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Chat log from R14 of 2019: Port Adelaide vs Geelong

Chat log for Port Adelaide vs Geelong, R14 of 2019

missmagic: no final teams on afl website,is anyone out?
lisapizza7: no changes
missmagic: thanks
dipstick: I’ll be on my way out
thiccgucci: danger made it?
lisapizza7: apparently so
GobChuck: carn new import tommy stewart
missmagic: afl website is a disgrace and the twitter feed is gone from here,hard to find final teams
PlungeMe: id say we have a chance to be optimistic but we don’t
thiccgucci: need hawkins to kick five. not confident.
BRAZZERS: hopefully its a good game
cmperrfect: any1 brave enough to C Danger?
Apachecats: Danger leaving at 1/2 time.Is that OK with everyone.?
thiccgucci: was going to, but took gawn
benzammit: I’ve got 50 on the 16+ Port, need the big men to fire.
thiccgucci: duursma active early
StuL: Thanks Mrs Danger
StuL: I think Dangers Mrs had the kid.
NoneyaB: why apache his wife had her child a day or 2 ago
beerent11: Bought in rob gray this week. Risky.
NoneyaB: dangers wife had her baby according to m scarlett
pcaman2003: POD for this is Boak Butters and Clarke. Could get nasty.
thiccgucci: wow. port are looking real good.
Ash777: go gray
Dondeal: Geelong haven’t had a win after the bye for about 8 years.
Ash777: wines, ebert and dixon back has really improved them.
pcaman2003: C’mon Butters and Clarke. Get moving!
DrSeuss: Boak, Stewart and Fort looking good so far
StuL: You can’t tackle?
Ash777: StuL head first into the ground. Correct decision
StuL: Shoulder. Look again
TheLegend6: Blatant free kick StuL
pcaman2003: Killing me Clarke ya muppett.
StuL: Not happy. Go Duursma though
nics: hate byes as have to rely on clarke, reckon clive palmer would score more
thiccgucci: Hawkins killing me
Apachecats: Sorry ,bit slow on the baby danger news
Struda: jeez the post bye curse killing geelong
DrSeuss: Any time now Stewart
Apachecats: * no doubt he will play a blinder in celebration.
Struda: Duursma please piss off. really dont need that
cmperrfect: omg Stewart
circle52: Sorry Struda want him to keep going, Had to keep him due to low trades.
PlungeMe: rozee and duursma on top makes me so happy
Dead_Ned: great start to this game. Duursma, Danger, Boak and Kelly
pcaman2003: Looks like Butters and Clarke will be my 2 low scores to drop.
Apachecats: Tale of two cities here ,got danger and Rozee plus stewart and fort.
jbjimmyjb: All I ask is for Duursma to keep up with Kelly for the game
dipstick: How can anyone still have rookies from round 1?
pcaman2003: Disastrous qtr for me.Butters and Clarke need to lift big time.
bones351: Decided it was a goodidea to trade Duursma to Stewart this week….
DrSeuss: So you broke Stewart – bones??
Struda: @bones same here, haunting me in my h2h main league
Migz: why get rid of rookies who cost 1xxK and averaging 70+ while you have other things to work on
Migz: you probably got rid of hore aswell ;p
Ash777: stewart is missing a couple of stats I think
dipstick: My team is full premo now except duursma who will be Stewart.
bones351: Maybe DrSeuss haha
bones351: Im sure he will come good. I believe in you Tom!
Struda: @dipstick why trade out players that are still generating cash? only get 2 trades a week, may have had bigger issues
StuL: how many trades dipstick? 2?
Gotigres: i still have Rozee and Duursma from round 1
dipstick: @migz hore is my D9 loop. But he’s not a rnd 1 rookie
Struda: Depends how good your starting selections were too. I got 2 to go, Sloane and hurn the plan
circle52: I still have Dursma and Walsh from Rd 1
wadaramus: Duursma’s DPP is invaluable!
dipstick: Have 11 trades left
wadaramus: Hore has been too good to trade.
Tig-Train: Full premo with 11 trades left? I call bullshit
benzammit: I call bullshit on 11 trade full of premo
wadaramus: Trading Walsh to Macrae tomorrow.
Migz: hore was a round 1 rookie..
