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Chat log from R16 of 2019: Fremantle vs West Coast

Chat log for Fremantle vs West Coast, R16 of 2019

PlungeMe: no one interested in the derby?
Apachecats: flicking back and forth plunge,
DrSeuss: Fyfe hasn’t had a touch for the last 10 minutes
PlungeMe: for a second luke ryans TOG was 101
BigChief: @Plunge 2 WA teams yeah – na.
hinsch: Plunge me nope WCE have already won the 2019 GF
pcaman2003: Anyone know if Fyfe beeing tagged? Have Ryan and Opp has Fyfye
pcaman2003: As in Luke Ryan
nbartos: cmon Freo give it crack!
Jackwatt$: Wow Griffen Rogue! Another superstar that turns into a spud the moment I hit the ‘trade button. Pumpkin please m0nty
DrSeuss: Doesn’t seem to have a tag, not much clean Freo possession at the moment
nick2397: Griffen Logue a bit like Ben Ronke, two good games then bugger all
Jackwatt$: And yes I know I spelt his name wrong and no I don’t care.
Foursuits: Cameron hasn’t had a touch
DrSeuss: Yeo sticking with Fyfe at stoppages it seems
Foursuits: Switkowski lol
nick2397: Penguin for Switkowski
Foursuits: Logue on track for 16
The0Grrr: Anymore dognuts and I’ll feel like a cop at a 7/11 store
SilverLion: That wasn’t a dangerous tackle wtf
pcaman2003: Perfectly good tackle FFS
PlungeMe: jarrod cameron as my boak cover, oppo has nothing
PowerBug: Lets be real here, anyone that got Logue expecting a 90avg was delirious. 70avg probably what to expect from him
The0Grrr: I’ll take his forecast 56 from here tbh
GobChuck: Logue for most was hopefully a d7 pick, or a cash grab to get a d6 just before sc finals
pcaman2003: @Powerbug. Expect better than 5pts here at this point to be real.
nick2397: Finding out with Logue in SC – if it’s too good to be true, it usually is!
Pokerface: just to cap a great weekend, fyfe in the rooms docs looking at shoulder
pcaman2003: Luke Ryan has stopped.
Pokerface: its not terribly good weather for intercept markers like logue to be fair
PowerBug: Wet weather is probably hurting him. What did Alex Pearce average? 5 at QT is on par for Pearce I think 😛
original: Everyone has stopped. Hurn cmon man
pcaman2003: Don’t worry! Fyfe will be back on,my opp has him.
Pokerface: yeah he’s back
Hadouken: logue first game, 100+, now on 10. ugh
original: Lol muppet alert
boges11: Cameron needs a cucumber icon. So cool under pressure.
DrSeuss: Hurn – the 2nd quarter has started old fella
nick2397: Not much Hurn can do if ball up the other end most of the time!
original: DrSeuss seriously where the heck is he
boges11: @DrSeuss Nic Nat dominating. Ball’s not getting past the centre square.
DrSeuss: Was everywhere in the 1st qtr
hinsch: nic nat looking good for brownlow if he stay fit
pcaman2003: 3 goals just scored while Luke Ryan off. C’mon Ross and get him back on
JRedden: no marks no tackles very little kicks, good one gaff…
boges11: Yeah Freo had it all in their half in the 1st qtr.
nick2397: Freo need those magnifying glasses to look for their bollocks!
Apachecats: Reeden Gaff is equal highest CP and highest CL.Just about best on for WCE .
poolboybob: Master blue moon
DrSeuss: Hurn, Logue and Fyfe in this game – time to turn it off I think
JRedden: apache, talking about for DT, marks and tackles are more important to get bigger scores
PlungeMe: jarrod cameron making his case to start over worpel for me
Bennyherb: West coast premiers again or what
hinsch: Benny they are playing Freo, if you listern to the media premiers for sure
Apachecats: Sorry Redden ,don’t follow DT ,bit sophisticated for me.
pcaman2003: Luke Ryan killing me. Be lucky to get to 60 this game.
StuL: Not happy wasting money on Hurn instead of Sicily so far. Prove me wrong bald spot.
Raspel31: Tight game- who we picking lads?
pcaman2003: Bit tough Stul. He’s on track for 100+
Phasir: Ross Lyon probably moving on end of this year tbh
Raspel31: What a round-Zerrett, Kelly, Clarke covering Gawn and now Fyfe. Shall retire gracefully.
