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Chat log from R18 of 2019: Adelaide vs Essendon

Chat log for Adelaide vs Essendon, R18 of 2019

J.Worrall: Go those Same Olds!
amigaman: Go Bombers
Drak: Not holding my breath this week lads, but I hope we take it to em as much as we can.
Drak: Also, Luke Lavender a late in?! hahaha
amigaman: Wot?
Drak: He is listed by monty
Drak: hahaha
Drak: I think thats W.Snellings number
Sixty656: Snellings second game?
frenzy: who does Clarke take?
duckky: Hope cclarke takes Sloane and not MCrouch
frenzy: cows at home
duckky: Dang – O’Brien hass resigned at the crows
Burnsy03: Heppell and Shiel starting on the bench?
pcaman2003: Good luck all. Have Sloane,Brouch and Laird.
Burnsy03: anyone here why smith is in #26 tonight?
duckky: Did anyone take ROB for VC (I didn’t)
jbjimmyjb: clarke all over sloane early
duckky: Re Smith -they apparenty couldn’t find his jumper
Breezey: M. Crouch as VC in this game. He could go big against this lot
NugzNiggle: Evening all.
Breezey: Whatttt did you say. Nugzeee
Grimes Jr: m crouch to get 98 SC tonight with 35 touches
NugzNiggle: I said evening Jeffrey Robert.
Breezey: Ok thats better Aaron (is my Dard thar) Nugzee
BigChief: Hey all. I took B. Crouch vc and Cripps C
Sixty656: Picked up Lynch in my Fantasy Draft league in the DP, happy days so far!
DrSeuss: What number is Snelling?
Burnsy03: 40 Seuss
DrSeuss: Cheers Burnsy
AuroraBore: Alex Keath for AA? Yeah alright mate
pcaman2003: Brouch and Sloane no possies last 8 mins
pcaman2003: Spoke too soon. Brouch 2 quick ones.
DrSeuss: Brouch was on the bench Pca
zoomba23: Any danger of Mrouch getting a contested possie
NugzNiggle: Hahaha breezy Neil Pisasale.
dipstick: step right up and get ya donuts 🍩 2 for the price of 1. we got fyfes, conigs, kellys, hores, hookers, get ya donuts
jbjimmyjb: what is wrong with merrett lately honestly
DrSeuss: Any time Zerrett – want to get involved?
DrSeuss: Thanks Zac, now Snelling’s turn
Breezey: Time to stand up Crouch.
Pokerface: i’ll have a hately thanks Dipstick.
Gotigres: Hooker on 25sc dipstick
pcaman2003: Thanks Laird. Lots of improvement needed from you and Sloane.
zoomba23: Fuck yourself Zerrett
m0nty: come on Hooker, hands off Jerker
Pokerface: don’t like what Will’s Selling
DrSeuss: Missed a few Snelling tackles it seems
Sixty656: Will isn’t snelling peas right now
jbjimmyjb: merrett has kicked 3.8 for the year, useless
pcaman2003: ROB and Marshall real revelations this year.
BRAZZERS: Sloane definitely getting tagged by clark
dipstick: @poker you wanna Hately? 🧐 Lovely.
Tig-Train: B.Crouch still won’t break 100…
dipstick: relax people. Laird struggles to ton up at home so be happy with a 90 odd
Pokerface: @Dipstick oh i really shouldn’t. Already had a fyfe. But i cant resist
Drak: Adelaide should win this pretty comfortably. Just want bombers to keep it close
zoomba23: Crows really putting in the hard yards defensively. 10 tackles in a qtr lmao
pcaman2003: @BRAZZERS. I ‘ve seen Sloane on his own plenty of times too,so tag isn’t too close
dipstick: @poker ooooo nice. our fyfe donut has jam oozing out the side
BRAZZERS: theyve been off the ground on seperate occassions, but most ball up or throw ins they been together
pcaman2003: Go Brouch! Keep that up please.
