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Chat log from R15 of 2019: Essendon vs Western Sydney

Chat log for Essendon vs Western Sydney, R15 of 2019

Yelse: Afternoon all… who’s picking up Hately?
Yelse: And who is everyone VC and C. Tough for the rucks
OhSoRozee: well there goes 1 Captain option in crippa
Sixty656: Ambrose OUT – Francis IN
Yelse: Who getting in hately
Yelse: Who’s everyone’s vC and c
J.Worrall: Go those Same Olds!
Gotigres: Ambrose Out, Francis In
th3rio: evening lads
frenzy: GWS easy
StacksOn: yoyo
OhSoRozee: took the vc off kelly last second clarke probz tag him out
frenzy: pedal harder m0nty
PlungeMe: thought id try a cheeky VC on Taranto and of course clarke is tagging him
frenzy: earth to m0nty, come in m0nty
Stu7: Helloooooo
colin wood: Site down?
Hadouken: which bomber just got hurt in warmup ?
exatekk: Hello?? Anyone home?
BRAZZERS: monty lift!
original: hi fam
tiltraise: anyone pick up Hately?
Breezey: I was just about to Rage Trade Monty and bang we’re on.
th3rio: fantasia!
OhSoRozee: danger game for gws
OhSoRozee: i picked up hayden for dpp instead of hately
Migz: hately being harshly scored. 3 marks 3 kicks for 11.
upweydons: Saad to Fantasia
pcaman2003: Evening. Off to a bright start. Opponent has Hately and Cogs on bench and no E. Lol!
hinsch: Cripps out for possible two weeks trade or keep
pcaman2003: Evening all. Off to a bright start. Opponent has Hately and Cogs on bench and no E. Lol!
th3rio: keep waste of a trade(s)
th3rio: everyone has cripps anyway..
original: so glad i traded williams to whitfield 2 weeks before hammy ffs
pcaman2003: I’m keeping him. Trades too precious now.
BRAZZERS: why is that even a question lol
original: pcaman wow legit? hasntrefreshed?
dipstick: cmo hately i traded you in for cripps
OhSoRozee: only trade if u dont want cripps for back end very yo-yo this yr maybe to some1 more consistent
beerent11: I’ve Clarke and jelly and this and it looks like ones tagging the other
pcaman2003: @Original. Not sure if he/she aware or not
hinsch: brazzers dipstick traded lol
BestCoast: Carn Bombers
Grimes Jr: Night all
dipstick: cripps is out this round and most likely another 2. plus the bye thats 4 weeks
Grimes Jr: Question. Will Essendon ever lose the label “drug cheats”
dipstick: blues hoped hed recover over the bye but a foot sprain can be a month out
beerent11: That SuperCoach or dt dipstick?
MONEY TALK: pretyy sure i saw jezza get two handballs
BestCoast: Shane Bumford
J_Herer: Cripps broken leg?
Tig-Train: So how badly do Carlton lose while Cripps is out?
pcaman2003: Bigger 2nd qtr please Cogs,no resting.
Monfries96: Cripps out means a Walsh 120
beerent11: They may as well stay home tig
OhSoRozee: sprained foot
Nuffman: Merrett a jet 10 possies from 64% TOG
OhSoRozee: nah walsh gets his cheap possies from cripps
dipstick: hopefully hately can get a lovely score and i’ll be happy 😅
stuballs: I forgot there was a Thursday game and left the C on Williams from his bye last week AMA
Apachecats: There is nothing officially wrong with Cripps according to Carltons AFL site injury list ,fraud.
Apachecats: That was a shocking good mistake stu.
PlungeMe: looking good for you then stu
dunny73: Agree Apache. We need to have an NFL style injury situation where they get sanctions if they dont put it up properly
jbjimmyjb: why did I ever decide Jeremy Cameron would be a good POD
Tig-Train: Cogs is such a butcher by foot…
OhSoRozee: foot sprain in team news
original: @stuballs who is vc
Zambo: No dramas Monty, love your work
OhSoRozee: mumford shouldnt be gettin games been poor 6 weeks
Nuffman: How was that not 50 to Langford?
stuballs: @original Gawn – reversed changes so many times this week and forgot to set my captains!
