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Chat log from R18 of 2019: Brisbane vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Brisbane vs North Melbourne, R18 of 2019

Baldfrog: Love the cage nice touch
circle52: Do not drop the chance boys 2nd beckons
The0Grrr: Should put Robbo and Cunnington in one I reckon
circle52: Andrews on Brown
DrSeuss: Missed 2 handballs from Neale??
StacksOn: cunnington forgot which way the goals are!
Baldfrog: Massive upset if norf win this
pcaman2003: I get the feeling Cunnington going to flower me up again this week
SilverLion: Fucking leave neale alone
Lynch_MOB: cunners isnt getting tagged yet
jbjimmyjb: north do this every week, its a disgrace
pcaman2003: You tell em’Silver. Very late bump
DrSeuss: These Umps need to protect Neale – it’s BS
circle52: Pllenty happening off the ball
pcaman2003: I wish they’d bump Cunners and wake him up.
dipstick: Time for robbo to run through someone’s skeleton
DrSeuss: They just did PCA – great bump by Neale
VodkaHawk: Come Brisbane, smash these norf clowns
Breezey: As long as it’s legal I can’t see anything wrong.
jbjimmyjb: breezy did you see Neale’s eye during the week?
arbel: No problem with rough and tough. But Jumping 40 metres off the ball is a free
circle52: Talking from the ground brerzy
DrSeuss: Robbo run through Polec – now that I would enjoy
SilverLion: What did we do to you simpkin? Dog
Breezey: Yeah. And I say again if it’s legal and not high or late then it’s Ok
Raspel31: Brisbane- take some pride. This is Norf. Whallop them and move on.
StacksOn: the kangas pressure harks back to the tigers i9n 2017, this team is seriously damaging
jbjimmyjb: pokes in the eye and pinballing off the ball tend to be high and late
StacksOn: @jb i think @breezey is talking about this week, not last week
DrSeuss: The issue is Breezey, they have been late, high and off the ball. Hence the issue??
pcaman2003: It’s good to tackle Cunners,but you need possessions too buddy.
Breezey: Yes this week. Umps clearly think it’s OK thus far this week
Baldfrog: Cunners has been crap since I bought him in
StacksOn: @breezey you missed the free in the centre square earlier
SilverLion: That was a bump lol
pcaman2003: @Baldfrog. Same here! Fools gold is the only way I can describe him
circle52: Free kick north hodge uses body and free
Grimes Jr: haha almost tempted to take chols 83 over heeney
Baldfrog: Good description pcaman
StacksOn: well, my tipping continues to be ruined this year
Breezey: And he got a free so move on and play footy I say.
Raspel31: In the words of Israel Falau- buy a Norf player and you will suffer in eternity.
DrSeuss: Larkey on my bench killing Ziebell and Neale
Breezey: Come on Zorko, show me something
pcaman2003: @Raspel. You mean hell?
Baldfrog: Israel only says religious stuff
original: How much heat would rayner cop if he was in a melb team
circle52: He cops plenty up here too original.
SilverLion: Rayners a spud who shouldve been dropped at about rd. 3. Only holds his spot coz hes a #1 pick.
OhSoRozee: yeh rayner alot like pretracca
BigChief: Rayner is worst #1 since John Hutton in 1991
original: Here he is
SilverLion: Rayner you spud
Burnsy03: got three loopholes this week, B Smith, Macrae for VC Grundy and and Chol
TheOnyas: Onya Browny
SilverLion: Yeah don’t sheppard rayner will ya fucking useless
DrSeuss: Ziebell want to get involved??
pcaman2003: FFS Cunners,get on the ground and do something useful if at all possible
Raspel31: Ah yes Burnsy- Cripps dismal- missed out on Grunty- Gawn, Dnhger, Macrae or Dunkley?
SilverLion: That’s a goal
Burnsy03: no donuts but looped smith, chol for hanrahan just to be safe
Apachecats: OPSM for that goal umpire.
