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Chat log from R15 of 2019: Hawthorn vs West Coast

Chat log for Hawthorn vs West Coast, R15 of 2019

Nigma97: Who’s everyone got tipped this game?
amigaman: Go Eagles!
Manowar: Eagles gonnal smash Hawthorn!
frenzy: Hawks could pinch a win
DrSeuss: Big game from Hurn please
frenzy: Welcome back Nic Nat
th3rio: good to see nic nat back
duckky: That was quick, and in the wet too
Drak: Apparently JJK and Darling are confusing to differentiate
Pokerface: Just to reconfirm – Sicily is back
Pokerface: to be fair drak, that growth on darling is starting to look kennedyesk
tommy10: Here we go, Worley starting well and will finish on 70
tommy10: Worpel
Juzzo: What icon is next to Sicily?
lukefield9: @Juzzo plus one in defence, all the descriptions of the icons are below
Juzzo: changed now to +1 was a pacman looking logo.
BRAZZERS: lol you kidding? its loose man in the backline
Juzzo: I looked through them, couldn’t see it
Pokerface: think i prefered sicily foward! …
rotated: juzzo it was a spanner.
Juzzo: yeah, not that dumb Brazzer lol.
Juzzo: Cheers rotated.
Ladbrokes_: I think it was thee icon for utility, but maybe they don’t use it much anymore so it isn’t on the icons
Juzzo: correct Ladbrokes.
Pokerface: m0nty hasn’t put the star on Jaeger yet?
Apachecats: It was the icon for tool.
Juzzo: Haha apache.
Pokerface: that’s why it was on sicily.
Belegur: Was Gryan legit best on last night?
Ladbrokes_: Yeah him or Kelly could definitely be argued for as BOG
Belegur: Cool
DrSeuss: Come on Hurn, get involved
thesilentl: Gaff is so bad, eagles were a lot better without him
Belegur: Disagree
lukefield9: @thesilentl righto champ, what do you think of treloar’s ball use then?
Pokerface: gaff > treloar
Yelse: trust my opponents to have darling geezzz
TigerKid_A: Gaffs kicking hasn’t been that bad. Kicking to gain territory in a wet game can be effective. Unfortunately CD disagrees
jocka: I grabbed darling for last week – against poor opposition at home – but I dropped him this week (draft) D’oh
thesilentl: Gaff takes touches from sheed, shuey and yeo
Drak: Kelly was best on, Miers was game changer. Went beast mode.
Belegur: Yeah I only saw the last 1/4
BestCoast: thesilentl gaff this gaff that wow
PlungeMe: great worpels having a good game .. oh hes common
lukefield9: @thesilentl and…
Raspel31: Killing me- after Danger who you guys capping- Grundy, Fyfe, Neale, Macrae?
Apachecats: Worpel always has 3/4 of a good game.
Sloan4Pres: Two boring teams.
BestCoast: Raspel VC Grundy to Gawn
Pokerface: did you seriously leave Max off that list Raspel?
Stikman35: 2 qtrs of scoring left for worp
circle52: Have switched between Fyfe and Grundy and atm have it on Grundy.
Pokerface: treloar takes touches from pendles and sidey.
Grimes Jr: Sicily pls lift
Stikman35: Hutchings value for posis
Apachecats: Brisbane a graveyard for Gawn ,but still my best option .
Raspel31: Against Brissie and Martin I do Poker.
BestCoast: thesilentl you should be happy gaff taking from sheed after sheed burnt your ass in the granny
amigaman: Macrae / Fyfe
RGriffen: why would you capt Gawn? He averages 84 in his last 4 against Hawks. I benched him and played ROB
RGriffen: Lions*
Apachecats: might even go MWalters against the Blues.
BestCoast: Why would I Captain Gawn same reason I will ride my race and others can do the same
Ash777: I’m taking a risk and going Neale
arbel: #hashtag free kick Hawthorne. Getting so many shots at goal from the umps
Raspel31: My main op when Kelly to Danger- poor lad.
Grimes Jr: can west coast fucking kick it down sicily’s end
BestCoast: Ash777 risk?? Everyone is a risk that’s what we love about it
BestCoast: Raspel my opp VC Dangerman
cmperrfect: Afternoon all..
