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Chat log from R18 of 2019: Geelong vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Geelong vs Hawthorn, R18 of 2019

Burnsy03: Anyone else hoping sicily doesnt pass 20 pts?
Burnsy03: Anyone else hoping sicily doesnt pass 20 pts?
FLOG: cmon Sicily, cheeky 150sc
Raspel31: From the heady heights of 2600 last week to the reality check of 2300. Go Danger.
noobcoach: omeara always likes to have thhe cheeky toepoke always having a clanger
BestCoast: Afternoon Raspel same from my SC the joys of last few weeks been in tussles with over scoring opposition teams 😂
Burnsy03: Im in a 1 vs 2 match needing Bont and Sicily to have under 171. Not feeling great about it
Raspel31: Chhers BestCoast
BigChief: JOM 9 disp already.
Raspel31: Cheers
Raspel31: And Danger none BigChief-groan.
jbjimmyjb: is bont in doubt to play burnsy?
CozzieCan: Anyone else vc Dangerfield ?
Raspel31: Don’t think so jbjimmy- Burnsy just wants him to stay down.
Grimes Jr: go hawks
Migz: who da fark aint VCing grundy first
Raspel31: I stupidly put vc on Cripps Migz- missed out on Grundy score- now dependent on Dnger-groan
Burnsy03: jbjimmy bont was in doubt to be named so potentially?
frenzy: earth to danger, come in danger
bushranger: Sicily spud fest I fear
Schillaci: Loving captain Danger atm. Pull ya finger out Danger!
Raspel31: Not alone there Schiiachi.
bushranger: In a blink of an eye Danger delivers
Schillaci: Yeah Rasp. Cripps’ 73 sucked as VC
Grimes Jr: was so close to going cripps over grundy but remembered what happened to dusty against suns 2 weeks earlier
StuL: Booo! Bad all round. SC and score
Schillaci: Hoping that was Danger’s quiet quarter.He has only 73% game time so need to see him rock n roll now.
Kaalia: I’m amazed that Grundy and Gawn aren’t more popular auto VC/C options.
Raspel31: Sorry bad typing Schillachi-arm back in plaster after refracturing elbow. Yep, Cripps sucked big time.
CozzieCan: I captained Gawn if danger fails today
Raspel31: I took vc off Grundy at last minute Kaalia as facing double ruck opp- more fool me.
BRAZZERS: its bizarre, grundy is the best sc scorer by a mile, should always be VCed every time
CozzieCan: Impey in trouble here
bushranger: Agreed Brazzers, permVC
BigChief: That looked horrible.
burger01: Grundy was my VC but all my non-playing chumps were locked so can’t rotate! So fingers crossed for Dunkley as C…
VodkaHawk: Damn, hope that knee isn’t too bad. Imply out is huge, could get the cats back into the game
Schillaci: I’ve done Grawndy most of the season but with with GWS double teaming Grundy I thought this was the round to be differen
teddyt: Geelong are bigger pretenders than Collingwood
PowerBug: I went Cripps VC and going Gawn C
BRAZZERS: personally thought grundy would play better with 2 spuds trying to take him on
CozzieCan: Agreed Schill , I also took that risk this week
Raspel31: My exact reasoning too Schillachi- we may have been wrong but reason behind madness.
StuL: Hows that Richmond dynasty going Teddy? stalled at 1!?
BRAZZERS: i thought thought mummy has to take games off for soreness and he’s done. grundy would run him raggered
StuL: Krusty is all out of cheers sic and worps
frenzy: Hurns out boys
teddyt: theres only been 1 since we won 1 LMAO but this years is ours 100% if geelong is supposed to be the best LOLLLLLL
BRAZZERS: fml, whats wrong with hurn?
DrSeuss: Are you serious Frenzy? Worpel playing rubbish and now Hurn is out
frenzy: yep, calf replaced by Watson
StuL: Nothing on the Eagles website.
BigChief: Source Frenzy?
