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Chat log from R16 of 2019: Essendon vs Sydney

Chat log for Essendon vs Sydney, R16 of 2019

jocka: Heppel out
duckky: Does anyone know what’s wrong with Heppell?
BigChief: Heppell out, Langford in.
wadaramus: Heppell has a sore foot.
duckky: Sore foot? Probably from kicking too many passengers up the bum…
th3rio: rampe lol
th3rio: aliir aliir starting in ruck with clarke this will be interesting
NoneyaB: watch lloyd do well today my opp and i have him
Raspel31: Can Sydney come back from here?
nics: stay low zerrett
jbjimmyjb: get on the ground merrett ffs
Raspel31: Yep- get out there Zerret. Hope big Maxy plays- not loving Z, Clarke as back up.
Grimes Jr: do something merrett u spud
jbjimmyjb: Gawn has no chance of playing, it’s more about whether he’ll play next week or not
DrSeuss: Zerrett and Lloyd – time to get involved
PowerBug: I traded Lloyd into my SC side last week. I feel 100% responsible and I’m sorry
Bevo11: Parker v parish
Catatafish: Wish I would have one extra trade on top of my remaining ones to trade out Zerrett
DrSeuss: Of course Zerrett is my unique in all of my leagues this week
Catatafish: Essendon needs to delist Clarke effectively immediately. Use a plank of wood instead.
Grimes Jr: heeney humming
Raspel31: Loving Clarke as my Gawn back-up and Zerrett going a treat.
PlungeMe: oppo has heeney, blakey and lloyd because of course they do
duckky: McKernan went into the ruck for two goals @ Catatafish. What does that say?
PlungeMe: how can a ruckman be on negative points in the 2nd quarter as well as losing hitouts to Aliir
Catatafish: Because he is absolutely shithouse
DrSeuss: Zerrett and Lloyd – the 2nd qtr has started
Catatafish: Fuck me having Zerrett and Lloyd with Clarke as backup for Gawn. This is fine.
J_Herer: Clarke was a WAFL player last year
Drak: He also used to be on Fremantle’s list. Ive seen better rucking from an under 10s kid
PlungeMe: a good wafl player?
Catatafish: What the fuck is Merrett doing?
Drak: The only wafl he is good at, is the kind you eat
J_Herer: Hard to watch this footy at times
Catatafish: Clarke on the board!! Crack open the champagne
Drak: lol he is going at 100% de!!!
heppelitis: That spud on Clarke is insulting to all the potatoes in this world.
Jackwatt$: Clarke is living proof if you are 6’7″+ you can play AFL footy. Nothing else matters
jbjimmyjb: can someone make merrett do something
Catatafish: Merrett on the bench again, fucking seriously? You lazy cunt.
Raspel31: Yippee- my back up to Gawn is in the black- happy days.
DrSeuss: Zerretts TOG is getting ridiculous. Get him on the pitch Coach
duckky: And that is where this game is at… shocking game.
heppelitis: Zerret doing concussion test apparently
duckky: Hope Merrett is OK … Essendon already started with 21 players
duckky: And Z. Clarke
Ash777: lol the booing for rampe
The0Grrr: Thought they mighta just been checkin to see if he was awake?
Ash777: most dons fans are really clueless
Catatafish: And they still haven’t figured out if he’s awake
DrSeuss: Of course Heeney has the game of his life for my opponent while Zerrett sits on the bench for me
BigChief: This really is a terrible game to watch. Might go watch Rich flog GC
LMartos: Dylan Clarke has to play as a tagger to have a decent scoring output
Ash777: Heeney is back to form
Grimes Jr: merrett u dog. u just have to be my only pod
LMartos: Clarke definitely not tagging by the way
Jackwatt$: Hey m0nty will someone get a new icon now that Bennell has retired?
Pokerface: bennell isn’t retired.
Pokerface: freo tried to retire him without him knowing.
DrSeuss: Is Zerrett alive? Or looking concussed?
duckky: I feel like taking up smoking after that half – life is too long for that sort of crap
SwaggyP: its absurd to think that these two teams are still a chance at finals..
heppelitis: @Dr blurred vision and wobbly on his legs
Catatafish: Nah Zerrett is being taught how to find the ball like his midfield teammates on the bench.
circle52: Jusr seen this – Zach Merrett sitting at the back of the bench now, complaining about vision after an earlier collision.
Jackwatt$: Not so absurd. Both teams are missing their best key forward, Don’s B&f last year also out
DrSeuss: Great the only week is unique in every 1 of my leagues.
Jackwatt$: And captain
heppelitis: Hookers hip is stuffed as well
Evan_Bryce: Yep, Zerrett is getting a concussion test at half time.
heppelitis: Zerret out there
nics: stay low zerrett
Raspel31: Thanks hepp- need him on with the wonderful Clarke covering Gawn.
DrSeuss: Ok Zerrett now you just have to catch Heeney 😉
duckky: Will Woosha just get Clarke out of the ruck?
heppelitis: Hope they send Clarke to richmond station with a Myki ASAP
jbjimmyjb: heppell the sandi, pakenham and frankston lines are all closed so no good
Raspel31: And people said Clarke would run riot against a ruckless Sydney- people can be stupid.
pcaman2003: @Raspel. The good news is he has!
Raspel31: lol pcaman-sob.
DrSeuss: Is Zerrett still spending most of his time on the bench – TOG isnt really increasing
Grimes Jr: carn swannies
DarkHorseR: Zerrett is a good little scrounger, but jeez he’s soft when he gets hit…
DarkHorseR: McKernan at throw-ins on the wing – Clarke not even there!
Raspel31: Hope Clarke’s BE is below 10.
DrSeuss: Zerrett if you can get to 80 – that would be great
Ash777: umps are horrible
DrSeuss: Maybe even 60 Zerrett?
Raspel31: I know DeSeuss, I know, sigh.
nics: zac clarke wining goal……
JockMcPie: damn how is Langford ever dropped??
pcaman2003: Glad I don’t have Zerrett. Rollercoaster hell!
Ash777: did the ump lose a contact wtf is this disaster
Yelse: would you take D clarke score or go hately
JockMcPie: Hately unless DClarke goes 65+
Raspel31: I had that connundrum Yelse- Hately for my money.
Raspel31: But maybe should have made it Zerrett, sigh.
Pies20: Is gawn a confirmed out yet?
Grimes Jr: jeez the drug boys turning it on
Crave: Preuss was a late out for VFL so I assume he is in for Gawn
Raspel31: Not as far as I know Pies- soo hope not with Clarke as back up but done deal I fear.
Raspel31: Thanks for that news Crave-therein lies the answer, alas.
Struda: rowbottom finally showing something good, shit first 3 but now coming good
BigChief: Preuss is only backup if Gawn is out, so I assume Gawn is still playing.
Struda: gawn didnt train today
Struda: guelfi is such a shit player but somehow shows up in good spots at critical moments ffs
Grimes Jr: put the muppet on blakey
arbel: Gawn is still in at the moment. Will give him right up to bounce down
th3rio: clarke hahaha wow saves the day
BigChief: Star for Z. Clarke Evan? LOL
Raspel31: What cover we got if Gawn no show lads- me Clarke- amazing work. And Zerrett, sob.
Struda: essendon just needs to learn how to tear teams apart, they have the potential but just execution is poor
Struda: @raspel got ROb on field, even if gawn gets up hes on the pine
pcaman2003: Have Lycett for BU.
jocka: There will be massive changes to SC
Pokerface: ROB all the way
BigChief: Marshall for me if Gawn is out.
StuL: Preuss a late withdrawal from the 2s

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