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Chat log from R15 of 2019: Geelong vs Adelaide

Chat log for Geelong vs Adelaide, R15 of 2019

OhSoRozee: bloody lingy can never not talk about cats in his agenda
Yelse: anyone VC with grundy or gawn, or going danger fyfe
pcaman2003: VC on Grundy and C on Gawn. Hopefully can’t go wrong.
BestCoast: VC Grundy then Gawn for me Yelse greetings gentlemen
Whiskeyjak: Lingy is an absolute spanner. Worst commentator going around.
Chelskiman: I put the VC on Danger. Haven’t thought any further ahead than that.
OhSoRozee: danger into oliver for me dont think the rucks do well against their opps
OhSoRozee: martin and goldy usually impact hota
BestCoast: Stoked the byes are gone predictions of 2580 happy days
Ash777: dont know what I was thinking but I vc’d Laird
Grimes Jr: Night all. My mate’s pre game a little disappointing tonight. What should he do to lift?
pcaman2003: @Whiskeyjack. A spanner is useful,but not Ling
Apachecats: Danger into Gawn yelse.
Gotigres: Danger into Fyfe
Yelse: i went grundy into fyfe but starting to regret not putting danger
Apachecats: Spanner as in tool.
circle52: Wary on Gawn has not tonned up against Brisbane last 3 games.
Yelse: my opponent trade cripps out he must be on something
OhSoRozee: yeh both rucks dont go well vs opp
Pusti: I hate games like this, where there no names to make childish puns about.
Gotigres: My team is so bad i have to use 2 trades just to have 18 on field. That means Hore, Duursma and Rozee stay in my team
OhSoRozee: cripps is a fair trade imo inconsistent and injury could linger
circle52: Know the feeling Gotigres I have hore, Dursma and Hind on field
Stikman35: He’s doing the manoeuvre Yelse
Pusti: I suppose Greenwood could be OK for a Hulk D1ck joke.
original: Don’t you dare do anything good BSmith
Apachecats: yeak ohso ,foot injuries can just go on and on.
OhSoRozee: @got sounds like u pick up rookies b4 a 3rd game
duckky: Hi all. Macrae into Gawn for me
frenzy: RO’B you legend
dipstick: @putsi i betts ya 5 bucks we could find some
Yelse: disappointed naish got dropped he was playing well
BestCoast: Apache the Bombers flying up up done us a favour cheers g’day duckky
duckky: Sounds like there’s a lot of Crows fans down there
OhSoRozee: at this stage id take yeo/shuey/parker over cripps if didnt have to use a couple trades early
Ash777: wtf Laird I make you vc and you haven’t done anything!
Stikman35: Byes lingering? With pussies?
OhSoRozee: yeh i think richmond went to large on dropping i think they shoulda done maximum 4
Pusti: I’m trying, dipstick.
Nuffman: Did a sneaky ROB on field, Goldy on the bench… Working so far
duckky: Giday Best! Bonbers = Jeckyl/Hyde team.
Apachecats: Yeah BC we were gone with 15 mins to go.
benzammit: Danger into McCrae, if I was GOD I’d tell you after someone 150’s up!
OhSoRozee: and kept naish,baker,butler
OhSoRozee: think itll b there downfall to reach finals
Apachecats: any one waiting for Laird to get a touch.
OhSoRozee: careful if houston tags out macrae
Raspel31: Too early to call that benzammit.
BestCoast: If the crows weren’t on our ass I would be hoping they belt the cats
Gotigres: Naish out prevented me from bringing in a premo Yelse
duckky: Houston will likely tag Dunkley
duckky: naish = new Hinge
BestCoast: Looks like Tex is having his annual game of the year
Yelse: danger keeps going up without touching ball
OhSoRozee: rob smashing it sadly i upgraded
duckky: MCrouch SC score impresssive
Pusti: I’ve still got Jordan Clarke in RDT and SC.
Gotigres: haha Benz
OhSoRozee: my opp has ryder but e on rob
duckky: I upgraded Goldy to Gawn. ROB with a -ve BE was just too tempting to trade
Stikman35: Btw goldy and ROB I’d be trading goldy.
frenzy: grundy will destroy goldy
BestCoast: Sold ROB weeks ago started with Grundy and Gawn
OhSoRozee: u have to respect the umpire flowering bt
OhSoRozee: @frenzy ill hold u 2 that =)
Stikman35: Oh laird. Jump.
original: Cats walked all over crows then. Was like training
frenzy: even mummy got hold of goldy
BestCoast: Frenzy bourbons on me if that happens
J_Herer: good to see Danger get a handball
Schillaci: Laird it’s time to wake up.
