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Chat log from R18 of 2019: St Kilda vs Western Bulldogs

Chat log for St Kilda vs Western Bulldogs, R18 of 2019

Pokerface: who has libba pushed out of the midfield?
The0Grrr: Let’s rip captain Dunkley
Burnsy03: nobody yet, started at half forward, macrae bont and dunks in the guts
DrSeuss: Wilkie on field for my league opponent – watch him have the game of his life
Pies20: Let’s go Hunter dunks and billings
Drak: Be Toby McLeans in yeh?
Pies20: Captain Grundy dt can’t get better than that
jbjimmyjb: dunkley’s field kicking really lets himself down sometimes
Pies20: Hunter keep up your form from last week please
jbjimmyjb: hind still not on the ground, 10 minutes into the game
Apachecats: My big purchase LHunter going gangbusters.
DrSeuss: Seriously, never heard of Wilkie – but he is on track for 150 for my league opponent – because Why Not?
DrSeuss: Also, feel free to get involved Marshall – its Tim English
Raspel31: Spend $650,000 on Marshall they said. No said I
Grimes Jr: hope Marshall gets 60 today
DrSeuss: I have had Marshall since the early rounds – this is his worst start in a while. Against Tim Freaking English WTF
Apachecats: Hunter on 1 disposal -spud.
Schillaci: BOG Alan Richardson
Burnsy03: GOD has the C on Lonie
Raspel31: Hmm, rather unexpected eh what?
Apachecats: Anyone know what Hunters clanger was? He went back 7 sc for something.
The0Grrr: The caretaker curse striking again?
jbjimmyjb: apache gave away 50m pen to lonie
Raspel31: Fyfe to Bont- my best trade this year.
burger01: Doggies must’ve been taking notes while watching the Pies yesterday in first quarter
Apachecats: thanks JB
Wends: I see your Fyfe to Bont Raspel and raise you a Williams to Whitfield, the week of his injury.
Raspel31: Lol Wends-sob.
burger01: 22 first quarter clangers. Only consolation is that I have just 2 dogs to my opponent’s 4 🙂
Vogesy69: What’s that symbol next to bont’s name and why is he fkn killing me
Apachecats: Bont was always suspect going into this ,was expecting a late out actually.
noobcoach: I see your Williams to Whitfield and raise it to Dunkley to Tom hawkins
Wends: J Steele, wouldn’t you feel more comfy running round with Dunkley?
The0Grrr: Ease up Wends. I have the C on Dunks
Wends: I think we have a clubhouse leader there Noob
Apachecats: You got a lay down misere noob.
Wends: Traded out Daniel for injury – are Dogs the bizarro Giants? Injuries always less than publicised?
drfrazzll: go billings u good thing
jbjimmyjb: macrae’s tog is 10% less than it was in 2018, strange
Grimes Jr: go bont u good thing
jbjimmyjb: hind’s SC score is a joke, but I’ll take it lol
drfrazzll: what even is Supercoach lol
Pokerface: why is it a joke jb?
jbjimmyjb: bc no one deserves to be on 25 from 3 touches
Drak: Supercoach is for real sports fantasy coaches
greshprinc: he probably got a few points from the kick to parker
Pokerface: but sc isnt based on touches alone. For example, how many 1%ers has he had?
Pokerface: its not that kiddie af you play, its a real game that takes more than disposals into account
feralmong: dunno jb. i’d give the mrs 100 SC for a few touches. Repeatedly.
Drak: SC is about efficiency and effective disposal. Pretty sure 1%ers dont come in to it Poker.
Pokerface: 1%ers absolutely score in sc drak.
Pokerface: thye are sc gold
Crave: SC does include 1%ers like spoils and tap ons if it leads to a goal score etc.
Pokerface: doesnt need to lead to a goal score crave
Drak: I looked at the scoring today, as I was wondering. Only taps from ruck to adv and shephards.
jbjimmyjb: poker I play SC, AF with +3 for kicks OOTF will never appeal to me
Crave: yeah i know thats why i said etc
Pokerface: crave ah sorry thought you meant etc as in other 1%ers
DrSeuss: Come on Marshall – You to Dunks and Macrae.
jbjimmyjb: lift dunkley you should be on 100 by now
Pokerface: lol jb
Kaalia: Sc scoring not perfect, but it’s a lot more realistic than DT for mine.
jbjimmyjb: if SC scoring didn’t favour certain players and was more transparent, it’d be great
Pokerface: it favours certain players because they do things that have more influence over the game.
Pokerface: just like af favours players who get the ball more…
drfrazzll: SC is for incels
burger01: Bruce you absolute muppet, hope you manage to eclipse your 25 SC score from Gold Coast game at this pace…
Schillaci: Knowing those players and jumping on is part of the attraction for me SC is the only fantasy game
Pokerface: irrespective of what they do with it
jbjimmyjb: But the favouritism in post-game scaling is my issue, completely subjective
drfrazzll: what is billings doing?
Schillaci: Saints haven’t hit the scoreboard like this all year. What’s going on?
Pokerface: um .. thats just garbage jb
Pokerface: if you are one of the tin foil hat brigade who think CD pick and choose players, ill leave you to it
dipstick: If SC was based on quality then noons would average anywhere near GAJ. SC is farcicle but still fun