StacksOn: go on goldy you good thing
OhSoRozee: fine line over that mark robbo
SilverLion: Pathetiv
StacksOn: get the flowering ball rich
SilverLion: Pathetic*
Raspel31: I’m not a pedant- my first love is rugby. But the targeting of Neale off the ball must be looked at. Norf are fuggs.
DrSeuss: Lions defense needs to start standing up. Complete lapses happening too often
OhSoRozee: dew is set in
original: hate that being a free
StacksOn: flog move by christensen
Gotigres: Ziebell down in the rooms
OhSoRozee: idm wood as a player just needs a good run at it
SilverLion: As flog a move as wood before stacks
OhSoRozee: zurhaar and wood only players i like at north
DrSeuss: Ziebell in the rooms, Neale not getting involved – come on lads
NoneyaB: what happened to ziebell?
circle52: Umpiring standards this season still poor
circle52: Going both ways though takles that start around chest called high
Raspel31: Neale trying to get involved and not directly tagged but hit and bumped behind play by every Norf fug. Umps should see.
DrSeuss: Ziebell just getting restrapped apparently. Didn’t seem anything serious
frenzy: thought the umps did a good job thus far, may need rose colored glasses
circle52: Exactly Raspel. But appears to be legal this week
hinsch: Neale should give them a bit of Barry Hall encouragement
circle52: Frenzy so you would agree with the Christensen free kick and i support Brisbane
DrSeuss: Agreed Raspel. Umps need to protect players.
circle52: My example of legal tackles being called high. Just one example though
frenzy: yep, started high, finished okay
frenzy: hit and bumped Rasp? behind play? where’s me glasses now?
Raspel31: Why I don’t like your team frenzy- play in the dirtiest way.. Every Norf player bumps or pushes him off the ball- your g
OhSoRozee: turner is the dirtiest
OhSoRozee: followed closely by cunners
Lynch_MOB: wtf Darcy just said handjob lol
OhSoRozee: any1 know wat hipwood is out with?
BigChief: Has Cunnington gut punched anyone yet?
OhSoRozee: nvm didnt see him playing been quiet
BigChief: Hipwood is out there @Rozee
DrSeuss: Simpkin learning to be a dirty little punk as well
NugzNiggle: Calm down Seuss. All part of it.
Apachecats: Yeah Seuss ,Cunners apprentice.
NugzNiggle: So long as they pull up anything outside the rules.
Raspel31: Not to forget Lindsey Thomas who was given a free reign to hurt people. Club culture.
DrSeuss: Haha Nugz, so others call out Cunners and Turner, but I mention Simpkin and I need to calm down? WTF
OhSoRozee: totally forgot to throw thommo into that
pcaman2003: Cunners turning into my traded in archilles heal. He’s flopped!
OhSoRozee: zurhaar goes about it the right way hopefully they all learn from him
duckky: Higgins cutting Cunner’s lunch
DrSeuss: Why is Ziebell spending so much time on the bench
SilverLion: Macmillan just showered himself
NugzNiggle: Don’t reference Taylor Swift Zeuss haha
duckky: iebell apparently has a sore thumb
jamesh1290: traded in zorko as a pod for answerth seems to have worked wonders
pcaman2003: @Seuss. Cunners and Higgins not much better
OhSoRozee: never seen answerth so high up this early in a game
SilverLion: Simpkin casually kicking zorko in the face. Dog
DrSeuss: I referenced Taylor Swift? Are you a fan of hers as well?
NugzNiggle: Ok fair play now Zeuss. After the Eric Cantona
Burnsy03: turner, sympkin both flogs since day 1
NugzNiggle: ‘You need to calm down. Love her for various reasons.
Breezey: The one in the face my accidental. He wasn’t even looking at him
OhSoRozee: was accidently kick to face then feet push to the mid
DrSeuss: So what was that Nugz? Simpkin ok to kick Zorko in the chest?
Burnsy03: im happy with dclarke and answerth covering fyfe otherwise only had one to field
pcaman2003: C’mon Lions!
NugzNiggle: No that’s fair enough but the second one lashing out. Haha I just said fair play Zeuss.
