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Chat log from R17 of 2019: Port Adelaide vs Brisbane

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Brisbane, R17 of 2019

NugzNiggle: How about these port adelaide Muppets haha
wadaramus: When will the AFL do something about thuggish taggers? Fucking pathetic tactics.
DrSeuss: Port getting pumped early – Neale, Rocliff, Boak and Burton doing nothing at all for me
GobChuck: Huge game for my SC team today, Andrews/Robinson/Neale/Burton/RGray/Boak. Fair to say this could go very bad
Chelskiman: Not the start I needed, Rocky…
pcaman2003: Get moving Neale and Boak. Keep it up Lycett
DrSeuss: 4 players in this game for a grand total of 7 pts
jbjimmyjb: Neale won’t reach 50, he’s being absolutely pummelled
Chelskiman: I have two players for -1, Seuss.
DrSeuss: It can only get better right Chelski?
Chelskiman: The way today has gone I’m expecting it to get worse.
pcaman2003: I missed something. Neale on 22?
BigChief: No 6-6-6 rule applied there?
DrSeuss: Well Rockliff, Boak, Burton and Neale certainly arent helping (AF)
StuL: Power are shower. wow.
jbjimmyjb: Port’s tactic of 22 players tagging Neale isn’t working
GobChuck: witches hat time soon
DrSeuss: Might be time to drop the tag now Hinkley
pcaman2003: Boak ,Neale and Lycett okay so far. Just need it to keep going onwards and upwards
BigChief: Can you put a muppet icon on Hinkley?
DrSeuss: So glad I bought in Burton and Neale this week
SilverLion: Port playin dirty footy.
zoomba23: Port must be celebrating Halloween early. Pumpkins all round
hinsch: got to love this hopefully keep up the pressure and give Port a good slapping.
Chelskiman: Bit better, Rocky.
Catatafish: Cuntliff, come on champ.
DrSeuss: Why the F*** did I trade in Neale – thanks for the effort Lachie
VodkaHawk: Stay low Rocky
noobcoach: richhh step the fuck up
zoomba23: Neale stop going backwards you shit stain
Catatafish: Go High Rocky
drfrazzll: switch on rocky
SilverLion: Good mark to Berry not paid
SilverLion: Rockys soft, looking after his shoulders.
shrtlg: Neale doing fine for me, serves you right for playing AF
pcaman2003: Move along Neale and bust a gut man.
Monfries96: love the elitism
original: Please tag zorko
zoomba23: Lol I play SC mate. It was just that Neale had gone down like 6 pts since I last looked
pcaman2003: FFS Lycett and Neale. Don’t disgrace yourselves. Start scoring fellas
Dredd: 15-8 Free Kicks and still getting smashed… lol Port
DrSeuss: I play AF – that way I only need to whinge at my players, not some guy on a laptop making up scores lol
cobrakai00: you just know Dixon would be a dumbarse
pcaman2003: With Cogs done, I thought I’d lose my league. But I’ve come home storng and won. Thanks Dunks!
Chelskiman: Need 135 from Answerth and Rocky to win one of my matches. I’m screwed. 🙁
thesilentl: Need lycett+answerth to score under 166… with a shot
OhSoRozee: some1 gonna get 2850 this round
Pies20: I’m 2300 with cogs and playing 1 short with neale and boak dt, could have been a massive week
OhSoRozee: @thesilent i need 142 from the same 2
OhSoRozee: he got the double scaled
OhSoRozee: rival messed up had e on rocky and answerth to cover his hately c
Sloaneyyyy: Dixon is a waste of space. Port should get rid of him
Haydo: Need 229 between rich and rocky to win😅
OhSoRozee: keep the sledge goin sloaney
Apachecats: Struggling there Haydo.
a1trader: Need 8 more points from Burton to win
Monfries96: Just like Tex @Sloaney
nick2397: Answerth needs another 38 too reach projected score…
Monfries96: unlucky @a1
GobChuck: Brought in burton for hore this week. Uh oh.
Migz: i mean atleast if you’re gonna ping your hammy, chasing hard like that will show your willingness for the team.. or some
FLOG: keep going wobbie
BigChief: And they say Rozee will win Rising Star? Not on this shit effort.
