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Chat log from R15 of 2019: Sydney vs Gold Coast

Chat log for Sydney vs Gold Coast, R15 of 2019

Yelse: anyone noticed how quickly SC updates scores on site. pretty much on siren
PlungeMe: any injury sucks but sinclair going down is even worse – oppo has witts
feralmong: wow so who rucks? Reid?
Pokerface: reckon you are too quick with the red cross.
Pokerface: and aliir feral
Pokerface: sinclar will get some jungle juice and be back
feralmong: Gee if the Suns ever wanted to cop a break it just happened.
Chelskiman: Great start, Fiorini.
thiccgucci: whose turn is it to go 150 plus against GC
PlungeMe: Lukosius has beaten Blakey in every contest so far
feralmong: Smell a Witts hit out record tilt.
original: JPK going to get 60% game time again ffs
feralmong: I flicked the C to Lloyd a few minutes before bounce. Damn impulses.
Raspel31: Whoops feral- but early days.
PlungeMe: wait til last quarter when the swans are up by 30 thats when he does his best work
Apachecats: Wouldn’t worry yet Feral ,last quarter is his best quarter.
original: Heeney really havin a quiet year
Pokerface: can switch the cross to a bandaid now
circle52: Remove the cross from Sinkers back out there
NoneyaB: geez sinclair back out there
Pokerface: need a needle icon for players on the ground after a jab.. and i guess whole teams
Pokerface: cresswell wouldn’t have bothered going off in the first place
Bevo11: Lukcoscious better when playing up the ground
Raspel31: And Apache- lost internet for 45- yep, Redden did you proud.
thiccgucci: sydney are really bad
Apachecats: yeah Rasp ,looked at his record from last year.After a slow start he ave 120
Pokerface: mills looks totally lost
Apachecats: averaged about 120 in the last 10 games including finals.
original: Mills looks lost but sc still 2x my mate Heeney lol
Pokerface: your mate original. he ain’t my mate. in my team. not my mate.
BRAZZERS: Lloyd has zero interest today
DrSeuss: Not looking good for Lloyd – ball isn’t getting down there much
Bevo11: Stay low Lloyd. Beautiful
Apachecats: Love your work Rampe.
Raspel31: And from a negative score- in 10 minutes Rampe is back- go lad!
Apachecats: You got him too Rasp ,best POD going around.
circle52: Sinclair looks gone now. really struggling
Raspel31: Indeedy doody Apache.
Pokerface: how long does ronke get selection credit for his 1 good game?
Raspel31: Don’t think I’ll risk Grunty or Macrae in this weather- Fyfe?
Raspel31: Whoops- Macrae in Adelaide- sorry.
Grimes Jr: Grundy or macrae vc
SUPER*: Rasp grundy at marvel under the roof
Stikman35: Grundy playing under a roof.
Raspel31: Ah- again sorry lads. I’m an idjut.
hinsch: Lucky I got Parker in this week $625K well worth the money
Manowar: J. Lloyd asleep at the wheel
original: Hope I have enough trades left to get rid of or keep Heeney on bench
hinsch: I got Lloyd Parker and Heeney they might get 200 total at this rate
Yelse: so heeney and loyd vs witts mills miles FML
Apachecats: Lloyd will suddenly appear when the game is won.
TigerKid_A: Looks like Dawson is playing Lloyds role
Pokerface: your mate original.
Raspel31: As a member of the board of Raspel 31- we issue notice that the shareholders are not at all happy Lloyd.
colin wood: wtf lloyd…
Bevo11: Lloyd low is good for me
hinsch: Swans at the SCG have big issues maybe they should move to Tassie
Apachecats: Gunna take a bit of seagull work to get that score up to 100 Lloydy.
StuL: Come on lloyd!! You v Witts
Oddsy5: oppo has rowbottom ffs
Raspel31: Let us mourn poof feral who switched the cap to Lloyd at the last mo. These are the days of our lives.
Raspel31: Poor- not poof- typo.
