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Chat log from R18 of 2019: Carlton vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Carlton vs Gold Coast, R18 of 2019

Nigma97: come on Crippaaa big game mate
thiccgucci: hopefully a nice one from crippa. go kill em!
BigChief: I can see Carlton losing this.
Nigma97: So can I Chief
bushranger: hot start for the capt
Lawls: Captain Setters great start
dipstick: @bigchief did stikman say hi back to grundy?
BigChief: Looks like Swallow tagging Cripps.
BigChief: I doubt it dipstick 🙂
Nigma97: onlt the 3rd time I’ve tipped us this season
BigChief: 1st time for me Nigma
Nigma97: I’m still yet to successfully tip a win this year for us though
Nigma97: so going by that i should have tipped GC
BigChief: Wow Suns getting some soft frees early
original: If anyone can help me understand the last two free kicks that’d be ace. Ya boy original here
StuL: Go Burgess you cash cow!
wolfheart: Swallow is taking Cripps to the cleaners so far. Yet to have a kick.
blonde0na: umpiring so far reminding me of last night’s game, pretty poor
BigChief: It reminds me of the umpiring all year @blonde
original: I’d be ok with cripps being 100ac but Carlton still winning
Nigma97: Rischitelli is getting so many freebies
circle52: agree Big Chief – Umps need to let the games flow on track for another 40/50 penalty game.
Nigma97: probably a throw by lang
BigChief: Wouldn’t you be happy for Cripps 50sc and a Carlton win original?
Nigma97: I’d be happy for a cripps 0 and Carlton win
Gotigres: 3 more quarters to reach your breakeven of 8 Burgers
Baldfrog: Keep going setters
dipstick: cripps will lead the blues to 3 flags. starting 2021😎
BigChief: Need to make finals 1st dipstick.
m0nty: hmm dipstick that is skating close to a ban for bogus info
circle52: Possible Dipstick – Who gave Lions Finals this year
wolfheart: have they even made finals once this century yet?
Tig-Train: Haha dipstick started drinking a bit early today have we?
BigChief: That is a dumb comment wolfheart.
LMartos: if Murphy’s hip knock is worse than just a knock it’s fair to say I give up
Tig-Train: They did the year essendon got removed…
Apachecats: Wonder if Cripps foot is still sore ,this is pretty ordinary.
BigChief: Also a Judd led Carlton beat Sydney in Sydney.
wolfheart: not a comment, a question. Yours was the dumb comment, cheif.
dipstick: @m0nty yes my grammar was bad. it should have said most likely and not ‘will’ I am sorry.
circle52: Gee umps let the game flow
TheOnyas: Onya Wittsy
Hadouken: captain cripps ! what a train wreck
thiccgucci: didnt expect this from crippa
Drak: Can we get a potato for dipstick please Monty
Vogesy69: Morning boys! Opponent captained crippa and VCd Grundy like a any idiot woo
circle52: Seem to be rotating lemens and Swallow to run with Cripps.
duckky: Wasted a VC on Cripps… Oh well C Gawn
duckky: Good to see Baby John is back to spudding it up
BigChief: Carlton are trying to play champagne football.
drfrazzll: this is so good
drfrazzll: keep it up cripps
Hadouken: ffs cripps ya chump
Apachecats: Only Deluca below you now cripps
Apachecats: *disclaimer sold cripps 3 weeks ago.
Raspel31: Hmm- almost cracked 2600 last week- be lucky to get 11 this week, groan. Come on Crippsy.
dipstick: how is cripps moving? is his foot holding him back?
BigChief: Moving fine just having a barry crocker.
Apachecats: I’d lay money that his foot is not right Dip.
wolfheart: break out the icicle, Monty.
beerent11: Took a risk on Murphy 3 weeks ago at m8. So far so good
Hadouken: 4 free kicks against !
thiccgucci: does anyone NOT have cripps?
brano: Cripps will get 100 in the next half,done it many times before
Apachecats: No Cripps here.
PowerBug: 12 of the top 100 don’t own Cripps
BigChief: @hado 4 very soft frees at that.
burger01: No Cripps here, dropped him after first injury earlier in the season
thiccgucci: Hmm interesting. was thinking of doing the same with fyfe if he was gonna be out for 2 or more
Nigma97: if it’s called avtantage, do the players still get +/- 4?
dipstick: who cares how cripps is going in SC??? Blues are winning guys. thats all that matters. right?
drfrazzll: penguin for ballard?
Nigma97: exactly right dip
Nigma97: Also, Deluca just made himself more relevant to us than Adrian Deluca ever did
lwillo: Good call before the game big chief. My team won’t be winning today
Grifffffff: Don’t see Cripps all game and then he goes and does that (on possibly an injured foot), he’s a freak
Nigma97: I’m still not entirely conifdent willo
Drak: Cripps is Cripps, he is just as likely to have a quick 10 contested disposals and kick 3 goals
burger01: What the heck is wrong with Kreuzer today 🤦
BigChief: I can still Blues losing this. Suns only need a sniff and they can repeat earlier in season.
Beammybux: Love blues to move up more. Adelaide were so smug early rounds
Nigma97: We can definitely still lose this, I’m never confident until the siren goes
Jackwatt$: m0nty can you send someone down to check Setterfields pulse?
Baldfrog: Umps screwing GC here
circle52: Agree Baldfrog – definite incorrect disposal not paid to GC
arbel: Cripps on the bench… looks like just ankle restrapped
Jackwatt$: I think the Blues will win this! And I’m hardly never wrong!
Raspel31: Was that a bad pun Jackwatts or just poor English?
Drak: couple of quick goals plz Crippa

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