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Chat log from R16 of 2019: Carlton vs Melbourne

Chat log for Carlton vs Melbourne, R16 of 2019

Pokerface: white jacket for preuss??
pharace: with buttons at the back preferably
thiccgucci: silvagni or curnow gone to anyone?
th3rio: get in there setterfield
Gelly: man the kicing in this game…
Gelly: kicking*
Pokerface: need a chicken icon for hunt after that
DrSeuss: Just Brayshaw in this game. Let’s hope he gets back to last years form in the midfield
nics: stay low setters
frenzy: C’mon Marty
DrSeuss: Where is Brayshaw playing this week?
Gelly: viney looks different
original: Plowman is dead useless
BigChief: You can see why these 2 teams are bottom 3.
HappyDEZ: Mainly bench again DrSuess.
DrSeuss: WTF – Brayshaw back on the bench already – Either Brayshaw is lazy or Goodwin is a knob.
thiccgucci: hore shoulder injury
Gelly: this game is comical, hopefully the rain comes soon
pcaman2003: FFS Hore bag on 3 clangers so soon. Sigh!
PowerBug: He has no tank
The0Grrr: Yeah. Goodwin is a knob.
Raspel31: What- no Gawn?. Now that’s a surprise.
pcaman2003: If Hore stays off,that would epitomize my whole round. Stuffed!
bushranger: Melb need to do a complete review of EVERYTHING
DrSeuss: Agreed @The0 – Not sure how he still has a job with how Melb have performed this year.
pcaman2003: Oppo has Oliver who is carving up my 87 pt lead.
danmaio: Goodwin is a flog, has to go. He is destroying Brayshaw
BigChief: Cape for TMac?
DrSeuss: Does he have Brayshaw Forward again?
PowerBug: Nah Brayshaw has been in the mids while on the ground
thiccgucci: Brayshaw keeping gawn some company today
nics: brayshaw playing mid bench
HappyDEZ: 1st time off bench Angus half forward. 2nd time out in the guts.
DrSeuss: Thanks PB – Good to know. Although can’t be easy to build consistently when you don’t know your role or TOG each week
pcaman2003: With Hore probably finished,Brayshaw might get extra TOG.
NugzNiggle: Needed a miracle from Dunkley today.
HappyDEZ: Angus a bit stiff to have his only handball deemed ineffective.
TheOnyas: Onya Fritschy
Grimes Jr: hore red cross
Raspel31: Not worried by Gawn being out- have Z Clarke’s mighty 30 to fall back on.
Danstar: Hore done ?
HappyDEZ: To be fair on Goodwin Angus has to start making more of his opportunities.
HappyDEZ: In a sling Danstar so it looks like it.
Valens: Hore arm in sling. Done
duckky: Hore has a fork stuck in him…
m0nty: poor old Hore, that was some kind of bust
duckky: No Gawn? Happily I have the Hoff to make up for Fyfe being C
DrSeuss: To be fair to Angus – imagine turning up to play each week not knowing where you are playing after killing it in mids
Tig-Train: He going to drop heaps… knew I should have got rid of him this week :/
Danstar: Sweet. Traded him out this week and opponent has him on field too
amigaman: Hate to see any player injuted, but happy I traded Hore for Newman a couple of weeks ago
nics: nice setters and hore, stay low setters
thiccgucci: im sure he gets told where he will be playing @seuss
Pokerface: not sure sicily randomly walked into the forward line last week.
hinsch: tried to trade Hore out three time now but due to injuries had to bring him back finally got the chance now
duckky: Hore broken collarbone
Pokerface: bont seems to cope ok when told go forward, now go mid
DrSeuss: Yet he has played mid and forward already today??
thiccgucci: damn hore broken collarbone
Gelly: tombstone
DrSeuss: Bont is also a lot bigger and stronger than Brayshaw.
Pokerface: danger played both forward and mid .. seemed to go ok
m0nty: RIP Marty Hore, you gave us a good time and no crabs
nics: going good dunkley mk2
Pokerface: how does walters compare in size
Pokerface: its just a dumb thing to say a player only has one position. thats 1980s talk
Pokerface: speak for yourself m0nty
thiccgucci: not unusual at all for mids to rotate forward. not saying brayshaw should be fwd as much as he is tho
Raspel31: Speak for yourself m0nty says I scratching away.
DrSeuss: Walter’s started as a forward. I am not saying others can’t do it. If you think Brayshaw plays well as a Forward
Raspel31: Ah, great minds Poker.
oh_lol: Anyone that knows how to calculate prices, what will Hore drop down to with his 4 from today.
DrSeuss: Evidence / Eye test tells me that Brayshaw is best winning his own ball in the midfield, he is rubbish up Forward.
