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Chat log from R17 of 2019: Hawthorn vs Fremantle

Chat log for Hawthorn vs Fremantle, R17 of 2019

drfrazzll: come on fyfey
Chelskiman: Sicily, Fyfe and Worps in this one. All unique in one of my match ups so a big game for me!
BigChief: I see this being bad for Freo
BigChief: How can Birchall be -3 from 0 TOG?
original: standard ryan
original: bigchief amazing lol
pcaman2003: But CD are never!
pcaman2003: Great to see
pcaman2003: great to see Birchall back
drfrazzll: go hulk today fyfe
Chelskiman: Come on, Siciliy, don’t go back to being a spud.
DrSeuss: Wonder how much Birchalls return will effect Sicily
pcaman2003: Just need a big qtr with the breeze now.
drfrazzll: looks like it is Seuss, Birchall taking kickouts.
drfrazzll: keep going like this sicily, just perfect
original: lets go ryan
BigChief: Cmon Blakely. Lift.
drfrazzll: nooooooo fyfe
jbjimmyjb: remember when there were talks of freo being a top 4 team
Jackwatt$: m0nty has given Sicily the cog instead of wings so yes it will effect him. But don’t worry Birch will be injured soon.
original: remember when Luke ryan was a top 5 defender? whats happened in the last month
Chelskiman: Fyfe back out there!
StuL: Come on Worpedo. An actual ton this time please.
jbjimmyjb: original I traded him in
BestCoast: Ross Lyon is a flog coach super defensive flower flog
VodkaHawk: Birch finally back after 2 years and you’re calling an injury on him, nice one jackwatts.. muppet
J_Herer: Fyfe goes for me next week in AF, tagged, one game from season ending injury
drfrazzll: not so fast herer, stil a half to go
Chelskiman: Nice one, Fyfe!
FLOG: @vodka +1
original: @jbjimmy lol, hes actually going ok hey, im just nervy
J_Herer: Fyfe goes for me, just hanging on and getting a tag each, poor blokes work load is massive each week
Chelskiman: Stop giving away frees, Sicily. Your score is shit as it is!
heppelitis: everyones trading fyfey whilst hes banging on the goals haha
BigChief: Cmon Ross, put Blakely into the middle to help Fyfe.
drfrazzll: phat atlas coming fyfes wau
J_Herer: Every time i say trade he kicks a goal, Fyfe you will be traded next week!!!!
VodkaHawk: Looks like Fyfe heard that he’s on the chopping block.. goes bang bang :/
Rebuild: I think Fyfe’s got it covered
Chelskiman: Since Herer said he was gonna trade Fyfe he’s kicked two goals and got a htb, lol.
heppelitis: hes on track for 190 sc
BestCoast: Trading Fyfe now that’s intellectually challenged
drfrazzll: I love fyfe
J_Herer: yep, I will trade you Fyfe!
BigChief: That’s poor from the goal umpire. No need for a review.
pcaman2003: FFS Hawks,get moving and score some goals.
VodkaHawk: Must have been a good jab in the rooms for Fyfey
Chelskiman: lmao, keep trading out Fyfe, Herer!
Torz: Def trading Fyfe next week
VodkaHawk: That’s it Breust and Lewis, I’m trading you next week
Fatbar5tad: Amazing stuff from Fyfe
drfrazzll: Purple superman for fyfe?
heppelitis: from tombstone to superman in 5 mins
pcaman2003: Damn you Fyfe.
Grimes Jr: Wtf fyfe u freak Ur a pod for me as well
Stikman35: Can worpel get a ton
J_Herer: Sicily next on the hit list, Sicily to Whitfield will be my other AF trade if this continues!
Pokerface: good call frazz. bring out the wharfie time!
Fatbar5tad: Savingva goal now
heppelitis: fyfe got freo on his bung shoulder..hand also holding scicily up for me
Lynch_MOB: wow fyfe has put the team on his back here and taking over
StAnselm: What happened to the purple cape? Shouldn’t Fyfe get that?
drfrazzll: there it is Stan.
pcaman2003: Poor qtr Hawks. Lift FGS next half.
Catatafish: Sicily just lost 8 points? He must have fucked the stats guy’s wife
StAnselm: Thank you 🙂
Jackwatt$: The wharfie cape! Great call m0nty! Has the wharfie cape ever come out for Fyfe before?
drfrazzll: yes, last year jack
Jackwatt$: Fyfe is the definition of untaggable. Even De Beor didn’t bother going to him
JockMcPie: Jeez just give Fyfe the atlas already
burger01: Fyfe tons up 4 mins into third… 40 points clear of the nearest teammate