Donzoes: sounds like you’ve chosen really well all year dipstick, nice
wadaramus: Full premo doesn’t always equal well ranked
Struda: Traded hore after round 2 :'(
Sixty656: Nice throw Danger
Donzoes: Never had Hore or ROB. Biggest regrets.
pcaman2003: Butters and Clarke well and truly flowering me over.
Apachecats: Got plenty of rookies left if anyone wants one.
dipstick: I’m counting crisp, bsmith, dunkley and Marshall as premo
RGriffen: I got full premium, Witho D7, ROB R3 but just got 5 trades left so my 400 rank is gone in SC
benzammit: As I said bullshit!
pcaman2003: Smith a premo? Lol!
DrSeuss: Kelly? Stewart?
Tig-Train: Smith is far from premo
wadaramus: Free kick for a bump, fucking joke AFL!
Donzoes: 6 trades left w/ Duurs and Walsh as rooks
Struda: Dunks and marshall yes, Smith and Crisp big no
jocka: Gee, that’s a poor downfeild free
Pokerface: im full premo too. counting smith, parker, hayes as premo.
Catatafish: Danger as captain makes up for Neale being a spud
Donzoes: crisp’s average isnt premo
circle52: anyone c or vc Danger
Migz: i got 10 trades left with 1 upgrade left for backs and mids.
DrSeuss: Agreed Wada, wasn’t even late.
Donzoes: had C on danger but took Gawn as VC
Apachecats: Thought that too wada ,clean bump as he kicked the balll ,not late.
Tig-Train: I’m full premo with Balta and Duursma, they are premo no?
bones351: Glad Im not the only who thought that downfield free against Stewart was rough
circle52: I would have done same Donzoes take 151 any day
wadaramus: Complete teams are irrelevant if you’re going for overall.
wadaramus: Scoring well every week is the name of the game!
Ash777: I completely ruined my team. Too many hasty trades like dunkley and sheed. 🙁
Gotigres: get involved Kelly
pcaman2003: Clark TOG not helping my score much.
Breezey: Who is tagging Kelly by the way
PlungeMe: houston i think breezey
pcaman2003: Cats looking very wobbly.
jbjimmyjb: come on duursma you’ve done nothing this quarter
wadaramus: Houston, Kelly has a problem
Migz: houston
Jolles: Not a good week for crap scores from Hurn & Stewart.
Breezey: Well he is doing a good job if he is
pcaman2003: Clark and Butters instructed not to touch the ball.
dipstick: Danger always dominates when he returns to Adelaide
Ash777: has kelly re-signed with cats yet?
pcaman2003: Muppett!
hinsch: Duursma alway has a good first quarter then run out of puff
The39Steps: Is that awful west end beer still made in South Oz?
Jolles: Who would know … I don’t drink it.
DrSeuss: Houston is killing Kelly. Geelong getting nothing from their other mids
PlungeMe: id say dangers doing a bit seuss
wadaramus: Yes 39, pure water from the aquifer, and all we can conjure up is West fucking End draught!
dipstick: Danger lowest score AO is 128 in his last 11 I heard. Perfect C choice
nick2397: @39Steps there’s no such thing as awful beer
V@lks: Lycett absolutely dominating the ruck contests. Could be another ROB type score
DrSeuss: Haha yeah Plunge – meant to say other than Danger lol
Pusti: Grrr! Guess who brought Kelly in this week.
hinsch: love how the taggers are getting good SC scores lately those being tagging are crap
pcaman2003: Boak and Danger making up for my other 2 muppett rookies
The39Steps: @nick2397…west end challenges that assumption.
Gelly: lycett looks like a human gumby
DrSeuss: Take a mark Stewart ffs – juggling everything
wadaramus: Another high quality game of AFL footy…not
TheLegend6: Anyone think Boak is an outside chance for the Brownlow? Polls well normally
BestCoast: Start of the cats slide
V@lks: No legend
PlungeMe: we might not win enough games for boak to get it
The0Grrr: Never had a bad beer in my life. Just some are better than others.
wadaramus: Big Bird struggling on his P plates.
BestCoast: TheOGrrr Newcastle Brown Ale the least
The0Grrr: Warm Zimbabwe Castle Lager was my least
wadaramus: Jeez I hope Lycett can go on to a big SC score from here.
nick2397: Can’t go past a cold VB on a hot day in my opinion
Apachecats: Crrr ,thats the Irish philosophy ,only good beer and better beer.