OhSoRozee: circus come to town wat was that ump
Raspel31: C’mon Lions!
Burnsy03: @Breezey ump said it was the second one, you still cant kick a bloke
Breezey: And he got a free kick. What’s the problem
Raspel31: Burnsy- Fyfe on antibiotics till Wednesday- and elbow gruesome. Doubt he’ll be back next week.
pcaman2003: Have enough trades to rage trade Cunners.Useless tool!
OhSoRozee: lions laughing on that lyons steal gonna b some spite in qclash in yrs to come over that
OhSoRozee: if the suns survive that is
original: gc let Lyons walk yeh?
SilverLion: Love ya jy
Burnsy03: 5 FA for Sympkin
Apachecats: Simpkin getting expensive.
DrSeuss: So as long as a free kick is given – kick people, punch them, take people out off the ball, all good??
Apachecats: Unps awake to North tactics.
Burnsy03: Not quite on track to catch mark williams 13 against
OhSoRozee: not walk they told him to walk he had a season contract left
OhSoRozee: delisted with a yr to run
Raspel31: Finally Apache.
Grimes Jr: answerth doing a bloody good job tonight
OhSoRozee: answerth reminds me of a backpocket luke power
Raspel31: You stuck with Answerth too Grimes?
pcaman2003: @Grimes. Too right. Should’ve fielded him before useless plonker Cunnington.
runt: Kangaroos scoreless that qtr. Defies logic
Grimes Jr: he is at d6 for me. choosing between quaynor and him until i get rid of one and complete my team
runt: Hipwood will erupt like Vesuvius in the last qtr.
Raspel31: But rather delightful runt.
Raspel31: Yeah Grimes- the best laid plans go astray- didn’t expect to lose Kelly or Fyfe- so, go Answerth.
runt: I wonder if Rhyce Shaw instinctively ducks when around J Brown
Ash777: Kelly has been struggling with injuries last year so shouldn’t be surprised if he’s still getting niggles
Grimes Jr: need 85 answerth
pcaman2003: Lyons having a massive game.
Lynch_MOB: cunnnnersss!!!! lol
Lawls: Went to primary school, high school and played cricket/footy with lyons
Lawls: massive talent at a lot of sports
Raspel31: Incredibly observant of you pcaman- I missed it.
DrSeuss: Get involved Neale.
Grimes Jr: good bloke lawls?
pcaman2003: @Raspel. I only just noticed it myself. Looking at too many other players.
Lawls: Yeah he is
Breezey: McCluggage all day ahead of Rayner.
pcaman2003: Escape my hatchet Cunners and reach 100+
OhSoRozee: idk why but speccies at the gabba always look bigger on the coloured grass/backdrop
NoneyaB: jed anderson looks like a woman from the backj
Lawls: Lyons could be a nice POD for next season
Grimes Jr: answerth has not touched the pill for a long while
Raspel31: Thank you for that excellent and detailed commentary Noney.
OhSoRozee: @lawls could become pricey tho if ends season like this
NoneyaB: youre welcome raspel 🙂 lol
NugzNiggle: Suck it Polec.
Lawls: Yeah just depends where his price ends up being
NoneyaB: hahahaha polec the princess lol
Burnsy03: answerth stopped 🙁
Jackwatt$: Lyons has scored more points than what he’s priced at in this game
NoneyaB: I bet those 14 roo fans are starting to get their stuff together now
OhSoRozee: no pressure on adams at the lions can play 3rd string defender
Grimes Jr: it is so good seeing big crowds at the gabba
pcaman2003: Cunnington = best comeback since Lazarus. I’ll keep you after all.😲
DrSeuss: Neale and Ziebell thanks for nothing
original: wow cunnington found the cheat codes. was 58 at 3QT. must have been winning the game for them
SilverLion: Some would say that’s a flog act by thomas
pcaman2003: @Original. He found something for sure.
Lynch_MOB: you were never trading him
runt: Hipwood getting ready to explode
Ash777: is thomas related to the other thomas?
Stikman35: Did cunners work out he was playing the wrong way finally
NugzNiggle: Did Leigh Fisher play for North?
