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Chat log from R17 of 2019: West Coast vs Collingwood

Chat log for West Coast vs Collingwood, R17 of 2019

J.Worrall: Go Grunders!
Yelse: Who’s Vc Grundy. Thinking danger into Gawn
Apachecats: going Danger into Macrae yelse.
Yelse: Worried of Nic Nat
Apachecats: same here yelse.
hinsch: If Nic Nat has a big game has to be Brownlow favourite
Bevo11: grundy into danger
BigChief: I went Cripps into Dangerfield.
Sixty656: Eagles by a shit ton!
hinsch: Grundy into Coniglo
jbjimmyjb: nic nat is all over grundy in the ruck early
Apachecats: Grundy getting monstered early.
hinsch: ic nat will take a break soon
Gelly: nic nat is molesting him
frenzy: who brought in Crisp and broke him
Grimes Jr: haha thats cox done for the night. won’t touch it again
jbjimmyjb: great start crisp and quaynor 🙂
Jackwatt$: Good eVening m0nty. Why is the * on Noble if he hasn’t kicked a goal yet?
Phasir: Grundy only has to worry about NicNat for half a game, will destroy both Hickey and NicNat around the ground anyway
jbjimmyjb: jack there’s a glitch where the first gamers are getting *, happened last week too
Grimes Jr: brought turn in this week!
Jackwatt$: Ok thanks for clearing that up Jimmy. Fix the glitch please m0nty
Gotigres: So did i Grimes
Gotigres: Nice start Cameron. If you score 80+ i will loophole you in for Derek Smith
poolboybob: Cameron’s last 6 kicks have all been goals
Gotigres: Ground sprayed with Dew reducing liquid
NugzNiggle: Man oh Man Hurn has been good for me since trading him in…
Grimes Jr: kick more fucking points pies so hurn actually touches it
jbjimmyjb: champion data feel sorry for crisp
Chelskiman: Ok, Crisp, you’ve made us all sweat it’s time to get some touches.
Gotigres: Great stuff Cameron
Grimes Jr: nice one cox!
original: Didn’t take Cameron all those weeks ago. Damn
FLOG: stay low hurn
poolboybob: Wonder what the record is for most consecutive kicks resulting in goals
Grimes Jr: thoughts on chris mayne west coast supporters
original: That’s not contact below knees ffs
Grimes Jr: mayne tagging hurn. flog
Bennyherb: Fuck gaff wtf is he doing broken neck or what
happytimes: How do you have 76 disposal % with 3 goals straight
nick2397: Mayne the shittruck is the master of dragging opponents down to his level
original: Happy times it’s TOG
BigChief: What are you on about happytimes?
Gotigres: that’s % time on ground Happytimes
thesilentl: West coast umps out in force, pies players being shoved under marking contests
original: Nic nat is sc crazy wow half a qtr
happytimes: Oh thanks gotigres
Gotigres: Cameron to give the cape back
DrSeuss: Hmmm Hurn – please improve
dipstick: NicNAts SC score just proves the flaw in the SC scoring system LOL
J_Herer: Crisp having a mare!
cmperrfect: CD have a new luv child
heppelitis: my fault. welcome to my team potato crisp
Team Flog: If Cameron keeps going who do i loophole out of the midfield?
Grimes Jr: Can mayne fuck off hurn the useless muppet
Bevo11: hurn and houli. impulse pickups
Phasir: Disgusting, Collingwood bias umpiring. Letting those maggots get away with murder
Grimes Jr: looks like hurn playing higher up the ground
JockMcPie: this umpiring is disgustingly west coast favoured
DrSeuss: Just when I thought I couldn’t like Chris Mayne less – he tags Hurn – piss off muppet
arbel: Pull another one mcjock been pretty wven
Bevo11: nothing wrong with umpiring.
original: Dw lads hurn to score 100
DrSeuss: I wish I was as confident as you original
bones351: Is Cripps 100% done? That’s the end of my multi if he is. 🙁
original: Hurn what the hell was that don’t make a liar out of me
BigChief: I think this 1 of the best umpired games all year so far.
Bevo11: hasnt hit 100 for weeks
BigChief: @bones, yep he is done.
Gotigres: He prob won’t get another kick Team Flog
JockMcPie: tbh havent noticed the umps, just balancing the comments haha
Grimes Jr: chris mayne you are a genuine flog
TheMessiah: @jock you are completely correct tho mate
jbjimmyjb: wtf is the point of playing nic nat when his tog is so low
bones351: Thanks BC. Bloody annoying as everything else is looking good.
Breezey: Seriously Hurn cannot be very good if he cannot get away from Mayne.
Catatafish: Want to give Hurn some points now Supershit?
BOMBRBLITZ: Crocker is a Crock of sh1t
BigChief: The kid can’t miss.