Stikman35: Mummy gives GWS wins by the way he plays.
StacksOn: gday boys, glad were all back
J_Herer: Career ending season for mummy?
Schillaci: CAMERON!!!!Off my bench now that Cripps is out.
Pezza28: Williams cogs Kelly and taranto on tonight
StacksOn: clarke taranto cogs for me
The39Steps: Do we trade Cripps – the $6uestion
beerent11: Jelly!
Monfries96: 2 blokes could tag Kelly and he’d still get a ton
stuballs: Oof Kelly chill mate I’m trying to find a way to afford you next week
The39Steps: Do we trade Cripps – the $64k question?
original: kelly too quick and fit. huge outside game
Pezza28: Kelly as vc out too bad
Pezza28: Kelly as vc not too bad at all
OhSoRozee: if u got 1 spare trade offload cripps could miss multiple foot sprain is a funny thing
twinpeaks: Gosh he is good, and not having him hurts so bad. Rolled gold, a silkier Pendles if possible
OhSoRozee: spewin i took the vc off j.kelly with 1 second left honestly thought clarke would tag him out
MONEY TALK: sme @ohsorozee
jamesh1290: same
original: mummy is so lol
bricci: Cripps out for multiple weeks – anyone know?
BestCoast: Mummy has had to many nose beers
DrSeuss: Looks like Hately is tagging Zerrett
twinpeaks: What’s the over under on VC gang? Would probably take a 120 from Cogs in AF.
DrSeuss: Or was lol
Manowar: Cripps out rest of season – Trade ASAP
OhSoRozee: well lobb’s injury is a foot sprain downgraded from a stress and he looks set to minimum 6 weeks so its all about severi
twinpeaks: I went Cripps-> Gaff, figure instant pay off with Hawks this week
Apachecats: Sprained foot could mean anything bricci ,foot injuries have a bad habit of going on and on and on etc.
BestCoast: Manowar truth what site is saying this
happytimes: How does tippa get a game
pcaman2003: Mutch better qtr Cogs,but keep it going
Apachecats: Throws the Brownlow open again.
Breezey: I have gone Cripps to Parker.
OhSoRozee: tippa doesnt deserve a new contract on current form
BestCoast: Apache greetings I think Nic Nat will have a late charge at Brownlow lol
OhSoRozee: best trade breezey
original: carlton will take tippa, thnks
twinpeaks: Good POD Breezey
OhSoRozee: think i made the wrong call goin clarke over hately at same price
happytimes: Add larvarde to that list rozee
Breezey: I hope so
OhSoRozee: kelly done northing for half a qtr
The39Steps: Conspiracy theory. Rocky named as an emergency. When do Port magoos play?
PowerBug: 2:40 Saturday
stuballs: What’s the actual diagnosis on Cripps? Is he really out for the season?
DrSeuss: Kelly is getting tagged by Clarke, I am more worried about Zerretts 2nd qtr
Apachecats: Hi BC ,on the straight and narrow tonight ,cup of tea.
OhSoRozee: @steps was confirmed he would get back fitness through sanfl
OhSoRozee: port mids doin well so they gotta be played into form to force selection now
beerent11: Foot sprain stuballs could be multiple weeks.
Apachecats: Mummy’s theme song “I came in like a wrecking ball …Already 4 f/a before 1/2 time.
The39Steps: I heard that @ohso but why would they then name him as an emergency?
Stikman35: Beautiful speedscater lol Cameron
Apachecats: Maybe Cripps to Fyfe for an instant result.
cmperrfect: Time Walla had a stint in the VFL
OhSoRozee: probz only as emergencies emergency cover coz he has had form b4 injury over players that were dropped like pepper/ryder
StacksOn: 5 FA in the first half mummy… trying to set a new record?
OhSoRozee: hoff etc is why they went for ladhams,drew
Apachecats: make that 5 f/a Mumford rat cow.
original: @Stackson thats slow for mummy
Bennyherb: Has anyone kept rockliff ?
