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Chat log from R16 of 2019: Gold Coast vs Richmond

Chat log for Gold Coast vs Richmond, R16 of 2019

jbjimmyjb: Lynch to kick 10?
m0nty: not great weather for talls today
DrSeuss: Houli my only player – looking great so far
Jackwatt$: Maybe Tippa to kick 10 then?
th3rio: houli trap of the year
Jackwatt$: Whoops wrong game
AuroraBore: Houli has been my worst trade in in my entire supercoach career
circle52: Gee how many more smothers will suns give up.
Grimes Jr: since when does castagna kick this straight
PlungeMe: not watching but stack on 26?
BestCoast: Houli doing his best impersonation of a footballer flog
J_Herer: and game over here, just checked lol
circle52: Olaying forward again Plunge and of course ball down there all the time.
PlungeMe: do you get points for being near it?
circle52: Nah but he has had a couple of contested possesions which are gold in SC,
jbjimmyjb: i have no idea how stack is on 26, he’s had 1 goal assist and 1 smother for like 15 points
seeker11: Thinking the Suns all need witches hats. This is little more than a training drill
th3rio: he laced out earlier too which set up a castagna goal
BRAZZERS: it was obvious Houli will struggle when Jayden Short returned
The0Grrr: All these Suns donuts I’m gonna get diabetes
PlungeMe: if CPs were worth that much cunnington would average 250
pcaman2003: Stack had 2 smothers and a couple of knock ons to team mates which earn points.
DrSeuss: Houli – feel free to get involved in the next 3 quarters
Searly34: Onya 2 Phones Chol
circle52: Jusr seen this – Zach Merrett sitting at the back of the bench now, complaining about vision after an earlier collision.
circle52: sorry wrong game
amigaman: Stack 24 from 3 posessions seriously?
seeker11: Cheers Monty
Gotigres: Surely Burgers gets a game next week
arbel: How are good coast still in the AFL. Such a crap team
J_Herer: lots traded dusty in this week, nasty
Pokerface: right cos sc is scored on how many possessions you get..
Grimes Jr: dusty will get a decent ton
pcaman2003: C’mon Stack and at least beat Houli for me.
amigaman: @poker I understand that. Just think it’s a bit much for what he’s done
The0Grrr: Tiges working on that poor percentage of theirs
Catatafish: Go Stacky
jbjimmyjb: this is a joke now
Ash777: has stack been nominated yet?
J_Herer: need a white flag symbol for gold coast
Grimes Jr: wtf is this
jbjimmyjb: gold coast playing us into form just when we need it
Catatafish: It’s an insult to witches hats
The0Grrr: Light training runs won’t play anyone into form
pcaman2003: Ca team be charged with murder in the AFL?
exatekk: how does Lynch and Smith get first goal?
AuroraBore: lift fiorini you spud. Only need 20 for my multi mate
mace485: Fold coast
Grimes Jr: True, melbourne haven’t played many teams into form this year
The0Grrr: Do we have a mercy rule?
hinsch: Move Houli forward so he can get some SC points
Raspel31: Think this game has legs on it yet- a cunning ploy GC.
circle52: Will be a nice % boost for tigers currently 101.8%
The0Grrr: Nah bit hard when we just give everyone the ball. Turnover kings
DrSeuss: Don’t stop now Houli, get the ball – lots of kick to kick please
J_Herer: Richmond already have their full time score (no good in below margin bet I feel)
Bennyherb: Houli typical spastic
pcaman2003: Keep it up Stacky,you’re going great.
Bevo11: What’s happening with Houli. Done nothing since I picked him up.
Raspel31: Come back charge on?
Grimes Jr: houli can still ton up stop complaining
pcaman2003: GC are an absolute disgrace. Deregister them please and save some face AFL.
DrSeuss: Houli should be embarassed – outscored by Chol and the Rookie Smith
Fatbar5tad: Bring back the bye. Be more interesting. Have a GC draft
teddyt: you guys are talking like this happens to GC every week lol wtf
teddyt: what about melbourne and carlton? or do we judge teams from this round only
LMartos: I’m sure Houli is very worried about his SC score lol
Raspel31: Houli should be dropped for falling short against this penetrating attack.
JockMcPie: Houli gonna be a great pickup at 350k shortly
DarkHorseR: Here come the Suns…
Yelse: upset i missed out on chol
DrSeuss: He should be embarrassed by his inability to get a touch against the Gold Coast
NugzNiggle: I have Martin and Houli against egg-smith and stack. Going well for me.
pcaman2003: Me Stack,He Houli,Me happy!
Raspel31: Me Spartacus pcaman.
DrSeuss: Feel for ya Nugz
pcaman2003: Hi Spartacus!
pcaman2003: Actually,I’m Spartacus
NugzNiggle: Cheers Seuss. Junk time will be critical haha.
DrSeuss: Zerrett in the other game, Houli in this – can only get better I guess
pcaman2003: Big last qtr please Stacky to finish up.
hinsch: what is a good score to loophole Chol thinking 85+
DrSeuss: 50 Pt final quarter for Houli – I can only hope lol
Raspel31: Depends who you looping for hinsch.
Bennyherb: Houli drop him looser
dipstick: @hinsch for me a chol loop will be 110+
hinsch: I have Setterfield on field, Houli killing me but has done nothing since I got him in after the bye round
Crave: loving this from Houli
pcaman2003: Start scoring again Stack. Game not over yet
Raspel31: Get NBN they said- not that we have much choice- drops out all the time ffs- carn Stacky!
BOMBRBLITZ: Boak very late out
Raspel31: Wow- important news BOMB.
DrSeuss: Are you serious Bombrblitz? This round just gets worse FFS
dipstick: @raspel soon the military grade 5G will be out and there will be ZERO need for internet connections
dipstick: for 5G there needs to be a tower every 200 metres
Raspel31: Roger that dipstick.
Bevo11: Houli is a useless seagull
pcaman2003: How about a pair of cans and piece of string? Lot cheaper too.
dipstick: @pca LOL they cant spy on you that way
pcaman2003: Hurry up Stack,Houli catching up
dipstick: boak out means i have to loop chol so lift for faksake
Raspel31: I’m buying some tom-tom drums pcaman.
m0nty: nominations for star please
Grimes Jr: castagna
Tig-Train: Castagna
jbjimmyjb: i reckon cotchin’s been pretty good m0nty
Tig-Train: Well yeh even more so now with 5 lol
jbjimmyjb: lol castagna’s 5th probably gets it true
Phasir: David Swallow by a mile
BigChief: Castagna or Lambert. Both been great.
Raspel31: Castagna one would think M0nty.
BRAZZERS: Sheer has been tagging Houli most of this game
Tig-Train: Give it to miles for still going hard at this point of the game…
Raspel31: Think this beyond GC’s grasp now.
jbjimmyjb: m0nty i dont think anyone said prestia
BRAZZERS: lots of sc points left

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