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Chat log from R19 of 2019: Hawthorn vs Brisbane

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Brisbane, R19 of 2019

Nigma97: Worpel is gonna crack the 100 mark by 3QT lads
frenzy: how is horforn favs in this
bushranger: Which Sic Dawg will we get this week?
noobcoach: gl all
frenzy: has clarko got a plan
original: Lol Cameron just pawned that guy, was it Howe? On the deck but beats him there
Vogesy69: sicily makes me wanna die
Nigma97: It always depends on where Clarko decides to play Sic
Nigma97: When he puts him FWD it’s the worst thing for SC
Vogesy69: one of the best intercept markers in the comp, just fkn play him as a loose man down back @clarko please
frenzy: he’s in defence
vartic: Yeah Sicily in defence, balls only been down there twice though so far and Brisbane scored from both
CozzieCan: Anytime now Sicily thanks
Vogesy69: go roos @frenzy
hinsch: Got Sicily and Neale looking OK at the moment
mr gor: Sicily the useless dog
drfrazzll: go away sicily
dipstick: noice Sissy, noice. Keep it up. Its finals next week😂
mr gor: that put a rocket up him!
bushranger: Sic starting to score now
DrSeuss: Anyone running with Neale this week?
CozzieCan: Mitch Lewis = muppet with that 50 metre turn over
TigerKid_A: answerth you beauty!
Grimes Jr: is it possible for collingwood to miss the 8?
Trindacut: When gold coast win next week it’ll be really likely
Drak: If they lose every game, probably
dipstick: we want Pies to make the 8 to see them get knocked out. Last years GF was a great gift to all fans
Gandhi: They really need Stef at more ruck contests
drfrazzll: cmon zorko wake up
BRAZZERS: yeah pies have 11 wins, 12 wins should be enough to make finals this year
Grimes Jr: seeing them lose to essendon on a friday night to miss the final would be better i think
frenzy: stratton couldn’t pinch a possession
DrSeuss: I like you Lachie – but how about some more tackles and marks?
Apachecats: Bought in the bargain of the year for this game.
Pokerface: you already had Harris AC.
Apachecats: Went Harris to Birchall PF ,patience ran out on the big fella.
DrSeuss: Umps don’t know what a mark is now?
Pokerface: but the big fella back next week and birch will be managed again!
Apachecats: That would be a perfect fit for the rest of my season PF.
Pokerface: haha, fair enough AC
Apachecats: Answerth is a great insurance policy ,should get a game right through now.
pcaman2003: Brissie anticipating the ball far better than the Hawks.
duckky: What the heck is happening with Answerth?
pcaman2003: Set shots for goal are killing us. Woeful!
Stikman35: That should be deliberate against Henderson.
Vogesy69: worpel doing some juicy things for me
Grimes Jr: Answerth keep going great man
VodkaHawk: Last weeks inaccuracy cost Hawks a little % boost. Won’t get away with it against a better team this week.
DrSeuss: That shows how ridiculous the deliberate rule is.
Stikman35: Might have to loophole answerth
circle52: and the umps do not pay that matk of McStay
Stikman35: Oh worps. Funky scoring
Sloaneyyyy: Let’s go hawks
duckky: ditto @silkman just need to worry whether Logue or HArtless is going to spud it up more
DrSeuss: Lachie falling asleep for the 2nd part of this qtr
Stikman35: Hardwick is unreal. Tough bugger
Apachecats: Got exactly same problem duckky ,can loop Birchell for HH or Logue ,which one?
duckky: McEvoy spanking Martin
dipstick: you can go and get plowed Witherden
J_Herer: Kick the ball to Sicily (forced hold from Hurn injury)
DrSeuss: How do you miss that arm hold?
Baldfrog: Carn Brissie smash these hawks
pcaman2003: Hawks need to step it up a bit. Playing terribly at present
wadaramus: Looping Answerth as possible cover for Hurn, hope he can keep this up!
duckky: Well HH has more upside, but its like their Spud 1 and Spud 2.
VodkaHawk: Hawks in control. 9 behinds hurts
DrSeuss: How about you make a tackle or 6 Lachie?
