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Chat log from R17 of 2019: Geelong vs St Kilda

Chat log for Geelong vs St Kilda, R17 of 2019

Tomahawk36: Jack Henry Isn’t on the list^
DrSeuss: Come on Marshall – smash Stanley
PlungeMe: all 5(6 if including bye) weeks ive had marshall hes been common – first week POD expecting 75
DrSeuss: Marshall getting no possies or tackles so far – he should come good (fingers crossed)
Breezey: Suns are gunna get a bath here if they don’t start marking up
Breezey: Sorry wrong game
LMartos: Marshall would be on 35 if his 2 clangers were effective, 2 bad i50 kicks
Raspel31: Whoops- stayed at the pub too long and stuck with you as Cap Danger. Do me proud.
PlungeMe: danger gets looked after doesnt he
Lynch_MOB: relax marshall will ton up easily
TheOnyas: Onya Clarky
Apachecats: Evening all ,just home from Ess v NM ,go Walla ,you wee ripper!
original: Stewart please don’t get beaten by clark
Raspel31: Was that not a thing of beauty Apache.
Ash777: walla just added another 100k to his contract
PlungeMe: took grundy as VC but had the C on marshall
BigChief: Keep going Steele man
Gelly: just put the superman on marshal now
DrSeuss: Tuohy has been terrible – give Stewart the ball you useless knob
Stikman35: Keep going saints
Lynch_MOB: the ferals are restless
StuL: If we lose this get rid of Scott. Never win a flag with that fake.
PlungeMe: where are those cats fans a few weeks ago saying port fans were feral
original: Stewart where are you
StuL: Port ARE feral!
PlungeMe: i didnt say we werent – i said every home ground fan is
beerent11: Evening boys and
BigChief: Saints players better not go near Ablett or they will get an elbow to the head.
original: StuL I’ve thought Scott was an ordinary coach for a while given your list. Fluke first yr
DrSeuss: Geelong backs not looking for Stewart it seems original – rushing too much back there
StuL: Geelong people are lovely. Apart from the rapists and murderers.
Apachecats: Rasp ,dead set best game I’ve been to in quite a while.
StuL: I don’t think Geelong crowd is rough generally. But Geelong itself is rough as f
MONEY TALK: mckenzie is playing fwd m0nty
Apachecats: Go VC danger!!
PlungeMe: usually because the umps go geelongs way at gmhba – nothing to be mad about
bushranger: Has Stewart scred this qtr?
bushranger: scored
DrSeuss: Nope nothing for Stewart this quarter
original: Bushranger only if you count scaling backwards I think
DrSeuss: Finally they looked for Stewart – 1 mark 1 kick for the qtr
J.Worrall: pedal harder, m0nty!
original: Will bscott do anything different, or have someone tag?
DrSeuss: Need to get rid of Tuohy – he is getting useless back there
pcaman2003: Lift Clark and pass 70 please.
beerent11: Why did Sicily score so low today? Been moving into new digs and didn’t see any footy. Did he play fwd?
Raspel31: Phew, the stupid gamble to shift cap from Grundy to Danger might yet pay off.
AuroraBore: Didn’t play forward beerent, i’m worried Birchall disrupts him
original: How’s that not deliberate sheesh
beerent11: That was a stupid gamble rasp. Good luck.
Stikman35: Sicily doubled his score in 4th qtr. He stank.
beerent11: Cheers aurora
bushranger: Just a normal Sicily stinker, he will score 120 next week
AuroraBore: I did the same Rasp, i needed an edge in my H2H, we both had Grundy VC
Raspel31: Was looking for pod against tough opp beer.
beerent11: Cheers stikman
bushranger: Stewart sleepy again, big last qtr coming hopefully
beerent11: Looks like a good call now
pcaman2003: C’mon’re moving backwards.
Chelskiman: At least Stewart is lowish because Marshall is destroying me.
Chelskiman: Of course as I say that Stewart gets a ton of points.
bushranger: Marshall is having a sensational year
TigerKid_A: Stewart getting tagged? Fuck off
original: Great qtr Stewart
MONEY TALK: yea mckenzie is onl good for one thing and thats running
BigChief: Would like a 40-50 point qtr please Steele man
pcaman2003: At least get your low projection Clark.
Ash777: coffield with the double shield
MONEY TALK: i love marshall
Apachecats: Guessing a 152 SC for VC Danger.
The39Steps: Cats have double the frees. Umps afraid the bogans will riot if the opposition get too many.
Nuffman: so Sad I missed the Rowan train
Raspel31: Don’t put the jinx on Apache.
Apachecats: reckon I went a bit low rasp.
VodkaHawk: Definitely FreeKickGeelong
DrSeuss: Ok Stewart – dont be afraid to junk it up back there
Grimes Jr: btw what happened to hanners
Stikman35: Tuoy looks average.
Raspel31: Hope you did Apache- I’ve capped The Danger.
Ash777: if kelly keepps getting tagged each week it’s probably time to look elsewhere
circle52: Question and think I am right I have e on Young who did not play and e on Hoff so I should get Hoffs score correct
hamstring: yeah u will get hoffs
Raspel31: That’s how it works circle.
VodkaHawk: Yep Circle
berniebern: er no. You get the lowest of the 2 so you get the 0
circle52: Will be on for Gardiner to take Dangers VC
pcaman2003: Gee! Saints letting Danger buttflower them
DrSeuss: Come on Telly and Stewart – dont stop now
hamstring: no because young didnt get 0 he got dnp
original: Go stewy
BigChief: No correct @ bernie. Circle will get Hoff’s score as Young did not play. Only get the lowest playing score.
circle52: Thanks BigChief
BigChief: I mean not correct. And you’re welcome Circle
Raspel31: Someone was just being clever circle.
pcaman2003: Terrible 2nd half Clark with only 19 points. NGE!
AuroraBore: @raspel looks like danger C was a good call after all
original: Quintessential Billings

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