and Newman done nothing for 15 minutes
Catatafish: The Crows are atrocious, abysmal midfield performance and workrate
CozzieCan: Thank you Cripps , B.Crouch what’s with you today ya potato
Sloaneyyyy: could have been even if Jenkins could kick straight
hinsch: maybe I should have kept Setterfield this week
Sloaneyyyy: completely agree catatafish… workrate is poor, not trying hard enough
thiccgucci: great half from smith, hopefully a ton incoming
Raspel31: And get rid of Cripps the Traders said unanimously- yeah, right.
dipstick: Blues looking good for the flag 2021😎
dipstick: the TRADERS??? LOL… those clowns made Grundy a PIG… he doesnt even average 125!!
duckky: Can the umps put their whistles away?
PowerBug: It’s their invention, they can add whoever they want to it
thiccgucci: did setterfield really through a slap hahahaha
Nigma97: @dip “Blues looking good for the flag 2021” you mean 2020?
Nigma97: #Flaggers
frenzy: baby steps blues, Lol
thiccgucci: throw*
Nigma97: @frenzy, we haven’t had much to be happy about for the past decade and a half
Nigma97: Let us have our fun lol
DrSeuss: Can’t be too upset with Newman I guess. Would help if Adelaide got it Forward every mi
arbel: Pyke has his set up all wrong. Smith has to go back seedaman to tag cripps and Sloane frees up. Cos Sloane on cripps is
DrSeuss: Every now and then.
arbel: Is bad cos cripps it towelling up Sloane in the contest
pcaman2003: Lift Laird and Sloane ya peanuts.
thiccgucci: wtf is adelaide doing this is disgusting
pcaman2003: Cripps is killing me. Sorry I dumped him when injured.
original: Disgraceful call!!
Raspel31: Stay down Brouch you peanut.
StuL: Oppo not updating his team but has Capt Cripps. Damn.
arbel: He tried to fend off… as soon as they do that it is prior. Harsh but how umps pay it
arbel: Only way I’d trade cripps is if he gets tombstone. Too good to get rid of
CozzieCan: Lift B.crouch ya potato
pcaman2003: Lift Laird FGS
kano22: How does Darcy Lang still get a game ??
Nigma97: kano, should be asking that about Dow instead
Raspel31: How does Paddy Dow still get a game?
frenzy: Cow Paddy
thiccgucci: smith 9 point qtr ffs
Nigma97: That’s what I want to know Raspel
DrSeuss: Come on Newman lots of kick to kick down back please
original: Would love a free kick in defence
thiccgucci: i correct myself, smith 5 point qtr
stuballs: 20 touches for 56. Classic B. Crouch move
Nigma97: can someone explain how McKay was called for play on?
Baldfrog: May have put the VC on the wrong bloke
zoomba23: Nigma he was off mate. Then he realised how close his man was and tried to bluff the ump. Was a good call
CozzieCan: @Nigma load of crock , big man running back for a mark . Needs time to stop
original: Ben brown would have been paid a mark and not play on (winky face)
arbel: I thought he took a few too many steps to try pull up
Nigma97: @zoomba he was barely moving, he held the ball up to signify he was stopping
zoomba23: Nah, if he wanted to pull up he would’ve held up the hand earlier. He didn’t slow down and realised his mistake too late
J_Herer: Brad Crouch going backwards
zoomba23: Original: You’re not wrong. Ben’s slow as all fuck, even at top speed he looks like he’s pulling up
thiccgucci: lift brodie smith, get me a 90 please
DrSeuss: Lift Newman – SC loves you, but you are not pleasing my AF squad
pcaman2003: Get going Laird. Can’t believe I still have you.Silly me!
kano22: Crows getting a ride. Poor by Newman though
CozzieCan: Thanks Newman for helping b.crouch awesome
Jackwatt$: David Teague WILL be coaching either Carlton or Hawthorn next year, with Clarko coaching the opposite
original: Don’t say it don’t say it don’t say it
MONEY TALK: afl trying to help crows
original: Me: this umpiring!!
arbel: Crouch om
Jackwatt$: St.Kilda & North will retain their current caretakers as coaches. You heard it first here on m0ntys website
blonde0na: imagine getting spanked around the ground this much but being up 25-17 in FKs
arbel: Crouch only got 5 SC points for mark free kick and goal??? Hmmm
SwaggyP: has brodie smith passed away?
thiccgucci: brodie done a fair bit in past few mins just hasnt gotten points lol
zoomba23: Damian Barrett and his usual wisdom: There’s no way Teague will be coach next season. Smh
frenzy: RO’B aint no Grundy, 20 possi 30 hitouts should be 150
DrSeuss: Traded in Newman this week. Why do I do this to myself ffs
Jackwatt$: If David Teague isn’t coaching next year I’ll eat Damien Barrets jockstrap!
thiccgucci: smith gotten +6 +9 +3 but moved 6 and crouch got 6 for a goal love it
kano22: Obrien trash
Vogesy69: come on sloane you juicy dog, need ya to pump m. crouch
original: How’s that HTB guys?
Raspel31: Dow slowed down a bit since that tackle 15 minutes ago.
thiccgucci: sloane destroying cripps at every stoppage
DrSeuss: Newman you useless Flog – get involved
MONEY TALK: glad i fielded setters
thiccgucci: i mean cripps destroying sloane**
pcaman2003: Sloane hasn’t moved off 93 for mins inspite of 2 tackles and FA
J_Herer: Crippa 🙂
Raspel31: Was a tad confused thiccgucci
original: Am supportive of that Xfactor
thiccgucci: hahah, im surprised theyve let em go head to head
pcaman2003: Cripps and Setterfield killing me. My oppo must be stoked.Grrr!
zoomba23: CD really hate Walsh lol
duckky: Oh Well – C MacRae it is
vartic: Take Setterfield over Mundy?
Pokerface: this is now in writing Jackwatt$
BRAZZERS: walsh ying yang, was on only 29 at 1/2 time
Stu7: Vartic no
Stu7: No vartic go mundy

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