Sloaneyyyy: Hawks need the next couple
TheOnyas: Onya Smithy
circle52: freekickwathorne – pay that one and miss the arm hold earlier on McInerney
Sloaneyyyy: nooooo…. cmon Hawks
pcaman2003: Watching this rubbish is depressing. Can’t even buy a goal.
bushranger: Sicily you upset me greatly
thiccgucci: lift sicily, need a ton from you today to make up for sloane
SwaggyP: answerth giving my team life rn
pcaman2003: @thiccgucci. Don’t mention toe rag Sloane.He’s useless,especially with a tag.
Catatafish: 50 more points from you Sicily or you’re on the scrap heap.
bushranger: wish I could swap Answerth for Sic
Grimes Jr: answerth u beauty. saving me from hurn
thiccgucci: thought i was a genius getting in sicily when he dropped near 400k
pcaman2003: 8 HB’s to go backwards 10 meters. lol! I give up!
mr gor: Sicily back to useless dog behaviour
bushranger: Same Gucci, got sucked in by his good looks
Baldfrog: Sicily needs to get reported to fire up
Apachecats: Sicily is a lazy bum.
DrSeuss: Come on Lachie – hit another dry patch
Grimes Jr: wtf answerth
BOMBRBLITZ: Answerth you beauty!
TigerKid_A: is answerth tagging omeara?
pcaman2003: This is embarrassing now.
drfrazzll: i love all of your nugget body zorko
pcaman2003: And there’s the difference. One side can kick and one can’t. Extra training this week please Clarko.
CozzieCan: Anyone else pick up J.Gunston in the last few weeks ?
circle52: Ro be fair pcaman our kicking before this has been crap as well.
Ben_Gogos: McCluggage a fave to watch… Doing it all in attack
wadaramus: Worps easing up to make sure he finishes on 100.
Baldfrog: Hawks fans can book the holidays to Kennetts pokie emporium now
Pokerface: this is a rotation down too
thiccgucci: lewis’ two early misses from right in front hurt us
VodkaHawk: Crazy inaccuracy, going in 4 goals down, should be 1 or 2 up.
pcaman2003: @Baldfrog. Probably a good thing we won’t make finals. We’d embarrass ourselves playing like this.
Ben_Gogos: Lions are a better team. Hawks inefficient in front of goal, but that was a domination by Brisbane in the third.
Baldfrog: Don’t worry pcaman Think WC and tigers have gf day wrapped up
VodkaHawk: Pcaman, that depends.. if Hawks met the cats in the finals then it’s an easy pass to the next week for Hawks
VodkaHawk: Yes, the domination was 1.5 vs 5.1..
pcaman2003: @VodaHawk. Lol!
VodkaHawk: Lol, Use those soccer skills Nash
BRAZZERS: if howaks can get the next one too, its game on.
BOMBRBLITZ: go Lions, Brisbane Lions!
runt: Its game on
runt: How much more can the Hawks embarrass themselves
pcaman2003: @runt. Depends on how many more HB turnovers they can do.
thiccgucci: get to 80 sicily
Catatafish: Get to 90 Sicily, you flog
NugzNiggle: Worpel doing Worpel things.
VodkaHawk: Get to 100 Sicily, you champ
SwaggyP: answerth get to 90 son
FLOG: = Sicily
pcaman2003: Hawks game plan has disappeared somewhere.New plan needed Clarko
original: Trade Hurn they said, Nuh loophole Answerth! Good boy!!
pcaman2003: Birchill a mark and kick to advantage goes from 79 to 81? Come on CD
VodkaHawk: I think the new plan involves goal kicking practice 12 hours a day. 7.16 is ridiculous
Raspel31: Yep original- Answerth a bit of a surprise package this game.
runt: Gunston taking the piss with that miss
pcaman2003: @Voda. Make that 7.18. Deserve to lose.
VodkaHawk: Lol Gunston.. that sums up today. 25 scoring shots to 22 :/
hinsch: vodkahawk I think you will find sports doctors will not allow any more that 5minutes practice at goal kicking
Baldfrog: Funny that the 2 oldest teams this week hawks and crows are getting beaten easily
J_Herer: Footy = young run now
BRAZZERS: sicily the bin
CozzieCan: Stratton deserves a potato
TigerKid_A: answerth better score than sicily hahah
thiccgucci: happy with sicily’s score considering only 3 marks and was hidden deep all game
drfrazzll: that -3 shouldnt be with zorko!

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