JockMcPie: Why the fuck do we even play Crocker holy shit
J_Herer: Crisp stole a +6 from Grundy!
Gotigres: But i could be wrong Team Flog 🙂
DrSeuss: Why do Collingwood players ignore Treloar? Then get tackled and lose the ball FFS
Jackwatt$: Blue & Yellow cape icon just for Cameron, m0nty?
BigChief: Moore done also. Done Hammy
Breezey: Moore done for the night
jbjimmyjb: moore done
Gotigres: Moore hamstring
cmperrfect: Moore done for a month
wadaramus: Carn Grundy, scope for a big score here man!
Jackwatt$: You could say Crocker is having a shocker!
DrSeuss: Again Philips ignores Treloar and kicks to West Coast WTF
Grimes Jr: moore out for the tigs game in 2 weeks. thanks very much
jbjimmyjb: crisp and quaynor, please wtf
BOMBRBLITZ: Hurn looking more and more like Spok
arbel: I love how cox pushes people anit up like hes
MercAm: Kermit for Crocker
J_Herer: donut for Barrass
poolboybob: Cox blue moon
MercAm: @Jock I know right he is a moron
hinsch: I am struggling with defenders every week have one out injured
BigChief: Permanent kermit for Crocker.
PlungeMe: what do you reckon cameron needs for me to take him over worpel? 70?
Grimes Jr: trust hurn to get a free kick and the advantage to be taken
beerent11: Some pretty handy indigenous talent at west coast
thesilentl: Eagles for the flag if they can get these umps every week
JockMcPie: Crocker should have a ’23’ icon coz he’s basically playing for the other team
NugzNiggle: Anyone else having issues with the ads popping up and screwing the page?
beerent11: Worpel always goes 85-95
poolboybob: Lol break out the cheese, here comes the whine!
wadaramus: Mate, NugzNiggle,get used to it!
Tig-Train: Haven’t seen much wrong with umpiring…
Phasir: Redden must have walked under a ladder before the game, getting some savage treatment by the umps
arbel: @silent. You just got a cheap holding the ball and last 4 frees when Ryan and darling chopped arms and nothing
Catatafish: For fucks sake Grundles, kick it to the pack!
BigChief: Why wasn’t that 50 against WC? Kicked the ball away and then NicNat encroaches?
Grimes Jr: come on hurn 45 half time
beerent11: Umpiring’s been fine, just pies supporters being pies supporters
arbel: The umpiring has been pretty decent this game. 1 or 2 either way but nothing one sided
original: AT 0 turnovers. Was wondering why his sc was higher than normal
MercAm: @beerent what u mean, umpiring has been fine
beerent11: Nic Nat manhandling grundy
original: Hurn plz play on from kick ins cmon
BigChief: @Merc the umpiring has been good for once.
beerent11: Umpiring has been fine mercam. I didn’t stutter
BOMBRBLITZ: much better Crispy
MercAm: What an effort by greenwood
JockMcPie: fucks sake we needed a late one
BigChief: Great game to watch.
beerent11: Gonna be some big tonnes in this at games end
pcaman2003: Looks like Grundy will be my safe VC again for the loop.
Phasir: Greenwood bringing out the dirty cheap shots as per usual
thesilentl: Umpiring is terrible. Pies getting zero reward. WC 6 free inside 50
TheMessiah: Don’t know what everyone is talking about. Umpiring is never fine in WA. Hasn’t been for years. We all fkn know this
Bevo11: its not just WA. eagles have been g etting cheap frees in front of goals for years
BigChief: Take your Black and White goggles off @Silent.
Phasir: “Getting no reward” beside the 3 goals straight from free kicks lmao, cry a river
hinsch: J Cameron needs to step up need 100+ to loophole, D. Moore gone so need some help somewhere
Jackwatt$: Hey m0nty I predicted Mihocek to be 75 at halftime. Can I have a purple name please?
VodkaHawk: Yes Hurn, bit of a jerk move. Just take 2 extra steps and get that kick added to your stats -.-
arbel: @silent you are so far off… pies also got 5 out of last 6 frees
Spiv: Good game so far. I don’t mind losing as long as the Pies put in the effort, I can’t stand being non-competitive
TheMessiah: @arbel. The number means nothing when they are given in bad areas and missed in crucial areas
Stikman35: Crocker can only get better which is a positive going forward.
Phasir: Quality assessment, @freekickhawthornMessiah
arbel: Like when darling got his arms chopped and nothing called. Umps are never going to be perfect unfortunately
thesilentl: Love everyone claiming the umpiring is fine because it’s against the pies
thesilentl: Everyone knows umpiring is horrendous in the west
Spiv: I go for the Pies and I think the umpiring has been fine
kano: dry your eyes princess
m0nty: I hate both teams and I think the umpiring has been fine
BigChief: The umpiring has been shit all year, but this game has been good.
