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Chat log from R19 of 2019: Collingwood vs Richmond

Chat log for Collingwood vs Richmond, R19 of 2019

J.Worrall: goTiges
CozzieCan: Capt Grundy to go huge tonight !!
Ash777: not that grundy isn’t hot atm but wasting captain on the first game of the round is a big call
dipstick: hoping my C-VC-VC Grundy can pump 1 fitty+ tonight
Baldfrog: No VC Grundy for me can see it’s raining in Melb
frenzy: could rain on ya party Cozzie
Sixty656: Don’t have Houli, no doubt he scores 120+
frenzy: did you notice no late outs Dipstik
DrSeuss: Houli just take 1 step outside the square on kick ins – 1 step Bachar
dipstick: @frenzy yeh, no late outs my arse. the AFL site should get with the times
CozzieCan: I see what you did there @frenzy , nice pun lmao
dipstick: short stack, no eggs
beerent11: Don’t worry about Grundy in the wet baldfrog. Loves it like a frog.
tommy10: Get stuffed CD, they just hate Crisp.
Baldfrog: Lol Grundy 2 possies 30 points Martin 7 possies 1 goal and only 20 ok
LMartos: @tommy has 3 clangers that’s why his score sucks
beerent11: Not a sc player tommy. Good for dt only
dipstick: @tommy SC scoring is like asking which girlks prettier. its based on nothing but opinion in the end
frenzy: CD dont have Dusty, is your answer Baldfrog
beerent11: 9 hit outs frog
DrSeuss: Get a touch Houli – you started so well then…nothing
original: Richmond winning but if they slide, play chol full time ruck. Soldo looking garb
Baldfrog: I have Grundy but he hasn’t had a 50 point qtr
original: Admittedly he is vs one of the best
Drak: what a bad call
Sixty656: That’s some shit fuck umpiring right there
colin wood: How can you pay that.. FFS…
dipstick: crocker shit- right there 👇- at the bottom of the list
StuL: Grundy v nobody. Kching!
DrSeuss: How many goals from penalties so far in this game?
CozzieCan: Wasn’t much in that free kick against Grundy .
Catatafish: Disgraceful call from a cocksure moron in a training bra
SangaT13: Tiges can’t be stopped
circle52: Agree on the freekick against Grundy but just notices 11 free kincks so far and 6 in the ruck.
circle52: So are we seeing a crack down on rucks,
CozzieCan: I tipped Richmond by 42 this week , looking good early
Baldfrog: Only tonight circle rules will change by 2moro
Ash777: commentators have said as much about the ruck crack down.
thesilentl: I hope the pies learn from this season and stop recruiting injury prone players
thesilentl: No team can constantly have 7+ first teamers out and expect to compete
JockMcPie: collingwood cannot be a competitive team with ben crocker in the side
CozzieCan: This season has been plagued with injuries all round .
circle52: Cotchin looks done for the game jacket back on.
dipstick: what lse do you expect when you have a coach like buckley? he’s worse than ross lyon gameplan
thesilentl: Pies almost certain to break the record for most games missed by top 22 ranked players cozzie
Baldfrog: Swann dipstick we want bucks to get an extension
Baldfrog: Quiet*
Haydo: You think you have had more than richmond silent?
CozzieCan: @silent gee that must be a club record ?
dipstick: @thesilent knock it off you clown? missing 7 of best 22? means nothing when 16 of best 22 are useless anyways
Baldfrog: All clubs will get soft tissue injuries it’s the way they train now
beerent11: And the rest of the league rejoices
thesilentl: Stop being a tool dipstick and play nice
Ash777: dogs had libba, wood, wallis, macrae, murphy, etc.. out at this time in 2016
Breezey: Out come the clowns and their stupid comments. Didn’t take long
DrSeuss: Houli go outside the square to kick in FFS
thesilentl: Nearly twice Richmond Hayek….