Bevo11: mummy enjoying his last season
BRAZZERS: 34,000 ppl still have rocky
Apachecats: He’s enjoying his last game for me Bevo ,he turns into Grundy next week.
Patty19: @bennyherb I do against my will
dipstick: @brazzers thats becasue most people who play dont even log in anymore. theres supposedly roughly 10,000 activesc players
Apachecats: yeah ,original ,lots of abandoned teams at this time of year ,playing 3 of them in my SC leagues this round ,good for %.
original: lol only 10,000 active. such a GUESS
dipstick: if youre not in the top 10,000 teams then youre useless. and supposedly many people have more than 1 team
Ash777: lol Taranto is far ahead of McGrath.
original: yeh have heard many teams, think last year a bloke in top 5 got booted due to multiple teams
Bevo11: anyone keen to gamble on hannebury?
cmperrfect: Hooker having a mare
buttox: how many have traded in logue. thats how many are active
Apachecats: Giving Hanners one more game Bevo.
Bevo11: yeah was thinking the same, good price. should be the best in saints mid really
beebo88: i brought him in then reversed it. got scared
McRooster: What did Chris de Burgh say to Champion Data when a certain GWS player turned it over?
McRooster: Don’t pay the Perryman when he kicks it to the other side
Apachecats: lol rooster.
snake_p: Dont pay the Perryman? McRooster
beerent11: Would you pick Bennell after if he did ok
beerent11: *In two games
Chelskiman: It’s a song. Don’t pay the ferry man, haha.
wadaramus: Gold McRooster 🙂
wadaramus: Don’t even fix a price..
circle52: @ original would say more than 10k though. I am ranked 15k and not given up.
OhSoRozee: 2 of my top rivals have held rocky and its hurt 1 of them badly over byes
Apachecats: Clarke getting ripped off again this week by CD.
Gotigres: Mummy currently has 43FA this season in 11 games
OhSoRozee: o wow clarke got some pts since i said i made a mistake over hately
BOMBRBLITZ: Clarke and Hately same score now
Ash777: the umps cant even get the rules right
pharace: Clever McRooster
original: hately dropped next week when whitfield is back
Bennyherb: How far can merrett kick I’m thinking around 30-40
Apachecats: Conigs having a 1/4 off.
StacksOn: gets the ball taranto ffs
Yelse: why not lately getting game time
Gotigres: Hately has fumbled the ball a couple of times in last 5 min Yelse
shrtlg: Because he turned up with frosted tips
jbjimmyjb: i have merrett, cameron and williams… meh
DrSeuss: Kelly has been on the bench a while it seems
Bevo11: hately was a terrible rage trade. but the 90k was so tempting
Gotigres: Bellchambers hobbling off ground
pcaman2003: Get the DE up Cogs.
Apachecats: Ding Dong bellchambers limps off.
pharace: Hately be a good pick 2020 hopefully – he’ll be hungry in this team
original: its a home advantage htb call
beebo88: rockliff is killing me…held on to him this long
Apachecats: Free to Mummy in last ruck contest was missed by CD.
DirtyDawn: Evening all
hinsch: I got Parker in this week sorry in advance was tossing up with Taranto maybe a good decision
Pezza28: Beebo yea he absolutely killed me through the byes, finally traded him this week
Apachecats: Hi Dirty.
BRAZZERS: rocky was never going to play this week, ebert and wines came back through the sanfl too
beebo88: ive still go him pezza, im still top of my cash league so holding on
OhSoRozee: calf done bellchambers
StacksOn: taranto is still on his bye
Gotigres: would love you to reach 80 Hately
OhSoRozee: 80 from clarke would b nice 2
cmperrfect: Season over
OhSoRozee: looks likely kelly gonna have a 50 pt qtr
StacksOn: interesting hearing the umpires saying the free against cameron was because it was a good tackle…
Ash777: clarke is my cover for cripps out
StacksOn: tippungwuti just doesnt want to goal in games essendon is gonna lose!