Migz: walsh has to win rising star.
DrSeuss: Bought in Burton for Logue Gob Chuck, was always just a stepping stone – but now I decide if I hold Brayshaw AGAIN
duckky: You are all wrong… Answerth to winthe Rising Star
BestCoast: Walsh and Stack before Rozee for Rising
wadaramus: Walsh by ten lengths surely!
jocka: Walsh has it stitched up. We haven’t seen such a complete footballer in his first year for a long time.
OhSoRozee: miers will win it
OhSoRozee: just coz stack had positional change
wadaramus: Wholeheartedly agree jocka!
SilverLion: Crowd just booing everything, most of them probably not even watching the game.
Catatafish: Rockliff knows how to find the ball, but his possessions are basically useless.
duckky: Walsh best first yoear player since Coleman (100 goals in his irst year)
Stikman35: 4 league wins. Score ok. Just want two tons here with Neale and Boak to get around 2600
Crave: Adelaide crowd is always like that just boo, same with WC crowd
SilverLion: Dixon you’re just a big angry flog
OhSoRozee: id have to say gws had alot of better players inaugural year
Sloaneyyyy: Deadweight Dixon living up to his price tag
m0nty: Judd better first year than Walsh
heppelitis: some bloke is going to get 2700 sc against me by the end of this lol
Catatafish: Port are atrocious
BRAZZERS: Ports so inconsistant it’s comical
FLOG: rebecca judd even better
wadaramus: Brisbane don’t play chippy chippy like the Crows..
OhSoRozee: only thing walsh done good is the way he has played in a carlton team
faisca7: Back on this game please Monty
Catatafish: These Port midfield flogs don’t learn
BestCoast: Port Shower
OhSoRozee: brisbane is now a destination club and should have some cash to spend who do u target
wadaramus: Stop kicking it to Clurey’s advantage Brisbane!
BestCoast: OhSoRozee Dunkley from bulldogs for Brisbane
Vogesy69: lachie whitfield to the lions
OhSoRozee: didnt he just sign 2 yrs on his current 1 yr
duckky: Yep Bumflower Gippsland makes Brisbane so desirable
Ash777: yes dunkley re-signed the week before the geelong game.
thesilentl: De goey to the lions
duckky: Answerth mayeven make his BE at this rate
Drak: If I was the lions, I wouldnt be targeting anyone. Id be consolidating my talent and getting ready to pay my young stars
Ash777: lions will make a play for jarrod cameron probably to play with his brother
Breezey: There is no way De Goey is leaving The Pies. Seriously
thesilentl: He will for big money breezey, unlikely to keep both Grundy and de goey
Drak: Andrews and Hipwood are gonna cost them. McCluggage, Berry, Witherden. Its all gonna start going up.
Breezey: Rubbish
Breezey: Why wouldn’t they be able to keep both. Are you actually a Pies supporter
thesilentl: We have no cap space and 2 blokes who will get million dollar offers
OhSoRozee: dont worry cap will b free with grundy to crows
Breezey: Guess what. Clubs free up cap space.
BestCoast: Lions will chase Dixon for 48 cents a game 30 cents to much I think
FLOG: cmon wobbie, ton up
dipstick: pies will never flag under bucks so best if they left for $$
thesilentl: I think Grundy will stay rozee and they will let de goey go
Ash777: ben reid and elliot are out of contract and goldsack has retired I think
JockMcPie: lmao imagine thinking de goey or grundy are gonna leave a successful club with good culture and heaps of $$
OhSoRozee: and a suspicion beams will retire
a1trader: Is Burton off for the rest of the game?
thesilentl: I hope they all stay but don’t see it happening
dipstick: pies play shit football. lol they get 20 home games a year but won’t win on gf day against the best
OhSoRozee: burton probz done for year with that big hammy
OhSoRozee: unless port make finals
a1trader: I needed Burton to get 45 for me to win – SOB!
thesilentl: Into the sea with you dipstick, your club plays the same amount of home games and doesn’t make finals
OhSoRozee: hurley surgery btw if u have him could b done for yr
wadaramus: Beating up on Lachie Neale did the trick Port..