Apachecats: Any one seen Laird?
duckky: ROB may be worth keepiing over next 3 games – Vs Port, GC and Ess
NugzNiggle: Laird having a blinder.
Chelskiman: At least Smith is going as bad as Laird as I have Laird and opp Smith.
OhSoRozee: carlton should pick up greenwood and ellis-yolman
duckky: Laird just touched the ball!
Ash777: laird got a touch!
dipstick: @duckky HUH??? theres like 6 games left. why do you still have ROB? thats just non sensical
Gotigres: Laird handball
BestCoast: I have Laird so does opposition so no harm
Pusti: Gallucci looks like the Monopoly guy.
OhSoRozee: poster
Raspel31: Danger and Laird have been enormous this quarter- a a quiet thanks to you Mr T Kelly
Manowar: Had to trade someone out for someone else! did I do the right thing?
duckky: Some bad decisions early Dipstick means I have to nurse trades. And ROB doing OK of late. late.
Ash777: man that ball must of bent to avoid touching the post
Nuffman: ROB can fuel a double upgrade is why.
Apachecats: Can you trade a nurse? I wouldn,t mind one.
original: Afl review system is so cooked
Apachecats: The ball breathed in as it passed the post.
Gotigres: Yes Nuffman. ROB can enable 2 upgrades
duckky: My mum’s a nurse, you can have her … mind she’s pushing 70
OhSoRozee: rob should still rise 70k
Apachecats: Thanks heaps Ducky
Gotigres: worst decision of myseason not getting ROB
OhSoRozee: was gonna pick uo selwood for the run home
Nuffman: GoTiges: if he keeps up, in 2-3 weeks he can fuel my final 3 upgrades
Gotigres: he might get close to $600,000 Nuffman
Grimes Jr: laird ruining my night
Raspel31: And a private thank you to m0nty- but game on lads.
OhSoRozee: still a softspot for rob even though i dont got him anymore and opp does =(
OhSoRozee: probz gonna hurt me but idm 2 much
Schillaci: Tracking okay from my 4 premos… TK, MCrouch, Danger and Laird 25 average between them. FU Laird – Pull ya finger out!
Nuffman: Gotiges: just about!
Nuffman: Sloane is a new acquisition tonight. Tracking well
V@lks: @gotigres…sames, went Mummy instead of ROB. Meanwhile hes on track to set a record for FA in a season
heppelitis: Superduck symbol for Selwood after 50 point first qtr?
OhSoRozee: rival went vc on t.kelly instead of danger
Gotigres: its unbelievable how many FA Mummy has given
V@lks: yep…should have some 150pt games but literally loses 50pts a game from FA
duckky: Ruckwork has changed in the past 2 years… athletic rucks rule
Stikman35: Yul Brynner is a runner for the crows tonight
duckky: Muppett for Danger
BestCoast: Be keen to see what scores Nic Nat starts smashing when he is fully up and running
dipstick: pity nic nat didnt come back later in the season. wont be cheap next year if he smashes out 120’s
BestCoast: Dipstick true they say it’s the fittest he has ever been
beerent11: Time to flick the switch danger
OhSoRozee: i still think its gonna hurt rushing nic nat back
Yelse: what is smith doing geez where are you
BallsyBot: he wasnt rushed
BallsyBot: lmao smith and laird
DrSeuss: Need Stewart and Brouch to pick it up a little
OhSoRozee: rob on track for b2b 180s
OhSoRozee: crows will have to concede 1st 100 pt game to lose this i think
beerent11: Geez tellys a star
beerent11: Not much sleep for danger during the week maybe
cmperrfect: Glad I ditched BSmith a month ago
SilverLion: Bews making Danger look shower
hinsch: nic nat will smach out 150+ if you listen to the media
pcaman2003: Brouch game time killing me along with Laird.
DrSeuss: Stewart if you could get more than 1 kick this qtr – that would be great
Raspel31: Who in their right mind would touch Nic Nat with a barge pole- and why with Maxy and Grunty?
cmperrfect: Danger cork hip?
V@lks: Bandaid for Danger
Gotigres: Danger struggling to get off the field
duckky: Danger down in the rooms
OhSoRozee: @raspel was just on about next yr pick up cheap if didnt play well or at all for yr
StuL: Danger will be fine. It’s Danger. Can’t stop him
duckky: Danger mornng sickness
Stikman35: Gibbs. Terrible. He just couldn’t put himself in front of that ball to hawkins
Raspel31: Get you rozee but he’ll have to string some games together- carn Danger.
hinsch: So glad I traded out J Clark for Naish who is not playing
BRAZZERS: kane cornes is all over it lol
OhSoRozee: paddy on bike
Raspel31: Is Naish a def out?
Apachecats: Last year when Danger got hurt they put him in the goal square and he kicked 5 goals in the 2nd half.
duckky: Naish emergency. Dimma is grumpy.
