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Chat log from R18 of 2019: Western Sydney vs Collingwood

Chat log for Western Sydney vs Collingwood, R18 of 2019

Gotigres: Williams starting midfield
Raspel31: Attaboy Hopper-stepping up with no Conigs or Kelly.
pcaman2003: Feeling a bit better now Raspel? 😄
Raspel31: None of your business pcaman- lol. A lot of ground to make up on.
VodkaHawk: 150+ from Grundy, stay low Crisp and Treloar
BigChief: Pendles fumble city. That finger costing Pies.
Hadouken: exact opposite hawk. stay low grundy, lets go crisp and treloar !
Baldfrog: Should have kept Whitfield
pcaman2003: Pies need to stop Cameron quickly. He’ll flog em’
StuL: Should have kept Greene!
jbjimmyjb: Jack Crisp, please pull your finger out of your behind
AuroraBore: Jeez this is tough to watch
StuL: Why did I listen to the stupid Phantom!
amigaman: Kept Whitfield and Greene. Yay!
VodkaHawk: I’m playing against that peanut ramPaige
BigChief: @Aurora this is great to watch.
Raspel31: Pooh, bum, vomit and general naughtiness. Cancelled trade to Cameron at last minute to conserve trades. Bummer!
jbjimmyjb: Cameron is finally rewarding me after a terrible last 8 weeks
VodkaHawk: Do Pies realise that gws is missing Kelly, Cogs, Ward and Davis?
Baldfrog: Shows how important home ground advantage is
Apachecats: He was cheap too Raspel.
pcaman2003: Not a good look for Pies going into finals.
Apachecats: This could be at Victoria Park and they would still be getting a thrashing Baldfrog.
penguins00: I’ve never sene the Giants play like this. it’s great to watch
JockMcPie: @Vodka yeah coz Pies arent missing anyone either :/
m0nty: triple capes at this rate
DrSeuss: Might have to get Greene in with Cogs out
Apachecats: Mummy could kill someone today .
Baldfrog: Cones for pies players Evan
VodkaHawk: Sportsbet had Greene at $1.75 for 20+ disposals, lol
original: Took chol over hill
Raspel31: Relatively new to this game. Can someone explain to me who’s winning? I have a feeling not Collingwood.
pcaman2003: Is it too early for Colliwobbles people?
dipstick: Buckley is like Ross Lyon. A coach that will never win a flag. Can’t even beat WCE at MCGh
jbjimmyjb: GWS vs Grundy
Raspel31: And still Grundy shines-perhaps a better VC than Cripps-hmm?.
Ash777: other than beams who is important that is out for pies?
Apachecats: Lots of teams will have defaulted to Grundy as C ,been a few massive failures.
Baldfrog: Superman convention?
penguins00: Best qtr of footy I’ve seen this year.
AuroraBore: Dunn, Moore and Langdon @ash
NugzNiggle: No signs of Kryptonite.
AuroraBore: essentially our entire defense
Raspel31: Ash- they have lost a lot. But not their entire midfield like GWS.
jbjimmyjb: Love you Crisp, crispy creme are my fav
JockMcPie: Dunn Langdon Moore Elliot Stephenson Beams Greenwood
colin wood: Moore and Langdon are missed here big time Ash.
JockMcPie: Also an underdone Howe Varcoe Adams and Pendlebury who can’t pick up the ball properly πŸ™
thesilentl: What
VodkaHawk: Lol, Keefe must be thinking that this Superman cape business is easy
pcaman2003: Cameron only needs 11 more pts to reach proj score. Too easy!
thesilentl: What was the Cameron 50 for? At the game and didn’t see it
VodkaHawk: @Ash, no one really, when compared to the quality of the 4 outs from gws
Stikman35: Entire defence plus beams, Steph, Wells. 5 players that would be in our defence.
Raveneyes: Well. At least I have Jezza. πŸ™
Baldfrog: Silent think a player abused the ump
penguins00: @thesilentl They didn’t say on tv but I think Crisp said something because he apologised to the ump after it was paid
Stikman35: Pies might fall out of 8 by start of finals. Lol.
jbjimmyjb: silent Crisp went and abused the umpire
thesilentl: Thanks guys
pcaman2003: @thesilent. Pie player bad mouthed the ump
colin wood: No worries Vodka hawks. Team structures do exist Pies back core is exposed here.
