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Chat log from R15 of 2019: St Kilda vs Richmond

Chat log for St Kilda vs Richmond, R15 of 2019

Drak: No one on yet?
Chelskiman: Afternoon, lads!
Apachecats: Hi Chelks and Drak
pcaman2003: Hi all! Have only Marshall in this one
Schillaci: G’day all. Go saints! Not that I’m expecting a win.
Chelskiman: Terrible start.
Beammybux: Need hind to go big. Pushed Kelly to cover Cripps out.
duckky: Hi all. MArshall, Stacjk and Houli here
pcaman2003: Hope saints win this one.
pcaman2003: Oh yeah! Forgot I have Stack as my!
Raspel31: Only Stack for me- covering Cripps’ bottom.
Rage_Trade: I should never have brought in Ellis!
Chelskiman: It’s been a round of upsets so it wouldn’t surprise me if the Saints got up.
pcaman2003: @Raspel. I thought that was Hore’s job.
teddyt: lmfao saints havent ran this much ever they will run out of petrol half way through the 3rd
thiccgucci: i fell for the houli trap.
duckky: Git houli early. Been OK apart from one game
pcaman2003: I’m surprised only 11% have Marshall.
duckky: Got, Im the git
thiccgucci: he will average 80 rest of the year
duckky: Bugger – too many opponents have Hind
Schillaci: I’m part of the happy 11%
Gelly: i got marshall during the byes when his BE was 30
pcaman2003: @Schillaci. Good decision. He’s been a great POD for me
Apachecats: me too Schilllaci (another good horse i might add)
DrSeuss: Looks like Sinclair is tagging Houli
Chelskiman: Even Saints bad kicks are finding targets.
Chelskiman: Nice one, Stack!
pcaman2003: Onya Stacky!
thiccgucci: thought so too Seuss. looks to be freed up now i hope
Schillaci: Use to love the horses Apache but my Mrs took that avenue of pleasure away from me. Schillaci was a fave.
Bennyherb: Houli no where
jbjimmyjb: How has Chol not been brought in earlier, very confusing
cmperrfect: Hannebery reminding us all he’s still a no go zone
jbjimmyjb: Houli was always going to struggle with Short back, no idea why people got him
Schillaci: Hannebery = gun… Give him a pay rise Saints
duckky: Saints kicking back to FB is a shocking spectacle
pcaman2003: @jimmy. With an ave of 104 and you don’t know why?
Bennyherb: Houli dud
DrSeuss: Houli was getting tagged – always going to struggle getting cheapies when tagged
Schillaci: Good quarter by Marshall. Briefly considered making him C v Soldo but went with Gawn
Tig-Train: So I guess it’s hate on Houli day? Sheesh give him a break it’s first 1/4
thiccgucci: i know jimmy, there was just no other option for me when whitfield went down. knew it wouldnt end well
duckky: Houli’s score would be helped if Saints kicken more behinds
Juzzo: Dusty and Marshall for me, keep it going fellas.
rabp1es: is naish not playing?
Schillaci: Houli is a rollercoster Benny. I’d only buy him at a low price. Another best put on the never again list
Tig-Train: No got dropped
Rage_Trade: What are the chances that Naish gets back into the team?
Bennyherb: But houli has done this before 15 point first quarter and ends up with 125
Grimes Jr: back howl in
Schillaci: Good chance if the tiges cop a few injuries
Grimes Jr: noise won’t get back in rage
Grimes Jr: naish**
pcaman2003: Keep going Stack and Marshall. Great start!
Gotigres: Stack could go huge. Of course opp has him
Rage_Trade: Damn,I downgraded to him banking on him getting back in.
Grimes Jr: like the look of this hind kid
Bennyherb: Borad 2touches 22 points
rabp1es: I need houli to lift and hind to play trash
th3rio: was going to go stack to hind but decided to go BScott to Hind. So glad I held Stackyyy
pcaman2003: Stack reminds me a lot of Cyril.
Hadouken: seems a high scoring fantasy affair
Stikman35: Dermie may be getting mixed dreams now pcaman
th3rio: Chol doing great. Richmond keep bleeding through guns
th3rio: also piss off hind i left him on the pine
pcaman2003: Yes Stikman35,you may be right there.
pcaman2003: Hind on fire!
Chelskiman: We just can’t play at Marvel.
original: So happy I went Hately over Hind. Iiiidiot
Gotigres: Not a good week for me. Started Hately ahead of Hind
Tig-Train: Why is it every time we play the “bottom” teams they have extreme accuracy?
