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Chat log from R15 of 2019: Brisbane vs Melbourne

Chat log for Brisbane vs Melbourne, R15 of 2019

duckky: I am sad to announce that I have Answorth on field.
snake_p: our thoughts and prayers duckky
th3rio: sweet neale doesnt get the harmes tag…for now 🙂
Hadouken: does brayshaw to macrae pay off? lets see 🙂
dipstick: damn smithers… why is withers out?
OhSoRozee: yeh ominous 5 pts from 7 hitouts to gawn’
OhSoRozee: illness
jbjimmyjb: come on maxy
cmperrfect: Gawn proj 141..big ask from here
Stu7: Gawn drugged!!!
cmperrfect: So glad I ditched Hore b4 the bye
DrSeuss: Where is Brayshaw playing this week?
Stu7: commiserations Duckky
jbjimmyjb: I have Gawn C, Hore, Oliver and Neale… uh oh
original: Cmon gawny
Catatafish: Gawn’s inability against Brisbane is ineffable.
hinsch: jimmy I am with you but I have Baker as well lol
jbjimmyjb: gawn is destroying them in the HOs, just needs his mids on the same page
duckky: Took a punt by taking Macrae VC with Clarke (62) over Gawn C and Stack… working so far
pcaman2003: I need Gawn ,Hore,Ryan and Neale to go big to get over 2500.
StuL: Come on Gawn. My opponent doesn’t have you!
Raspel31: Oliver a dark horse captain this week they said- yeah, right.
Hadouken: at this rate, its baker and gone off bench for $
Stu7: Gawn will lift
Gotigres: Of course my opp has TMac
cmperrfect: Glad I took Grundy’s C
OhSoRozee: i took 111 from dunks didnt trust gawn/oliver or fyfe
cmperrfect: Gawn gonna hurt my 2500+ chances by the looks
duckky: How the heck can a HBF not score in the modern game Noah???
pcaman2003: Mids killing Gawns score by not taking his tapouts.
Pokerface: you were all saying this last week about Gawn.
cmperrfect: Marshall and RO’B will be my rucks in 2020
danmaio: Is Brayshaw mid or up forward
Gelly: 52% tog for angus =(
OhSoRozee: he is nowhere
duckky: May has killed Hore as a scoring player. The jokes were fun while it lasted
Grifffffff: Picked Sloane over Neale for the rest of the season as my final mid spot, naturally Neale will average 130 from here
PlungeMe: bench by the looks dan – 50 TOG
Gelly: brayshaw being played on the bench looks like it
Pokerface: yeah you should probably skip gawn and grundy cmperrfect
DrSeuss: Brayshaw on the bench most of the qtr
Raspel31: Gawn into double figures- all not lost yet.
HappyDEZ: Mainly playing bench by the looks danmaio
Pokerface: hore struggles for double digits these days
pcaman2003: C’mon you Hore!
StuL: Hore has snatched it as a supercoach player.
cmperrfect: No way Marshall will be a FWD next year @Poker (fingers crossed)
DrSeuss: Does Goodwin hate Brayshaw? Seems to enjoy screwing him around
danmaio: Fucks sakes
NugzNiggle: Brayshaw TOG every week is a real issue.
Foursuits: In Gawn in triple figures
thiccgucci: Started logue infront of hore. gawn should be right?
Gelly: hopefully logue can be the new hore in d6
Daics35: My hand on my sword… name a better duo!!!
OhSoRozee: have a feeling grundy will b at a new club so idk if worth the early pick
Beammybux: All good except your mum’s a
Pokerface: cmperret i know.. and thats why he wont be a viable option. Impossible to skimp on gawn/grundy
OhSoRozee: thAT throw in goal to chol shouldnt have counted they recall a bad bounce and usually a bad throw in but not that 1
Raspel31: And remembering Marshall was playing a team without a ruck today.
Schillaci: Gawn may singlehandedly ruin my week
pcaman2003: Have guy in my league Proj 2574. Not too shabby
thommoae: Soldo is a bit better than ‘without a ruck’, surely …
Raspel31: But who doesn’t have him Schillachi- unless you capped?
Gelly: rozee, no one nominated in the ruck for stkilda, so chol was able to run in uncontested
Chelskiman: This is better from Baker.
Schillaci: Projected for 2510 with Gawn C
Raspel31: 2512 now Scillachi-Gawn just got a hit out.