BigChief: Didn’t hear any moaning last v WC from the Pies fans.
burger01: Well VC on Grundy is looking okay so far, the only positive I can find as a Pies supporter lol
pcaman2003: How is Cameron getting out on his own? No opponent?
frenzy: c’mon Zac, lift, OP don’t have you.
Raspel31: Indeed burger- thought the double ruck might throw Grunty but he’s simply a pig.
Tig-Train: We can only
Tig-Train: We can only hope stikman
VodkaHawk: Don’t get me wrong Pies peeps. I tipped them and want them to win but figured with no kelly, Cogs and ward that Pies
AuroraBore: Can someone king hit Mumford? Cunt deserves it
VodkaHawk: Mids would have a field day
Raspel31: Pendles should have taken one for the team and sat out- not that I remotely care mind you.
lwillo: That is a stupid thing to say aurora
Raspel31: Agreed twillo.
wolfheart: a 1st quarter 50 burger from the Gmen. Choke on that, pies. And please lets hear some more whinging about the umps.
Ash777: crocker looks like a good player just a shame he looks like tony abbott on roids.
OhSoRozee: timmy t on track for tackle record
pcaman2003: Hope Cameron and Grundy score adjust correctly at half time.
DrSeuss: Ok Zac Williams more time on ground mate
pcaman2003: No free against Pendles. Umpires darling!lol!
DrSeuss: Taranto going for more tackles than disposals
amigaman: Umpiring is putrid
OhSoRozee: 5 clangers to williams is a surprise should b on 55
pcaman2003: Grundy hasn’t scored for 10 mins. What’s happening?
burger01: Just read that in first nine rounds of the season Pies only gave up 87 pts in first quarter. They gave up 50 today!
thesilentl: Pies have been robbed of at least 4 frees inside 50
Raspel31: Keeping up the Pies moaning tradition thesilent- good work lad.
NugzNiggle: Haha come on silent. You’re getting completely pumped in every facet.
thesilentl: Typical pies haters. Pies completely dominated that qtr
Raveneyes: @raspel – all clubs have their sooks. We all love it when rivals get flogged.
JockMcPie: Better quarter but not good enough, gotta convert
Raspel31: Cheers Raveneyes. Fine words.
intergaze: True or not you can’t really complain silent. Collingwood’s free kick differential has been ridiculous for 2 years
Lynch_MOB: slowed gws scoring, pies just need to kick 2 in a row and its game on
thesilentl: Free kick diff means nothing @interface. Just pay what’s there
Baldfrog: GWS only need to kick 2 in a row and game over
dipstick: @silent time to take off your big girl pants and harden up man
Grimes Jr: Up the Giants!!!!!
thesilentl: Grow up dipstick
intergaze: You think Collingwood deserves 5 more free kicks than their oppeonents from watching games this year silent? I don’t
thesilentl: Then watch without your anti pies goggles on
Grimes Jr: #hotpies Btw how is cox on 32 sc. Has literally done nothing
thesilentl: Pies are terrible from free kicks, that’s why teams use them to slow the pies roll
Lynch_MOB: lol yes i agree baldfrog, just saying
OhSoRozee: looks like TT will b a lock for me in 2020 only mid that doesnt seem to miss many games at gws
Raspel31: Is there a doctor in the house for thesilent? We must look after eachother.
Stikman35: 6 goals straight to pies and scores are level. Better kick straight.
JockMcPie: We’ll win from here easy
Stikman35: Easy. I agree.
Lynch_MOB: lol
Grimes Jr: easily***
JockMcPie: No I definitely meant to say easy, just too lazy to write the comma
Baldfrog: Hang on to your false teeth jock could be a rough ride
frenzy: don’t break him, rozee
thesilentl: I get it raspel31, you don’t understand tactics
Raspel31: Recent studies show that commas burb up 500 calories.
Raspel31: Burn up- whoops.
burger01: At least the first quarter haemorrhaging has been stopped, now need to win a premiership quarter, carn the Wobbles!
Stikman35: Take 6 kicks off gws and scores level with the goal conversion never occurring. Take that stat.
Phasir: Who do we talk to to get this @thesilentl banned from chat?