jbjimmyjb: Raspel at least you don’t have 2 donuts like me on top of all them
pcaman2003: Freo been watching Gold Coast and trying to emulate them
NugzNiggle: Is Gawn a definite out?
Pokerface: if he isn’t the melbourne medical committee need the sack
BRAZZERS: not till tomorrow, but preuss didnt play in vfl
pcaman2003: Get involved somehow Luke Ryan. Need at least 80 from you.
Raspel31: jbjimmy- give me your bank details as that is indeed a sad tale.
Apachecats: GLogue was an inspired purchase.
Breezey: I haven’t seen anywhere where he has been ruled out yet
Mcswains: Not out yet but fair chance 🙁
Mcswains: Having an ok round without Boak Daniel Cripps and maybe Gawn lol
NugzNiggle: Fair call Brazzers. Wouldn’t be worth the risk I would have thought.
Raspel31: Every pundit says Gawn won’t play- hence Preuss pulled out from VFL today- but we live in hope.
BRAZZERS: i dont expect him to play but you never know
Jackwatt$: West Coast back to back fellas. You heard it first here on m0ntys website
TheOnyas: Onya Hurny
billnats: I have Sloane, Fyfe & Rocky. My opponent is laughing
m0nty: whoa check out the courage on my boy Jackwat over here, regular Nostradamus
Gotigres: Of course you play well Cameron when i’m not relying on you
pcaman2003: Have a guy in my league with proj still at 2546.
Jackwatt$: Late Saturday Night and I got m0nty to comment. This is better than finding a kebab in a dumpster late on a Saturday ni
Raspel31: I’ve dropped from 2450 to maybe 2200 pcaman, sigh.
PlungeMe: who needs boak when you got jarrod cameron
MONEY TALK: im proj 2505 wont be after fyfe
pcaman2003: @Raspel. I think we’ve all taken big hits today. Double sigh!
Raspel31: M0nty just takes pity on you JackWatts because of the team you follow and he’s a decent bloke
BOMBRBLITZ: Fyfe looks disinterested
frenzy: Closeline
jbjimmyjb: ill get like 2200 with 2 donuts, merrett, hind, kelly, fyfe, ryan… rip my 600th OA
Gotigres: Fyfe giving away lots of frees
Jackwatt$: Please call him m0nty Raspel. It’s looks ridiculous when you use a capital M. Right m0nty?
duckky: Gawn had better be out tomorrow… I am sick of 60’s this week from premos
Raspel31: My bad.
pcaman2003: @Gotigres. Only dropped 1 pt on that last one. From 62 to 61. Lol!
Pokerface: guess it was a game changer pcaman
wadaramus: Luke Ryan, Mundy and Fyfe…you stink.
Raspel31: They are strong words wada- add Aerrett to that equation please.
Raspel31: Zerrett.
wadaramus: Zerrett = smelly.
Pokerface: how are the eagles so accurate in this weather
Apachecats: If Freo had kicked 18.2 ,scores would be level.
wadaramus: Not sure Logue will be the late season bench cover I was hoping for.
jmate: Witches hats for all of freo
wadaramus: If the Crows had kicked 17.2, we would have won!
pcaman2003: Luke Ryan only 7 pts this qtr. Barely been near it. Stinker!
Apachecats: Nice blonde on centre court v Barty.
Raspel31: Has a team ever achieved 2-19 before m0nty? I am simply in awe.
pcaman2003: @Apache. Be watching straight after this
Breezey: She won’t be on centre court for long @Apache
The_Spud: pedo looks 15
frenzy: Gifts
Apachecats: Was just going to say that Breezey haha.
Pokerface: oh they aren’t showing kyrios?
Breezey: She is 22 @Spud. So not a problem
jocka: Harriet Dart. but be quick, she is 5-0 down
The_Spud: is if ur attracted to that look
Pokerface: still looks 15 breezy
Raspel31: Spud- don’t joke about pedos.. Anything else.
The_Spud: ill enjoy m0nty’s mature singles ads tyvm
duckky: Did Lyon just announce that Sandi is “retiring”?
Apachecats: Thanks breezy ,turd of a comment you spud ,spud.
pcaman2003: Ryan sucks! Terrible game. Hopefully tennis a better watch. Night lads
Pokerface: lol ducky
original: Hurn game saving mark on the line +20 please
duckky: That’s Lyon’s usual way of man management
Phasir: Brad Sheppard next captain for sure!
BRAZZERS: breezy so what muppet, she looks like a 15yo. Pedo

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