Ash777: Neale is a bigger risk because he’s been poor the last few weeks
VodkaHawk: Lol use a hashtag then write hashtag too… you’re a bright spark
BestCoast: Just enjoying the whiskey loving seeing Nic Nat return
thiccgucci: @arbel tell west coast not to tackle high or hold then
thesilentl: @westcoast I agree, sheed is criminally underused when gaff is in
TheLegend6: Ever since I went Sheed to Neale, Sheeds been scoring more
cmperrfect: Grundy C for me
BestCoast: Ash777 risk comes reward Neale capable of going large hope he does as I have him
thesilentl: Although the eagles are seeing that and he’s getting a lot more time on ball
Apachecats: No mixers I hope BC ,single malt?
Raspel31: Lol Apache.
cmperrfect: At least Hurn is around the play this game, keep it going
frenzy: Thanks legend6
BestCoast: thesilentl I have Trelor and he has spuded heaps this year but a gun they all have there days mate
th3rio: hurndog in for a huge one
cmperrfect: Is Hickey done?
BestCoast: Going 75-24 Apache just running a bottle of Makers Mark
Nigma97: What is it with players having the last name Cripps, and being superstars?
BestCoast: If I do use mixers my drinks always have teeth
Juzzo: Go Bunga, need a huge one.
Phasir: Scully trying to block/put the body on NicNat.. Get’s run over lmao
Manowar: Only one Cripps is a superstar!
Apachecats: Nice with a dash of Coke and ice.BC
BestCoast: Cripps tribe from North Hampton same as Kennedy
PlungeMe: henderson staying low might give me the win
Grimes Jr: sicily……… spud
thesilentl: @bestcoast not huge on treloar either tbh
BestCoast: Lecras was from North Hampton as well in the Great Northern League on of WA strongest comps
VodkaHawk: Howe tagging yeo
Drak: Sugar Soda…. The Destroyer of all good spirits
Apachecats: Sicilys gotta go ,can’t have this dished up week after week.
BestCoast: thesilentl tough to please mate I still love Dependlebury
Ash777: never seen the mcg so empty
BestCoast: Drak agreed but Makers not that good run of the mill
cmperrfect: WC playing like it’s dry, Hawks are nowhere
thiccgucci: fuck we are shit
Drak: Bit of ice, she be right
TigerKid_A: Gaff slowly working his way to a respectable DE
Ash777: how is the ball rolling on the ground considered advantage
Grimes Jr: sicily not even going near the footy
m0nty: you said it gucci
Drak: Its weird with Sicily, hes gone back to defence and looks a little lost still. Its like hes forgotten what he used to do
lukefield9: love a good blue label johnnie blue and coke
cmperrfect: Tom Mitchell would get 50 touches today and the hawks would still lose
BRAZZERS: these conditions dont help sicilys game
Drak: Monty, they are a pretty good team mate. Gotta go easy on your side.
tommy10: Wtf Sicily! Worst decision getting him
Drak: Thats not even funny Luke
Ash777: baileys and iced coffee
lukefield9: to be fair @drak i wouldn’t know a good whiskey if it hit me on the head, can’t stand it
Drak: actually that stuff is tasty af ash
thiccgucci: they are being more conservative with hurn. always used to have above 90 TOG before the hammy
Juzzo: Coopers Stout anyone? Just having a couple now.
Drak: I did pick that up luke, when you used Johnnie Blue label as your high end whiskey of choice
cmperrfect: ZWilliams is the Sicily of this year.
th3rio: i need a mid/fwd downgrade next week. Will J Cameron keep playing lads?
feralmong: Bulleit bourbon and coke for me please.
DrSeuss: Would be great if Hurn could get a touch
Grimes Jr: sicily out for me next week.
Schillaci: Hurn – glad to have him back.
frenzy: Gee and Tee’s for me
Schillaci: Carlsberg going down nicely now that I’m home from golf.
th3rio: he’s been on for about 5 mins Suess….