JockMcPie: lets go boys
Grimes Jr: its supposed to be an adverb u genuine spud
JockMcPie: Oh jeez watch out we have to use proper puncutation and grammar and spelling in a chat room oh no
Apachecats: wots an adverb?
SilverLion: On ya rasp fight the good fight
Stikman35: Gameover.
woodduck: Adverbs are easy – just add a y. For e.g. grimes becomes grimey
Apachecats: Nearest the pin on Grundy .I’ll go 148SC.
Apachecats: Margin still 6 goals as it was 20 minute mark of 1st 1/4.
Haydo: Hahaha if Collingwood lose, their last 6 is worst than carltons
SilverLion: I’ll have a go. 129 for Grundy, 143 for Cameron.
Tig-Train: Haha Cox is useless… but he will play his 2nd good game next week…
Baldfrog: Grundy will get 138
pcaman2003: Cameron is simply embarrassing the Pies
DrSeuss: Someone stop Taranto
italz: Grundy 127
Haydo: 135 for grundy
Lawls: Lucky we won last week
Foursuits: Grundy 128
BigChief: Let Timmy get it more please.
Lawls: Cox played well last week tbh
woodduck: We have been embarrassed for the last 6 weeks…WC excepted
BigChief: 137 for Grundy.
Baldfrog: Problem for pies is when degoey goes into centre no one to kick goals
woodduck: Grundy 121
Apachecats: Last guesses for Grundy ,have written them all down.
OhSoRozee: jump on the wagon 162 for grundy + 2 goals
Apachecats: How are you OHSo -been quiet lately.
OhSoRozee: yeh been busy
Apachecats: Hope you are right on Grundy too.
OhSoRozee: better now dogs are on a run
Gotigres: 132 for Grundy
Apachecats: TT enjoying no Kelly or Conig.
hinsch: Got Treloar, Grundy and Cameron I love this game
Sixty656: Brought in Whitfield over T.T…. opp has T.T πŸ™ πŸ™
OhSoRozee: looking fwd to rd 23 dogs vs crows could b the 8th spot fight
Gotigres: Crisp looks like he is playing on the ball
OhSoRozee: hard to believe richmond on as many wins as pies now
Gotigres: Brisbane could go up to 2nd
OhSoRozee: yeh got he did last week ended up with massive qtr 4 to win pies game
StuL: The Giants are Supercoach gold. I’ve just wasted too many trades bringing them in and out.
Sixty656: Lions are second now because pies loss of percentage
OhSoRozee: noble inclusion i think drove the push up field and done well so held pos
Apachecats: I see that round 23 game is down for Mars Stadium OhSO ,seems a long way to go for a game of footy.
DrSeuss: Taranto getting tackles now even when Pies keep possession hmmm
BestCoast: Greetings Gentlemen
Pokerface: untapped market apache! beat NRL there
Apachecats: Hi Best Coast .
thesilentl: Gws doing a collingwood. Play 1 qtr then cruise
Apachecats: Where is it PF?
Pokerface: sorry thought you were making a joke about Mars
Pokerface: Mars stadium is Ballarat
Apachecats: Margin has been 6 goals just about the whole game.
BestCoast: Apache Bombers on a roll and finals bound
Apachecats: Yeah it was a joke but went through to the keeper.Ballarat probably as cold as Mars anyway.
Apachecats: Yeah BC got Gold Coast Suns next week.
BigChief: Pendles just stole a Grundy goal LOL
Pokerface: i edged it on the way through. Difference is there may have been intelligent life on mars.
OhSoRozee: current top 8 teams is the finals just positional changes although hope dogs can kick crows out at mars
OhSoRozee: and let them freefall back to earth
OhSoRozee: dont think grundy woulda got that 60 out
J_Herer: Went Cripps for value instead of Taranto, oops!
Apachecats: Too true PF lol
DrSeuss: Whitfield want to get a touch soon?
Grimes Jr: need 130 from u lachie
StuL: You’ve stopped TT, come on
pcaman2003: Is CD taking the pizz with Grundy’s score?
OhSoRozee: seen the worst 50 penalty given today against westhoff, time wasting punching a ball ootf but on the line
woodduck: @apache Venus stadium next (Bucharest) a touch further but part of the solar system push
Stu7: Mumford useless
pcaman2003: Not sure the last time I saw Pies play so bad.