Apachecats: If any one has Witherden ,he’s out.
Chelskiman: This has another North/Bulldogs game written all over it.
Grimes Jr: ifs richmond
Grimes Jr: we don’t deserve to play finals if we lose this
Chelskiman: Oh fuck off. 7 straight.
Chelskiman: Fucking finally.
scrappers: my mate is a collingwood supporter and can’t stand richmond supporters ! im sarting to see why
jbjimmyjb: idk what we’re doing, our midfield is getting destroyed
th3rio: lift houli you pig
Pokerface: afternoon all. id ask if kick ins have reverted to Short. But i guess you don’t know yet!
Tig-Train: You’re mates with a collingwood supporter? Eww
th3rio: nice chol!
jbjimmyjb: Chol and Stack acting like our most experienced players
Gotigres: Chol playing well
Chelskiman: We’re not too keen on Collingwood and Carlton supporters either.
VodkaHawk: Lol
scrappers: its not his fault he’s stupid
Schillaci: Richmond’s kick for goal is really starting to pi33 me off
woodduck: After your glee yesterday you guys deserve this..tiges to finish 9th haha
th3rio: what a game
teddyt: lmao typical collingwood supporter getting carried away before the games over. We will win by over 30 xD
th3rio: short back on kick ins = houli to whitfield in a couple weeks
Beammybux: Keep this up hind
pcaman2003: At least the umpiring has been uneventful so far.
woodduck: typical delusional tiges supporter
blonde0na: houli isn’t even on the field to get in on this kick to kick :/
Apachecats: Keep this up Houli.
Bennyherb: Houli has had 4 touches in seriously 40 mins
Chelskiman: Stack is having a blinder!
th3rio: yep blonde, this is horrible
pcaman2003: Staaaackk!
teddyt: You might of won a grand final if the game was over after 1 qtr buddy. Remember what I said after the games finished 🙂
Stikman35: Stack should get double points for that goal
th3rio: flower i love you stack!
Tig-Train: Woodduck make sure you hang around to eat your words…
bones351: Is Balta to Chol the move to make this week? Puts some nice $ in the bank.
Oddsy5: stack proving why i traded walsh before him
Raspel31: Stacky doesn’t touch it much- but,boy,when he does. Almost glad Cripps out.
jbjimmyjb: Caddy has been terrible this year, looks like a different player
th3rio: snap oddsy. Best hold Ive made all year. ITs going to be bloody hard to trade out Stack at this rate
woodduck: I never hang around tiges fans 😉
th3rio: junk it up houli please
Stikman35: Stack hasn’t reached his break even yet has he?
th3rio: yes he has his BE is 62
Tig-Train: So maybe you shouldn’t be here?
Oddsy5: for sure. i knew he could make his breakeven n make more money
Bennyherb: Fkn arab
thiccgucci: Thought houli was a bit better than a 31, maybe deserved a 37 for his half. lol.
Beammybux: Do I take t Kelly score or risk fyfe. Op has gawn
Stikman35: Ahhh. Th3io. Thanks. Must have looked at a faulty page
th3rio: benny thats cooked racism..
pcaman2003: I see Satck as my m8 right through somehow.
woodduck: Maybe…but I love to see the tiges lose
jbjimmyjb: If Hind can manage another 90+ I’ll be very pleased, great Cripps cover
Apachecats: Fyfe will go large.
Grimes Jr: fyfe captain or take grundy?
th3rio: always take 125+ Curnow might go to Fyfe
thiccgucci: why does gawn go so small against brisbane?
Stu7: Grundy Grimes Jr
Bevo11: curnow will wear fyfe like a jumper
Apachecats: I always bank 130 @Grimes
Pokerface: surely curnow has to play his own contested game in the guts with no cripps
scrappers: th3rio he is an arab ! how is that racist? you stupid vegan
thiccgucci: i agree Poker. who’s winning the ball in the guts for carlton if they focus on tagging
Bennyherb: Thrio if I said it about Cox saying bloody Yankee there is no difference
Pokerface: get out scrappers
OhSoRozee: Witherden out for starcevich
Pokerface: don’t bring that garbage here
th3rio: i love meat you peanut
Tig-Train: Scrappers you are stupid… stop talking
th3rio: m0nty who let this keyboard warrior in here?
Pokerface: don’t define people by their race. and as tig-train said. stop talking, your stupidity is highlighted
Apachecats: Has mega got a new account.
