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Chat log from R18 of 2019: Melbourne vs West Coast

Chat log for Melbourne vs West Coast, R18 of 2019

original: Hurn hurts
Ben_Gogos: Watson is one to watch, very talented half back flanker
Wends: Was this close to picking him up this week Original. Need Capt Max to go large.
DrSeuss: Had to keep Brayshaw again with injuries – just 1 good match is all I ask for – make up for Hurn out please
DrSeuss: Is Goodwin serious? Brayshaw is a tagger now? Useless flog of a coach
Raspel31: Who’d you VC Wends- I went Cripps over Grundy- idiot moi.
HateCrows: Fielded Cameron over Brayshaw, hope it was a good choice
Wends: Has been lurking on my watchlist all year @Ben. Have space for one more d/grade, injuries allowing.
Drak: Goodwin has lost the plot
Wends: Arggh, I VC’d Cripps too Raspel. We need to get our little wine & sympathy support group going again…
Raspel31: Lol Wends- tres amusing.
dipstick: theres w ine support group? so i dont have to polish off a silver pillow all by myself?
Wends: Need a spud icon because I bought into the Cripps v GC, took VC off Grundy :0
Grimes Jr: come on oliver need a big one from you today
Raspel31: Have to know the difference between a cabernet and a shiraz dipstick-if you do, you welcome.
Wends: Goon bag away dipstick 🙂
Wends: All are welcome, I think the line goes
DrSeuss: How long does Goodwin keep his job?
Wends: Myself, am brewing up fermented pears, just like they do in the joint. That’s all I deserve for Capt Gawn.
Belegur: A while at least, making finals at Melbourne even once is an achievement
dipstick: @wends youre torn. youre a blood. yet you went cripps. bloods vs cripps. its a hood thing darkness.
dipstick: i’ll mix myself up a kalimotxo when i get the chance. damn good and makes a goon bag taste a fortune
Wends: Dunno dipstick, thought he was one of the baddest mofos of all time. Clearly I was wrong.
Raspel31: Wends- a great Aston Hills Pinot Noir to begin the mourning. Over invested in wbgs. Mcrae, Dunkley and the big nose.
DrSeuss: 3 frees against for Brayshaw already – I didn’t think he could get more frustrating – guess I was wrong
Bayno82: going to get ugly if this continues
Ben_Gogos: @DrSeuss AB’s effort is high today, a bit over zealous but positive signs
Wends: Cheers Raspel, after this round, feel like if I start it will also get ugly at the coffee table
Wends: Is Gawn’s DE zero?
CozzieCan: Nice start Captain Gawn !!
seanfc99: hasnt touched it wends
DrSeuss: Cheers Ben, would be nice if he could do something – I am
StuL: Hurn would have been on 100 by now
DrSeuss: Although my opponent has Salem and I had Hurn – so AB is just another thorn in the side today 🙁
Raspel31: Well, my cap webt 96 this week Wends. Last week 202. Opening the ponot now. Gawn can still go big,
Wends: Ouch Dr S. And sounds about right @sean
Wends: Hoping he’ll tackle his way right to 150 Raspel :B
Schillaci: @ Stu yeah 5 behinds already. Where has this been last few games v WCE
frenzy: yay Max got a handball
Wends: Max now off to get a bandaid for skinned knee
jbjimmyjb: oliver looking like his best today, hopefully 130+
Stu7: Gawn come
DrSeuss: Keep going Gus – If you can catch Salem by HT – I will be forever grateful
Raspel31: Up and down the old Oliver but good work Bluey.
Wends: *Sip
CozzieCan: Here comes big Capt maxxy
arbel: Melbourne getting good help from umps this week. That
DrSeuss: Dont stop now Angus – 50 by HT young fella
arbel: Wow c’mon umps Kennedy below the legs. No holding the ball then high tackle
Belegur: Theyve really scrapped the bottom of the umpiring barrel for this game
Raspel31: Cripps to Danger my my woest call ofthe year. Ah well, game lost. Go big Max and Oliver.
arbel: More like this week for umps. Been terrible across the weekend
arbel: Oh what the actual fuck. That is the worst shit I have ever see
Belegur: That is not a free kick
SilverLion: Shouldn’t the point have counted as well coz he was pushed after he kicked it?
Belegur: Not 100% on how that rule works
Belegur: goal would result in 2 goals
arbel: Shoukd have only been a point. Sigh umps controlling game again to spoil shit.
beerent11: Bang!
Belegur: But I dont think any of the umpires out have a clue so irrelevant anyway
Wends: Credit where its due: good recovery Maxy.
arbel: Fuck me gets tackled and drops it play on. Most hated rule. Just give them the game eagles playing against 3 more people