Sixty656: Carlton fan giving other teams shit about having crap players… LOL!
feralmong: tiges and pies both lost best players. both on 11 wins. go figure.
thesilentl: What don’t people understand about record…as in literally no one ever has had this many injuries to best 22
beerent11: About as long as the Collingwood excuses
Haydo: Whats your source then silent
Baldfrog: Not a record when you recruit them silent
thesilentl: Well it is, but I agree that club recruitment in terms of injury prone players has been abysmal under bucks @baldfrog
feralmong: there was a table for R11. pies were 10th for lost value. tigers 2nd.
Gotigres: Commentators call Stack when Bolton gets the ball
feralmong: that said were getting them back now. Pies are losing more now.
Ash777: pies defence has the 2 most injury prone players in the league playing at the moment…
Raveneyes: Tigers definitely a contender. Pies far from it. Injuries are no excuse for lack of effort.
thesilentl: @feralmong I also agree tigers got slammed bad early, but with players back look fantastic
Baldfrog: To be honest silent no one expected Moore to play a full season with his history
feralmong: i still fear the pies the most. we can beat anyone else.
duckky: Stephenson hurts the pies more han any other excpept Moore and maybe Beams. His own fault tho
feralmong: good thing for pies fans. you’ll find players or find out players.
feralmong: not even comfortable with this lead. 80 pts i’ll relax.
Gotigres: Quaynor on for Hurn is not going well
heppelitis: move crisp…another 35 possies and you might get to 100
poolboybob: May as well just make Bines my captain now
Baldfrog: Relax now feral
Ash777: lynch is killing them and grundy has slowed up
Lawls: This is hard to watch.
duckky: Lynch will have cracked the SC 100 three times running now
DrSeuss: Collingwood defence is terrible tonight – over committing and not killing the ball
faisca7: If greenwood was playing, Martin could have about 5 stats, no clearances and this game would be completely different
poolboybob: Whack the ol’ spud on Crocker, monty
Baldfrog: Think the American experiment is nearly over for the pies
duckky: Only one worth the spud @poolboy?
DrSeuss: Get a touch Houli – try to look interested you flog
Sixty656: Spud the whole fucking team
Lawls: Cox was never going to play well in this weather lol.
TheLegend6: After all these years I simply can’t relax being a tigers fan despite the lead
Yeehaw: Got to be something wrong with checkers, 66% TOG
dipstick: yep, the american gets the pies to the finals and dominates yet still the team is useless
Sixty656: Why play him at all then Lawls?
TheLegend6: ffs
duckky: All that cheering for Crocker?
Gotigres: Crocker lol
Breezey: Idiotic comments Dipstick
duckky: All that cheering for Crocker? Thought the pies fans left when they knew they couldn’t win.
thesilentl: Got no one else @sixty656
CozzieCan: Dipstick you wake up on the wrong side of the bed lmao,
Lawls: Yeah it’s pretty hard to drop Cox @sixty656, no one to bring in for him.
Sixty656: Goldsack forward would do more than Cox
Lawls: So how much worse than useless is Carlton dipstick 😉
beerent11: My long suffering brother is the same, legend
Breezey: He did not get them to the finals. They came within 60secs of a Flag last year.
Sillybugga: Collingwood fans going bright red like eddie in here haha
Lawls: Relax legend, the game is over haha
BigChief: Hi all. Anyone not VC Grundy?
Breezey: What’s it say about the rest of the comp if Collingwood are useless. Especially Carlton.
beerent11: Grundy 182
jbjimmyjb: Has cotchin gone home to see his wife?
Ash777: thanks for the tour bt.
Lawls: Nah just need to call people out on their bullshit @sillybugga
Baldfrog: Me chief thought rain would slow him down
Raveneyes: @Breezey – you’re getting sucked in. Don’t feed the trolls!
Baldfrog: Cotch minor hammy Jimmy
Lawls: Did cotch get injured or the wife is delivering?
frenzy: maybe Naish in for cotch next week.
BigChief: Hamstring tightness @Jimmy.
Apachecats: I’ll go Grundy 145 ,only because he’s no good in the wet ,lol.
