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Chat log from R20 of 2019: Fremantle vs Geelong

Chat log for Fremantle vs Geelong, R20 of 2019

The0Grrr: Do I take VC off Fyfe and give it to Treloar?
Baldfrog: Danger VC here
Baldfrog: Nice goal
Stikman35: Duncan my new inclusion
Ash777: I bought in hawkins this week over ziebell
burger01: Dangermouse being assessed on the sidelines
Ash777: also walters over dahlhaus
The0Grrr: Surely he’s committed @Burger
burger01: Hopefully Mundy gets to touch the ball before half time…
Ash777: super hawks coming up
BestCoast: Hawkins 50 get fuc&ed
Grimes Jr: i got walters over billings two weeks ago. looking like a good decisiion
BestCoast: SuperCoach scores last few weeks almost rigged
burger01: Tomahawk on pace for 250+ 🙂
pcaman2003: Move along Kelly. Need big game from you
Ash777: hawkins tends to fly about this time of year
Danstar: that bonzai ad when it pops up make me not able to click anything when im on my phone browser
Migz: hard to blame ross when you have muppets like matera missing from dead in front so often
burger01: @danstar started opening up this website in Brave browser, no popups observed since
amigaman: Come on Kelly, pull your finger out
burger01: Mundy heading for a Homer Simpson special in the quarter (mmmm 🍩)
zoomba23: Heeney still hasn’t been scaled. Fucking CD cheats
Ash777: didn’t know clark was from my home town
Danstar: its just the add that comes up on the bottom of the screen. as soon as it comes up i cant click anything. page stll refr
Raspel31: Good call burger master-might give Brave a go.
Migz: still 200 points to be allocated zoomba. relax ya twit
Ash777: Also players from down here tend to be good players. Mcgovern, sandilands, Micheal Gardiner.
teddyt: he ended up on 119 and williams got 3 points taken away LOL
burger01: Switched VC from Oliver to Dangermouse at the last minute, don’t let me down Postman Pat!
thiccgucci: tim kelly been down lately
burger01: Down? Pretty sure he tonned up last week, must be high expectations 🙂
Ash777: super hawks!
Raspel31: Nobody talking about Fyfe’s score-everyone dump him?
thiccgucci: not all about supercoach points. clearly hasnt been playing his best as of late. last week he was good tho
amigaman: Fyfe starting to warm up now
feralmong: Brave is an Ad platform. lol. strips out ads and puts in its own.
burger01: Traded Fyfe after his first injury (then again my Muppets aren’t really contending, my first SC season)
burger01: @feralmong Brave only puts in its own if you opt in to receive them
Pokerface: are the idiots who said tHeeney’s score was rigged going to apologise?
burger01: M0nty, has Mundy been sighted on the field?
feralmong: for now burger. should see what they have planned.
zoomba23: Apologise for what? CD have pulled shit like this before. We’re relieved but it doesn’t warrant an apology mate
burger01: Last time these two teams played Catters won by 133
Ash777: should of vc’d hawkins
burger01: Will Mundy get replaced by emergency if he has a donut at the final siren?
hamstring: no @burger01
Schillaci: Get Blakely on the ball Lyon.
Grimes Jr: walters go huge great man
jiska78: Logue is a cunt
jiska78: No burger. If he plays and gets 0 you get 0
Raspel31: Yep, he;s been fully milked jiska.
pharace: Mundy the Friendly Ghost?
pharace: Just as I post he gets his stat……lol
Baldfrog: Freo being reamed big time by the umps here
Ash777: pretty sure blicavs dropped himself there to get that in the back
Grimes Jr: lift walters
Raspel31: Mundy now on a roll.
BRAZZERS: this is a pretty good game
feralmong: if mundy lifts and some walters magic, cats could be in trouble.
thiccgucci: might downgrade matt parker to mundy in a few weeks
Raspel31: SC so unfair- when will Mundy’s possession be upgraded?
BestCoast: Daics35 typical pies comment flog
shaker: yep ordinary Daics35 fuck off and grow a brain
BestCoast: Cheers for removing Daics35 comment that was shower to say the least
Apachecats: Evening all ,just home from Ess V PA .groan.
pcaman2003: Just cameback in to see I’ve missed a few things. Bad comment? plus Fyfe and Danger?
Ash777: should of aimed higher on blicavs
pcaman2003: @Apache. Would you like a kleenex?
BestCoast: Apache top of the day to you commiserations to you
shaker: Very ordinary day for your Bombers Apache please explain?
Apachecats: I’ll have the packet thanks PCA ,and BC you could tell 10 mins in that they were completely off ,just a shocker all roun
BestCoast: Apache I am not confident Eagles v Blues got this bad feeling
Apachecats: Had to field Logue to cover Rampe.Only good thing Dahlhaus late out gives me Rozee makes up for it
circle52: and I’m not confident Lions v Dogs either
Apachecats: I have that feeling 2 BC ,Carlton underated and would run on broken glass for Ratten.
pcaman2003: @BC. You’re 2nd and Blues 16th and not confident? lol!