OhSoRozee: Jnr curnow surprise mid I’d like to see
th3rio: Also benny go say it to their face you racist hero
Bennyherb: So it’s not racist to say fkn kiwi or pom or Yankee but it is to say Arabs don’t get it
duckky: Rozee – you are sounding like Yoda
th3rio: no one in here says any of that. Shut up
Pokerface: your intention is derogatory, not endearment.
OhSoRozee: Boys calm it that’s like calling a robot a tinnie
Pokerface: didnt realise robots get vilified for being tinnies rozee.
Stikman35: Do something Marshall
pcaman2003: Anyone watching the footy?
th3rio: houli getting in there more
scrappers: yea thats racist rozee goods would be offended
Chelskiman: Thought Dusty messed that up for a minute. Didn’t see Lynch in the square.
Stikman35: We need behavioural officers
Pokerface: we tried to give you some helpful advice scrappers around your clear stupidity. Oh well.
Tig-Train: Hah stikman
Grimes Jr: haha free kick my arse
PowerBug: there’s a match on boys, talk about that
Stikman35: Drop it all of ya. Get on footy
Apachecats: Marshall getting -1 per hittout at the moment.
duckky: Marshall should stop winning the hipouts – he goes backwards
pcaman2003: Stack having a real day out. Bets game yet.
duckky: hitouts
OhSoRozee: Glad I didn’t grab houli think he will yoyo it out with players back
Apachecats: Keep this up Houli ,loving it.
duckky: Hey saints, the scoring goals are the other way
Gotigres: Sorry about repeating myself several times this year but i don’t know how Castagna gets a game
Pokerface: hanners lifting
th3rio: be nice if houli was on the field.
Tig-Train: St Kilda trying to bore us to death…
Grimes Jr: jeez st kilda play boring footy
Pokerface: Chol probably gets another 3 weeks until jack or nank back?
pcaman2003: Marshall died off this qtr.
Stikman35: I told ya Marshall was doing nothing…
Gotigres: maybe until they both come back Poker
Beammybux: Hind gone missing
OhSoRozee: Backing 95 b4 end qtr Marshall
Pokerface: who would go before Chol Gotigres?
Pokerface: I know Lynch _should_ go before him..
Tonche: Cape for Savage. Was on 19 at halftime
OhSoRozee: Think Richmond can play chol with lynch riewoldt second ruck and he’s athletic
Gotigres: If Nank comes in then Soldo will go
cobrakai00: Billings FFS
duckky: Shocking errors
DrSeuss: Houli and Marshall have done nothing this quarter
BOMBRBLITZ: Billings pathetic
Pokerface: effectively 3 forward talls rozee? i can’t see it. especially in the wet
Stikman35: Thkyu marshall
Chelskiman: Poor manning up for their goal.
pcaman2003: @Stikman. Marshall still doing okay,so not complaining.
OhSoRozee: Chol doesn’t really play to tall
Pokerface: @gotigres jacks the key for chol then
Stikman35: He was vacant for a while there pcaman
Gotigres: i think so @Pokerface
Apachecats: Marshall 27 SC in last 5 min, No complaints here.
Pokerface: wouldn’t think higgins gets an extended reprimand either
Oddsy5: stack going backwards but still happy
Gotigres: it also depends if Richmond want a 2nd ruck to relieve Nank
pcaman2003: With Marshall and Stack,I’m enjoying this game.
OhSoRozee: Ty my mabln Marshall got to 95
VodkaHawk: Lol Rozee, good call on Marshall
Pokerface: its not something theyve ever really wanted previously
DrSeuss: Nice comeback from Marshall. Can’t say the same for Houli!!
Stikman35: Marshal went backwards for 25 min then 5 min of relief.
Apachecats: Stikman give Marshall another rev up next 1/4 please.
thommoae: What does that mean poker?
Bevo11: i should never have picked up houli weeks back
original: Picked daniel over Marshall. Call me a genius ooft
thommoae: The ‘extended reprimand’ thing?
Pokerface: what does what mean thommo?
Stikman35: Ok Apache.
Apachecats: Marshall got 42 SC from the 19 min mark.
Grimes Jr: jeez this last quarter is huge for our season
Pokerface: just meant higgins was dropped, wouldn’t think his penance in the reserves lasts for too long?
