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Chat log from R14 of 2019: Western Bulldogs vs Collingwood

Chat log for Western Bulldogs vs Collingwood, R14 of 2019

frenzy: afternoon all
jbjimmyjb: hopefully this is a good game; got a ton of players in this one too
Yelse: should i risk grundy over gawn ? i think i need to but can’t work it out with these 18 players
frenzy: Grundy to go huge against English
Yelse: too grundy had no option here
blonde0na: moore looks weird with short hair
Stikman35: Sidebottom going neg…
Burnsy03: thats why i traded him this week blonde
pcaman2003: Afternoon all! Only need Daniel to get about 70+ and I should be home. How’s everyone else going?
zoomba23: English is gonna get spanked
Stikman35: Grundy for first time, Dunkley and macrae.
DrSeuss: Is Dunkley still on the ball?
jbjimmyjb: Yes, Dunkley is on the ball
DrSeuss: Cheers JB
Gandhi: The one time I need a big score from dunks and he gets leather allergies
jbjimmyjb: come on Crisp please you owe me a ton you’ve been terrible
Yelse: brought in dunkley this week sorry ppls
NugzNiggle: Grundy going Massifffffff.
Pokerface: de goey has wood. seems to be really impacting him
Stikman35: Will Lipinski steal tackles off Dunkley again.
circle52: Have Grundy, Bont, Macrae going ok but gee JJ and Dunks need to lift for me.
zoomba23: Can people stop killing my premos already. I had no problem with them before other campaigners traded them in
pcaman2003: Very happy with Daniel’s start. Hope he keeps it up 4 qtrs.
jbjimmyjb: how did daniel just get +9 from that passage of play, 2 turnovers from 3 disposals
pcaman2003: Don’t worry,cause Dunks will come good. Plenty of time left.
Yelse: if dunkley gets done for concussion i think i done for the year
pcaman2003: @Jimmy Also had a tackle.
Pokerface: the + and – refers to dt jimmy
Gandhi: What happened?
jbjimmyjb: hopefully dunkley just went off with blood rule
Pokerface: reckon they could well concussion test him jimmy
th3rio: get lost daniel need you to stay under 99
Pokerface: he is in the rooms.. you don’t go to the rooms with blood rule
jbjimmyjb: dunkley in the rooms, definitely concussion test
Pokerface: give Smith the splat too. he is in the rooms as well
LMartos: you go to the room to get stitches though
frenzy: where’ grundy holding the ball against?
Yelse: smith is back already and ready to go on
Pokerface: might need stitches martos, but surely he has to get tested while there
Torz: Dunk back on
zoomba23: Ok who killed Dunks
blonde0na: dunks back out there, yeah boii
pcaman2003: Dunkley back on field
LMartos: didn’t get tested if he’s back on now
zoomba23: Thank fuck
Pokerface: yep, no test, takes 20 minutes.
jbjimmyjb: frenzy we’re talking about champion data, the worst statisticians in the world
Yelse: caleb killing me everything going through him
Stikman35: @frenzy, suckling made Grundy throw
pcaman2003: Daniel busy,but need better DE. Still happy but.
jbjimmyjb: Crisp, Dunkley + 20 points vs Daniel and Johannisen. Surely I cant lose
Yelse: come on moore wtf
Schillaci: just in from walking the dog. Brought Dunkley in this week hahaha. Imagine my horror seeing him on 5pts with dazed icon.
Schillaci: Dunkley, daniel, macrae and grundy in this one.
nics: gawn C, ROB, Lycett…Grundy and Macrae…yum
pcaman2003: Have Grundy,Dunk and Daniel
Schillaci: 8 goals, 4 each…. like the old days.
Stikman35: Old days? Would have been a mud heap.
pcaman2003: @Stikman. Like the old glue pot of Glenferrie oval days
Yelse: how is grundy not dominating
jbjimmyjb: Macrae loves it with no Libba
Pokerface: 50sc in a quarter, not sure how much more you are expecting yelse??
lukefield9: @Yelse something tells me 53 SC in a quarter is dominating…
Stikman35: Grundy looks lazy with that score haha.