Stikman35: Umpiring fine. Just dudes can’t hold marks or hit handballs straight or fall over. Not bothered. Pies are average.
VodkaHawk: @phasir, oh the irony..
Phasir: I thought so, @vodkahawk
VodkaHawk: Fun fact – All time lowest free kicks for/against %….. Hawthorn
VodkaHawk: Highest….. Bulldogs, but WC 2nd
Grimes Jr: collingwood tend to go pretty well with the umps – just their supporters that make it seem like they are mistreated
Phasir: Imagine how much worse that would be if WCE played 18 games at their home ground a season like Collingwood & Hawthorn!
VodkaHawk: Last 19 years…. Hawks have only had a better free kick for% than WC….. once
Phasir: Refer back to home ground comment, @vodkahawk 🙂
Grimes Jr: someone hit mayne pls
pcaman2003: 3 Pie players and not 1 went up with Darling .Very poor!
VodkaHawk: I’m sure Pies, Hawks and all other Vic teams apologize for there being 9(10 if you count geelong)other Vic teams
VodkaHawk: Totally agree Grimes
twinpeaks: The rest of us hate all of the Hawks, Pies and WCE. On with the game please!
Phasir: No point counting Geelong in that as their home games get moved to MCG to suit the bigger Vic teams
JockMcPie: Yeah we just need 10 teams per state and then Eagles can have more “home” games lmfao
beerent11: Yo yo you fucking champion
BigChief: Keep going Mayne. Need Hurn under 70 please.
J_Herer: Poor kick to Hurn, cost an easy +6
arbel: Grundy not going up against nic nat in ruck?letting him just hit it
VodkaHawk: Hurn can stay under 70, as long as he gets 20+ Disposals, lol
Phasir: NicNat a lock for a ruck spot in SC next year surely
BigChief: @Vodka that’s a good deal. I will take that 🙂
original: Do something hurn
Raspel31: Ah- the wonderful beauty of NBN- improving our lives daily. Evening all- 10 minutes to connect. Go Grundy.
DrSeuss: Tag Hurn but let Gaff run free – top decision
twinpeaks: Got Hurn in this week. Sigh.
twinpeaks: Also, anyone else feel Eagles go back to back in a canter? If anything, much better than last year
Apachecats: Evening rasp.
Stikman35: Mihocek – 20 for that useless kick.
BigChief: Cats v Weagles GF for me.
poolboybob: Cactus for Kennedy
original: Intercept mark and effective kick doesn’t get u much sc these days
Grimes Jr: eagles can beat anyone at the G. pumped collingwood in r3
Raspel31: Evening Apache. Kept my finger off the trade button this week- you?
DrSeuss: Someone take out Mayne useless muppet
Apachecats: Got 7 left rasp ,will go Hore to Hanrahan and maybe Logue to LLoyd.
original: Take three more steps hurn! That’s all we ask!!
Jackwatt$: Eagles won flag without Gaff and Naitinui. Be afraid, be very afraid
Apachecats: Also considering Simpkin Rasp ,playing a new role at north.
JockMcPie: Eagles will walk to another flag this year, if they don’t itll be the biggest choke
beerent11: Yep still think wce are the best side in it
Jackwatt$: Any Intel on Hanrhan m0nty? You’re supposed to be my assistant coach and you’ve given me nothing except fanplanner & pr
DrSeuss: Agreed Original – just 1 step outside the box.
Jackwatt$: Fanplanner & Projected Round 1 teams both 5 years ago!
Jackwatt$: I miss having Myles Sewell at m9 until the real thing opens up!
poolboybob: Grundy has stopped scoring
beerent11: Can’t believe how well Nic Nat is going against grundy after missing so much footy. Superstar.
Bevo11: grundy letting a lot down on vc
NugzNiggle: Little salty there Jock.
Raspel31: This is WC at home against an injury hit Collingwood- GWS or Cats for my money.
jbjimmyjb: 3rd quarter: quaynor 5 points, crisp 7 points, grundy 10 points… great
Phasir: How can J.Cameron’s SC be so low?
JockMcPie: @Nugz nah they’re looking very good, and they’re building form again, scary for all 17 other teams
beerent11: Gws don’t win enough games against top 8 teams imo
Raspel31: Ps- in this brief interlude let us all raise a glass and celebrate England’s crushing victory in the cricket yesterday
Bevo11: 9 possies 2 clangers. hasnt done a heap besides those goals
Bevo11: GWS last month has been shocking
NugzNiggle: Not wrong mate. As mentioned. They were missing some key cogs last year too.
JockMcPie: Man I was feeling sad about this game and then remembered Kohli choking the semis, now I feel great
NugzNiggle: I don’t play SC but why is Gaff’s that low?