The39Steps: filth, you would kiss a bloke. Apologies girls, just change the sex.
BestCoast: Some people dying of thirst the Irish are born with one
Apachecats: All the Yaks ,Furphys and 150 Lashes top drops IMO.
The0Grrr: Yeah don’t mind Furphy & 150
Apachecats: BC you still up , kinto my Pwepperjack now ,well into it actually. S
BestCoast: are born with one
The39Steps: the start of that was..if the world was about to end and you had the choice of drinking west end, kissing a bloke or
BestCoast: Green Chartreuse
The39Steps: supporting the filth what would you do. I would kiss the bloke.
wadaramus: Pirate Life Mosaic IPA, yeah baby!
BestCoast: Love my phone not
BestCoast: Apache still here Cob going through the gears. Tomorrow will be tears
Apachecats: Well with my SC scores ,trying to ease the pain.BC
BestCoast: Apache feeling your pain in the same boat
pcaman2003: Come on Scott and give Clark some decent TOG.
Victorious: Port fans boo anything
original: Ebert asking for 50m lol
DrSeuss: Enough with the frees Stewart – Kelly get involved
RooBoyStu: Geelong Pretenders
DrSeuss: Fort is getting blocked – how is that a free against??
wadaramus: Gee whiz, Geelong are lame.
Apachecats: I’m 600k away and I saw it hit the post.
Apachecats: agree seuss
Gotigres: Finally Kelly
pcaman2003: Butters back to 15 again rather suddenly. Not sure why,he hasn’t been near it for 5 mins.
V@lks: Rooboy Stu?
RooBoyStu: Brownlow bolters Parker and Walters. See ya fellas long time i not go on here. Hope you are all well
RooBoyStu: Been living in Mauritius. Back here for a bit.
The39Steps: Welcome back @rooboy…where have u been?
StuL: Supporter of a club that has been irrelevant for 20 years calling US pretenders?
Donzoes: walters headbutted someone today, gonna maybe get a week
mattmac24: Hardly pretenders. We never play well after a bye. Port at home are always tough to judge
circle52: Is this a blueprint for other teams – tag Kelly instead of names and reap the benefits. Houston tagging Kelly
Apachecats: Mauritious beautifull place.
Victorious: I’m absolutely punishing the porcelain
RooBoyStu: Apache so is my gf 🙂
pcaman2003: Keep going Mr Boak. Need a massive score from you to make up for muppets.
Apachecats: cheers rbs
thiccgucci: port shutting down hawkins well. looks like he has given up even trying
The39Steps: Must be a lot of SC pts up for grabs in this game?
PlungeMe: as surprising as it is karl amon has turned into a decent footballer
pcaman2003: Lol! Lycett flicks Selwood off like a flea.
V@lks: @Plunge the ole kamon crocodile
Struda: kelly gotta break the houston tag mate
NugzNiggle: Lycett going off.
Ash777: Lycett killing cats on his own
Apachecats: Dahl just got helped off
jbjimmyjb: Kelly’s not having a good night when you’re run down by Lycett
original: Told the bloke playing my best mate to chuck the vc on Lycett 5 mins before kickoff hehe
casey22: Data drop out problem?
The39Steps: Afghans to upset India?
zoomba23: Port fans would boo the umps if they were up by 100
Apachecats: What event 39 steps? Bomb disposal?
Struda: double whammy 39, if he goes weel then rip into your mate, if he doesnt say you helped him
The39Steps: Not politically correct @apache.
The39Steps: Great for cricket that Bangers and Afghans are having a crack. Big Bash has a role to play in this.
BestCoast: BestCoast please put the bottle down
The39Steps: By the way….we need fanfooty for big bash!!!!!
The39Steps: Wot u drinking BC?
Apachecats: not worried about pc @39.Too much of it going around.
PlungeMe: lycetts second 150+ SC game this season
BestCoast: Did anyone hear about the baked beans travelling around Australia ended up in Cairns
Struda: lycett either goes huge or does jack
Pokerface: joel garner might score a bit better if we did 39
Struda: cmon stewart, pull away from duursma
The39Steps: Good @apache!! We need more of U!
BestCoast: The39Steps cooking wine lol green chartreuse
BestCoast: Misses patrolling like a hawk
The39Steps: Green Charteuse is very ordinary. Suggest bed is a better option.
