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Chat log from R16 of 2019: Adelaide vs Port Adelaide

Chat log for Adelaide vs Port Adelaide, R16 of 2019

Phasir: I’ve just traded in Rory Laird, sorry in advance to all current owners.
PlungeMe: not keen for this one if im honest
Gotigres: Boak out dammit
G.Soreness: Decided to take Lycett over Gawn even if he plays so we’ll see how that pans out
Gotigres: Rockliff 57 possies last week in SANFL
pcaman2003: Big game from you please Lycett. Lucky opponent has Boak too,so not so bad.
Gotigres: spp in
Drak: Can’t believe Hawks gave Burton up for Wingard
G.Soreness: I feel for anyone who went Daniel -> Boak anytime before 4:33pm…
Gotigres: Duursma out, Lycett in for me
PowerBug: 477 people total did Daniel to Boak
NoneyaB: bloody back spasms for real
G.Soreness: @PowerBug – really, would have thought it would be more
BigChief: SPP in Boak out
DrSeuss: Rocky, Boak and Brouch in this game.
dipstick: ouch if you went boak
Gotigres: Boak not playing DrSeuss
Struda: ffs whats boak done
jbjimmyjb: On Monday I thought all would be good… 6 days later Gawn, Boak, Cripps, Daniel, Merrett hurt
DrSeuss: I know GoTigres – it was a capture of how Saturday games have gone so far lol
pcaman2003: Have Lycett,Brouch and Sloane with Boak out
PowerBug: That’s what SC is telling me. Over 4k went to Chol. 825 to Marshall which is the most for a premo
Raspel31: Finally have I made a good trade-welcome Hamish. No mozzie intended.
dipstick: why sam paypal-pepper been dropped?
Catatafish: Come on Cockliff
DrSeuss: Boak out, Rocky and Brouch yet to get a touch
Phasir: Anyone else think a Greenwood to Carlton trade could happen this off-season?
BigChief: No chance @Phasir.
DrSeuss: Is Rockliff playing in the middle? Is he allergic this week after leather poisoning last week?
pcaman2003: Sloane and Brouch,pull ya fingers out lads
original: Boak u showering flower. 2 donuts
Raspel31: Earth to J Jenkins- play has begun. In Draft only of course.
dipstick: and the SC misstress said to me” bend over, grab your ankles and let me plow you” and so it was
pcaman2003: What’s up with Sloane? Only 59%TOG
PlungeMe: all defenders at the top for us is a good sign right?
NugzNiggle: Lycett doesn’t look too good.
Sloaneyyyy: Lycett down. Obrien to dominate
mace485: Thoughts on making the hore -> hartlett supercoach switch?
pcaman2003: FGS! Justr got Lycett in before game. Brouch 30pts behind brother. Getting screwed!
arbel: Carnage this week for players. Let’s not forget danger was sore last week and gawn could be late out
PlungeMe: and of course oppo has mcrouch
Crave: i went hore to hartlett but im not convince lol
Haydo: Wheres boak?
Gelly: late out
Raspel31: Boak late out Haydo- has Lycett Gawn?
PlungeMe: 0 free kicks 🙂
Haydo: Damn with daniel on bench i dont have any cover whats the injury?
HappyDEZ: That dreliberate was garbage too Plunge
PlungeMe: i think it was fair but surely there was a fk for us somewhere
Drak: But he deliberately punched the ball out of bounds?
HappyDEZ: You are allowed to spoil the ball away from the oppo surely?
Rilian: WTF is happening with Seedsman? Have him in Draft and Ultimate..
Ash777: damn I had vc on Boak and didn’t realise he was a late out 🙁
BRAZZERS: bacl spasms for boak
Drak: If it was a marking contest… sure… but the ball was bouncing away from Murphy and he punched it across the line
original: Ggf BSmith
Tig-Train: How about sharing the ball with your brother Matt, you hog…
Yelse: omg just realised no boak and both my opponents in paid leagues don’t have him 2 zeros for me with gawn put
arbel: @happy in a spo8ling contest can hit out of bounds but wasn’t marking contest so deliberate
Raspel31: You are back Lycett- love you long time.
Raspel31: Hope you don’t have Cripps as well Yelse-as I do.
pcaman2003: Yay for Lycett! Just need Brouch to catch his brother now.
Tig-Train: Is that Laird hurting?