Jackwatt$: @Niggle. Because SC don’t like outside runner’s. They only give a few points for uncontested possessions and ignore
Pokerface: i think that was kennedy getting a kick?
Apachecats: Nearest the pin on Grundy ,I’ll go 128.
Grimes Jr: quaynor 70 for loop pls
Breezey: We got no hope playing 2 players down
Jackwatt$: The fact he runs 15km per game and quite often gut runs a tagger to get free to get that uncontested possession
VodkaHawk: Lol Jock
hinsch: apachecats go 119 SC
NugzNiggle: No hope no players down Breezey.
Sixty656: Really Hurn. Such a yoyo!
beerent11: Pies really miss the punter in the forward line I reckon
hinsch: J Cameron needs to step up need 100+ to loophole, D. Moore gone so need some help somewhere
Pezza28: 115 sc mate, would love a 128 though
hinsch: Sadly I have Grundy VC so hopefully has a very big last quarter
Grimes Jr: come on hurn. power off to that ton
beerent11: You and 3/4 of the comp hinsch
Chelskiman: Need De Goey to stop. It’s him vs my Quaynor tonight. 🙁
Raspel31: Poor you hinsch- only you and 58% of teams.
beerent11: McRae or Neale for the c if grundy doesn’t get there? Or someone else?
Chelskiman: One of the Dogs. Macrae or Dunks.
Grimes Jr: neale will get tagged by houston
PlungeMe: we brought in sutcliffe specificallly to tag neale i think
cmperrfect: Gawn will murder English
Raspel31: Macrae or Fyfe for me- it’s a toughy.
Chelskiman: Fuck off, De Goey!
Grimes Jr: come on west coast don’t ruin my weekend
dipstick: they reckon T English is Grundy 2.0 in 2 years
beerent11: Any other week Gawn no brainer. Not sure about his fitness.
Pokerface: so will the Kiwis cm.
Apachecats: vc on Danger C on Macrae.
Raspel31: Gawn a late out cmperrfect. Joking.
dipstick: Macrae always go with form
cmperrfect: Nice Poker, nery nice
poolboybob: English gets blown over by a stiff breeze, he sucks
cmperrfect: Why t f is Cox in the ruck?
dipstick: Sheed, if you could smoke the pies from the pocket with a second to go please id be happy
Pokerface: lol dipstick
Pokerface: BT – ‘no winner. but collingwood probably the winner there’
poolboybob: Magnifying glass for all of the Eagles this quarter
Raspel31: Not so sure about back to back premierships now-hmm- and palaying at home?
cmperrfect: Need match winner from Hurn
beerent11: Hurn might still Ton up
dipstick: grundy has to be officially a pig
beerent11: Pies more desperate this qtr
pcaman2003: Wet Toast fans booing at anything and everything like the boy who called “wolf”
poolboybob: I’ll take that score from Grundy, time to engage the loophole
TheLegend6: Grundy going nuts these last 5 minutes
dipstick: @pca cried wolf because he was a whinger
beerent11: Grundy smashes last quarters every week
dipstick: going through the stats Bines is my best C in SC history
Apachecats: Apachecats 128 will get NTP on Grundy.
beerent11: Yep bank it poolboy
Raspel31: So, the worm turns and the weekend is free as Grundy grunts up. Freedom!
Chelskiman: Think Pies have this now.
BRAZZERS: grundy you filthy pig
TheLegend6: Cant stand pies but some win that
Grimes Jr: weekend ruined. What a scum football club
Breezey: Thanks you and get that up ya all the mouths.
BRAZZERS: lol you think mate, only 6 seconds left and you came to that conclusion? lmao
beerent11: As much as it hurts to say. Well played pies.
Chelskiman: Mate, I said it with over a minute to go. The message just came through late. Idiot.
NugzNiggle: Dead set. Umpires handing a team win. Good wrapped.
Breezey: Especially you Grimes. The biggest of all.
BRAZZERS: great win
VodkaHawk: Hurn didn’t play on at least 3 times from kick in… there’s the 20… asshole
JockMcPie: yeah the boys, that’s a season defining win playing one down most of the game and half our best 22 out, good stuff
Fatbar5tad: This Cat says thanks Pies
Phasir: Eddie must have ducked off to the ATM to get some more $$ for the umps at 3/4 time
Grimes Jr: haha can’t wait until friday week
Chelskiman: Anyway, how you going, Brazz? Haven’t seen you in a while, I missed ya, buddy!
Sixty656: Onya Coxy
NugzNiggle: Damn. No one took the bait from my umpires comment haha. Massive win pies. Kudos.
BRAZZERS: alright chelks what ever you say you old cunt
Sixty656: Phlogsir haha
JockMcPie: Great game, I’ll enjoy watching the replay but that wasn’t fun live
Chelskiman: @Brazzy <3
arbel: @ jock eagles were one down too so doesn’t really count

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