Breezey: Starcevich just needs one touch to have ass many as Maxy
OhSoRozee: bloody harmes stick to neale like glue pls
Chelskiman: Gawn injured.
Breezey: Maxy in trouble. Leg injury
Gotigres: Gawn down into the rooms
Schillaci: Unfortunately not rasp. I wish. Projection based on Gawn scoring 282 as C
rabp1es: cmon maxy ur letting me down big time
OhSoRozee: gawn in rooms
pcaman2003: There goes my 2500 with Gawn and Hore spudding it.
Beammybux: Gawn
Apachecats: there goes the weekend.
Breezey: What’s all ya projections now boys
thiccgucci: fuck me gawn hurt
BRAZZERS: gawn tombstone
LMartos: Gawn injured
Gelly: haha gawn done
BOMBRBLITZ: Gawn is Gawnnn
circle52: Gawn off
Apachecats: I’ll take a minus 260 from this game.
Juzzo: lol breezy
Hadouken: everyone has gawn anyway
Schillaci: Sunday ruined again…. everytime. Could have captained any of my premos bar lloyd.
OhSoRozee: bad ankle could b broken
OhSoRozee: the angle it was at was gruesome
LMartos: bad looking ankle injury
thiccgucci: there is 0 chance gawn recovers from that this game imo
StuL: There goes my game then
Pokerface: hadouken yeah but many people do/don’t have him as captain
BRAZZERS: lol t’s just a sprain, so many doctors on FF lmao
Chelskiman: Didn’t look good for the big guy.
Gotigres: my opp doesn’t have Gawn Hadouken
OhSoRozee: thatll put me at like 2.35k now
Grimes Jr: the one week my opp doesn’t have gawn ffs
Breezey: BT reckons they’ll just strap it up.
Apachecats: Is that your diagnosis Dr BRAZZERS?
Hadouken: oh ?
Catatafish: Get Gawny some Benson and Hedges.
Foursuits: Gawn will tonne up second half
OhSoRozee: yeh my opp doesnt have gawn but is ranked 17th and 600 below
OhSoRozee: does bt usually do sunday mid arvo games?
th3rio: same grimes lol im raging
Catatafish: Gawn has a bandaid at least
zadolinnyj: Gawn going down leaves me around 2450
Pokerface: the 17th ranked player has gawn rozee. try again…
Patty19: Gawns ankle went in about 8 different directions, I wouldn’t hold your breath
Pokerface: come on Darius.. give Gawn something!
OhSoRozee: 17th in my league
Beammybux: When your opponent didn’t bank bonts VC and went c on gawn
thiccgucci: if neale scores 300 it will make up for gawn C
VodkaHawk: A few of us said that Gawn won’t do well against Stef, only on 10 so far..
zadolinnyj: Give Gawn a tissue
oh_lol: Was on track for 2600+ til C Gawn went down.
Apachecats: give me a tissue zad
Breezey: He is off injured Vodka
Raspel31: May the Dons bring back Clarke to cover Bellchambers- my only cover and don’t want to trade the Max.
Chelskiman: @ Voda, he’s down in the rooms with an ankle injury.
wodjos: HAHA… glad I loopholed for Grundy!
Manowar: Bad luck Gawn owners….Tissue Time!!!
OhSoRozee: my f7 lycett cover could come in handy
VodkaHawk: Lol, I know Breezey
NugzNiggle: BT. An old floppy wobbler…
Hadouken: give gawn a Mercury !
Gelly: most people that know what they are doing will have gawn so it doesnt bother me, even worse if they cap him
pcaman2003: @wodjos. Same,but his score would’ve been handy for my best score to date.
Wends: Afternoon all – managed to dodge a bullet – nearly missed lockout & taking C off Gawn last minute.
Apachecats: BT was talking about his old fella Nugs.
OhSoRozee: some people have grundy/goldy
The0Grrr: And those that don’t have Gawn prob wouldn’t be travelling very well in season rankings.
Breezey: McInereney blood everywhere
Gotigres: Big O down
Raspel31: And good afternoon Wends and well done, sigh.
Breezey: I would say Big O is done.
Wends: @Chelski, if you play RDT in a FF league, think we may versing each other 🙂
Schillaci: Lost interest now with Gawn C. Off to drink some bourbon.
Wends: Oh no Raspel…. Gawn got you?
th3rio: christ, who cursed the ruckmen?