Apachecats: Good bye season.Thanks Hunter.
JRedden: DT is objective, sc is subjective, i know what i prefer
burger01: Doggies trying hard to become first team to get more clangers than marks for the game, 34 to 33 so far lol
Pokerface: Hunter as well AC? still stuck with Harris I assume?
Pokerface: DT is objective. Was it a HTB or was it a high tackle? eg
burger01: Apache spare a thought for me, I have Hunter AND Bruce 😉 then again my season was over a while ago 🙁
dipstick: Yep. DT is science like, SC fantasy and make believe like
JRedden: well if its a HTB its +5, if its high tackle its -3, what is not objective about that?
Pokerface: you seriously couldnt tell the point i made Redden? And there are explicit definitions on what constitutes effective dis
dipstick: @poker your point is irrelevant. If its called a free lick that’s enough and that what the points are based on
JRedden: your point had nothing to do with objective vs subjective, a tackle + FF is 5 points, and FA is 3 points
dipstick: Where’s the icon list coz why is lingy icon next to bonts?
jbjimmyjb: poker based on your argument, everything is subjective bc players decide whether to kick or handball
Jimmy R.: Pipe down Oscar
Danstar: Schillaci: bulldogs are like an accurate kicking medicine. Every team loves kicking straight against us
Pokerface: ok, i get you don’t like SC. whats the point of coming on here game after game and whining about it
Apachecats: Yeah PF ,stuck with them ,planning for 2020 now ,although I will survive in one league (out of 10).
dipstick: Saints were a shoe in or good chance. Anyone on earth always tips a new coach 1st game.
Schillaci: Unlucky Danstar. Ordinarily we’d be 6.11
Apachecats: yeah burger feeling your pain.
Schillaci: Saints biggest 2019 scores are 95 and 85
Burnsy03: Waht are my chances of winning me league game: Bont to stay below 41?
frenzy: zip Burnsy03
Burnsy03: really frenzy? gotta have some hope?
Schillaci: C’mon Daniel. You’re a POD now.
frenzy: Lol
DrSeuss: Need Dunks, Macrae and Marshall to finish very strong
Schillaci: Docherty may go alright in 2020 Apache
StuL: I would wager coin against it Burnsy03
Apachecats: Doggies season on the line here. Wasn’t expect
Apachecats: *expecting this.
CozzieCan: Anytime now bont & c.daniel , cheers
Apachecats: yeah Schillaci ,had hhim in 2017 and he was great ,maybe they will bargain price him?
Schillaci: Wouldn’t expect much change from 300k Apache haha but we can live in hope
Schillaci: C’mon Daniel do something
Grimes Jr: lift bont
frenzy: doggies not done yet
DrSeuss: Keep going Marshall, need you to beat Billings (AF)
zoomba23: Tipped the Saints for this one. Dogs aren’t finals standard
Apachecats: Nice early ton to Marrshall
Apachecats: Hunter has been on 34 for 25 minutes.
Struda: whats bont doing?
Schillaci: everthings going alright for the doggies now… schache down in the rooms
Schillaci: been eating a few pies somewhere ith daniel @ struda
Danstar: Zoomba: this match isn’t a final
Searly34: Rowan Marshall… That is all..
original: Daniel..cmon man
Stikman35: Nooooooo. Marshall
zoomba23: Danstar: Yeah no shit. But if you were real finals contenders you’d win this one easy
Apachecats: The new coach syndrome strikes again.
jbjimmyjb: I have Dunkley + Hind, oppo has Marshall + 12… gonna be close
DrSeuss: Marshall will be ok – just a knee to the butt
Gelly: so glad i got jj 5 weeks ago as a pod…. not
frenzy: harden the flower up, Bont
original: Carlton really wanted a bulldogs win today
zoomba23: Marshall been the bargain of the year
StuL: Marshall has been the bargain of forever I think. Spewing I didn’t jump
dipstick: Glad now I didn’t trade in pink lipski
m0nty: Fair effort by Schache to bust his nose with his own knee.
BestCoast: Bont loves a good squat shower
dipstick: Like that saints player that kicked and broke his own leg
zoomba23: m0nty: Isn’t completely miscuing the ball Sam Kerr’s signature move?
Burnsy03: that also happened to mitch wallis dipstick and was against the saints…
dipstick: It seems gods flaws in human design exposed by these 2 teams. Where ya now GOD? Who’d ya C this wk?
BestCoast: dipstick GOD would be in his bedroom flicking his bean with the C on Grundy
StuL: GOD had the C on 3 blokes this week seeing as there were no 200s
SilverLion: Dale you gun
colin wood: Why did Bont jump from 73 to 70 just then?
teddyt: why the fuck hasnt macrae or dunkley gone up in there last 3-4 touches but marshall gets 2 free kicks against for a +2??
burger01: L Hunter what a waste of roster space this week
Apachecats: His worst score in 4 years Burger ,waited for me to buy him this week.
teddyt: nvm it wasnt updating lmao
Apachecats: If it was raining actresses I’d get Lassie.
StuL: Every team should sack their coach every week. No one would ever lose.
cobrakai00: Hunter only does well against teams who apply no pressure.. like Geelong

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