Apachecats: Sicily going to burn another $30k this week ,take whats left and trade him in for ZW.
th3rio: off* not on
Drak: Literally any spirit and a block or 2 of ice for me
lukefield9: @Drak eeek the pretentiousness is starting to show…
VodkaHawk: Ceglar, don’t make the tanking too obvious
DrSeuss: Why so long on the bench? Hammy must still be bothering him?
BestCoast: Pappy Van Winkle’s 15 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon
Apachecats: This chat room is defininitely not AA.
Schillaci: I’d say I dodged a bullet by not getting Sicily but I never even considered him. Burn man like Rocky but for brain fades
th3rio: all we need now is another hammy from hurn. been off a while
J_Herer: Well Sicily goes next week for sure, no more chances
Pokerface: good grief my matchup this match is sicily v cameron. i thought for sure id make ground on this one.
VodkaHawk: Yeo is gonna screw my multi’s
Drak: Im not pretentious at all, sugar gives way worse hangovers mixed with spirits. Aldi Gin ftw
cmperrfect: Has Hurn even touched it this qtr?
J_Herer: Yeo needs a padlock (Howe tag)
Raspel31: I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal labotomy.
Nigma97: Why does Worpel always suffer TOG in the 2nd quarter
Apachecats: Probably crazy but went Cripps to Redden.Just don’t trust foot injuries.
Grimes Jr: thank god for that last 3 minutes. sicily can still get something respectable
Raspel31: You must have more trades left than me Apache.
Pokerface: you crazy Apache!
Apachecats: got 10 left ,but also getting Logue in ,that will leave 9.
SilverLion: If ya giving TOB the traffic cone, gotta give Frawley and Schoefield spuds. Theyre terrible.
Apachecats: Pretty happy with Redden so far ,was $438K with a BE of 35.
BestCoast: Apache running 10 as well only 3 spots to fill fingers crossed
BallsyBot: thoughts on bringing in puopolo for danger?
rabp1es: cmon worpel, get at least 100
cmperrfect: And O.Allen the icicle
BestCoast: Apache I would hold Cripps as most have him
BallsyBot: can trust dangers injury
Apachecats: Yeah BC you will start to come up against teams that have run out of trades ,I have a few this week going in with 21.
cmperrfect: Sicily must be injured, on the bike during HT break..
Pokerface: you’ll want crippa during the finals AC
BallsyBot: cant*
amigaman: NicNat score a bit Sus?
BestCoast: Haven’t got coverage of the Game how is Nic Nat travelling
Apachecats: Can buy him back if necessary but if he’s out more than the 2 weeks I’ve done the right thing as redden will put on $$$
cmperrfect: Will Curnow tag Fyfe?
Apachecats: Danger badly bruised hip ,maybe won’t miss any.
BallsyBot: thoughts on nic nat in for ceglar maybe?
cmperrfect: This time of the year you should be looking for keepers, not money makers
amigaman: Have to look at Hannebery if he scores well again this week
Pokerface: you looking at keeping or trading masten ballsy?
BallsyBot: i dont have masten, but if i did i woukd trade him soon
Raspel31: Loads of better options than Hannes amiga.
Juzzo: Sicily cork?
BestCoast: Carn Eagies big quarter rap it up lads
hinsch: Give Nic Nat another 2 weeks he will be scoring 150 + according to the media that is
Pokerface: at the price if he backs up last week he’s a fair m9 raspel
circle52: Thoghts on Macrae as C option has good form against Power
VodkaHawk: Looks like Impey broke the tag…
Apachecats: Hutchings done for the day -774.
PowerBug: Hutchings done for the day with a hammy
PlungeMe: only thing is houston half played as a tagger last week circle – could go macrae
Raspel31: Pulling my hair out trying to decide circle- Macrae, Grundy or Fyfe.
arbel: My god another free kick in fwd 50 for hawks… just give them a free goal already
Grimes Jr: grundy vc into fyfe for me
Stikman35: Possibly boy worpels last touch
Pokerface: bont, hunter would get it before macrae.
circle52: Grundy does not have the best record against Goldy
Ash777: looks like a rare ton coming up for worpel.
circle52: So same 2 I am considering
arbel: Kennedy gets man handled every time it goes to him … nothing a hawk gets touched better give a free
Apachecats: Macrae ,Neale ,Gawn ,Walters ?????
