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Chat log from R15 of 2019: Fremantle vs Carlton

Chat log for Fremantle vs Carlton, R15 of 2019

Wends: C’mon Capt Fyfe…
Gotigres: This is a late game
Gotigres: Go huge C Fyfe
Haydo: Whos tagging Fyfe?
OhSoRozee: always hate sunday arvo especially perth games
OhSoRozee: curnow
duckky: Fyfe and Logue
pcaman2003: Ryan Logue and Bewley.
OhSoRozee: 1 of my rivals gone and done a goof no e for cripps
OhSoRozee: he had hately and bewley mid cover just no e’s
Wends: Like having Sunday arvo C – there’s always the vain hope you can come in over the top from a losing position
Chelskiman: I hate Friday night C’s as well. If it fails you feel your weekend is ruined before it’s even started, lol.
Lawls: please mundy do something for me today
Wends: Not saying a word @Chelski… don’t want any bad karma 🙂
duckky: silvagni is like that kid in the U12s who never knows where the ball s, but sits down with an opponent to trade pokemon
Lawls: although think ill get the win in my cash league as opponent had gawn as C
duckky: Silvagni is like the kid in U12s who doesnt know where the ball is, and sits with an opponent to trade pokemon cards
duckky: whoops … doubled up
Catatafish: Come on Setterflog
thiccgucci: dont make me regret starting you logue
Wends: Not bringing in Bewley one of this season’s spudly moves on my part.
stew42: When you decide to play Brayshaw ahead of Tucker in draft… Pls.
Gotigres: a couple of goals for you Fyfe will be great
Catatafish: Need a good tagging job from you Curnow.
Wends: Prefer the only tagging from Curnow is catch n release on a fishing trip thx
VodkaHawk: Lol Gotigres, well since you asked nicely
Catatafish: Looks like Curnow is already failing his one job anyway.
cobrakai00: superman capt Fyfe 🙂
The0Grrr: He’s def released the Fyfe fish i think
Gotigres: Yes, Very nice from Nat @Vodka
J_Herer: great start Fyfe!
jamesh1290: anyone know what happened to Luke Ryan
Wends: Cape for Fyfe monty!
Wends: Walsh doing nicely for those who held
The0Grrr: I think he’s playing in defence vs Carlton
beerent11: I’m a fucken drongo had the c on Fyfe all week and switched to someone else who went shit last minute
jamesh1290: saw ryan coming out of the rooms and his tog is much lower than usual
beerent11: Is tog a euphemism
original: Is McGovern actually made of cellophane?
The0Grrr: Gonna be needed even less now with Curnow and McGovern hurt.
beerent11: Cellophane
Bevo11: time on ground mate
beerent11: Joke mate
LMartos: Silvagni tagging Fyfe now by the looks of it
beerent11: Downgrade crippa to Murphy?
pcaman2003: With a 55 DE, Fyfe score is amazing.
original: After gawn captain: if Fyfe Ryan logue and bewley can score 300 I win..cmon boys!!!
beerent11: Would silvagni be in the Afl if he wasn’t sosos?
Gotigres: Wake up Fyfe
Bennyherb: What’s the go with fyfe he was on 69 first min of the 2nd
Bevo11: fyfe needs to stay low
Migz: i went from projected before thursday game of 2500… last game of the day im proj to 2100. farkkkkkkkkkkkk
pcaman2003: Get the DE up Ryan.
beerent11: There you go benny
DrSeuss: Fyfe making up for Logue so far
jbjimmyjb: bc of my amazing captaincy choice of Gawn, I need Logue to score under 65
pcaman2003: Bewley ,Ryan and Logue stopped last 10 mins. C’mon fellas
original: Need bewley and logue to lift
original: Biased but how’s that not 50
StuL: OK, should have gone Fyfe. Would still have lost anyway I think.
original: Junk call in the middle
hinsch: got Fyfe in a after the byes not happy at the moment
Sunharp: Walsh going backwards now
pcaman2003: Bewley killing me with poor disposal.
beerent11: Looks like Fyfe against the Carlton under 16’s
beerent11: I’m very lucky to be vs cellar dwellers in my leagues this weekend. Anything that could go wrong went wrong will win
OhSoRozee: walters owners are lucky this rd imo should be gettin a donut
original: Bewley 2/11 effective ffs
frenzy: whats par this week
wodjos: Just brought curnow in as POD ….only have 2 trades left…..fml.