Yelse: Yup got Cripps too covered by hately and opponents don’t
pcaman2003: Slaoane running in circles. Get the ball FFS
Drak: That was a terrible in the back call
Raspel31: Hately covering Cripps too Yelse- good work lad.
Drak: Arms held, arms around the body, arm over the shoulder…. 3 frees in one… not paid
Gelly: well that hartlett done for a week for the elbow to the head
Raspel31: Rozee simply setting the world on fire.
DrSeuss: Rockliff and Brouch get around the ball!!
pcaman2003: Sloane and Brouch ensuring my w/e is crap.
pcaman2003: At least Lycett starting to look better now.
Raspel31: Zerrett and Clarke didn’t exactly light my fire pcaman so off I go for a bevy at half time.
heppelitis: my upgrade of wines to rocky paying off…..just
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Already ahead of you. Cheers!
Drak: Anyone know if Rielly OBrien is a South Australian?
The0Grrr: Wikipedia?
PlungeMe: hes not Drak
BRAZZERS: victorian mate
BRAZZERS: played for calder cannons via St Kevin’s College Toorak
PlungeMe: you can have ryder back for fantasia 🙂
frenzy: Overs for Fanta:)
StuL: ROB is ‘Calder Cannons footy factory’.
StuL: I knew Hoff would go big. Gawn better not play now.
pcaman2003: Greta comeback Lycett from earlier.
PlungeMe: Ollie ‘Whats a Kick’ Wines
billnats: Glad I held on to Rocky for so long 😔
BRAZZERS: rocky mate, any chance you can stop being a seagull and get some contested footy pls
original: Cmon port!
Drak: Collingwood will want a straight swap and a first round pick for Grundy if that is on the cards
The0Grrr: Liking that Sam Gray goal.
The0Grrr: I think Coll will be even more greedier than that somehow Drak
Sloaneyyyy: Weak as pi$$ crows. Power Strood up a gear. Crows are stuck in reverse
PlungeMe: seeing this game just makes me even more mad about losing to the dogs
Grifffffff: Port have taken over, rocky’s found his rhythm
pcaman2003: Crows smell very putrid.
pcaman2003: Sloane and Brouch need to step up here.
The_Spud: nice to see some number on number guernsey footy
PlungeMe: Dougal Howard might be better than Dixon
PlungeMe: gallucci out concussed
BRAZZERS: good boy rocky, glad i picked port too
pcaman2003: Sloane 11 touches being tagged by who?
beerent11: No boak, that’s the end of my 2550 projected I guess
The_Spud: parfitt out for rohan
hinsch: was going to bring Sloane in decided on Marshall may have the best call all year
NugzNiggle: Rocky 52 point quarter.
Struda: lol the dt sc for rocky
Breezey: Big qtr now Matt Crouch will be nice thanks
PlungeMe: if port end up winning, lions get a freebie next week
Breezey: What’s doin Niggler
Gelly: the yin yang brother, brad and matt
NugzNiggle: Make that 58 point quarter. G’day Breeze dog. Having a rum actually. You?
NugzNiggle: 56 Point quarter. I don’t care. Another 50 needed.
Catatafish: I know he’s had some turnovers but Rocky’s SC score is a little harsh
Breezey: Having a Rum myself with Reid tonight
shrtlg: 65% efficiency and has had 20 uncontested, ihe’s been terrible
NugzNiggle: The Barefoot Reidler. How’s he going?
Breezey: Pretty good
NugzNiggle: I’ll take his score in DT @shrtlg
pcaman2003: Sloane you sloth,get going and start to score.
Catatafish: Gray has a lower DE, some more contested and 5 turnovers.
Grifffffff: These kind of games make me regret having the Adelaide onball trio
hinsch: Been ytrying to trade Duursma for week somebody give him the ball so I can get rid of him
pcaman2003: FFS! Sloane proj was 120,yeah right!
Struda: shouldve left the e on obrien and gawn on field
BigChief: Kennedy out for Eagles
GobChuck: cmon mcrouch and robbie stay ahead of laird
Breezey: This is a shellacking
The_Spud: crows 1st 100 pt margin conceded and didnt expect it in a showdown
The_Spud: well not margin score against
pcaman2003: The real Crows showing up tonight.
NugzNiggle: Great seagulling in the second half Rocky.
BigChief: Damn I was 8 points from margin.

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