Grimes Jr: pls merrett just hit the ton
DrSeuss: Teammates just missing Snelling and his tackles not being counted – he is around the ball at least
Catatafish: At thrrat
DrSeuss: Pls Merrett get off the bench.
Catatafish: At this rate I might use fucking merr
Catatafish: At this rate I might use fucking Merrett to trade instead of Stack. Elite runner my ballsack
Catatafish: And a shoutout to having a recurring popup ad causing a cut off to my diatribe.
Catatafish: And a shoutout to having a recurring popup ad causing a cut off to my sentence.
Sixty656: Snelling! Woo!
Gotigres: This is great Brouch
DrSeuss: Catat- Zerrett cant do much while stuck on the bench
Breezey: Can you Snell what the Rock is cooking
Breezey: I am Snelling a goal
Catatafish: He’s always been stuck on the bench lately. The guy is meant to be a top runner.
Raspel31: Evening lads and ladettes- game on. How long we think Fyfe out for?.
jbjimmyjb: Freo hope only 1 week, but possibly 2
Apachecats: Hi rasp ,more than one week me thinks .
Gelly: how good is walker, what a gun
jbjimmyjb: I have Sloane + Merrett, oppo has Brouch, sums up my season
Raspel31: Me too Apache- aarrgh. An unwanted trade tomorrow.
Apachecats: Jeez Langford is slow (and dumb)
Catatafish: Fyfe is an infection so I’d say next week or the week after, unless they need to perform surgery to rectify the issue.
Apachecats: Notice a lots of my SC opponents have traded Fyfe.
pcaman2003: Sloane on same score as 10 mins ago. Get going ya sloth
Catatafish: Well there has been some quality umpiring tonight
BigChief: @gelly you must be talking about Max Walker as Taylor Walker is a spud.
Raspel31: Clarke was always going to tag the hell out of Sloane- hence no Sloane to replace Fyfe.
pcaman2003: Sloane being wasted in the forward line.
Catatafish: So Essendon has Shiel, Zerrett and Heppell on fuck all game time, and Langford the spud is on 93%?
zoomba23: Get Sloane back in the mids Pyke you moron
DrSeuss: Zerrett back on the bench with Snelling FFS
pcaman2003: Sloane just back to the middle now
zoomba23: Zerrett you lazy shit…. what are you doing on the bench
Sixty656: Laird you peanut
DrSeuss: Yep and Zaha 90% giving it to the crows at every opportunity
breadly: Catatafish have you had bit to drink or just an agro?
Gotigres: Glad i was $500 short of getting Sloane in for Cogs
jbjimmyjb: brouch almost scoring more than sloane and merrett combined
BigChief: Catatafish is always on the angry pills.
pcaman2003: Hurts Smith beating Sloane as Oppon. has him
hinsch: I got Trealor in Cogs out looked at Sloane maybe a good call at the moment
VodkaHawk: Stay low Sloane
DrSeuss: Bombers really missing targets coming out of defense which doesn’t help Zerrett.
BigChief: Did I miss something with Smith wearing 26?
Apachecats: What I noticed was Nervous bombers ,taking eyes of the ball and lots of fumbling.
BRAZZERS: lol who cares, clark has done good jobs on everyone cripps gaff etc. Sloane is a great pick up case closed
hinsch: Sloane will be tagged for the next fews weeks
poolboybob: McKernan potato
DrSeuss: Yep lots of fumbles, handballs behind players, timing just off a little – makes a big difference
Raspel31: Perhaps BRAZZERS- or Bozos. But surely you pick your week?
BRAZZERS: dont have sloane tbh muppet
Grimes Jr: ifs merrett lift
DrSeuss: Ok Zerrett time to get your hands on the ball – pleasr
Gotigres: O’Brien doing everything
Gotigres: Smith back in #33
Breezey: That Number 33 goes as well as Number 26 in the first half
Sixty656: Someone club Brodie Smith FFS
DrSeuss: Put Snelling in the middle – the ball isn’t going forward because you can’t win it
Raspel31: Can’t remember how many weeks ago I dumped B Smith. How very rude. Lift Zerrett.
m0nty: Four involvements by Zerrett in that chain
Breezey: Some great footy by the Bombers here
pcaman2003: Slaone getting dizzy with all the switching from mid to fwd and back
Burnsy03: D Clarke +2 for the mark and hball?