CozzieCan: Are Melbourne an honest chance here ? No Hurn or Nic Nat ..
The0Grrr: Eagles winning the frees for count and still whinging!
beerent11: Gilbert’s a champ
arbel: Who cares who’s winning if it’s a free it should be paid. Why should frees be eben
CozzieCan: J.Lockhart potato
Sixty656: cape for Fritsch
Raspel31: My opp has Grundy, big Max and Goldstein.Is that even legal?
The0Grrr: They’re never even close to when the Eagles play
nbartos: only melb inaccuracy keeping wc in it
Belegur: Eagles getting destroy at the contest again this week, leaves the door open for anyone to beat them
arbel: @raspel one had to be on the bench surely
Wends: Watson tracking OK so far
Raspel31: Indeed arbel-waste of money.
Belegur: Backline also a shambles second week in a row. Usually their most reliable lines
Vogesy69: @raspel what’s your opponents team name? I wanna check out their squad
BestCoast: TheOGrrr though you be up on the Alps enjoying the snow
The0Grrr: Every winter BC but they even have wi-fi up here
Belegur: Would of happen the week gawn went down went down, brought goldy in for overall i’d imagine, who did they bench?
The0Grrr: Unfortunately! More often than not for self suffering Dee supporters
BestCoast: TheOGrrr just got back from Skiing
Apachecats: How is the piste Grrrr.?
The0Grrr: Only for more supplies. Of course I have to go back before the end of this game! LoL
The0Grrr: Well piste most days Apache
Raspel31: Spoken like a gentleman The0Grrr
The0Grrr: Thank you sire
Apachecats: lol ,Grrr ,don’t let the skiing get in the way of a good session at the lodge.
The0Grrr: Why take the chance of breaking a leg? Much safer at the Lodge
DrSeuss: 2nd half has started Brayshaw – time to get involved again
The0Grrr: Pechocca really annoys me
Wends: Watching Gawn’s treacle slow scoring at times is like watching a japanese torture game show.
beerent11: Yo yo back to his old tricks
DrSeuss: Brayshaw back to his old tricks – zero touches this quarter
circle52: JHack Viney out for the day as well concussion
jbjimmyjb: why can’t oliver play like this every week? shows his ball winning potential with 0 marks
Wends: Guess Watson will be out for Hurn again next week?
DrSeuss: Please let this be the week where I dont get injuries and I can trade out Brayshaw
arbel: Good job umps. Just keep giving them soft frees. Try to give Melbourne the win
Whiskeyjak: May is back on
Grimes Jr: 170 clayton
burger01: Glad I went ahead with my decision to put E on Brayshaw instead of my other midfielders
SilverLion: Sheedesque that goal by ollie
DrSeuss: Well done Angus only 27 minutes into the quarter to get a kick
CozzieCan: Anything over 150 please Gawn
arbel: From on from hibberd on darling nothing from umps. Eagles front on free. Umpiring this round is dusgusting
jbjimmyjb: clayton deserves all 6 brownlow votes
arbel: Can’t believe how much room oliver has. Just letting him do what he wants.
Raspel31: Not going to save my bacon after Cripps and Dnager but you are a hero Oliver.
feralmong: vc cripps fail, C gawn grinning.
cobrakai00: mcgovern
Grimes Jr: don’t stop clarry
StuL: Go Dees. If only Oli wasn’t like this one week and 70 the next!
cobrakai00: dees are cooked
burger01: Oscar Allen disappeared somewhere after that fast start
The0Grrr: Don’t hear the umpire bashing after that
cobrakai00: get umps who understand basic rules of the game
Raspel31: Come on Dees-lift!
Apachecats: It was a very bad call Grrr ,hope you don’t lose by a gifted goal.
nbartos: two bad umpiring calls there
circle52: Agree Apache hope it is more than the goal similar to a couple last night.
DrSeuss: Brayshaw gone back to sleep again
The0Grrr: Gawny must’ve upset them a bit the last couple of weeks
Schillaci: Oliver is a POD in 6/10 of my leagues – beautiful.
Ben_Gogos: Yeo a fantasy beast, 81s from a mere 13 disposals.
SilverLion: Lmao preuss
beerent11: Great comeback yoyo
frenzy: thanks Dom
ajconodie: Thank you for saving my weekend ginger ninja!
dipstick: Thanks for adding to my weekend blood nut champion
th3rio: did yeo just have a 70 pt quarter?
GOD: GOD loves your work West Coast!
beerent11: Can’t believe yeo got that
Kaalia: I made a few real mistakes in Sc this season. Brayshaw has definitely been the most painful one.
Belegur: Umpiring in this game needs to come under review

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