Foursuits: Hind has gone backwards
LMartos: Hahaha how did Marshall get 40 in the last 5 minutes, will definitely take it
OhSoRozee: CD just player catch up on his hota
bones351: That was incredible by Marshall and CD. Havent been watching so dont know how he did it.
thommoae: Roger that.
Chelskiman: We need to kick the first couple of goals in the last. Can’t let them get a run on.
OhSoRozee: Parker had a decent qtr
Apachecats: yeah rozee still got him as bench cover ,will go up a few more $$.
OhSoRozee: Cape for Marshall 160 by ft
pcaman2003: The new Grundy.
Oddsy5: what the fk marshall
dipstick: why is there an icon of Lingy next to cotchin🧐
Chelskiman: Fucking hell, Lynch.
Grimes Jr: put the spud on lynch
DrSeuss: Houli with low TOG this game now ffs
Schillaci: Thanks Marshall. Kiss. hug.
pcaman2003: Just need Stack to ton up now and I’ll be over the moon
th3rio: onya houli just watching that saints lad mark it and not doing a thing
Raspel31: Marshall is absolutely useless- cos I don’t have him, sigh.
Stikman35: Lynch to get roast from Dunstall
OhSoRozee: Saints can play Ross n Steele double tag and still get big numbers
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Can you still get him in?
jbjimmyjb: was abused 5 mins into the game saying houli would be bad with short back…
Gotigres: Marshall lol. Of course i don’t have him
LMartos: Marshall seriously working Soldo over around the ground
Raspel31: What’s he cost pcaman? Boosting my defence my priority now.
Stikman35: Marshall often gets grap lead out to flank after bounce clearance,
pcaman2003: Superman cape for Marshall.
Grimes Jr: fuck off bruce u cunt
Stikman35: Grab
pcaman2003: I think he’s just over 510k ,but will go up now.
jbjimmyjb: wtf happened to hind, -5 since HT
Stu7: Come on Billing’s you sh1t heap
Grimes Jr: come on tigs put it to bed
Gelly: 530k with be of 73
hinsch: Houli BE will be 200+ next week time to go
Raspel31: He’s dual isn’t he pcaman- imagine you have as a forward. Hmm?
Raspel31: Cheers Gelly.
pcaman2003: he’s fwd only Raspel
pcaman2003: Pity he wasn’t dual pos with Ruck.
Raspel31: I thought he may have been pcaman.
Hadouken: whole back line has been a write of in my team this week
pcaman2003: I bought him rnd 5 when he was only 406k,so good value for me.
Stikman35: Not bad decision putting Marshall forward. He’s handy there they need him to grab it
hinsch: D. Moore (pies) the only decent backman in my team the rest total fails
Raspel31: Read you there Hadouken- I’m 300 below my prediction.
Gelly: bet you diddnt think that back then when he was a late out in rnd 6
pcaman2003: C’mon Stacky and ton up.
Chelskiman: Chol with his 3rd. Will never kick an easier one, lmao.
Stikman35: Cost em
Apachecats: Stack stopped.
pcaman2003: Looking at my best score for the year.
Tig-Train: Saints are lucky they started with 7 straight…
Raspel31: Stop stacked.
Grimes Jr: put the blue moon on chol
Stu7: All of the Richmond team could stop and they would still beat this woeful team
Stu7: How much pcaman2003?
Pokerface: you don’t give a blue moon to someone in their 3rd match
pcaman2003: @Stul. Looking at just over 2500
Gelly: chol bog lol
jbjimmyjb: finally some % gain for richmond
OhSoRozee: there we go my 160 prediction
Grimes Jr: get something on chol
OhSoRozee: 7.0 to end up 9.9 cost them momentum
Raspel31: Amazing score pcaman- lucky you’re not playing GOD.
JockMcPie: Where tf has Marshall come from this year…
pcaman2003: Just 2 more pts Stack.
teddyt: wheres that woodcock collingwood fan calling me delusional for saying we will win by 30+?
Chelskiman: Put the X-Factor on Chol.
pcaman2003: @Raspel. l.ol! Hard to beat someone who scores 4000pts
Stu7: Nice pcaman2003
Struda: take hind or play bewley?
Pokerface: bewley v carlton at home
OhSoRozee: take
Stu7: Hind
Pokerface: crippa gets a game after all
Stikman35: Mark to Marshall at end..
Chelskiman: Phew. Had the potential to be a banana skin match that one. Nice to hear the song again!
OhSoRozee: aint falling for that 1 poker
Pokerface: rozee – meant he comes on emergency loophoing

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