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Chat log from R17 of 2019: Sydney vs Carlton

Chat log for Sydney vs Carlton, R17 of 2019

BigChief: I did something stupid and tipped Carlton.
jbjimmyjb: get heeney in the midfield ffs
Grimes Jr: go setters
LMartos: Is Cripps disposals efficiency broken, I watched him handball to a team mate
Catatafish: Go Setterflog.
original: this camera work is woeful
Chelskiman: Opponent naturally has Setterfield.
DrSeuss: Setterfield on Fire. Anyone still have him?
StuL: Yea, Dr, on the bench,
PowerBug: I have him M9, but was planning on Kelly -> Macrae… He keeps this up I’ll hold the trade for a week!
Grimes Jr: henry back to his best
Grimes Jr: heeney*
DrSeuss: See if he keeps it up
PowerBug: I’m not expecting it
Lynch_MOB: well nah have 22 prems already, but i hope setters double tons
drfrazzll: shouldnt you be doing your global homework james?
jbjimmyjb: none of that here thanks oscar
BigChief: Holiday for Dawson?
drfrazzll: Ed curnow of 2018 back?
original: probably not too bad a hit but arm tuck looked bad
jbjimmyjb: curnow scores well when he doesn’t have to tag
oc16: pretty sure it isn’t Goddard’s first game
BigChief: Correct oc. He played 10 for Saints
Lynch_MOB: correct, played a bunch for the saints i remember
BigChief: Dow down in rooms doing concussion test
jbjimmyjb: well heeney was on 12 at QT time last week, so surely he ends up on 130 again
Lynch_MOB: did aliir get injured?
Evan_Bryce: Correct, lads. First game in the navy blue but had a handful with St Kilda.
BigChief: Donuts for Kennedy, Lang and Jones
StuL: Carlton, where Geelong discards go to die. Lang, next.
BigChief: More GWS discards there StuL
Jackwatt$: Spot on Evan. But not to be confused with his brother Brendan who played a lot of games for Saints
DrSeuss: Setters still going well considering only 6 possessions
BigChief: They not brothers Jack, they are cousins.
original: StuL who you giving us next year?
Jackwatt$: Keep pedalling Evan, we are almost going down here
StuL: I reckon you can have Parsons Original. )
Jackwatt$: Tim Kelly to Carlton and David Teague to Geelong. That’s fair.. Finally no Scott bros
StuL: Cockatoo maybe to keep the doctors busy.
BigChief: How about Cockatoo or Smith @Original?
original: HAHA i was going to suggest cockatoo. or hendo lol
Raspel31: Rather chuffed I didn’t give up in Crippsy.
BigChief: You want Henderson back? LOL
Chelskiman: Setterfield is actually starting to annoy me now.
BigChief: Goddard having concussion test now
original: wasn’t saying i want hendo back, more likely the type of quality gee player we get
StuL: Parsons is probably a bit too good. Tearing up VFL just not AFL yet. But has potential.
BigChief: fair enough original 🙂
J_Herer: Season over for Sydney if they cant win this
StuL: Lang has a new role apparently? Delisted free agent I would have thought
original: narkle?
StuL: He’s a possible O. 6 kicks a game. He might kick a goal a game though so again, too good?
original: how legit is walsh
StuL: Wishing I kept Walsh now. Defence needed cash injection though
TigerKid_A: narkle would be perfect for blues as a small forward
dipstick: cripps VS bloods… american gangbangers wouldnt know what the fucks going on here
BigChief: Walsh has had an awesome 1st year. Surely he win Rising Star.
BigChief: Goddard out. Possible fractured cheekbone.
original: goddard off to hospital. unlucky
VodkaHawk: Walsh should be a lock, but stranger things have happened. E.g. McGrath won instead of Burton
Bevo11: hes useless.
Pokerface: that was far from stranger vodka. not much stranger has happened.
TigerKid_A: I love stack but walsh has to win it
original: as a cfc fan i’d say hogan winning over cripps but youd expect me to
original: tru stack has been excellent
Chelskiman: If it wasn’t for Walsh I think Stack would be the favourite. Walsh is a genuine superstar though,not just a rising star
VodkaHawk: Stack is alright, but nowhere near Walsh and Rozee
BigChief: Walsh 1 game under 20 disp is brilliant. Clear winner.
original: rowbottom scored 33 so far this qtr please go home pfft
VodkaHawk: @original, I agree, Cripps should have won
heppelitis: ffs heeney make a tiny bit of effort to keep with walsh
BestCoast: Heeney squat pissing again
TigerKid_A: vodka u r dreaming if you think rozee is better than stack. Walsh clearly on top tho
original: can’t wait to luxury trade heeney out
BigChief: Walsh, Stack, Rozee top 3 IMO
TigerKid_A: unpopular opinion but i think duursma has been better than rozee
Catatafish: Come on Setterfield, don’t slow down.
jbjimmyjb: heeney 4 points for the quarter
Stikman35: Hasn’t Bailey Scott kicked on since nom.
jbjimmyjb: stik to be fair, Scott’s copped 2-3 injuries since
burger01: Stik yeah, he’s been my captain for a few weeks in a row now 😉
original: would love a bs free in front of goal. but we’re not sydney
BigChief: hahahaha original and it’s in Sydney so no chance.
Gandhi: @Stikman35 it’s hard to kick on when you’re injured
FLOG: cmon heeney, big push to 60
original: harry mckays kicking used to be his strength
dipstick: blues premiers 2021
Stikman35: I’m sorry for not being aware he was injured. Xx
BigChief: Isn’t his marking his strength original?
original: bigchief. first it was his hair, then his muscles, then his kicking, then his marking
BigChief: So glad I traded Heeney months ago.
original: hows that not HTB cmon
BigChief: Hahaha that’s funny original
BigChief: Not the HTb comment, the other 1
BestCoast: Keep it in your pants Dipstick
Stikman35: Lloyd.cmon man cmon.
jbjimmyjb: about time heeney
dipstick: @BC too late already out
BestCoast: Judd publicly said Carlton won’t consider Teague for job full time very disrespectful
original: lol bestcoast not quite
BigChief: That’s old news BestCoast.
BestCoast: Dipstick it would be like you won lotto 4 wins of recent times yeee haaa
original: delib cmon cripps nearly there
BestCoast: Sorry BigChief only heard it yesterday
BigChief: NP Coast. Judd said it Monday. And it was a tough but correct call original
Jackwatt$: If David Teague isn’t coach somewhere next year it’s crazy!
BigChief: Blues are panicking. Just bombing it forward and not looking for a team mate.
duckky: Cripps – you can’t make 140 if you keep going backwards
BigChief: Newman for star @Evan
AlbySmedtz: Da
BestCoast: Agreed BigChief Newman definitely star
AlbySmedtz: Da da
amigaman: How does a bloke as big as Setterfield vanish. Haven’t seen him at even one contest last qtr.
pcaman2003: Heeney the spud hasn’t moved in ages.
duckky: Dang … C Gawn it will be
amigaman: Hah, there he is
BigChief: Can’t believe I tipped Carlton and they won LOL

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