BestCoast: Mundy in the move
BigChief: Apache Ratten coaching St Kilda, not Carlton LOL
BestCoast: pca silly I know lol
Apachecats: Got that mixed up Big Chief but same sentiment for the Carlton guy .
Seiya: @BestCoast either you’re being sarcastic or you aren’t watching the same game Mundy is on 10 mate
BestCoast: Arita sarcastic he got +7 lol
Apachecats: Seiya I think tongue in cheek covers it.
BestCoast: Fuc&ing auto correct should be teabagged
thiccgucci: one of those days huh danger
BestCoast: Not very often I will say this Carn Dorkers
Apachecats: Come on POD Hawkins ,you can’t just kick 3 goals then take the rest of the game off.
Ash777: dockers win means wce can jump into 1st on the ladder
pcaman2003: Keep it up Kelly and make up for my spuds.Thanks!
OhSoRozee: wce have to win by like 250 to jump cats
thiccgucci: i feel like whenever i check danger’s score he is spudding- although in reality gets 110+ most weeks
Ash777: who do cats have next week?
pcaman2003: Gee! Clarke finally got a couple of pts for the qtr.
Seiya: Definitely on the move Apache, backwards!
frenzy: c’mon Logie
OhSoRozee: norf,lions,blues to end
BigChief: Did I just hear the Dockers fans booing T. Kelly?
OhSoRozee: eagles blues,crows,tigers,hawks
pcaman2003: FFS Clarke,ya muppet
OhSoRozee: @bigchief yeh he didnt wanna go to freo at all last trade period
BestCoast: OhSoRozee second place will be fine if we can achieve that
OhSoRozee: yeh lions have 3 on the trot at home tho so most likely eagles,lions final
OhSoRozee: lions play suns next week so should pump % on eagles
Ash777: I don’t think minor premiers have ever gone on to win the premiership
BestCoast: Opposition with C on Danger
Ash777: like in recent years
Drak: Richmond and West Coast easily the best 2
OhSoRozee: tbh i wouldnt wanna finish 1st id rather 2nd most likely opp is tigers
pcaman2003: Big qtr from Fyfe. From 43 to 91
BestCoast: OhSoRozee I thinking the dogs might pump the lions
BestCoast: Home finals got to love em
NewFreoFan: Really didn’t see this performance coming
pcaman2003: Make that 43 to 96 now. His score got pushed up further.
Baldfrog: Should never have put the VC on figjam
OhSoRozee: hope so for dogs in finals
SilverLion: lmao youd like that wouldnt you BC
SilverLion: you mean you hope they pump us coz its good for west coast right? lol
BestCoast: SilverLion what and you wouldn’t the other way round lol
OhSoRozee: for the theatre id like to see lions,tigers at the gabba b2b opp but dif ground and eagles vs cats in perth
SilverLion: not saying I wouldnt, but to say youre thinking that’ll happen is just crap hah
OhSoRozee: if jones played i reckon blues coulda toppled eagles but probz win b 3
BestCoast: Silverlion correct I live in Noosa and watch truck loads of lions games at the GABBA
BestCoast: Silverlion lions are in a bubble can burst anytime
Apachecats: Just seen what a grub Robbie Gray is on the footy show.
thiccgucci: i had dinner, come back 15 mins later and fyfe jumped from 71 to 120
m0nty: Fyfe in beast mode, what a glorious sight
spudaroos: @Apache be happy mate, might make Raz rethink hes trade lmao
StuL: This is over. Ross Lyon. Thanks for the ugly contest. Not our go.
Ash777: Mundy!
zoomba23: Cats are pretenders. Won’t make it past the prelim
thiccgucci: make up for danger please kelly! 125+
frenzy: give ya self intergestion eating that quick thiccgucci Lol
Baldfrog: Cats can’t win this even with 3 green mates
pcaman2003: Fyfe showing Danger how to play senior football
zoomba23: Holy shit. Fyfe’s contested uncontested ratio is mental
Apachecats: Fat lady tuning up.
StuL: We’ll make the granny as long as we are top 2. Norf fans talking about pretending?
StuL: What did RGray do Apache?
circle52: Best Coast have you got your tickets to the Cats game.
teddyt: wait what youll make the granny? LOL what
Apachecats: He flattened Parish behind play as Parish was struggling to get up after a hard knock.
dipstick: What the hell is intergestion?
StuL: Richmond one tuplet fans giving us shower about making Gfs!?
Apachecats: Real brave stuff ,the coward.