PlungeMe: if anyone cares rockys got 50 touches and 12 tackles in the sanfl
Haydo: Wow plunge
PlungeMe: hoff has 35 and 2 goals
Haydo: Why wasnt he selected?
colin wood: parker the latest cd lovechild by the looks, horrible disposal and still scoring well lol
PlungeMe: coming back through sanfl with injuries now – have great mid depth allows it
BRAZZERS: lol its fucking obvious why he wasnt selected, wines and ebert came back through the sanfl too
PlungeMe: ended with 57 touches – 203 DT
original: Shoulda held rocky. Rushed decision making
cmperrfect: Just jumped on UberEats and ordered a large chips for Lloydy
PlungeMe: tbf it was against roosters who are last on the ladder – he should dominate
Raspel31: Cheers plunge- too late to change midfield now bar injuries but onya Rocky.
feralmong: Plunge when does Woodcock get selected. Chat needs it.
Raspel31: How’s your cap going feral?
PlungeMe: woodcock would be behind rozee, butters, s gray and farrell off the top of my head for small forwards
feralmong: my cap is dead to me.
PlungeMe: also for context on roosters – 1 win from 11 and on -2 points on the season
Raspel31: Lol Feral. To many of us also.
Beast_Mode: any idea what Hurns sc b/e will be next week?
PlungeMe: at a guess 200+
pcaman2003: Just come in. What’s happened with Heeney and Lloyd? Didn’t expect those scores..
Apachecats: Not sure BM ,but he dropped nearly $30k off todays effort.Guesstimate of new BE would be 115-120.
Phasir: Hurn’s SC b/e will be around the 126 mark, @Beast_Mode
Apachecats: They just refuse to join in PCA.
Beast_Mode: cheers
pcaman2003: @Apache. Damn those afe nasty scores.
Schillaci: Have the E on Heeney and first gamer Hayden warming up.
Apachecats: Nearly everyone has them too, PCA.
pcaman2003: Good thing my opponent this week is 18th.
circle52: @pcaman -Scheer has been putting a forawrd tag on Lloyd from my observation.
PlungeMe: lachie weller might be one to look at next year
pcaman2003: Thanks circle52. LLoyd’s score is a worry hough
DrSeuss: Yeah agreed Circe, Scheer looks like Forward tag, Lloyd won’t work hard enough to break it
pcaman2003: My Kayo streaming very jittery. Anyone else having issues?
Schillaci: Heeney coming good.
PlungeMe: mines fine pca
pcaman2003: Thanks PlungeMe. Normally it’s great ,but this game terrible
wadaramus: Bloody Hell, time to get the bin chicken icon out Lloyd.
original: Walters or c.daniel bros?
PlungeMe: maybe im special because i havent had a single issue with kayo
wadaramus: Is Daniel more consistent but Walters a higher ceiling?
Apachecats: I don’t even know what kayo is.
pcaman2003: @PlungeMe. rebooted kayo. It’s fine now.👍
Oddsy5: yes wada
Apachecats: Walters goes big ,Daniel more consistant around the 100 mark.
wadaramus: Hmmm, I think I would go Daniels.
pcaman2003: @Apache. It’s basically Foxtel Sports as a separate package to Foxtel
original: Heeney ya legend hehe
original: Ye wada that ‘‘twas my thinking
StuL: Come on Lloyd. Have a chip bro
Schillaci: I’d go Daniels too. Walters play 22 games ?
Beast_Mode: neither
The39Steps: Aish out for the pies if not already communicated.
original: Or could go Marshall.
pcaman2003: Been happy with Daniels. Very consistent too.
wadaramus: There ain’t no-one eating fish and chips in the GC forward line..
Schillaci: Marshall then.
wadaramus: Therefore no-one for Lloyd to steal chips from..
Bevo11: Marshall solid ton every week
wadaramus: Push up Lloyd you’re not being hungry enough!!
wadaramus: Marshall has definitely proved to be a good pick.
StuL: He must have got a feed of chips already.
DarkHorseR: Insane thing is that king seagull could still easily ton up…
Bevo11: He’s a forward playing 100% ruck time. Good for numbers. Won’t be available next year
pcaman2003: Marshall one of my best picks.Can’t go wrong with him
wadaramus: It wouldn’t normally bother me..
wadaramus: But this week my opponent doesn’t have him!!