Yelse: its more not getting enough hitouts english has 8 to many
Schillaci: Moorabin mud heap was the best. Hoses on all night when it hadn’t been raining to give the struggling Saints some hope.
Burnsy03: Saw a post on nuffies about capt grundy over vc gawn… looking good now
Burnsy03: also first donut ive seen when a player has a disposal
Schillaci: Happy if Grundy scores 150
zoomba23: Superman cape on Grundy? Really?
Pokerface: he didnt get 50 dt points zoomba?
HateCrows: Daniel, Macrae, and Grundy with the captaincy for this game after not taking Gawns score <3
HappyDEZ: Just 1 clanger for Caleb? 2 for Dunks. yeah right!
Stikman35: Take cape off Grundy now.
duckky: Whoops – Grundy just dipped below 50 DT
The0Grrr: 1/2 the pies must still be in Stephenson’s latest multi
Dead_Ned: grundy C, Macrae and Daniel… looking very good keep it up
pcaman2003: At least Dunks is starting to bounce back
duckky: Just Macrae and Bont. My opponents have Dunkley (one even has C on him). Im sure Dunk needs his dressing checked again.
Nuffman: If i playwed DT, my players would be having a field day, Dunkley, Macrae, Sidebum, crisp…
Burnsy03: crisp in sc has been my worst call all year
Yelse: HOWE down in the rooms ?groin
jbjimmyjb: burnsy i agree, its painful
Nuffman: Just about Burnsy!
Yelse: grundy do something need 180 to win my SC games
Nuffman: Dunkley smashing it.. but hasn’t hit a single target this qtr.. mts’ve been a heavy hit!
Pokerface: how does varcoe still get a game
StuL: The game has gone past Varcoe.
Yelse: should have played diacos been killing it in VFL
AuroraBore: Jesus this is a rough watch
thommoae: Any Joffa sightings at the game?
number22: Two of the umpires association’s favourite clubs, second half should be interesting
pcaman2003: C’mon Daniel. Only 6pts this qtr. Smarten up fella.
jbjimmyjb: i cannot believe it, crisp is actually scoring for once
Burnsy03: just dont have it in me to dump him stats are good DE is nnot
J_Herer: Did a Moneyball for Pies to dominate, so wrong
pcaman2003: Can’t believe on those stats Dunks same score as Daniel.
jbjimmyjb: pca ?? what is wrong
Stikman35: Did he yelse?
Yelse: shocking game today geeezzz skill level
Torz: My Moneyball has Howe. Hope he can get back on :/
jbjimmyjb: daniel’s kicking is horrendous, his DE is generous compared to Dunkley
pcaman2003: DE clangers etc. Doesn’t seem to add up to me,that’s all. No problem though,just hard to work outt
J_Herer: MB for me has De Goey, Mihoceck, Howe 🙁
Yelse: howe done for the game, if he been in rooms all Q
pcaman2003: Who’s going to win this one?
Struda: fuck me if only daniel could kick
rabp1es: cmon Dunkley
thommoae: Pies could be in trouble if they’re down to Bench 2. Like Freo.
runt: Booming shot at goal from Cox, all of 20 mtrs
Struda: treloar can go fuck himself
Yelse: disappointing quarter grundy very disappointing
rabp1es: what happened to Dunkley? is he still on and in the guts?
zoomba23: Absolute lol at Dunks’ DE
jbjimmyjb: dunkley spent the last 8 mins off
StuL: dunk ok
Yelse: anyone explain to me dunkley Sc vs treloar. Treloar should be more
greshprinc: bringing in pendles was one of my worst ever decisions
Struda: dunkley missed the last 6 minutes
HappyDEZ: Dunkley friendly fire head clash rab. Went off for about 5 mins. Seems OK.