OhSoRozee: rank 15 has grundy/goldy
zadolinnyj: Gawn alive
Raspel31: No, after Danger I settled on Macrae- just sad to see the big Max out Wends
BigJovo: You only need one of Gawn/Grundy to have done well ranking wise before the byes
Apachecats: Gawn is risin.
Gotigres: Gawn jogging
Breezey: Maxy running on the sideline. Just maybe
thiccgucci: wow. if gawn returns from this. wow.
Patty19: Gawn!! Amazing
th3rio: lol im going to laugh so hard if gawn tons up
BRAZZERS: Gawn back
OhSoRozee: that ankle shouldnt get up for next week atleast
NugzNiggle: That’s what I was thinking Apache haha.
OhSoRozee: just jab and strapping 2day
Patty19: Gawns ankle defying the laws of physics
th3rio: i guess gawn can take his ankle bending in 8 different ways patty
Bennyherb: This would have to be best year for ruckman points average wise.
Wends: Macrae – good going Raspel! Atleast Gawn back on – sounded hopeless earlier.
DrSeuss: How TF does Goodwin play Brayshaw at Full Forward??
DrSeuss: Back on the ball now at least
OhSoRozee: gawn might only b good to play fwd
Chelskiman: @Wends, yeah I’m in like 7 FF leagues. I suspect you’re beating me, haha.
zadolinnyj: Red Cross for whole team
thiccgucci: oliver gone down by 8 after two disposals. do you lose points for ineffectives?
Pokerface: Apache i assume you are still stuck with 1 mark Harris?
OhSoRozee: well neale has his proj basically there goes my league top score
Wends: Didn’t Brayshaw get a knock earlier? That may be why @Dr.
Raspel31: So, that only leaves Fyfe for you Wends?
Manowar: Gwan going backwards!
Jackwatt$: It’s the second coming of Max Gawn
Gelly: all these injuries, goodwin might be forced to field brayshaw
pcaman2003: I bet those worms tasted good then
oh_lol: If Gawn tons up from here I’ll leave him as perma C for the rest of the season
VodkaHawk: Yep Rozee, that rank 15 dude the only one without Gawn in top 20. should bump him up to top 5
original: Will or is gawn coming back? He’s my capt oh dear
DrSeuss: Good comeback from Brayshaw in the last 10
dipstick: yeh brayshaw got a knock…. upside the head….now lets hope that cat scores big
Hadouken: gawn might do a sinclair and be off 60 seconds later if he comes back
th3rio: anyone know what that song was called before commercial?
th3rio: hes back original
VodkaHawk: I predict Gawn ends on 48
Rage_Trade: Got Baker and Gawn in this one, good start boys!
OhSoRozee: he does have some low score rookies tho so might not
Wends: Yep, Fyfe in the wet with a v average ave. v. oppt. @Chelski, you are about to get a %boost in FFlatebaltas.
Wends: Pretty sure that knock messed with Brayshaw’s orange aura, or whatever…
jbjimmyjb: gotta love captain gawn 🙁
circle52: Mcinerney will not be back. Just announced at ground
The0Grrr: Missed the Baker faceplant. How’d he look coming off injury wise?
Stikman35: Opponents capt is Gawn. Well that’s sad
cmperrfect: Wowee Gawn
cmperrfect: Geez, remember when MHibberd was almost 1st picked fantasy DEF… those days are gone
dipstick: indeed it did
jbjimmyjb: Gawn has literally cost me my season. currently 500th OA, but gone now
circle52: Pathetic skills by Lions. Do not deserve to be top 8 on that display
NugzNiggle: Old Gilbert rocking the suit and runners.
cmperrfect: Gawn could dtill ton up… he’s capable of 50+ pt qtrs
original: Gawn capt in classic and draft. Bow down to me
Raspel31: Not against Brisbane he’s not cmperrfect- not even with three good ankles.
Apachecats: Lifeline 13 11 14 ,if anyone needs it.
The0Grrr: Might get to finally play ROB? Had him since rnd 4 & never counted.
original: Will take a 55 from here gawn
Raspel31: You are duly worshipped original.
StuL: I do Apache. It’s not OK to lose.
The0Grrr: Sorry I lie. Apart from bye round.
original: The0grrr surely he counted in byes when he banged out 180
Apachecats: Plenty of mates in here stul I reckon.
pcaman2003: Seems Max is moving okay now. Modern treatment wonders.