Ash777: surely houston will go with bont. He’s the most damaging.
pcaman2003: Traded Worps out this week.MaCrae better go big!
PlungeMe: houston more likely to tag a full time mid then a winger or mid/fwd
arbel: This umpiring is a joke. Shuey got a free given against for what bruest just did.
Grimes Jr: come on sicily u spud
NoneyaB: Geez gaff is almost perma C material these days
blonde0na: bit rich to see an eagles supporter complain about bias umpiring
Grimes Jr: sicily keep going
cherries08: Sic dawg coming good, i’ll take 70 at this point!
cherries08: Hawks all over Eagles all of a sudden
Nigma97: Is this it
Nigma97: Is this the week Worpel actually gets the tonne
pcaman2003: Hawks doing their best to kick themselves out of it.
Grimes Jr: does anyone give norf a chance tonight
Foursuits: Gaff or Fyfe ?
Nigma97: Norf are always a chance, just depends which north shows up
pcaman2003: @Grimes. Always a chance. Could be an interesting game
arbel: @blonde point in case right there. Another soft free to hawks no probs calling them but call both ways
NoneyaB: foursuits gaffs lowest score dreamteam wise is 91 this year…
cherries08: traded him out, so yes
Ash777: only way norf can win is if goldy manages to contain grundy
Apachecats: Sic should get heaps for that last effort.
Grimes Jr: would love to see collingwood lose.
pcaman2003: A goal…finally!
Foursuits: @Noneya Gaff it is
Apachecats: got 8 SC for it.
Foursuits: @Grimes the pies will loose round 23
Nigma97: “Shuey ducks his head” lmao
VodkaHawk: Got much to say about that 50m gifted goal?
NoneyaB: Gaff has been awesome this year very underrated
arbel: Actually yes. I think that was a soft 50. Free yes. 50.. Nope
Raspel31: Wouldn’t jump on Gaff yet at only 88 SC near 3 qtr.
poolboybob: Clock for Nic Nat
Grimes Jr: every time i think west coast are flag favourites….
Ash777: Worp tons it! hope he doesn’t fade away in the last qtr
Phasir: WCE flag favourites unless it rains
amigaman: Haha Worp gets ton before 3 qtr
NoneyaB: but raspel dt wise hes very consistant
original: Some qtr for Sicily
pcaman2003: I trade Worps out this week and he tons up. Typical!
Raspel31: Ah- DT- different game- sorry Noney.
wodjos: Sick of spuds
wodjos: sick of spuds
NoneyaB: yeh i know still 89 nearing 3qtr time isnt too bad
wodjos: Hendo is screwing me
NoneyaB: Gaff will junk it 4th qtr
wodjos: Go Hurn
Pokerface: hardly junk Noney, theres under a goal in it
amigaman: And there goes Worpels ton 🙁
poolboybob: Cape for Shuey that quarter
Nigma97: wait what
pcaman2003: Better qtr Hawks. Keep it up!
V@lks: Cmon Sheed, very quiet qtr just then.
Nigma97: How did o’Meara just drop from 115 to 97
Pokerface: there were too many sc points, everyone scaled down nigma
Apachecats: Butchers apron for Shuey.
Apachecats: Actually O’Meara gets the apron.
Apachecats: 30 touches of which 20 have gone astray.
original: Wow that savage mid game scale
NoneyaB: Yes true PokerFace but he still should get a heap of points
amigaman: NN equal apron, yet ood SC score
amigaman: *Good
Pokerface: he has a heap of points Noney, he had too many and now he’s back to where he needs to be.
Bevo11: What took sic so long to get going?
thiccgucci: free kick west coast now?
Apachecats: Bet sicily tons up.
Grimes Jr: bs free had eyes on the footy
V@lks: Terrible decision. Defenders can’t do anything
Pokerface: blue moon sicily
arbel: Yeah I hate that rule
pcaman2003: Umpires love influencing games. Ridiculous stuff!