BRAZZERS: 109+ walsh vs fyfe/logue in SC. who you got?
th3rio: geezuz fyfe is gonna go 200
Breezey: At the moment I think the Fyfe/Logie combo @ Brazzers
Bennyherb: On 2230 with fyfe as C looking for a PB
beerent11: Killing it benny
pcaman2003: Geez!Ryan and Bewley haven’t moved this qtr.
BRAZZERS: cheers, breezey. hope u right lol
beerent11: You’re already at 2466 benny
original: Earth to Ryan earth to Ryan. Where are u bro
Stikman35: Fyfe plays Scoach himself. He should get 22 weeks for playing injured.
Bennyherb: Yeah there will be some really high scores this round hopefully make the top 100
Catatafish: This is ludicrous, need Fyfe to get under 185..
The0Grrr: Is Fyfe in a game of his own? There’s him then the rest.
beerent11: Blues are better without Cripps;)
Bennyherb: Fyfe 21 touches 130 points close to record for only 21
Belegur: Is that umpire in a game of his own? Can’t tackle now?
Oddsy5: fuck i could lose with fyfe going this big =/
OhSoRozee: carlton actually played well with cripps tagged out since teague took over
Bennyherb: Fyfe brownlow ?? Or what
DrSeuss: Get some touches Logue
DarkHorseR: @beerent I was wondering how Walshe would go without Crippa
thiccgucci: anyone know who that goal ump is?
OhSoRozee: and here i didnt trust the c on fyfe
beerent11: It’s interesting how a team plays when their best are out darkhorse
OhSoRozee: opp has him c but down by 700
beerent11: 200 watch
beerent11: Great mark langdon
SwaggyP: Tf is ryan and why isn’t he on 90 yet
OhSoRozee: 3 kermies and 42 de to ryan he would normally b on 70 with clean possies
original: Ryan is no where near it
Struda: fyfe is lyfe
original: Ryan: intercept mark darcy: na
Stikman35: Players could answer your question thiccgucci. Sure they fraternise post match.
Grifffffff: Ryan struggling cause we can’t go forward
pcaman2003: Ryan has only scored 17pts since 1st qtr.
beerent11: Bewley = dud
hinsch: Fyfe BE 148 looking OK at the moment
pcaman2003: @beerent. Yep! Him and Ryan have shafted me good.
Struda: bewley needs to hit a target.
Bennyherb: Fyfe is stuck on 140
original: Ryan needs to actually run out when taking kick ins ffs 5 points v 1
Sunharp: Walsh DE low?
Bevo11: ryan killing me, him houli and sicily are killing me every week now
hamstring: why does matera have a * next to his name
Sunharp: First goal @hamstring
beerent11: 40% sunharp
Drak: Cant understand how fyfe hasnt gotten any SC points…. those disposals were all effective
beerent11: 1st world problem benny
LMartos: damn, Logue would be on like 65 had he not given away that free
Fatbar5tad: Needed Logue and Bewly to beat Setterfield by 52. That’s not happening.