Raspel31: WhRre you at Mr Oliver?
Pokerface: dunno if its great minds or just less clean Raspel.
Raspel31: Where you at Mr Oliver?
circle52: Reckon Hore will drop 50/60k
DrSeuss: If you disagree with where Brayshaw plays best – by all means keep putting him forward
thiccgucci: get involved oliver. useless this qtr
Pokerface: tooserious says 369k oh_lol
Pokerface: yeah that’s a different thing to ‘hard to be consistent when you don’t know where you are playing’
duckky: Has there been a decent 4 quarter game this weekend? Either awful spectacle or onesided.
thiccgucci: 370 wouldnt be too bad. still not ideal of course
Pokerface: dogs cats wasnt too bad duckky
BigChief: McGovern is a dud.
DrSeuss: Well who knows where he is told he will play, just seems to be poor coaching to keep pushing him forward
oh_lol: Cheers Poker + Circle
duckky: Fair enough Poker – I missed it 🙁
Pokerface: does seem odd that Goodwin’s stocks were so high without actually doing anything
nics: loving the doyoueven ads on my screen, lovely posterior.
DrSeuss: Probably just need to trade out Brayshaw so I can stop getting frustrated by him and Goodwin lol
Pokerface: seems my opp had no cover for gawn, none for boak, and hore. how unfortunate…
Pokerface: lol Seuss
HappyDEZ: me too DrSeuss. had him gone this week if gawn played.
DrSeuss: Should have played Dunkley over him too 🙁
The0Grrr: This would have to be the worst skilled team in any comp!
thiccgucci: preuss going big! cant help but imagine what gawn would be on here
dipstick: ouch. does hores icon mean totally fucked? just like brayshaws score
nics: nice oliver, stay low setters
BigChief: broken collarbone dipstick
HappyDEZ: CD love ruckmen. Goldy 64/131 last week. Can’t wait for Nic nat to get up & running for a 60/140 split.
thiccgucci: because CD takes into account impact on the game, which ruckmen clearly have
BigChief: Star for TMac already m0nty.
ajconodie: BlueMoon for Silvagni.
TheOnyas: Onya Preussy
DrSeuss: At least Brayshaw is making my trade decision easier this week
thiccgucci: Oliver’s tackling saves his score each week
BigChief: So glad I never fell for the Brayshaw hype from last year.
The0Grrr: My opp has Hore. I have Brayshaw 1 all maybe?
Monfries96: Have two forced trades this week due to injury but I’m still gonna use one on Brayshaw
DrSeuss: The worst part is Brayshaws DT score is still better than 13 Carlton players right now
Belegur: seriously if I have to watch this bloke walk in one more time with a chicken while I’m trying to check the scores
The0Grrr: Dees 3 down on the bench
BigChief: TMac done, Petty Done
BigChief: Now Weitering may be done. Walking wounded today.
Haydo: Never seen an injured player get a star before but idk how tmac doesnt get it today
BigChief: Agreed Haydo.
thiccgucci: keep going clarry 115 plus please
BigChief: And there is the dumb Frost.
The0Grrr: Bye bye dees
jbjimmyjb: these 2 teams are terrible
dipstick: where did brayshaw come in the brownlow last year?
Gelly: melb could have 4 injured players and brayshaw would still be on the bench
dipstick: woe woe woedin
dipstick: they shouldve named him Sack Silvagni
Sloaneyyyy: Cmon Demons… hang in there… I need this for my footy tips
Sloaneyyyy: so many injuries
Oddsy5: setterfield is so shit
lwillo: Sorry oddsy5 that comment aged well
BigChief: Dumb Frost shows up again.
DrSeuss: Go Carlton lol.
Sloaneyyyy: noooo…. screw you setterfield… go Dees, please just kick another goal
BestCoast: Blues two weeks in a row
Sloaneyyyy: thanks melb for fucking up my footy tips… I blame Gawn for having a week off.
dipstick: @bestcoast blues for the flag 2021 as Bitcoin surpasses 100K. a great year it shall be
nics: hahaha
Raspel31: Hope Melb let Gawn back in after this Preuss effort.
amigaman: Go Newman!
nics: SAD Carltank
Gelly: if only brayshaw could run faster
BestCoast: Dipstick you spoke to soon
DrSeuss: Can’t believe they didn’t review Brayshaws behind/kick
Sillybugga: lol carlton
Sloaneyyyy: Wooo. I love you JHunt
nics: no duigan no carltank
amigaman: Newman 50+ last qtr
thiccgucci: good boy clarry
Gelly: flower me clarry scaled up alot
BigChief: Nothing to review doc. Fisher clearly knocked it through
dipstick: @bestcoast happy to get within 5 points of a win. besides, hore already fucked me. wont even score 2K

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