Apachecats: Whats the punchline on the baked beans one BC?
BestCoast: Need to get all the Fanfooty crew up to BestCoasts house in Noosa to have a drinkathon
The39Steps: @pokerface – a tad shorter than the original!
pcaman2003: Get a couple of goals Butters. C’mon Clark and get past 50
Struda: jeez the bye curse for geelong may stick
duckky: I know of the 12 step plan, but 39 steps seems a bit harsh
Apachecats: I’m in ,only there a month ago in Quamby place.
TheLegend6: cmon duurs
BestCoast: Ended up in Cairns “Cans”
The39Steps: Best Coast – lets plan to have a big night in Noosa sometime next year?
Pokerface: so much less stress having boak in the forward line instead of petrol!
BestCoast: Apache Rickys???
Pokerface: answer the question BC.
BestCoast: The39 Ken oath
Breezey: Lycett gunna double ton up here at this rate
BestCoast: Pokerface?? Question
duckky: And Stewart instead of Smith @Poker
Pokerface: whats the punchline
BestCoast: Next year my place it’s on for young and old. m0nty gets the VIP table
The39Steps: Great! Sometime outside of bye rounds we are having a catch-up in Noosa next year. I suggest early July.
Breezey: Tell them again Best Coast
Apachecats: BC Noosa Harbour Resort ,but know Ricks ,caught the ferry there.
Stu7: Motflop true to his form
BestCoast: Did you hear about the Baked Beans ended up in Cairns can of Baked Beans
BestCoast: The39 the whole of July
pcaman2003: FGS Butters,get the friggin ball.
Pokerface: answer the question.
BestCoast: Mate owns Rickys Apache the feed is on me
Stikman35: I’m back baby
Apachecats: Got it BC ,get some new material ,sorry.
Catatafish: Fuck you Dahlhaus you useless fucking shit cunt.
BestCoast: Poker keeps asking its the cleanest joke I know
Pokerface: kelly doesnt look great
Apachecats: Cheers BC ,looking at a place at Sunshine Beach ,6 months Melb ,6 months Noosa ,can’t be bad.
BestCoast: Apache that’s where I live Belmore terrace
V@lks: Yuck. Got Kelly, Dahl and Fort as PODs.
Stikman35: Wrobby looks a good pick when cash is low
Pokerface: not sure geelong will have 18 fit players
original: Umpire actually made Sam gray improve the angle by getting back to where he was meant to be lol. Gray wanted it tighter
Struda: Kelly off?
Apachecats: Bet I will meet you one day ,cheers.
PlungeMe: charlie dixon couldve had 10 marks tonight
BRAZZERS: Kelly won’t be back
Stikman35: Kelly pushing for 80 again.
Struda: why tf is tom stewart still onthe bench
BRAZZERS: shit he’s back on lol my bad
Dead_Ned: good catch up tip for me
Struda: yeah just checked the app, says hes out
brano: Time to go to bed Big Dog lol
PlungeMe: just saw him on field brazzers
Struda: well apparently he was ruled out but is back on
Apachecats: Kelly just kicked a point.So he is back.
Struda: my bad
pcaman2003: Time for me to trade up Butters.
frenzy: nice work Lycett, luv it
Breezey: Dixon X Factor. Really
Stikman35: Cats drop out of top 4 by finals
Struda: heaps of points to come wtf, almost 300
Pokerface: wonder if paddy comes back or not
Pokerface: no they are all there struda
mattmac24: Because of one game Stikman? Lol
PlungeMe: maths might be off struda
BRAZZERS: i know he is, maybe read my last comment
Phasir: Did you guys know that Geelong has lost about 8 games after the byes?
bones351: Yeah that will do Tom Stewart.
VodkaHawk: Laterz poolong, you’re crap
ConVoid: someone please tell me how many supercoach point sin total are given out
Phasir: I also heard sometime during the week, that Geelong usually loses after the bye
VodkaHawk: Gws v Pies final
Stikman35: They looked weak. Need another bye cats.
Struda: fuck i was reading the total dt, im a dumbfuck
Struda: geelong has never won the week after a bye
StuL: Absolute rubbish
BRAZZERS: pretenders, like their finals record shows. Straight sets from these muppets lol
JR33: 3300 sc point total

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