VodkaHawk: This has turned into an exciting game
Nigma97: Sic been playing forward last few weeks, forgot how to play defender
Grimes Jr: sicily is back!
VodkaHawk: Would be good if big Cegsy fixed his accuracy
Stikman35: Worpel. Well well well.
thiccgucci: fuck sake hurn how hard is it to play on from the square
Grimes Jr: yin yang sicily
Bevo11: That was not a free
wadaramus: Worps still has time to get to 110..
Nigma97: It’s like Worpel does this on purpose and stops just before 100
PlungeMe: impeys been huge since hutchings went down
Grimes Jr: come on sic
Nigma97: What kind of FK was that?
pcaman2003: Kick goals not points Hawks.
thiccgucci: 115 please hurn!
Grimes Jr: sicily has stopped
Dredd: come on hawks! give my boys the chance to be in the 4 by the end of the round!
Chelskiman: Sicily is on my never again list.
Bevo11: Hurn racking up the kick ins
pcaman2003: Ton up Hurn. Come on Hawks,another couple of goals please.
Dredd: darling is carrying west coast….
Catatafish: For fucks sake, Worpel you 4th quarter shit cunt.
BestCoast: West coast shit loads of passengers flower bunts
Catatafish: And the stupid cunt is back on the bench.
pcaman2003: @Dredd. That’s because his opponent is Spud O’Brien.
Apachecats: Enjoying my new man Redden.
BestCoast: Rioli couldn’t get a kick in a Rodney King beating
Pokerface: gee that was solid by yeo
Grimes Jr: flowering hell sicily do something
Schillaci: Worpel destined for 99
Raspel31: We won’t tell his wife Apache. I still would have stuck by Cripps.
Dredd: @pcaman lmao
thiccgucci: why is hurn off?
pcaman2003: Worps was on 102 at 3qtr time.Back on vacation
Nigma97: Was that not contact below the knees?
Apachecats: Time will tell as always rasp.
Grimes Jr: come on sicily one more intercept play
Apachecats: Funny if worpel can’t ton up again.
pcaman2003: Allthe behinds might come back to bite us.
Dredd: come on hawthorn.. if ya kicked straight game would have been over ages ago 😐
VodkaHawk: Surely Worpedo is just trolling his SC owners
wadaramus: Woprs scheming for the perfect 100SC average.
thiccgucci: Hurn off for past 5 mins, doesnt look like he will be able to come on
pcaman2003: Hurn going backwards. Come on Hurn and ton up.
Catatafish: Surely Worpel is fucktard.
feralmong: Surely this is where Sheed kicks a goal and lets his mates know.
thiccgucci: nvm he is on now
VodkaHawk: Lol Ryan, nice diving attempt
richo59: shuey 11 clangers 41% eff and still good score
Grimes Jr: come on sicily so many points at this stoppage
Fatbar5tad: Two massive dives by Flyin Ryan
Ash777: what a wrestle
Dredd: rip
Dredd: good job hawthorn… good job
BestCoast: Yeah haaa
Nigma97: Worpel is probably the most frustrating player in SC
VodkaHawk: Good game, i’d Rather lose than draw
thiccgucci: massive tackle from hurn there
BRAZZERS: anyone know what hurns sc breakeven will roughly be next week?
Apachecats: We is a freeze mOnty?
BestCoast: You beauty
Grimes Jr: wtf sicily -6????
amigaman: Gee CD hates Worpel
Dredd: @vodka I’d rather your boys kick 17.9 and win the game… missed some sitters today
DrSeuss: Did Worpel spend the majority of that qtr on the bench?
Ash777: was worpel even out there that qtr?
Schillaci: Worpel hahaha backwards to another 90.
StuL: Thanks works. Greatvqtr
Yelse: geez SC already updated its site with the scores
tommy10: Dorkel read my mind ffs..went backwards in the last
StuL: How the heck do you go -11 in a qtr wors?
Apachecats: Worpel -8 for last 1/4.
Catatafish: How the fuck does Worpel get shifted down to 91? Would have helped if that lazy flog played more than 10 minutes in q
aussie59: hurn b? next week approx 128 followed week after 94
aussie59: i mean B/E

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