Lawls: We’re going to get smashed next week
thesilentl: Haven’t looked that bad live @pcaman after the 1st qtr
JockMcPie: @pcaman it was against Norf and Hawks, we’re going it regularly
thesilentl: They’re out of legs now though
StacksOn: @Lawls i hope so, I was at the last two pies tigers games and have left embarrassed…
Grimes Jr: hot pies
JockMcPie: Man are tigers supporters gonna be salty all year? Or is it just mr grimes jr over here
pcaman2003: @Jock. I think this is even worse.
J_Herer: Grundy captain in AF, clap clap clap
Grimes Jr: boo hooo jocky. have a sook
teddyt: we have 28 of our best 22 out!!! wahhhh
thesilentl: Grimes jr still salty from last year’s prelim
JockMcPie: @Grimes see your mob next week when we crush you again ya bunnies
KCreed: Can’t wait to knock the Colliwobbles out of the top 4 next Friday night.
thesilentl: Umps giving pies awful frees now, blowing out the total amount
Grimes Jr: alright champ. all the very best. to me u sound really mad right now!
dipstick: Get ya hands on the air conveyance Cameron for gods sake man
JockMcPie: Not mad just disappointed in my boys haha
Lawls: Grimes and teddy are the household salt champs! Always seeing them having a cry in Collingwood game chats
teddyt: honestly shocked gws didnt win this by 80 collingwood did better than I expected
Grimes Jr: how is cox cold. he is only ever hot against us
teddyt: having a cry? all ive stated is facts and they are coming true this is why you remember us πŸ˜‰
Breezey: Floggers night on FanFooty
Lawls: Nah I’ve called out your bullshit plenty of times before. You then run away with your tail between your legs!
Gotigres: Hello captain Fyfe
StacksOn: f.. f… flagpies???
J_Herer: Pies no where near the level
Grimes Jr: just because my prediction that the pies will miss the 8 is going to come true
teddyt: LMAO i would never run away its abit hard to keep looking at my screen after going fishing for peasants πŸ˜‰
pcaman2003: Cameron and Williams hurting me. Thanks a lot Pies.😡
thesilentl: Tigers blokes only here because they burnt their memberships 2 months ago, flog club with flog fans
m0nty: I can see I will need to police the chat next Friday rather severely πŸ™‚
Raveneyes: Tigers fans love a pies loss more than a tigers win haha
JockMcPie: Haha poor monty, he’s gonna need to deal with all the Richmond sooks when they lose by 10 goals feelsbad
StuL: We all banking Grundles? Or think Dunk will get another 200?
Grimes Jr: haha says the collingwood fan. haha monty
thesilentl: All fun and games m0nty!
pcaman2003: @m0nty. Lots of bans coming up!
woodduck: No we will be good. Nice teddy nice grimey
StacksOn: @allcollingwoodsupporters i actually love the pies πŸ˜€
arbel: @stul have to take grundy’s score there
KCreed: Since we flogged GWS I am sure we will destroy the Colliwobbles by 100+ points.
JockMcPie: @StacksOn I like the tigers too! The team that is, definitely not the supporters though haha
Grimes Jr: ill be at the G so can’t really type much on the shit MCG wifi
StuL: Yea. Capt Bines for sure. Just needed to say so.
Gotigres: Grundy goal! Well done vc
Lawls: I’ll take you up on that bet KCreed πŸ˜‰ easy win for me
m0nty: Grundy with a darts score
Grimes Jr: thanks grundy
pcaman2003: Well played Captain Grundy. Reliable as always
Lawls: Don’t tell me you’re going to back away from your statement now?!
StacksOn: same @jock i love the pies team, but all my pies supporting mates arent ferals so i dont get the stereotype
woodduck: @grimes…a congratulations at the end will do
Apachecats: NTP on Grundy won by OhSo Rozee 162 ,from Apache 148.
StacksOn: i just resent yall for the final last year
intergaze: I didn’t see KCreek Propose a wager anywhere Lawls
StacksOn: whats everyone watching next, brizzy and roos or freo sydney?
OhSoRozee: well close to 162 with 2 goals
Lynch_MOB: lol just because you have 2 pies friends, doesnt mean ferals dont exist muppet
KCreed: Most Collingwood supporters are feral and their players are thugs.

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