Baldfrog: Took Gawn VC and Macrae C
Breezey: Just sick of floggers on this site bagging everyone else’s teams all the time. Not just the Pies.
BigChief: @Baldfrog. Grundy loves the wet weather.
Yeehaw: Anyone got news on Mihocheck?
Baldfrog: Why didn’t u tell me that earlier Chief?
hinsch: would take a guess GOD has the C on Lynch this week
BigChief: Only just home from shopping 🙂
Drak: Collingwood……
Baldfrog: Next week is finals in SC am I right?
Baldfrog: Yeehaw didn’t know he was injured
thesilentl: Correct baldfrog
Baldfrog: Cheers Silent
bazzaboy: mihocheck dud
BigChief: Collingwood dropping like flies. Their def is cooked.
DrSeuss: Houli couldn’t catch a cold tonight
frenzy: c’mon Crispy
LuvIt74: yup they look shocking and if they dont make top 4 they will be first team out at this rate
Baldfrog: Houli has burnt me previous years so wont touch him
vamos77: Welcome to the never again club, Crisp. Surely his DE isn’t that bad
beerent11: Short is taking a few of houlis possies Seuss
Stikman35: Pies defence has been weak for years. Worse this year. Dud coach who picks Crocker over Goldsack. Enough said. Go Grundy
Baldfrog: Suprised bucks doesn’t trial cox down back nothing to lose
vamos77: Lol Baldfrog
Yelse: He bucks walked under a ladder or a black cat cross his path. This injury list getting out of hand
Lawls: What’s happened to roughead?
Stikman35: Both teams are pathetic
BigChief: Concussion. Hit in the face with ball. Kicked by Lynch @ Lawls.
circle52: Concussion Lawls
frenzy: any danger of a touch Crisp, ya plow
DrSeuss: Roughead copped a ball kicked into his head – apparent concussion
Sillybugga: Having Cox back would leave a sleave of wizard in defence
Gotigres: Not a free to Richmond then
TheLegend6: Agreed Tigres
DrSeuss: Collingwood playing terrible but getting shafted by some of these decisions
TheLegend6: We’re letting them back into this game, haven’t been ruthless and coming back to cost us here
BigChief: OMG look at that caveman LOL
duckky: I feel sorry for the commentators who are desperately trying to inject some interest into this game… except Malthouse
Sixty656: Immigration need to cancel Cox’s visa
duckky: Malthouse is just gloating
CozzieCan: Bt forces me to take Panadol for his obnoxious commentary lol
Raveneyes: Pies best midfield in the league. Give me a break. Getting smashed in the guts.
Lawls: Okay so at least he should be right for next week. Our backline looks so ridiculous right now haha.
duckky: How can the Pies be 6 goals down but only 130 sc points behind Richmond?
Baldfrog: Duckky you feel sorry for BT? Wash ur mouth out son
CozzieCan: @Baldfrog agreed
duckky: Only feel sorry for sentient beings @baldfrog… does BT qualify?
frenzy: burnt to a Crisp
thesilentl: @raveneyes can’t really judge when half the mids aren’t playing
jbjimmyjb: Jack Crisp you absolute spud
frenzy: lotta CD luv 4 Grundy
Yeehaw: @raven getting smashed in the guts but half the teams out, two star midfielders and injuries elsewhere forcing role chan
Drak: Stop making the half the teams out excuse. Moore Roughead Adams. 2 poeple
Drak: fat fingers 3*
Drak: Richmond are just good, as hard as that is to say
Yeehaw: No one said half the team was out
Stikman35: Who is no one?
thesilentl: @drak you’re kidding right? Even Richmond fans wouldn’t claim to have it as bad right now
TheMessiah: Moore is the big out. Since he went down the pies defense has been the shambles
Stikman35: Cmon stack. Give Grundy a posi.
Apachecats: No ones on first.
thesilentl: So is Langdon @themessiah
hinsch: Projected SC scores in my league 2500+ going to be a hard weekend
Stikman35: Pies full defence out. But who cares
BigChief: Bronx cheers for Cox. He has not been the worst.