StuL: I forgot to Emergency Burgess, like it would matter normally.
hinsch: With Hurn out kind of tops my SC weekend, crap
Raspel31: My calf is called Sherlock.
hinsch: BT on channel 7mate just announced after the pre game
burger01: Hurn out via multiple twitter posts
frenzy: final teams afl webby
BigChief: I would not believe anything BT says
BRAZZERS: yes hurn is out on afl. com
burger01: Just traded for Birchall and now he’s out after 1 game back – insert facepalm lol
BRAZZERS: its on the offical team sheets just accept it lol
Raspel31: No- Hurn is sadly out I’m afraid.
DrSeuss: Awesome – I get Steins 31 as emergency. Need to punt Hurn ASAP. Nothing but issues since I got him
DrSeuss: And Hurn is unique in all of my leagues this week. FFS
jbjimmyjb: ahaha sicily 2 contested intercept marks in 20 seconds
VodkaHawk: Come on Hawks, fix your accuracy. Should be 4-5 goals up
SilverLion: What would’ve happened if esava hit that back in lol
Raspel31: Oh Patrick, wherefore art thou? Come on Danger-pleez?
jbjimmyjb: go hawthorn
dipstick: AFL website says NO LATE OUTS so when was Hurn left out?
Schillaci: good old sunday. Danger C and Hurn. Who’s next? C’mon Danger!
VodkaHawk: AFL website says skipper a late out dipstick..
NoneyaB: dipstick hurn IS out go look elsewhere
Raspel31: Accept it Dipstick- and AFL website says he is out.
Kaalia: Final teams: Skipper a late withdrawal for Eagles
Grimes Jr: haha got hurn last week. Gets tagged by scum mayne and now this
The0Grrr: Does Lewis have Worpedo in his SC team after that?
SilverLion: Bullshit, the siren went first
dipstick: i know hurn is out but the team lists says NO LATE OUT. what i asked isnt that complex einsteins
NoneyaB: they made a mistake whats new???
Wends: Afternoon all – guess you’re just gonna have to give Hurn like a Bruce Lee cross kick or somethin’
Raspel31: Well, captain out is what they call a clue dipstick.
frenzy: it always says that, dipstik
Schillaci: dipstick calling people Eistens. hahahaha. How it should be.
Raspel31: Arvo Wends.
Hazzalowry: Arvo lads
dipstick: @frenzy thanks. seem some clowns dont understand a simple question
Wends: @dipstick you’re right tho – AFL has an article abt it but says ‘no late change’ on match centre, but Hurn listed out??
Wends: Go figure… Anyway… how’s yr round panning out Raspel? Mine is shizen 😐
dipstick: @wends you said it. a bruce lee cross kick or somethin
Schillaci: Hawks are better than I thought.
BRAZZERS: any report on how bad this hurn calf injury is? Any doubt for next week?
dipstick: @schillaci whats an Eisten genius? 😉
beerent11: Good excuse for a sideways to Whitfield
beerent11: Next week
Wends: Stewart over Hurn my 1 decision out of 99 others this year that actually came through. Touch wood.
beerent11: Got a good feeling about danger
beerent11: In the second half for those who c’d him
Raspel31: Now now chaps- all friends here. Football is the winner.
Kaalia: I take the article on AFL website that says “Final teams” to be the only source of truth.
Hazzalowry: Ablett All Australian this year?
TheOnyas: Onya Shielsy
dipstick: ablett shouldnt be AA after clocking people
frenzy: Dunkley to back up last weeks monster
Wends: Who do you reckon Steele will go to Frenzy?
frenzy: the bont wends
VodkaHawk: Would make sense for him to go to hunter or dunks
frenzy: trusting my sense’s, Bont or Macrae
Wends: Of course Danger will go large now I stuffed Grundy loophole, my oppt VC’d Danger & I decided to go safe with Gawn…
SilverLion: Quality umpiring as usual
jbjimmyjb: hoping danger stays below 120, should happen if hawks hold on
Raspel31: Or indeed Dunkley frenzy- I’d go Macrae as safest option.
frenzy: Marshall ?? anyone, lol
StuL: Dunk might get a Steele trap lock down on him.