DrSeuss: 4 involvements then to the bench. I wonder who controls subs – he seems to gain momentum then to the bench
pcaman2003: Hard to see sauce Jacobs getting back into this team
Apachecats: Clarke gets robbed every week by the data mob Burnsy.
Burnsy03: very stiff having to field him because of fyfe this week. any news about how many fyfe is out for?
pcaman2003: FFS Smith pulling away from Slaone easily. Get going you spud
Grimes Jr: Go zerrett u good thing
Breezey: F4ancis
pcaman2003: Fyfe out for possibly 1 according to Freo.
Apachecats: Umps responding to the crowd with that free against Stringer.
Sixty656: Brodie Smith has scored 100+ once since round 6, now he’s fucking me over with this BS!
Breezey: Francis looking a half decent player
Burnsy03: thanks pca held him because i couldnt find anything about it.
V@lks: @sixty656 BSmith has also scored 90+ on 5 occasions since round 6
Grimes Jr: merrett whyyyyy
Gotigres: Agree Burnsey and Apache. Clarke ripped off every week
pcaman2003: Sloane needs a cracker up his clacker. He’s clueless tonight
Sixty656: Just club the cunt ffs
Raspel31: Rare you approach the end of 3rd without a Don even close to tonning up/
Burnsy03: to be fair dont see how he jumped from 45 to 54 but hes owed a few
poolboybob: Smith you beauty
DrSeuss: Missed Zerretts kick there.
Breezey: Gotta love it when my opponent has Smith,ROB and B,Crouch
pcaman2003: Someone knock Smith out please.
Gotigres: CD always seems to delay giving points to Clarke
Raspel31: Game on lads.
Gotigres: Is Heppell captain?
VodkaHawk: Lol, go Smith go
Breezey: Yeah I seen that BT you flogger
Ash777: bt having an orgasm over that
Burnsy03: BT pretty happy when tippa gets a touch? didnt do much just hballed to mcgrath
Apachecats: Hoping Clarke gets to 80 ,will loop him for Setterfield.
zoomba23: Shut the fuck up BT. Could he suck off Tipungwuti any more
Stikman35: Bcrouch touches a lot for not much
pcaman2003: Pathetic Sloane. Should be ashamed of that flowering effort
Catatafish: Tippa has standards @zoomba23
Raspel31: Attaboy zerrett- finally. And BT has a higher intellect than a potato- scientific tests have proved this.
9inch: O’Brien would have to be buy of the year??
Burnsy03: 9inch Ryan Gardner would have to have been better
9inch: never heard of him
Grimes Jr: lick me zachary
Burnsy03: youre kidding right?
Breezey: Agree Burnsy. He is my C at the moment
Migz: Does anybody else just hate tex. Worst captain in the league?
Grimes Jr: heppell is a shit captain as well
9inch: Ohhh… that Gardner…No
Drak: Yeh Migz, comes off as a massive tool
Drak: Heppell is carrying an injury
VodkaHawk: Smith you little ripper 🙂
Raspel31: Not necessarily worst captainMigz- but not a great player-no.
Danstar: F you Brodie Smith. F you
Burnsy03: breezey surely 9inch is taking the mickey claiming to not know him?!?!
pcaman2003: I see they found Smith’s 33 jumper. Someone should still knock him out though
blonde0na: pcaman that’s a flog thing to say
9inch: Smith having a blue moon
Grimes Jr: of course opponent has brodie smith
Sixty656: Neck a rod brodie smith, get fucked cunt.
wadaramus: Why the vitriol to B.Smith?
pcaman2003: @blondeOna. Lighten up man!