Apachecats: yes rasp.
Raspel31: Ah pooh- thought Naish would hold.
BRAZZERS: yes naish is out but i guess if a late change happens he’s the first who be picked based on form
teddyt: lmao what you mean Dimma is grumpy? We just got 7 ins with more to come did you expect the injuries to last forever?
Bevo11: Opp has danger as C. Let’s hope he is out
BRAZZERS: lol yes, tried telling muppets here last week naish won’t why. I wont mention any names tho
Apachecats: Danger didn’t look too chirpy on the bike ,hip injury by the looks.
duckky: Logue is a much better pickup than Naish this week anyway
Raspel31: Fair enough Brazzer- was going to strengthen my backline this week but then Cripps goes missing- the best intentions.
OhSoRozee: @apache that was a few yrs back now
OhSoRozee: was his foot/ankle when he booted that 5 against hawks in 2nd half
Ash777: every time a goal is touched now all I can think of is the image of steve buccemi for the review panel
BRAZZERS: no worries, i want him playing too.
OhSoRozee: danger looks done
Ash777: danger looks doubtful to return
OhSoRozee: nvm quernsey back on
V@lks: Ooo. Stick a fork in danger, looks done.
Gotigres: oh no, Danger still in the rooms
Gotigres: coming out now
Apachecats: Time flies vffffffffffffffffffff OhSo ,the cat typed a bit of that sorry.
Breezey: He’s on the sideline on the bike
frenzy: the Danger show in full swing
Stikman35: Great seeing my vc riding a bike
Apachecats: Danger is coming out.
BRAZZERS: he’ll be back, otherwise he’d be on the bench not the bike
Bevo11: Loves the attention
Gotigres: Danger back on
Nuffman: Danger back on
Yelse: with miers getting that goal all i need is danger to get a goal for my same game multi 576 payout
Breezey: To be fair it was a bit of solid contact where was knocked
Breezey: A HB from Tex and Carey says “That’s what he is capable of Tex”
Ash777: looks like danger is going backwards if he plays like that.
OhSoRozee: @breezey he meant beating 3-4 in tight spin b4 the hball
duckky: Who was the person who put the mozz ROB by saying he was going 180?
Breezey: No he said that handball is what he is capable of
OhSoRozee: was me ducky coz opp has him
Breezey: ROB and Kelly can stop right there
duckky: Tsk Tsk Tsk at Rozee
OhSoRozee: danger cant get balanced from 1 step kicking
OhSoRozee: awesome goal
Breezey: The Seed, brilliant
SilverLion: What a ripper
Ash777: take him off!
cmperrfect: Need a big one Sloney, keep going
pcaman2003: Keep it going Kelly and Sloanedog.
heppelitis: just destroy them with your hands danger
OhSoRozee: laird is way off 2night not attacking ball and conceding to opp
V@lks: Saving Private Gryan!
cmperrfect: Cmon Stewy, get amongst it
pcaman2003: Yeah! Laird stinking it up tonight.
Apachecats: Danger FF
J_Herer: popular picks cheap soon (Laird, Stewart)
Raspel31: Gibbs dropped again next week methinks -used to be a semi gun.s
StuL: Laird will still get 90 odd
Chelskiman: That was a clear handball from Danger.
BestCoast: V@lks the sequel to the life of Gryan
OhSoRozee: stengle needs a run in seniors
DrSeuss: Laird is coming home strong in this quarter, Stewart – not so much
V@lks: Lols bestcoast
V@lks: Get rich or die gryan
Raspel31: And I benched Miers in my Draft- aarrgghh!
duckky: Bother. Dahl off with a nose
Nuffman: Wait. Dalhousie ran his head into the biceps of a near stationary person and he gets a free??
colin wood: Good boy Laird much better
Jackwatt$: Hey m0nty what’s the inside word on Sicily? Will he play forward or back? You’re supposed to be the assistant coach of
BestCoast: V@lks quality work lol
Apachecats: So where is Dahl free for that tackle ,was paid advantage so Dahl gets nothing?
Apachecats: Just got the DT points but nothing in SC.
OhSoRozee: did bt just call danger daniher
duckky: BT – a few neurons short of a broadcaster
OhSoRozee: weird 1 when danger in mid they been losing the contest without him in there they winning
OhSoRozee: happened last week in the 3rd against port danger out mid and thats the only qtr that won the contest
duckky: Does anyone know if Hoff is coming back?
beerent11: 3 more Brownlow votes for telly?
OhSoRozee: not yet needs form in sanfl so expect 2 weeks ducky
Nuffman: Good review there
Ash777: wow they finally overturned 1!