TheOnyas: Onya Howey
BRAZZERS: Simpson said HUrn has a tight calf, doesnt sound very serious
Gotigres: Hurn out
Migz: marshall – i brought in rnd 4. Best thing ive done all this year
DrSeuss: Stewart back on, just need Worpel to get involved
StuL: Miers will show you big spuds how to kick
StuL: Or not. WTF was that? Where are the goals again?
BRAZZERS: lol we knew an hour ago he was out
Gotigres: lol. Just found out. I have Quaynor as backup
Raspel31: Is Hurn out?
StuL: Run where you’re going to kick it. Not that hard.
VodkaHawk: What’s the free kick count in the 3rd quarter?
seanfc99: too many @vodka
CozzieCan: As a Geelong supporter, Hawks deserve this win . Not acceptable with our shots on goal
Raspel31: Shh Cozzie- long way to go yet.
beerent11: Where’s hurn?
VodkaHawk: Our shots on goal have been worse, missed way too many in the 1st half
Belegur: Nope, hawks have stopped. Got to play more than 2 quarters to deserve 4pts
Raspel31: Is Hurn still out?
Grimes Jr: lift sicily u muppet
hinsch: this result could be great for Lions and WCE
Wends: Sicily… Not watching but where has he been playing?
VodkaHawk: Following Hawkins around Wends
Belegur: Back, been ok but no sideways cheapies
Raspel31: Could be hinsch- but Hawks could still seize defeat from the jaws of victory.
FLOG: Sicily needs his own icon, maybe an eggplant
Wends: Anyone else here use AFL Match Centre – changes seem to be more about increasing traffic than user-friendliness
Wends: & thanks @Vodka
StuL: We just haven’t shown up all day.
Belegur: Geelongs run home is soft
Grimes Jr: thanks sicily. u just had to give a free kick after getting tackle points
Grimes Jr: geelong might do what we did last year
VodkaHawk: this has been one of the Hawks poorer games
Wends: Great recovery Stewart
Foursuits: @Flog Lol
Belegur: Ladder would disagree with that
CozzieCan: Agreed @StuL , seem to be all over the joint .
StuL: Can’t kick them straight in front. ff
beerent11: 2 tons in a row worpedo?
Wends: Sic needs a big banana icon. You get there, and it’s just disappointing.
Bulky: Geelong would have won six flags if Clarkson was coaching them. Chris Scott is a spud coach like his brother.
dipstick: what is dangers intergalactic icon mean?
Drak: You are 2 games clear on the ladder…. Geelong fans….
noobcoach: tagged by l.shiels
VodkaHawk: It’s a shield for Shiels
Grimes Jr: haha muppet danger
Bulky: Umm, try 1 game clear Braniac.
VodkaHawk: Even though the cats tried their best, the score line flatters them. Well done Hawks, tougher opponent next week
dipstick: speaking of DANGERZONE. Top Gun 2 MAverick is coming. check out the trailer
beerent11: Nope
maddaddam: Hawks better. But the umps have have to do something about them tackling the player early
teddyt: @Drak they arent delusional like essendon fans they can clearly see a difference between the 1st 14 games and right now.
FLOG: worpel – will he ton it
Wends: Sic atleast passed Cripps
VodkaHawk: Easy peasy
BRAZZERS: why is sic playing on hawkins with stratton and frawley in the team
frenzy: scaling better be kind
Grimes Jr: cats overrrrrrrated
Raspel31: teddy- my mother said to me 2 wise words. Grow up. And indeed I did.
maddaddam: How about Cats home game at the G. More like a hawks home game
Wends: Hanrahan hopefully reasonable cover rest of the season
Drak: Why are you attacking me for commenting on Geelong fans always being unhappy no matter how good their team are.
FlyinRyan2: danger and kelly scored nothing in the last quarter
Drak: I live in Geelong. Unless they beat a team by a hundred points, the blame the coach.
Schillaci: Fantastic Captain Danger. So much for a great record v Hawks.
BRAZZERS: pussies peaks too early, scared of the mcg

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