VodkaHawk: 2400 + whatever Fyfe and Logue score in this quarter
pcaman2003: Didn’t get my 2500,but at least won my league. Have a good week everyone.See ya!
beerent11: Nice vodka
OhSoRozee: looks like englang are playing netherlends 2day
beerent11: Cheers pcaman
OhSoRozee: england*
Drak: Well done Newman you spud
beerent11: Does too rozee
VodkaHawk: Lol Rozee, I don’t know why ‘clash’ uniforms are needed.. probs just merchandise $$
beerent11: They might play better than the netherlands
Raspel31: Wow- just home. Chickened out at the last mo from C on Fyfe- stuck with Mavrae- but wow Fyfe.
original: Scores aren’t updating. Wow had a heart attack
beerent11: This is more like what we should expect from logue
VodkaHawk: I hope India play like the Netherlands
LMartos: Fyfe just throws himself at the ball, gonna be very sore after the game
beerent11: Fyfe sore as a motherfucker
OhSoRozee: if u thought about captaining fyfe still after macrae ur a nutter
DrSeuss: Keep going Logue – big finish
Bennyherb: Fyfe 8 points in 20 mins
OhSoRozee: fremantle conceded tons of i50s last 2 weeks is why logue went big against low i50s he wont
Bevo11: get moving walters, havent moved for two qtrs
beerent11: Daisy Thomas has a Nikolai jokic bag of milk physique going on
Jackwatt$: Carlton can still win this fellas. Teague is one of the best coaches going around (along with Shaw)
OhSoRozee: 1 thing good about ryan low is walters is 2
Apachecats: Is Walters still out there ,nothing for 2 quarters now.Gone from 80 to 69.
Bevo11: walsh would have gone big if not for eff
wadaramus: Another non-fruitful Sunday 🙁
Apachecats: As usual he goaled as I hit the send button.
Bennyherb: I’m not watching the game.but fyfe has been on 140 since the 8 min mark of the 3rd what the go
OhSoRozee: coming into game ud think this margin curnow would b minimum 4 of these goals
Jackwatt$: Walsh is 4th best rookie according to ChampionData. Some serious questions must be asked about m0ntys mates at CD
beerent11: Nice goal old boy
Drak: Doesnt make sense Benny, his disposals have all been effective from what Ive seen
OhSoRozee: yeh i think his 20 touchs for 140 were on roids scaled down as he got new stats
Bevo11: he is a decent player, wouldnt say he has had the outright impact of some rookies though
OhSoRozee: if theres like 3.2k pts by end he will jump like 30
beerent11: Who’s in front jack? Rob, rozee, stack?
Breezey: Fyfe saving himself for one last burst and put this game away
Jackwatt$: 1.Stack
original: Switkowski every where
OhSoRozee: rob but stack has more to come
Jackwatt$: 2.Rozee
NoneyaB: whos coaching the blues atm?
Jackwatt$: 3.Miers I think
OhSoRozee: dont think stack will b consistent playing a fwd role tho
OhSoRozee: david teaue
beerent11: Bag of milk!
OhSoRozee: teague
Breezey: Seriously Freo.
OhSoRozee: there we go pick 2 to crows now
Gotigres: All set up for you to kick the winning goal Fyfe
Bennyherb: Fyfe 8 touches for 8 for 10 points
OhSoRozee: freo due a loss after scraping 3 this yr
Bennyherb: Rodney eade
Chelskiman: What a crazy ending this has been.
Bevo11: haha blues
Bevo11: fyfe slipping back is great
cobrakai00: that was Simpspns fault.. POOR
OhSoRozee: cripps for goal after siren
Tig-Train: Wow
Chelskiman: Oh wow! Murphy with a great goal with 31 seconds left.
StuL: All players worth less this qtr it seems. Walsh inside 50 to adv. -2
StuL: Yea. take that dockers!
OhSoRozee: gonna have to watch the last 2 min footage when its up
OhSoRozee: yeh coz pts are over 3.3k
Gelly: cause they been at 3300 for a while
Chelskiman: That’s a massive upset.
beerent11: Holy shit
beerent11: Murphy just jumped 20 points
Gelly: ryan u spud
zadolinnyj: 2510 for me. Gawn and Houli ruined a big one
Bennyherb: Fyfe didn’t score a single point for the last 45 mins
OhSoRozee: blues vs demons next week for blues to climb 1 more spot
HappyDEZ: Freo kicked the first 5 goals too.

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