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Chat log from R18 of 2019: Richmond vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Richmond vs Port Adelaide, R18 of 2019

Drak: first on?
feralmong: soldo, chol, lynch. Tigers are no longer mosquito’s.
Yelse: Would you get rid of hately or Oscar baker first. Who more likely to play
Yelse: Gotta get in players minimise my donuts
Drak: I can’t believe Cameron won’t give Hately a go with the injuries to their mids….
Lynch_MOB: Where’s the muppet that said Caddy would be in for Egg-Mayo?
Yelse: Gotta bring in Ian hill but he prob be dropped next week but Cameron
Lynch_MOB: Hately’s last 2 games have been ordinary, hardly a surprise
Drak: Hately was played off the fwd line. He got 92 in the game where he was played on the ball.
LMartos: Sutcliffe to Houli, great
TigerKid_A: houli tag fuck
Yelse: Is r gray back in the mids? Will he stay there permanently?
LMartos: Doesn’t actually look like a tag on Houli actually, just was on him at first bounce
Raspel31: Who stuck with Fyfe?. Channel 7 interview that elbow didn’t look great. Doubt back next week.
Lynch_MOB: lol fyfe literally said he should play next week
Lynch_MOB: as long as he’s bacl for first week of league finals i’ll keep him
duckky: Hello all
bushranger: Stuck with Fyfe
duckky: Can Dimma get Stack onto the ground… please!!!
wadaramus: Got rid of Cogs, kept Fyfe.
BigChief: Hey all. Lycett looked groggy. Not good for Port.
Raspel31: Afternoon duckster.
Gotigres: Stack in the middle
duckky: Hey Rasp. Still cheered after last nght!
Raspel31: Perty good wasn’t it duckky.
Nuffman: torn here. Port win, chance of Ess sitting 5th. Port lose, solidifies top 8
duckky: Best win for about 3 years
BigChief: This will be a flogging.
dipstick: no way you could stick with fyfe. did you see his arm? filth. swollen, red, moist. it was disgusting
m0nty: Good strategy by Port Adelaide to break that yo-yo pattern of theirs by being shower two weeks running
duckky: Rich play Coll, WC, Brisbans (and Carl and Melb) over next 5 weeks. Tough run home
Nigma97: how was that not dropping the ball on rioli?
penguins00: @nuffman sounds like a win win
Drak: hahaha Monty
Raspel31: My thoughts too dipstick- though less graphically.
duckky: Boak on bench a lot
Yelse: Gotta keep Fyfe running out of trades and team not complete so many injuries
Nuffman: @pemguin: it is a good dilemma to ha
dipstick: yeh but you gotta be accurate Raspel and i was accurate
duckky: Well it means that opponents will think twice about tackling Fyfe then
Yelse: Cmon stack and boak need centuries from you
Drak: Shane Edwards All Australian was a joke
duckky: 2 Falcons in 2 days. Tie to allow headers.
dipstick: ive got an egg in my def. literally an egg. zero. eggmalosse
Tig-Train: Who has eggmalosse Smith in their team, let alone on field…
original: Cmonn cholly
duckky: What the heck was that 50 for?
Stilthevfl: Good to see umps trying to help Richmond win
Tig-Train: Hahah that’s rich coming from an Adelaide supporter
Lynch_MOB: still salty 2 years later lmao
Grimes Jr: Of course my opp has vc tom lynch
Yelse: Stack disappointment this quarter
thiccgucci: did boak start off? pretty low TOG
PowerBug: It was for the soccer equivalent of kicking the ball away when the opp. have a free kick
maddaddam: Richmond given 2 goals by the umps!
Stilthevfl: Lynchmob =knob?
PowerBug: Was it there? Hell no, Westhoff spoiled that ball JUST over the line
Stilthevfl: Tig it’s me umpirespet monty banned me lol
Tig-Train: You can’t spoil unless it’s marking contest though
StuL: Razor Ray being a little pain as always.