StuL: i thought i saw him on but I am eating
runt: Kelli Underwood and her velvet tones
HappyDEZ: Not me yelse. I am still trying to figure how Clarke only got 59.
jbjimmyjb: yelse dunkley has 4 more disposals, a goal assist, and worse DE. fair imo
lukefield9: @Yelse you seem to expect the absolute world of grundy, he still had a 25 point quarter
Struda: yelse also treloar kicking shorter, if its inneffective its 0, if dunks is kicking longer he still gets 3-4 regardless
Apachecats: Same here Happy.
HappyDEZ: Pretty happy Dunks is out there. Out for the game would have been a disaster.
Struda: lot of weird scores this week
zoomba23: Yelse wtf do you expect from Grundy. He’s on track for 150
Stikman35: Pies getting beaten in midfield. Going is flower ordinary
Stikman35: Going forward….
Yelse: @ zombi i need 170 to win SC both games
HappyDEZ: Ralphy lol.
Dogs5416: Dunkley and Daniel DE killing me
zoomba23: Ouch that hurts Yelse. Ah well, he’ll probably still make 170 with CD’s customary Grundy suck off in the last quarter
Hadouken: next week, brayshaw to hannerbery for cash or macrae?
Struda: Daniel does this every week, stats on track for 14 with de killing him
HappyDEZ: Howe done for the day.
rabp1es: I made a big mistake as I forgot to change Neale from being captain
RGriffen: get that rookie wall icon up for Bailey Smith
pcaman2003: Only need another 16 from Daniel and I’m home
Apachecats: no good there rabp
HappyDEZ: Stay doewn treloar. I nearly sideways Brouch to get another decent score on field. Figured it’s a waste of a trade.
HappyDEZ: Would’ve helped my OA ranking a fair bit tho you would think.
Oddsy5: was very close to going straight C on grundy even with vc on danger
Apachecats: Need Grundy less than 175 to win one.
Burnsy03: these days ive learnt always go gawn and grundy vc and c
Yelse: bad kicking contagious
HappyDEZ: Gonna be close Apache.
pcaman2003: @Burnsy. Usually one of them scores brilliantly.
Apachecats: Starting to get worried Happy.
Schillaci: Why did I take the C off Grundy. Gawn’s 151 looks shieser.
Struda: going grundy gawn vc c has a ridiculous record
Hadouken: get moving Daniel !!!
Burnsy03: pca whenever i can i go vc and c other than rd 1 its worked
Pokerface: @burnsy can’t tag a ruckman.
lukefield9: @Yelse Grundy not doing enough for you?
DrSeuss: Dunkley having a long stint on the bench
Yelse: Grundy :)))))) keep going son
Burnsy03: youre not wrong poker
PlungeMe: @poker port gave it their best shot however with gawn
Burnsy03: daniel macrae grundy cripps 🙂
Pokerface: heh, yeah that’s true plunge.
Dogs5416: Flower me 100x over. Goal kicking efficiency is enough to kill me
pcaman2003: Phew! I’ve won this week,but didn’t think I would. Relief!
Struda: Freo looked like they put darcy as a arun with gawn yesterday, took gawn until 3/4 to break it
thiccgucci: damn. was hoping grundy would have a major fall in price. not looking likely.
HappyDEZ: Smith & Smith the mullett brothers.
cmperrfect: I knew if I took Gawn, Grundy would go big
pcaman2003: Anyone without Gawn and Grundy beggars belief.
Burnsy03: @pca remember everyone after both went under 100 rd 1
Pezza28: Dunkley SC hurts
Oddsy5: didn’t a thousand people trade out one or the other after round 1
HappyDEZ: Cmon Dunks get moving again please.
pcaman2003: @Oddsy5. Yes! Only the impatient ones.
Struda: Dunkley may lose cash this week
Pezza28: 28% efficiency far out
HappyDEZ: Loyd & Caleb & some hot chips. Be a good scrap.
jbjimmyjb: go away daniel, come on dunkley
Struda: gawn lowest price 640k, grundy 655k
zoomba23: Can someone just knock out Grundy for me please. Haven’t had him all year and kind of regretting it
Hadouken: gawn C over grundy not looking good…..did an hour ago !
pcaman2003: @Jimmy. Is Dunks and Daniel a make or break for you this week?