Ash777: cats have only won 1 game I think since the bye?
teddyt: LMAOOOO look how angry you are buddy calm down you can clearly see how shit your team has been for 6 weeks now relax
StuL: No one but hawks and maybe eagles fans is in a position to stick it to us for the last 2 decades.
Apachecats: Its something to do with pregnancy I think dip.
StuL: 2 Ash. But yeah wtf? Fix it Scott.
BigChief: Even Carlton have made more GF’s than Richmond in the last 25 years.
StuL: Who said I was angry? You are one tuplets!
Stikman35: Cats are just no good
Apachecats: Goody a game of guess the SC scores.
teddyt: here we go the history channel is on LOL this is pathetic
DrSeuss: Geelong defence is horrendous – Stewart is the only one with a clue it seems
StuL: I’m angry at losing to Freo. I don’t care about hack tigers fans.
Apachecats: *soon as i post they come back up ,typical.
BRAZZERS: catters really dont wnat to finish 1st
NewFreoFan: Sound pretty angry to me StuL
Ash777: Also geelong hasn’t made the gf since 2011
Apachecats: Hawkins was on 80 when I tuned in just after 1/4 time.Big last 3 quarters Tom for 5 points.SC
pcaman2003: Make an effort Clarke for goodness sake. Insipid attempts at times
Apachecats: *make that -1 point.
teddyt: yeah they must be tanking to avoid richmond they have been playing like a bottom 3 side the last 3 weeks
dipstick: Tigers and pies fans agreeing here and they are both toothless
spudaroos: Tim Kelly and Walters would be a formidable midfield, Freo gonna be stacked.
Gebs: the salt is real
DrSeuss: Freo fans shouldnt be happy – this win probably means Ross Lyon stays as coach – congrats lol
pcaman2003: @Apache. Same applies to Danger 43 at half time and only 53 now. Clobbered!
Struda: the fuck is danger doing
thiccgucci: keep pushing fyfe and telly, plz get to 70 danger
Ash777: clark reported
BigChief: Hahaha Doc so true.
Apachecats: True PCA ,got him too.
BestCoast: StuL lot of water to go under the bridge yet Cats aren’t gone by a long shot
dipstick: Achtungfield can have a real bad tude at times
NewFreoFan: Don’t think the decision on a coach who’s been there for years hinges on a single game DrSeuss haha
Apachecats: Only good thing is everyone has Dangerfield.
heppelitis: ouch
BestCoast: Dockers grand final today lol
BRAZZERS: StuL sulking up a storm lmao
Raspel31: Cut me off at the knees and call me tripod- I’m glad I didn’t cap the Danger.
Gebs: every week i say fyfe is life . every week i dont consider him for a vc
pcaman2003: Damn you Clark you potato. Doing your best to kill off my season
dipstick: @raspel don’t you mean thighs? Cut you off at the upper thigh 😅
StuL: Clark? He’s a kid. Why do you still have him?
StuL: Tigers fans, rubbing their one AFL premiership together. Oh yea. Only one. Nothing to rub it against.
pcaman2003: @Stul. He was an emergency but had to field him.
Apachecats: LOL Dip ,I was trying to work out how to phrase that myself.
Rilian: Clark needs the MRP icon, that’s what he needs. But yes, if still in your team, you’re a noob at very least.
teddyt: HAHAHAHAH StuL you kill me I can literally taste the salt when you type
Apachecats: CLark only just behind Danger.
NewFreoFan: Your tears are more entertaining than this game StuL
Sixty656: wtf…
StuL: Like I said I’m pissed off the game FFS. I don’t care about this. This is good distraction
DrSeuss: Why would anyone be a ‘New’ Freo Fan?
pcaman2003: @Rilian. Iguess your whole team are premiums,right?
Baldfrog: Champagne football
shaker: Would not be to concerned about playing the Cats in a final after today
StuL: I like Clark. He will be a gun. No one is full premo this year or if they are they have no trades
NewFreoFan: Is a throwback to copping crap in high school when I jumped to the Dockers when the team was made Seuss
SilverLion: 3 way tie for first at the end of the round on the cards wowee
teddyt: I dont think we will play them at this rate they will be lucky to make the top4
StuL: Please keep being complacent if we play you tigers.
Baldfrog: Walters saying to Kelly see you here next year
pcaman2003: Fyfe exactly 100 point second half. Massive comeback!
DrSeuss: Makes sense Freo Fan. Enjoy the win. Cats defense needs some major work
BRAZZERS: bad luck flogs! cats pure garbage. want to finish 2nd scared of the tigs
thiccgucci: hill kelly walters fyfe mundy cerra would be exciting
shaker: Not complacent Stul just not that worried there are other teams that worry me more than the Cats
frenzy: strange X factor
thiccgucci: imagine if freo had a player like lachie neale! would never lose

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