The0Grrr: Ah Petchoker!
jamesh1290: someone tell me how answerth gets a game
OhSoRozee: this is the game that decides if brisbane get a home final
cmperrfect: need 200 from you now Neale…
OhSoRozee: good lock down defender answerth is
rabp1es: biggest half in history needed maxy. cmon
tiltraise: trading ROB at his bye for Gawn looking like a big mistake
Bennyherb: Traded Rocky for Oliver this week silly
StuL: Started the round with a predicted 2429. Could end up with not even 2300
Costanza: all you need is a good beep test result these days @jamesh
cmperrfect: My proj says 2503 @Stu .. aint gonna happen now
Wends: indeed it does @PCA
Catatafish: Oliver should get 0 points for an effective throw.
The0Grrr: C’mon Maxy. Get a bit more elephant juice please
The0Grrr: Why couldn’t you do that in Darwin?
Stikman35: Weirderman looks a bit like Billy Oliver the ballet dancer.
OhSoRozee: gawn to catch martin
LuvIt74: glad i took grundys 133 and didn’t go gawn which i was contemplating
pcaman2003: @Wends. The other wonder is if Maxy,Neale and Hore get to around 270, I may get my 2500 yet.Unlikely though
OhSoRozee: rayner is so bad
cmperrfect: commiserations for those who C’d Maxy this week
LuvIt74: wish i went neale though the way he;s going.
Hadouken: if gawn gets to 50 that would be great
thiccgucci: please get involved oliver, need 110 plus from you
Stikman35: Goal to answerth
Raspel31: Pcaman- if Gawn hits 20 I might reach 2200 from a projected 2400- fingers crossed.
Grimes Jr: neale humming
OhSoRozee: tbh didnt expect an 80 from neale with harmes in the side
The0Grrr: Couldn’t loophole Grundy. So Fyfe C. Sorry everyone.
OhSoRozee: looks like answerth sent to salem
Apachecats: Gawn gawn forward
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Ouch,that hurts!😭
TigerKid_A: answerth have a better score than gawn lol
original: The0grrr that’s offensive given there aren’t people with gawn c lol
StuL: Answerth joined an elite club. 1st goal with 69th kick.
Raspel31: Think Fyfey will do just fine TheO. mY 2ND CHOICE.
Stikman35: Going to be a good backmen Rayner.
Wends: You’ll owe Neale a bunch of flowers or something if you get to 2500 @PCA… that’s the only way there’s 270 betw those 3
The0Grrr: Yeah but prob tagged by Curnow and injured 1st qtr. Be my curse LoL
StuL: Any time I captain Fyfe he gets injured. Well twice it’s happened.
Raspel31: TheGorr- think Fyfey will do just fine with no Cripps- my 2nd choice
OhSoRozee: bad round for most vc/c so i expect an injury to fyfe
Wends: Gah @ Theo… now I’ll know who to blame when he spuds it up 😐
BRAZZERS: who cares, gawn clearly struggling
Bennyherb: Zorko killing it
Dredd: we are throwing! GRRRRR
Stikman35: Brisbane should win
Gotigres: So do i Rozee
StuL: Max can’t jump. That’s not helpful.
The0Grrr: Glad to see I’m not the only ogre here LoL
Grimes Jr: If Gawn gets 60 i will be content given he isn’t my captain
Dredd: we should have smashed Melbourne… our poor kicking has been letting us down…. again
pcaman2003: @Wends. Only 97 to go now. Could be close.
Apachecats: Neale and Zorko swooping on every Gawn tap down.
original: Will take 50 from gawn
Migz: listen to them thugs booing, disgraceful
OhSoRozee: 1241 from the last 9 played looks nice on my list
Breezey: Maybe 30
OhSoRozee: melbourne need 2 recruit 2 gun mis
OhSoRozee: mids*
Grimes Jr: oh boy hipwood
Raspel31: Adjusting expectations, will accept 20 from Gawn. Carn Oliver and Neale.
Gebs: Wowee what a goal
Stikman35: Lyons compiling a decent season
The0Grrr: Will take em 20 ore picks to get those 2 OSR! They got a shower record so far!
OhSoRozee: mids* and that was some toe from answerth
TigerKid_A: hipwood will win a coleman in a few years I reckon
superlloyd: superman for hipwood!
Sunharp: Oliver should have permanent cleaver. Just throws it on his boot all the time
OhSoRozee: didnt say draft meant they have to trade in
Wends: Missed lockout for Answerth to Hind – atleast he’s made his BE… & catching Clarry >:(
OhSoRozee: 2 already established otherwise itll b another long decade like u said
Stu7: Anyone else have Gawn for Captain 😫?