Bevo11: Lukoscious finally paying the faith
Schillaci: Great quarter by Heeney 50 SC
OhSoRozee: 8/10 premo fwds next yr wont have fwd status on current positional plays
cmperrfect: Cmon Heeney. Lift, need a 120+
pcaman2003: Good qtr from Heeney. Just need Lloyd now to follow suit.
jbjimmyjb: Yay heeney boo Lloyd
Manowar: Yay heeney u must be joking?
Yelse: Where’s loyd playing not watching this is ridiculous
Bevo11: Needs to be addressed. No genuine high scoring forwards in the comp
OhSoRozee: no marks to lloyd is astonishing must have some1 cloaking him
OhSoRozee: 2020 will be the key position fwd line with scarce rookies
StuL: You’re playing Witts Lloyd and playing my opp back in. FFS!
DrSeuss: Lloyd has a Forward tag from Scheer – won’t be seagulling until the tag falls off
SALAH: We’ve conquered all of Europe, we’re never going to stop….
Breezey: Allez Allez Allez
pcaman2003: @SALAH. Someone forgot to tell Lloyd then
original: SC would be better if there were no genuine good fwds lol. Take boak TKelly and danger out, take daniel and Marshall out
original: Agree with OhSoRoz
Struda: lloyd killing me ffs
Breezey: Heeney will ton up after all
Pusti: Yay! Just got a new Kayo $5 for a month promotion.
Oddsy5: idk if im allowed to say but rocky had 57 touches in sanfl
Struda: i got 3 months free @putsi
StuL: Rocky will come back for 2 weeks and do another 2 month injury.
cmperrfect: Msg to Lloyd: never kick in from the square
cmperrfect: Your allowed to say Oddsy
Migz: Thoughts on upgrading b.smith to Ryan(freo)?
Pusti: Struda, I couldn’t get the 3 months because I’d already done the Kayo free trial.
Migz: i just share my kayo account with a mate.
OhSoRozee: soggy oval in adelaide
Bevo11: I’ve got Ryan. Hasn’t had the biggest month. Ramps would be the choice
spudaroos: Lloyd so overrated. Any attention and he doesn’t get his cheap touches, borderline useless.
Pusti: Migz, I haven’t got any mates.
hinsch: My last four premo trades in Lloyd, Hurn, Parker & Dunkley have all gone backwards is that a good thing
Apachecats: Watch Lloyd go from here now that its all over.
circle52: Do we think Dawson is playing Lloyds role?”
Chelskiman: I traded Fiorini in for the North game and he’s gone 107, 85 and now this rubbish since.
jfitty: Lloydy needs an icon, burger, cactus, magnifying glass?
Beast_Mode: lol hilarious trade
Schillaci: Good comeback Heeney. Hayden can stay on the bench and I’ll play Gardner.
billnats: I’m in Mykonos and traded Cripps in on Wednesday night when I had WiFi. Just realised he’s out. Great weekend
cmperrfect: Nice job Heens
Oddsy5: wow thats so unlucky @bill
original: Heeney u legend. I take it all back
Raspel31: I’ll trade you my good SC score for a weekend in Mykonos any time billnats- suffer lad.
Apachecats: If I was in Mykonos I wouldn’t be too worried about it billnats.
Schillaci: I reckon oddsy. Mykonos would be shower,
Apachecats: Good game next week Ess v Syd .Ruck free game.
Pusti: I traded Tom T. Lynch in 3 weeks ago, he still hasn’t played a game for me.
Oddsy5: @apache zac clarke in? 😂
Breezey: Score review is poo
Raspel31: Too true Apache.
Apachecats: They haven’t got much option except for ZClarke.
Pokerface: reilly to darcy cameron then?
Raspel31: Clarke has to come back in?
circle52: True Breezy – Whether it is a throwback from last nights criticism
billnats: I’ve got my missus friend third wheeling at the moment so I’ve been omitted with blue balls. Mykonos ain’t that easy lad

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