Apachecats: Grundy regret here.too Zoom.
Bennyherb: Fuk dunk knew he would choke
dipstick: &GOD knew Grundy’s ankle was fine and made him C, and so it was
Schillaci: Two trades this week. Clarke currently my 18th man, and Dunkley 19th scorer haha FML
m0nty: remember back when we were worried about Grundy’s ceiling with Cox in the team? Good times
jbjimmyjb: pca na its Dunks, Crisp + 20 vs Daniel and JJ
pcaman2003: @Jimmy. Good luck.
Pokerface: how will gawn go with preuss?
HappyDEZ: Fair enough Grundy is going huge & well done if you put the C on him but you gotta be happy with Max 129/151 surely.
Apachecats: Playing a couple of abandoned teams ,they are the only one I will win.
BestCoast: Apache have they thrown in the towel
cmperrfect: Any1 know Dunkleys BE?
pcaman2003: @Poker. he’s done very well with Preuss before,so shouldn’t be a problem
frenzy: oh no magneto moving the magnets
Struda: whats gonna be par this week?
Apachecats: Can any one top this little collection of rabbits -Sicily 40 ,Andrews 56 ,Dahl 39 ,Hore 49 and Neale 79.
Apachecats: Hi BC ,wish I hadn’t cracked that Pepperjack ,suffering.
LuvIt74: @HappyDEZ totally agree, it’ll bite ya big time the vast majority of times when you dont take 130+
pcaman2003: @Struda. My current proj is 1934
dipstick: @apache coniglio zero
Apachecats: Got him too dip
HappyDEZ: With most having big C scores I reckon you want 1900 minimum Struda.
Hadouken: stage is set, need Daniel to reach 120 for the win
cmperrfect: PJ is a good drop @Apache
LuvIt74: Dunkleys BE is 63
BestCoast: G’day Apache I am feeling very ordinary shut the motor down at 4am
Burnsy03: 47 possible from here yelse?
Apachecats: and forgot Answerth 39
jbjimmyjb: I’m gonna score 2200ish in SC
cmperrfect: Cmon Tyrion, junk it up son in Q4
BestCoast: GOD looking at a lazy 2700 this week with 12 players
pcaman2003: @Jimmy. Great score for a bye round.
lukefield9: fyfe neale sicily hore kelly 🙁 could’ve been a good week with pretty much all my other rookies smashing it
cmperrfect: Grundy gives a good English lesson
LuvIt74: I’m currently on 1828 with Grundy, Macrae & Treloar so I may hit 1900 but only 17 players
Pokerface: he’s no son of yours cmperrfect
Schillaci: Looking at 2000 SC or just over
HappyDEZ: Maybe 2000 is more par with popular premos going well in this game. Except Dunks a little down.
Struda: Sicily, fyfe, Neale and Kelly cooked me. want 30 more each from those playing right now
cmperrfect: haha
circle52: Currently 1900 with last quarter from Grundy, Macrae, Bont, JJ and Dunks to come.
LuvIt74: I’m gutted i had to trade O’Brien out this week with a negative 20 BE
cmperrfect: Pendlebury poo again.
circle52: @Struda I also had Fyfe, Neale and Kelly.
Apachecats: should get 2000 out of that easily circle.
GobChuck: 1880 with a quarter left from macrae/bont/daniel/grundy/treloar. Bring it home lads
jbjimmyjb: howe out has freed up crisp somehow
Schillaci: Just noticed that Koop has VC on Sicily with C on Cripps % boost haha
Apachecats: got Pendlebury as well cmp ,what a week to forget.
cmperrfect: Who did you C @Apache?
cmperrfect: Pendlebury has 1more week for me, then I’m raging him…
cmperrfect: Nice Tyrion,very nice
Pezza28: looking at 1750 fielding just 16
jbjimmyjb: oh piss off daniel
Yelse: 30 more grundy cmonn
pcaman2003: Nice goal Daniel.