Tig-Train: Hahah makes sense now
Lynch_MOB: should’ve banned you scum for life lmfao
duckky: Well if its spoiling – then it should be a ffree. Twi frees at the same time don’t add to a free plus 50
Catatafish: You can spoil to prevent an out on the full. Bullshit decision by Razor retard.
duckky: Well if its spoiling – then it should be a free. Two frees at the same time don’t add to a free plus 50
duckky: Afwyl tpying
duckky: You can punch the ball at any time.
Stilthevfl: We get U duckky
original: Let’s go cholly..
Pokerface: Stilthevfl what did you do?!
Apachecats: Just learned something after about 6 years.If you click on SC on the table it will list in SC order instead of DT order.
Stilthevfl: The raspels aunty talking episode poker about 5 weeks ago
TigerKid_A: haha @apache seriously?
Apachecats: I’m a bit slow Tiger.
Pokerface: oh dear
Raspel31: Frigging nbn=- just off line again for 15 minutes
duckky: And there was the even up free for the stuff up 50
Apachecats: Haven’t missed much rasp.
Raspel31: Stilthevfl- I got banned beacause of my aunty. We don’t mention her.
Pokerface: lol raspel
Pokerface: to think jayden short was a possible value premium once he was back
BigChief: Damn I just looked at Shorts scores since he returned. Poor at best.
Tig-Train: No crying about no 50 this time? Clearly he knew that was Richmond free
Tig-Train: Or no free kick then at the end? Yehh lucky umpires look after Richmond
beerent11: Just
beerent11: Just logged on. Is r gray fwd or mid?
StuL: Good Dusty is back just in time. My oppo has him.
TheOnyas: Onya Boaky
thiccgucci: need boak and houli to have blinders, make up for crippa 😀
Apachecats: Any chance of getting a touch Hartlett.
NugzNiggle: Come on Rocky ya spud.
original: Chol been on this qtr??
drfrazzll: wake up rocky
gingjok: Wtf Rocky.. just seems to a watcher today .. standing way off the side
wolfheart: Houston, we have a problem. Go tag Dusty and get a freakin touch or two.
TigerKid_A: that was five meter kick
original: Slick tap from chol hehe
Baldfrog: Tigers fans booing as bad as WC fans
pcaman2003: Has Stack finally hit the wall?
Tig-Train: Well done stack!!
TigerKid_A: fuck u ellis that was stacks goal
Gandhi: Ellis is such a seagull wow
Tig-Train: Yeh Ellis already has a premiership medal he doesn’t deserve, now he takes stacks goal
Apachecats: No late outs GWS V Coll ,yeah Pendles is playing.
TigerKid_A: stack could’ve got the points
pcaman2003: Be good if Stack starting kicking instead of handballing everything.
NugzNiggle: So many people still have Stack.
NugzNiggle: And for good reason.
pcaman2003: Have Stack as m8 but may upgrade start of finals
Beammybux: Just realised my op in 1 SC League has 18 Tigers
Tig-Train: He must have a good team 😂
pcaman2003: Doomed to failure 🤣
Beammybux: He is no surprise bottom. 😂
pcaman2003: Ton up Lycett and Boak. Pick it up Stacky and use feet
duckky: Bye Bye Port … see you again in 2020
BigChief: Surprised no 100’s yet.
pcaman2003: How does Lycett only get 1 pt for tapout direct to Boak? Rubbish scoring system.
Tig-Train: Richmond players hardly get 100’s… share the ball around so much
Phasir: Probably more to do with the clangers and lack of scoreboard impact, tig-train
Tig-Train: Lots of points left, so will be a bit of scaling happening
burger01: KAmon Boak… you can do it, mate!
pcaman2003: Lycett and Boak,get going.
Yelse: Geez how many is stack given off today
Tig-Train: Get going? Lol 3 minutes left
pcaman2003: FGS Stack,please kick the fkn ball.
Raspel31: Dropped 150 on this game already- aargh!
burger01: Chol a decent emergency with 73 SC in 58% of game time I suppose
pcaman2003: @Raspel. My opp has Cripps and Walsh in other game,so I’m happy.
Raspel31: Bully for you pcaman- I’m grumpy.
LMartos: 250 points to allocate, haven’t seen that at FT in a long time
The0Grrr: Was he talking SC points?
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Better take a Bex and lie down then.
xjumpman23: why rocky not get points for that goal?

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