Breezey: Agree there mate. He could be anything.
Breezey: Next year
Burnsy03: 9inch taken the time to check out r gardner yet?
Migz: lucky for me. i have smith /bcouch and zerret
blonde0na: you boys need some soap to wash out those dirty mouths 🙂
m0nty: me too Migz, high five!
9inch: O’Brien going huge
Migz: oh and laird… but hes a grub
9inch: No
PowerBug: i hope Sixty656 and pcaman enjoy their last weekend on chat for a while
Gotigres: Go Essendon
pcaman2003: @Powerbug. Why last weekend on chat?
Raspel31: Have to love the way young Clarke is a natural tagger. How many scores he killed?. And we know Sloane can’t handle a tag
Burnsy03: bt praises tippa for nothing and gives conor mckenna absolutely nothing!!!
Gotigres: McKenna!
Gotigres: Heppell has woken up
BigChief: This has turned into a great game to watch.
Stikman35: Ecstasy in McKenna and mcavanies tonight oh
SALAH: allez allez allez
pcaman2003: Thank goodness Brouch making up something from slug Sloane.
Grimes Jr: start of the night i called a matt crouch 35 possession 98
pcaman2003: @Grimes. Good call!
Gotigres: Clarke just got all the points owed to him
Raspel31: Good call Grimes Jr- very perspicacious of you.
Gotigres: Let’s see Grimes
Burnsy03: jesus went from 60 to 75 thank goodness
The39Steps: The boy from Boganville, Cam Smith, will win the British Open.
jbjimmyjb: the scaling down is going to be brutal, only 200 points left to allocate
Rilian: Heppell was on 28 at 3/4 time I believe. Almost superman logo time!
BigChief: Wasn’t it 95 Grimes?
Grimes Jr: don pyke is just about done i reckon
Grimes Jr: 98 same as last week chief
Stikman35: What 39 steps
Tig-Train: Hahaha suck on that Adelaide…
Raspel31: One is starting to feel a little bit happy.
SALAH: taylor walker done as well
9inch: ESS on fire
SwaggyP: Heppell in beast mode
Oddsy5: up the bombers
wadaramus: Kick games..
BOMBRBLITZ: This is huge from the Bombers
Apachecats: Who was the galah before who said Heppel was a terrible captain.?
Rilian: @m0nty Superman Heppell time!
wadaramus: Oh, another point..of course!
Grimes Jr: adelaide really are average
Gotigres: I asked if he was captain Apache
poolboybob: Will take that score from Clarke covering Fyfe
Raspel31: I think they said Walker Apache.
Crowls: this is a great win for us bombers
Crave: Not a massive fan of woosha but he coached well tonight
Crowls: dark on sc scores tho
pcaman2003: Crows + Sloane = crap!
wadaramus: We over committ, leave the other end wide open!
Burnsy03: nah tigres wasnt u, someone said earlier he was a terrible capt. after you asked
Migz: i said tex was the worst
Apachecats: No it was you Gotigres
amigaman: Yeehah!
Apachecats: *wasn’t you I meant.
Tig-Train: Why is Clark’s score going -3 +4 -3 it’s losing its mind
Breezey: Then someone said Heppell as well
Raspel31: Might not trade Fyfe and just live with Clarke’s score. Yippee lads.
Dondeal: Bloody rippa!
wadaramus: Way to go Adelaide, shit home game.
Burnsy03: clarke to scale up 22?
9inch: OK heppell was a Capt for a night..I guess
Apachecats: Went Bombers by 27 ,darn.
wadaramus: 25 scoring shots to 21, good one Adelaide.
BigChief: I think O’Brien deserved the star.
Stikman35: Ruckman overated
ozziekev: Crows pathetic…just shows Suns are patheticer !
upweydons: Yes
frenzy: lol ozzie
BigChief: Grundy says hi Stikman
ozziekev: Pyke another coach with no plan B

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