Lawls: Dipstick staying true to his username!
StuL: Didn’t someone say they bought in Cogs AND Burton?
OhSoRozee: pendles had finger surgery aswell
wadaramus: Quote Time Ginever on FiveAA, Port are like Centrelink..
dipstick: collingwood – the kings of losing grannies? how many is it now? 😯
wadaramus: Only turn up once fortnight!
BestCoast: Dipstick don’t take that give it back to these bullies
Migz: why did i trade andrews in. Terrible mistake
a1trader: Carlton have 12 x top 10 draft picks and they are still shower. The AFL are doing all they can but Blues = basket case!
Monfries96: Nothing better than when Crows fans have an input on power results
Schillaci: Didn’t trade. Took a doughnut for Duursma. 100% he’ll be back next week.
heppelitis: cameron bros have had a great weekend
Haydo: Carltons form is as good as collingwoods
dipstick: @bc I’m trying to use words they can say easily without teeth
GOD: a1trader ya getting worried?
wadaramus: Just having a laugh at a radio comment Monfries..
OhSoRozee: watching burton slowly creaping that 45 is gonna kill ya
Ash777: pies have been lucky this year to win games they shouldn’t.
thesilentl: Carlton are a basket case, zero excuses for being terrible but club has a woeful culture
Stikman35: Atley might get his second game over Duurs I reckon
Monfries96: Kicked 6 in about 5 minutes last week so we’re probably still a chance, slightly better opposition now though
dipstick: Carlton will win a granny before you pie frogs – that would be flog if you had teeth
FLOG: leave me out of it
thesilentl: But you’ll still be Carlton, the laughing stock of modern afl
OhSoRozee: 31 more from lycett-answer cmon
Haydo: Carlton have won 3 out of their last 5 same as pies silent
dipstick: lol
thesilentl: Means nothing haydo, 11 wins to 4 on the season
Apachecats: Not bald are you FLOG?
FLOG: cmon wobbie just 7 more
OhSoRozee: lycett to answerth ehh
StuL: Want to get a kick ever again Hoff?
zoomba23: Silent: Cos Collingwood’s culture is so great isn’t it. There was a reason you were known as the racist club mate
FLOG: @apache, hope not as only 22
wadaramus: Brisbane clearly better than Adelaide, but Port have had their pants pulled own today.
Apachecats: cheers FLOG ,just checking.
OhSoRozee: lycett free but advantage flower sake
thesilentl: Literally never happened @zoomba
wadaramus: Well played Lachie Neale, a ball player can beat the biff!
BestCoast: Pies fans say black is beautiful but white is right
AuroraBore: Need rockliff to make 83 to win, can’t believe he’s gonna cost me
zoomba23: Allan McAllister. Eddie McGuire. Cheer squad abusing Nicky Winmar. Cheer squad abusing Adam Goodes. Facts are there mate
Stikman35: Last time blues made finals they sacked their coach.
zoomba23: You can live in denial all you want. You blokes are known for it
BigChief: Well shit. I will score 2400+ and lose SC
OhSoRozee: 4 games at home surely lions lock top 2
pcaman2003: Well done Boak and Neale. Very happy
m0nty: back on the game please
BestCoast: zoomba one of my best mates is Chris Lewis pies tipped cups of urine on him at Vic park
FLOG: cmon minty, pedal!
jocka: The AFL had to bring Port into the comp so we had feral supporters to compare Pie supporters against.
BRAZZERS: about 2666sc not too bad
OhSoRozee: only 9 to get cmon!
thesilentl: No denial it’s just straight up false
dipstick: @stik and left you with Buckley as your useless coach
Stikman35: Jealousy
thesilentl: Maybe with scaling rozee? I actually needed under 147 from them and am nervous
zoomba23: Sorry m0nty. Just thought I’d point out the hypocrisy of a Pies fan dissing another club’s culture
zoomba23: BestCoast: doesn’t surprise me
JockMcPie: zoomba must be really fun at parties
wadaramus: A week is a long time in footy!
bones351: Only neede one more disposal from Neale to win a multi. He went the last 5 minutes without a touch. 🙁

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