Migz: how shit is rayner
Wends: On the rare occasion he’s not handballing @Sunharp
Apachecats: yes stu.
Gelly: rayner with the dbl muppet
Migz: honestly. gawn has a 5 game avereage of 150, who the fuck isnt C’in him
Stikman35: Oliver high on my rage out trade come finals.
OhSoRozee: defs not me gawn never goes well against martin
OhSoRozee: martin played at dees so know his achilles heal
Raspel31: Beacause Migz he traditionally scores abysmally against Brisbane-even with three legs.
pcaman2003: @Migz. Took Grundy score as safety.
Dredd: Should be 14.9 brissy… gotta stop kicking bad
Pokerface: not me. without cripps i fully expect fyfe to get a hundred contested possessions today.
The0Grrr: Same here. Dunno what Migz is smelling.
pcaman2003: Big qtr Hipwood.
SilverLion: Spud for rayner please
circle52: Neafl awaits you Rayner
StuL: Fyfe padlocked.
pcaman2003: Only need 67 from Gawn,Neale and Hore to be back on track for 2500. Still 3 players next game to decide outcome.
Beammybux: Lol gawn had more minutes than brayshaw
Pokerface: just means greater % contested stu. he is not merret. he can break them
StuL: up to 11 in 5mins however
V@lks: Hipwood is like a tall version of Nadal
thiccgucci: get going oliver
Fatbar5tad: Hipwood kicks 5 before Goodwin makes the move. Brilliant coaching.
Gotigres: wow Hipwood
Pokerface: harris?
Tig-Train: I got Gawn and opponent has hipwood 😂
pcaman2003: @V@lks. Yes! see the likeness.
Wends: v true v@lks, just needs a headband
OhSoRozee: happy with -100 on gawn proj
Fatbar5tad: Bunch of skirts. Smith just lets Martin mark inside 50. T Mac marks but won’t take the shot.
Wends: Clarry draining owners’ lifeforce
OhSoRozee: t mac was on 48 at ht after 35 in the 1st
Gotigres: Hore has gone back to sleep
The0Grrr: Dees doing that to their supporters @Wends
Breezey: Is that an effective disposal from Hipwood to Robinson
Zambo: Believe so @Breezey, was a poor kick with a good result!
Wends: Ouch The), would be painful at times…
OhSoRozee: sweet as rival gets 55 score from hately instead of answerths
pcaman2003: Bye bye Dees.
Fatbar5tad: Melbourne don’t believe in repeat inside 50s.
The0Grrr: Oh only about the last 55 years minus the odd one LoL
Pokerface: (very) small wins eh rozee?
OhSoRozee: yeh answerth only got +3 for intercept mark clean disposal chain that lead to zorko goal tho
OhSoRozee: was expecting like +8
pcaman2003: @Wends. My 270 from Gawn Neale and Hore looking a lot better. Only 27 to go
Fatbar5tad: BT really hyping the May Frost non event. What a Wanchor he is.
Wends: Triple bouquet then @PCA 🙂
thiccgucci: get to the ton and ill be proud oliver
OhSoRozee: i think melbourne need to play frost as a fwd has the speed to mark and need an option fwd have lots of key defenders
OhSoRozee: aint playing finals so need to experiment
Breezey: McCluggage becoming really good.
jbjimmyjb: I still can’t get over how unlucky I was, VC danger C gawn both get hurt 🙁
Gotigres: i will be satisfied if Hore gets to 80
Wends: To be fair, C Gawn has got owners abt 60 more points than it first seemed likely, after injury
beerent11: I’m in that boat with you jbjimmyjb
OhSoRozee: 2 yrs brisbane will have best midfield neale/lyons/mcluggage/berry brothers ely smith and rayner pinch hit
OhSoRozee: and zorko
original: Jbjimmy same same here. Ugh
Fatbar5tad: Unlucky lads
OhSoRozee: has a similar type momentum of lethals brisbane era
pcaman2003: Very unlucky Jimmy
J_Herer: baker 5 FA flower
Wends: Well done Clarry
Fatbar5tad: In the back lol. Armchair ride.
original: That shouldn’t be in the back imo
OhSoRozee: almost the danger flop in the back
TigerKid_A: jb same
VodkaHawk: Called Gawn 48, will be close

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