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Chat log from R17 of 2019: Essendon vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Essendon vs North Melbourne, R17 of 2019

thesilentl: The way they are playing the north players really wanted Scott gone
BRAZZERS: give zac clarke blue moon
BigChief: Move your ass Shiel.
Stikman35: We need two bench rucks so I can loophole Clarke.
Chelskiman: How was that not htb against Goldy?
BigChief: Because it was Goldy @Chel
Fatbar5tad: HTB on Goldy. Bombers stiff.
Ash777: my only guess is he didn’t had control of the ball
heppelitis: bombers have had great run the last 2 games..i am not going to complain today
heppelitis: about umps
BRAZZERS: where was this zac clarke last week lol
Gelly: cunnington got the tag
pcaman2003: Cunnington being tagged by D Clarke. Just my luck.
Raspel31: Speaking of Zacs where the hell is the Zerrett?
thesilentl: Cunnington will be tagged every week now @pcaman because it’s so effective
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Only low TOG which is a worry for his owners.
heppelitis: Zac copped a big hit last week
pcaman2003: @thesilent. Every time I bring someone in,they go to crap.Sigh
Raspel31: I know heepps but if he’s fit tp play- and cheers pcaman.
Gelly: commentators already forgot how to pronounce fanta-sia ive noticed last few weeks
heppelitis: @Gelly thats because it is not pronounced that way…Heppel trolled the footy world
StacksOn: @gelly it’s fanta-sia or fantasia, BT asked him well before Basils ‘revelation’ and he doesnt mind either
Gelly: news to me
TheOnyas: Onya Browny
Raspel31: Stick with Grundy or punt on Danger going huge as a pod?
DrSeuss: Is Ziebell in the mids or playing forward so far??
Tonche: He’s in the mids
Phasir: Zurhaar not getting his cape?
wilaj: What’s going on with Saad? Zero disposals.
DrSeuss: Cheers Tonche
Foursuits: Afl app cant stream game
StacksOn: Same here @foursuits
StacksOn: Took a big punt on goldy having a massive run in the rest of the season and brought him in, hope it pays off
Breezey: Don’t not care if they tag Cunnington, he’s had it 12 times so not stopping him really
thesilentl: It just slows his kicking from behind the play a bit @breezey. Costs 30pts a week
Stikman35: Wouldn’t mind if Gawn was a late out now.
thesilentl: North need to tag zerrett, he’s keeping the bombers in it
Raspel31: I almost hope big Max is out Stikman- never thought I’d say that.
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Would suit me too. Bring Lycett up from fwd
DrSeuss: Get a touch Ziebell ffs
pcaman2003: Come on Cunners and lift
pcaman2003: 2 weeks in a row and Cunnington flowers me over.
BigChief: Yet another swinging arm from Cunnington. Lucky he hit the ball this week.
pcaman2003: @Chief. He’s a very slow learner.
FLOG: did cunners smack zerret
DrSeuss: Ziebell needs to forget about Stringer and win your own ball
FLOG: buy that man a beer
BigChief: Any chance of getting near the ball Shiel?
pcaman2003: Gee! Cunners goes backwards with effective HB. Unreal!
Breezey: Any chance of a mark or two please Larkey
DrSeuss: Ziebell – get involved – stop playing 20m off the ball
pcaman2003: @Seuss. Ziebell and Cunners well down tonight. They both need to lift big time.
DrSeuss: Yep – just doesnt look like they are interested in close.
heppelitis: essendon slkaughtered their mids last time..was not expecting we would dominate there without hepp
BigChief: Is Shiel injured or just have a spud day?
Stikman35: Shiel is special
duckky: Special Spud
DrSeuss: Oh great Ziebell moved forward now ugh
pcaman2003: Clarke has his arms all over Cunnington,but apparently not frees.
Breezey: To state the obvious but there is a big score coming from Ben Brown
duckky: That was a goal!
pcaman2003: Norf are self destructing here.
DrSeuss: Shaw better give Ziebell and Cunnington a spray at 3qtr time – they are useless today
pcaman2003: 8 point qtr Cunnington,you star. FFS!
jbjimmyjb: since i brought cunnington in: 59, 146, 89, 46*
BRAZZERS: lol cunners was on 33sc at 1/4 time lmao
FLOG: brown hooker to get a spraying too
pcaman2003: @jimmy. I got him the week after the 146. Regretting now of course. Tagged both weeks too which doesn’t help.
DrSeuss: Ziebell is one of my only uniques across all of my leagues. Hoorah
hinsch: jbjimmy feeling your pan got Hurn in did nothing, then Houli did nothing now Sicilly did nothing forces you to drink
pcaman2003: When Guelfi outscores your premiums,it hurts
BigChief: When Z. Clarke outscores anyone it hurts.
duckky: When is Worsfold going to rest Fantasia? He is still playing injured.
DrSeuss: Or Clarke on the bench outscoring Ziebell
burger01: Brought Zurhaar in after 108 – got 81, 44, 40 before finally getting 112 the other week and hopefully ~90 today…
Chelskiman: Umps need to go back to school. They pay 7m kicks but call play on for 20m kicks.
greshprinc: Of course I bring in Hurley this week, flowering bullshower
Catatafish: Can someone please kneecap that inbred cunt, Ben Brown.
TheOnyas: Onya Clarkey
BigChief: Keep going BB. Show them where your 2nd head was.
pcaman2003: Clarke is the new DeBoer. Hate them both
BigChief: Draw incoming?
Breezey: Come on Norf
Chelskiman: Wow, what a finish!
pcaman2003: Cunners 18pts over 3/4’s. Super spud. Can’t shake a tag,period.
BigChief: Yet another great game to watch. Been 3 good games this round
BRAZZERS: lol youre such a sook lmfao
Breezey: Let’s hope the Crows can compete against the Suns then Big Chief
DrSeuss: At least Cunners was tagged. Ziebell just crapped the bed
BigChief: wow 159 from Tarrant.
duckky: No way Brown was BOG
BigChief: Rather the Suns belt them so the Blues fans can argue with the Crows fans 🙂
DarkHorseR: Tarrant was taking a mark every 10sec as the Bombers literally bombed it in the last few minutes.

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