pcaman2003: Fyfe will get 180+ cause my opponent has him,so guaranteed.
original: cmon ryan
BigChief: How has Birchall played in comeback? Not been watching.
drfrazzll: i think im going to buy a fleshlight and attach a photo of fyfe to it
FLOG: you can make one @fraz (my days inside Wandsworth)
StuL: True back pocket Big Chief. Can’t imagine big numbers.
original: drfrazzll just get a tattoo on your hand
pcaman2003: @Chief. Fairly quiet and low TOG too. Probably adjusting to the pace of the game
drfrazzll: yeh fair enough
BigChief: Cheers guys.
FLOG: birch scoring more than sicily
Catatafish: Wakey fucking wakey Sicily
pcaman2003: You can join in now Sicily.You too Ryan
pcaman2003: Hawks playing like the Keystone Cops. Totally flowered.
Catatafish: You better have a 50 point last quarter, Sicily, you angry, pasty man.
StuL: Could have got Newman but no. Sicily having one of his bad kermit days.
FLOG: going ok birchy
Catatafish: Thought it was highway robbery getting Sicily in before last week’s game. Nope.
StuL: If the q is could Birchall be SC relevant though? I would say not.
Fatbar5tad: Sicily you flog.
pcaman2003: I brought Sicily in prior to game,so sorry people.
jbjimmyjb: sicily with only 3 marks somehow, usually gets 10
vartic: Man I’d give my left nut to go back in time and reverse that trade in for Mundy about 7 weeks ago
Chelskiman: He needs to get involved in some junk. Hopefully the Hawks get out to a big enough lead.
original: go ryan go
jbjimmyjb: ryan and sicily have both been terrible since everyone got them after their bye
Catatafish: 0 point quarter, well done you mong, Sicily
FLOG: insult to mongs
BestCoast: Sicily last week promise the world this week gives us an atlas
duckky: What odds Worpol to stay below 90
Chelskiman: If Sicily has given up I need 110 from Worpal and 150 from Fyfe.
Ash777: sorry ppl I broke sicily by trading him in.
drfrazzll: The birch effect ladies and gentlemen
FLOG: worple to finish on 99
heppelitis: go worps and fyfe make up for suckily
hamstring: worpel still wont get 100
Lawls: i also brought in sicily today
duckky: Worpol – last quarter specialist
Chelskiman: Sicily drops a mark when he’s in 40m of space. Typical.
pcaman2003: @drfrazzll. Sicily 21% more time on ground over Birchall,so no excuse really. Sicily just having a crap day
StuL: Sicily still the intercept role and Birchall Back pocket. Shouldn’t matter.
BigChief: Sicily you spud. Just started watching and you drop a sitter
Crave: big ol Atlas for Fyfe
jbjimmyjb: time to go have a break worpel no ton for you
circle52: anyone brave enough to c or vc fyfe.
BigChief: I put VC on Cripps, So Gawn will be my C
jbjimmyjb: i think VC sloane, C macrae
circle52: I have gone left field Danger into Bont
BRAZZERS: oh boy glad im not one of the muppets with sicily lol
pcaman2003: 2 consecutive incorrect disposals not frees?
Chelskiman: These frees against for Sicily hurt.
Stikman35: Grundy worth taking?
Chelskiman: Hey, Brazzy, how you doing today, mate?
Stikman35: Worps getting close
circle52: I give up trying to work out incorrect disposals this year
Raspel31: I stuck with Grundy Stikman though Fyfe looking nice.
Stikman35: I’m tempted with danger…..
BRAZZERS: Thanks Fyfe, took the risk vcing you instead of Grundy. Good times
Chelskiman: Nice VC choice, Brazzy! You did well, mate.
Stikman35: Ton worp
PlungeMe: worpel has had 2 touches for 0 points on 99
BigChief: Worpel will be scaled down under 100
RoughRed: The Birch is Back!
pcaman2003: Fyfes score continually jumping up and nowhere near the ball. WTF!
Raspel31: Couple of tackles weren’t scored earlier pcaman.
PowerBug: it’s called scaling…
duckky: Worpol made 100?
pcaman2003: @Power. This is over the past 8 minsand score gone gradually up by 9 pts
thesilentl: Henderson star over Fyfe? Come on now…..
pcaman2003: Welcome back Birch. Good comeback game
PowerBug: Yes, it’s called scaling
Pokerface: does pcaman still not get scaling, even after being told every week?

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