Pokerface: he is related to John
Ash777: Lindsay that is
BigChief: That is a BS call Big Boy.
SilverLion: Lol wtf did Oscar do wrong
DrSeuss: Ziebell just standing at Full Forward – not moving – just standing still. Useless
duckky: Pcaman – could you threaaten Ziebell (aka spud) in the same way please?
OhSoRozee: big baby giraffe ben brown stumbles from a breathe of wind
V@lks: Wow..stinking decision.
pcaman2003: Umpires influencing games yet again. Sucks!
DrSeuss: Umps taking over again. Surprise Surprise
NoneyaB: umps trying to win it for norfs 12 fans
NugzNiggle: Seriously. That’s a poor decision. Let’s have ruckmen use their melons only. Arms by their side for ruck contests.
circle52: Umps doing best to keep roos the game
NugzNiggle: Like a couple of salmon.
StacksOn: and the academy award goes to… ben brown!
Raspel31: That was such a bad decision- aarrgh.
The0Grrr: What is “our” game becoming?
BigChief: Cmon Rich Kick the goal and shut the Norf spuds up.
The0Grrr: So why don’t they pay frees against for fend offs?
OhSoRozee: massive boycott it is becoming
BigChief: Fuck me the umps are gifting Norf the win.
OhSoRozee: bad defense by lions
original: wow how you have no one at the front!
Lynch_MOB: boy oh boy woweee north back in front
DrSeuss: They were both holding – free to Norfolk – BS
The0Grrr: I think I’ve already started mine @OSR
pcaman2003: More pts please Cunners. Go Lions !
original: rayner to kick the game tying behind imo
NugzNiggle: I need another red wine.
Grimes Jr: shinboner spirittttt
Grimes Jr: answerth to kick the winner
original: damn
NugzNiggle: Where’s Ash McGrath?
Raspel31: It’s like watching a bad western- I still want to good guys to win against the thugs- but time is running low.
runt: Feeling a little tense
Breezey: Please Umps.
original: wow shocking frees both ways
OhSoRozee: even upperer
Grimes Jr: oh boy. define the interstate crowd card
NugzNiggle: Be interesting. What’s the verdict there gents?
BigChief: OMG that was good use of the body from Thompson.
Lynch_MOB: lol good square umps but Oscar that was weak as piss
pcaman2003: What a BS free. This is flowered
Apachecats: Umpire fell for the dive ,wrecked a good game.
runt: The Lions have kicked more behinds. Give them the win
Raspel31: Kick straighter Nugz.
OhSoRozee: was justified in the end both decisions at either end terrible
DrSeuss: Tough free – but that’s the Karma for the ruck decision.
NugzNiggle: If it’s a draw it’s a count back on behinds…….
runt: wow. The Lions of 2019 have been nothing short of miraculous so far
Raspel31: Happy ending.
original: lol
The0Grrr: Bad decisions determining games all the time
SilverLion: That’ll do boys that’ll do
NugzNiggle: I agree Raspel. Umpiring hasn’t been fantastic both ways. We have been the better side.
Grimes Jr: gotta feel for the roos. Umps played the crowd
BigChief: Well deserved Bris
pcaman2003: Wow! Cunners just dropped from 108 to 102.
NugzNiggle: I was gonna have another red wine. I now mean a bottle…
monkebuket: turning into soccer with umpires deciding who wins…bad calls either end
OhSoRozee: @nugz lol nice
DrSeuss: Now Ziebell is in the middle. Too late Shaw you noob. Why did you have him forward all quarter??
Ash777: umps love a drama
runt: Another goal to rub it in
original: if north had have gone to GC like AFL wanted they’d get more calls their way
original: cunnes had “hype” points, which drop off if u dont win lol
BigChief: No way Grimes. The Brown goal was a gift. Same as Big O
DrSeuss: 27 scoring shots to 15 – Lions deserved the win. Umps sucked all game – just as bad both ways
StacksOn: thankyou rich for that massive quarter, saved your score
NoneyaB: suck it polec!!

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