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Chat log from R16 of 2019: North Melbourne vs St Kilda

Chat log for North Melbourne vs St Kilda, R16 of 2019

BigChief: Let’s go Steele. Need 100+ from you today.
Schillaci: Marshall and Cunnington for me in this. Go sainters!
m0nty: go go Ben Gogos
rabp1es: cmon Cunnington
Ben_Gogos: Carlisle receives a muppet, after abusing the umpire gave Zurhaar a free goal from 30 out!
Sloaneyyyy: Don’t mess with the Zurhaar
dipstick: great coaching to tag a player when your already 5 goals down in the 1st
thesilentl: Everyone is going to tag cunners now
Sloaneyyyy: no point in tagging him if you’re team is getting smashed anyway… might as well let players run free
thesilentl: Let him go and it’ll get worse
Sloaneyyyy: can’t get much worse than this
LMartos: Can’t wait for Goldy to finish on 98
nics: cmon cunners, break that flogs tag
BigChief: A Collingwood fan calling anyone a flog, now that’s funny.
Sloaneyyyy: Goldstein on track for 280 SC, lol
thesilentl: It’s the right tactic…only one that’s working for the saints so far
nics: stfu flog bigchief
dipstick: @bigchief and the ones with no teeth it sounds like theyre saying frog not flog
BigChief: Truth hurt nics? and you’re right dipstick
thiccgucci: Marshall is a beast. still scoring nicely without winning hit outs
nics: truth really hurting me, not, you flog bigchief!
DrSeuss: Missed a Ziebell kick after that free too. Larkey a nice Boak replacement so far
Sloaneyyyy: damn, Got Larkey on the bench
The_Spud: Richo needs to dust off that resume
TheOnyas: Onya Brucey
FLOG: lift cunners
rabp1es: if cunners makes his projected I think I’ve won
Raspel31: If I get enough points I think I’ll win.
The_Spud: Marshall gonna end up top fwd by rd23
Hadouken: seriously thinking of swinging him fwd for worpel when gawn is right again
DrSeuss: Keep going Larkey need you as Boak cover
BestCoast: Surely Richo gets the ass soon
thesilentl: Can’t see cunners getting another game without a tag, too easy to slow
LMartos: Goldstein can’t play second halves
DrSeuss: Get Ziebell back on the ball
ajconodie: North would be mad not to offer Shaw the coaching position.
BigChief: Longmire I think already has North job.
Gotigres: Do something Hind
Hadouken: ziebell and marshall have stopped

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