OhSoRozee: cmon clarke no more pts for coniglio plz
Bevo11: tippa the biggest downhill skier getting round
Breezey: A ton for Phil Davis. Who would of thought
cmperrfect: Is Danger worth the VC this week lads?
OhSoRozee: would love coniglio to move clubs so can pick him and not have 3-4 from 1 team in mids
jbjimmyjb: the question is, can merrett do something that doesnt lose points
OhSoRozee: @cmp goes large on fantasy against crows idk about sc
StacksOn: iv vcd him perfect, dangers scores against adelaide the last 3 games have all been massive
Apachecats: got my VC on Danger cmp
beebo88: ive got danger vc
cmperrfect: I was thinking VC Grundy and C Fyfe if reqd
hinsch: same VC Danger average against Crows is good 130 SC
Gotigres: Danger my vc
JRedden: taranto has had a shocker
OhSoRozee: yeh i switched vc kelly c danger to vc danger and idk c yet
OhSoRozee: might go oliver vs bris
StacksOn: hately mightve cost giants the game
pcaman2003: Nicely done Cogs. My opponent must be so pissed leaving him on the bench.
circle52: nbot afraid of a robbo run with role Rozee
Apachecats: TT just wacked on a quick 20SC
Stikman35: Kelly is not performing well at for his value.
circle52: Yea kelly lift want you to get to 130 VC in DT and Af
original: hately cramping and making errors
Pezza28: Tarantos last few minutes looking good
beerent11: Can’t complain about a ton for jelly
cmperrfect: Why are they not calling Orazio Fanta-see-a?
Gotigres: Hately going backwards fast
TheLegend6: Take whatever Clarke gets or use Hind to cover Cripps?
th3rio: clarke for sure legend
OhSoRozee: clarke
Lawls: Don’t you love taking Williams out for Whitfield the week he gets injured
OhSoRozee: well done mckernan took his time to be balanced
OhSoRozee: i got both williams/whit
Apachecats: Mummy going to ton up ,would ya believe it.
TheLegend6: that was touched imo
original: touched
StacksOn: faaaarrrrrkkk
Ash777: get rid of the goal review!!!
OhSoRozee: yeh touched
Nuffman: Definite touch, but Gee whizz
Gotigres: cogs just watching now
pcaman2003: Yet another blunder. When will the crap stop?
valkorum: I agree, that def looked touched
DrSeuss: Definitely touched – fingers bent back
original: lol good luck with your review system. afl joke vs other sports
OhSoRozee: hooker star
pcaman2003: GWS robbed!
Nuffman: Thing is. Was a review called at all? If not, then bad luck. What umpire would have seen that?
Patty19: Hately -12 last 10 mins
original: remember when hately was on 69
TheLegend6: @Nuffman they appealed for touched straight away
upweydons: Kiss my a giants
OhSoRozee: yeh clarke and hately went backwards
Ash777: lovely win by the umpires
BRAZZERS: glad i dont have hately lol
OhSoRozee: @legend players cannot give the review its umpires
Breezey: All goals are reviewed. They umps don’t have to call for one
Nuffman: Thanks Legend. But as we have seen over the last few years, the players can appeal all they want, means nothing to umpi
upweydons: Your kidding guys , the better team won tonight
thesilentl: Another goal review mistake, needs to go
JockMcPie: I’ll take the $60k price rise from hately, he won’t score for me coz I’ll field Setters over him
OhSoRozee: hooker went 33-90 with that
blonde0na: what’s the point of reviewing each goal if it’s void as soon as the ump bounces the ball?
Nuffman: Breezy, the goals are all reviewed, but how long do you want to wait for the call??
original: hook was on like 60
thesilentl: Free kicks 29-14 for Essendon, cost gws in the end
Stikman35: Bombers finals bound lol
Nuffman: Ok then. From now on, we wait until the every goal is reviewed before the next bounce… So instead of 30sec stoppage
original: hately 49k price rise
Nuffman: It’s minutes
Nuffman: I don’t like the review system either, it’s worked against us many times also.. but everyone deals with it
Crave: Got the Collingwood treatment tonight

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