Pezza28: fyfe hurn neale kelly disappointing
Apachecats: I Had C on Gawn cmp
jbjimmyjb: what is daniel doing at a centre bounce
LMartos: Daniel’s score cannot be right
pcaman2003: Good luck all,have to go now.
jbjimmyjb: daniel’s use of the ball has been dreadful, his SC is correct
cmperrfect: McRae is on the pine @jb
LMartos: I don’t mean overall, I mean he’s had 4 effective touches this quarter and a goal for 15
Pezza28: rozee to walters or daniel this week?
Stikman35: And the C pays divs
jbjimmyjb: grundy is absolutely cooked
Breezey: Grundy you champion
cmperrfect: Can Grundy win Charlie this year?
Burnsy03: cm you would think he has a massive chance
Hadouken: he can i reckon
Oddsy5: gawn and grundy have to be the 2 most elite ruckman ever you’d think
Struda: Grundy and Gawn both, after last year he’ll be getting more recognition
jbjimmyjb: there’s still 300 more SC points to come, dunks could still ton
Stikman35: Dempsey Oddsy
Struda: Dunkley motoring home
Breezey: I would of thought he could but the Brownlow Predictor I seen did not have him in the Top 5
Burnsy03: jimmy crisp has tonned up!!!!!!
Pezza28: dunkley finally plugging up late
Struda: more dt than sc in this game atm, wow
HappyDEZ: De Goey X-Factor.
Pokerface: how quickly you forget dean cox
jbjimmyjb: burnsy he finally heard my cry in desperation, only his 3rd one this year
Hadouken: is worpel to dusty or billings justified ?
cmperrfect: Grundy is $8 on Sportsbet
jbjimmyjb: tbh I reckon Gawn has been better than Grundy this year, he’s the only reason Melb isn’t 18th
lukefield9: @Burnsy he’s become so irrelevant that people have forgotten his first name
Pokerface: de goey working off wood
Stikman35: Short kicks paid or un paid doing my head in.
Yelse: moore for laird or houli next week
BestCoast: Grundy & Gawn absolute beasts can’t believe some don’t have em
Struda: treloar big last few minutes my guy
cmperrfect: Down arrow for Pendlebury m0nty
Struda: laird
Schillaci: Good boy Dunks…heart well deserved.
BestCoast: Hore is roo Ted and getting laid of next week
nics: who did GOD have as capt….
Schillaci: Think I win all ten leagues this week. Happy after a disappointing R13
ajconodie: Is Daniel mid/fwd dpp?
Pezza28: laird more reliable yelse
jbjimmyjb: macrae back to 2018 form with no libba
Burnsy03: hit 1300 last week, bounced back with approx 2100 this week
dipstick: @bestcoast agreed. Definertly not worth the $$ I’ve paid
Pezza28: daniel only fwd in sc
Hadouken: yes he is
Schillaci: fwd only ajc
Hadouken: no sorry, def / fwd
Hadouken: sorry im talking AF
BestCoast: Nics bye rounds GOD gets two captains
ajconodie: That’s poo.
Gandhi: Atta boy dunks, great second half
Pezza28: walters has sc DPP, take over daniel??
StuL: God has the C on Grundy AND Gawn!
Stikman35: Dogs midfield gave up on centre taps to hunt pendles gather from Grundy.
BestCoast: Dipstick Hore retuning to Thailand
LuvIt74: My mids Fyfe, Cripps, Neale, Macrae, Oliver, Treloar, Sloane who to bring in?
Apachecats: he’s on report pezza
nics: I thought GOD had lycett
Hadouken: wow macrae, just wow
Grimes Jr: jeez collingwood are scum
BestCoast: Nics correct
LuvIt74: I’m happy with my 1930 even though it’ll be under par but only had 17
Stikman35: Nice 495 3 players.
Pezza28: with macrae and grundy i scraped 1800 from 16
Struda: ooo baby, over 2000 this week

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