Stikman35: Maynard sorry
Stikman35: Gawn C I thinks.
The0Grrr: Who’s on second
hinsch: Who is one first what is on second I don’t know who is on third
Ash777: whole defence yet still got crisp, scharenberg and howe
Apachecats: No ones taken who’s place on first.
DrSeuss: Lucky everyone Captained Grundy in AF this week
original: Umpire that was there knew that was a duck. Silly main umpire
Apachecats: Come on Grundy ,need 139 to work the loop.
thesilentl: A whole 3 ash777….NVM Langdon, Moore, Dunn, roughhead, aish and Greenwood all missing
Baldfrog: Your 145 for Grundy looking a bit high Apache
Baldfrog: Is Greenwood best 22? Has been in and out of the side
Apachecats: yeah bf ,he’s slowed up.Probably sick of carrying this lot.
Grimes Jr: Haha got pies. Jeez the suck
thesilentl: I’d say he is @baldfrog. He’s in that 25 you pick your team from for sure
DrSeuss: When Chris Mayne is one of your leading possession getters – you are going to be in trouble
BigChief: How many are you having in your def Silent? You named 6 plus those still playing.
JockMcPie: Crisp isn’t even playing defense lmao
burger01: Ellis projected score of 92 seems another 2-3 quarters away…
Stikman35: Crisp was not a defender always. She berg has hardly played and Howe was at half back but not a defender,
TheLegend6: Grimes deserves far higher than what he has in SC
Grimes Jr: Collingwood to miss the 8. Called it since round 11
Apachecats: Ellis one of the most inconsistant in SC.
frenzy: should be a clever not star 4 dustbin, m0nty 9 muppets
burger01: Not going to happen Grimes, I’ll give you 2:1 on that
Burnsy03: fuck i hate crisp in sc
Stikman35: Maynard is the only defender remaining. Crisp was going through midfield and Howe was more upfield creating transition
thesilentl: 8 or 9 @bigchief like every club…or do you think defenders don’t go off?
Grimes Jr: Silent like ur name suggests silenti
BigChief: 8 or 9 defenders playing in 1 game? HAHAHA
J_Herer: Crowd really quiet tonight
Breezey: Grimes turns up at the end and the mouth starts flapping. Where was he at the start. Pulling the pud
Baldfrog: Howe has been 1/2 back flank for atleast the last 2 or 3 years stikman
Lawls: We just need to win 2 games and we’ll get one next week against the suns.
Yeehaw: Phillips 2 more touches thanks
colin wood: What’s up with the crab ikon for Brodie? Bit harsh?
Stikman35: High half back. Not deep like now. He’s doing ok. Not his fault.
Gotigres: Once again Bolton after a good first half you fade to absolute crap
Raspel31: Bloody public transport- just home. Knew you were better than your prdiction of 62 the gooey thing.
pcaman2003: De Goey and Grundy scores crept up a fair bit and not near the ball for ages.
DrSeuss: I have both – but how is Grundy SC higher than Treloar? Grundy has been invisible this 2nd half
Stikman35: I haven’t watched one second of game. Haha. Flower pain.
thesilentl: I’m confused @bigchief, do you honestly think teams just rolenwith 6 defensive players?
Raspel31: So, who we capping now lads at the pointy end?
OhSoRozee: just realised tigers have 4 ex suns players weller,lynch,meatball,caddy
poolboybob: Bin for Houli
Ash777: 7 defenders typically for a team in a game.
Baldfrog: C Macrae think bont or dunks will get a freo tag
beerent11: McRae or dunks rasp. You?
TheLegend6: Surely Gawn C?
Raspel31: Macrae for my money Baldfrog.
Stikman35: Mccrae ya think
frenzy: bitta lip stik on the pig here
beerent11: Oliver vs saints or yoyo vs north maybe pod caps
beerent11: Gawn has Marshall . May split the points
hinsch: Danger or Dunks for C
CozzieCan: Danger will get tagged I dare say against Sydney

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