OhSoRozee: just scrap the score review that was poster but sick of this shit
DrSeuss: Danger and Stewart killing me in this game
Apachecats: Getting Clark next near from the get go.
pcaman2003: Great! Sloane and Kelly tonned up. Come home hard Laird and Brouch
jbjimmyjb: brought in Telly and Sloane this week, pretty disappointed
Stikman35: Spewart cmon man.
OhSoRozee: clark might get def/mid if he spends more of the yr on wing
Tig-Train: Dahl just keeps getting hurt… every time he is near the ball he hurts himself
OhSoRozee: half yr in def and half on wing might go well for dpp 2020
Grimes Jr: cmon m crouch repay the faith
beerent11: Yep gotta be happy with the sloanedog only511k this week
OhSoRozee: danger looks fit again
Breezey: Stewart you peanut
Grimes Jr: dangerfield is fine. typical flog
Apachecats: Mark of a champion -Danger!
duckky: Stewart keeps getting the ball but SC stuck on 66
Apachecats: Kick of a complete mug.
beerent11: Don’t understand how anyone can question dangers hardness
duckky: Oh he just moved
VodkaHawk: @yelse, danger owes you $500, lol what a jerk
Raspel31: Agrre beer.
Yelse: danger seriously not hard ffs
Nuffman: BCrouch killing me
pcaman2003: Get a ton Brouch.
OhSoRozee: danger always trys to go 120% when he needs to at 80% and he would b more effective on game and polished
duckky: Stewart getting seagull scraps this quarter
beerent11: Pretty comfortable on that couch yelse?
Ash777: you should stop betting on a friday yelse it’s buring you
pcaman2003: Too easy Kelly. Couple more please
V@lks: That’s enough for the star I think m0ntessori
Raspel31: Wish Zerrett had killed me as much as Brouch killing you Nuffman.
jocka: How much will Geelong want for Kelly?
Grimes Jr: dangerfield heart… pls
Jackwatt$: 3 votes Geelong, T.Kelly
Yelse: keep missing by one! danger doesn’t deserve the heart
V@lks: Game of Sloanes needs Atlas/Hulk
Rilian: I’d give the Ying-Yang to Selwood. He had 75 or so at HT didn’t he?
StuL: Kelly will win the brownlow so 2 no. 1 picks maybe?
OhSoRozee: langdon + a first rounder to cats and kelly to freo
Grimes Jr: m crouch gun
Nuffman: @raspal: true.. can’t complain *too* much lol
BestCoast: The Sloane Ranger
beerent11: Do I take danger vc?
Ash777: Kelly brownlow? lol he’s been tagged out half of his games.
Jackwatt$: I’d give Ying Yang to m0nty for not making any new icons for years. Wall for Evan probably too
Burnsy03: rozee that and 2020 first round
V@lks: Home Asloane
Stikman35: No put it on duursma beerent
duckky: Miers Star? Wouldn’t think so.
Raspel31: Definitely beer- 80 is not to be sneezed at. But a champ for playing on through pain.
OhSoRozee: eagles woulda paid overs to keep nic nat even tho hes gettin on so wont have money for kelly or coniglio
BestCoast: Nic Nat had a pay cut 250k less
Rilian: Kelly should have the star, Miers the X Factor
Jackwatt$: No way Port will give up Rozee
StuL: FFS! The AFL app is so sh*t beyond belief!. yea, who needs NBN, rubbish wireless is the future!?
beerent11: You’re gonna set em all off again raspel
VodkaHawk: Cogs is busy choosing what number to have on his Hawks jumper
OhSoRozee: well thats still 800k + mcgovern/gaff/kennedy and darlings new contract to come
The39Steps: Never come home after 6hrs at the pub and set your SC team for the weekend! Just risen and gob smacked what i’ve done.
Manowar: Ablett jnr not good tonight?
OhSoRozee: @jackwatts he was on about my comment not the player lol
Ash777: I think the brownlow is going to grundy this year.
Rilian: @manowar He’s been good, but not a lot of posis. Quality when he has had it though.
BestCoast: OhSo they will make room mark my words
pcaman2003: Clark almost made break even.
Raspel31: Don’t say that beer- I’m on a good behaviour bond.
Jackwatt$: Kennedy would be veterans list , no? If so, only 50% to cap
jocka: Eddie Betts has too many of these quiet games to be considered one of the greats.
OhSoRozee: tbh i think u can lose darling with the young fwds u got in allen etc
original: Coverage cuts to the bench instead of final play. As good as a goal review
original: Danger wouldn’t be in top 10 for votes today yet here we are interviewing him
duckky: Veterans list don’t work like that no more. they get a 1.3% increase on TPP instead.
jocka: @original Danger is a superstar and when a superstar gets injured, it is news.

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