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Chat log from R14 of 2019: St Kilda vs Brisbane

Chat log for St Kilda vs Brisbane, R14 of 2019

Struda: go large answerth, please.
bushranger: Agreed Struda
pcaman2003: Big one from you Marshall.
thiccgucci: rich always starts well
Struda: no handball for answerth fucking bullshit
Pokerface: harris?
bones351: Its going to be a long game if youre complaining already Struda haha
BRAZZERS: hopefully Answerth has a shocker
Apachecats: Poker I reckon you and I are the only two dills that have him.
pdiddy: go the lions
Struda: Need cash gen so I can get Sloane and Logue next week ahaha, as long as he outscores sicily i wont be too unhappy
Apachecats: Finally moving now Poker.
bones351: I traded Answerth to Logue so im with you Brazzers
pdiddy: does anyone what the highest score achieved in one quarter is by a player?
heppelitis: Saints should call a time out.
Pokerface: he’s fine against good teams Apache, problem is against teams when the ball is never up his end!
bones351: Pretty happy with that trade so far
Struda: well Gawn got 88 today in the 4th
pcaman2003: marshall off ground long time. What’s happening?
Struda: may have to settle for hing instead of logue, sloane an absolute must next week
Apachecats: Can’t get it if its not up there Poker.He’s a big unit ,seen the size of him?
Pokerface: yep. i reckon he’s a gun. had him last year as a pod. will never forgive cameron.
pcaman2003: Don’t see why Marshall was off for 10 mins.
Pokerface: Nicky!!
Apachecats: Any chance Answerth?
Struda: answerth ffs :'(
circle52: @pcaman Marshall had a poke in the eye accidental.
Gotigres: Walsh out, Neale In. Obviously Neale will have a quiet one.
lukefield9: @circle that was mckenzie
pcaman2003: Thanks circle. Thought it seemed off to be out so long.
Pokerface: will still score than walsh will gotigres
thiccgucci: hannebery looking alright
pcaman2003: meant odd!,not off
Oh8ball: Hanners looking fit as ever
pcaman2003: Marshall will be a Gawn one day IMO.Showing great signs.
BRAZZERS: hanners looks like a prem lol
lukefield9: @pcaman if only, nowhere near tall enough to be that dominant in the ruck unfortunately
pcaman2003: He has a great leap though
Gelly: i jumped on marshall this week
lukefield9: yeah that’s true, i just see him being more of an around the ground player and not so much a good tap ruck
Oh8ball: Flower me Ross canโ€™t kick
StuL: Hanners will look good for a month and miss the rest of the season
pcaman2003: @Gelly. Good move. I got him after his 2nd game and haven’t looked back.
Gelly: at 489k marshall was good value
pcaman2003: @lukefield. True he’s good around ground,but out tapping Martin who also has more TOG.
original: Raynerโ€™s top score so far?
lukefield9: @pcaman ye but stef is smaller than marshall haha
pdiddy: rayner doing worse this year then last year
pcaman2003: By just under an inch. Not much different really. 201 to 199cm.
Pokerface: *by just under 2.54 cm.
Phasir: B.Grundy is only 203cm
Apachecats: and he can jump 2cm easily PCA or 4cm phasir
pcaman2003: @Apache Hahaha!
Apachecats: seriously PCA he’ll be a lock in ruck for me next year ,might even be DPP.
pcaman2003: I think he’ll be a top 3 ruck by end of year
StuL: So much for Neale being must have this week Herald Sun!
Apachecats: Andrews waiting ,waiting …
Pokerface: wont get dpp apache. hasnt played forward at all
pcaman2003: Neale will still ton up. Look what Gawn did today 2nd half.
Apachecats: yeah stul ,tg for Max ,would have been stuck with LN for captain.
Apachecats: Its just that he’s a forward this year ,thought that would count.
Pokerface: no, won’t count at all unfortunately
Apachecats: Answerth may as well of stayed home ,TG I can drop off 3 lowest scores.
Pokerface: ross is a tagger now??
lukefield9: @Poker probs because of how shit his kicking is
pcaman2003: Half a ton for Marshall already. Keep it going champ.
Pokerface: @luke but especially with steven out, if ross is tagging, who is the engine room??
lukefield9: @poker dunstan plays a similar accumulative role, and now we’ve got hanners gresham etc.
Stu7: Answerth is the new Burgess!
Pokerface: @luke are those guys in there this game? i reckon gresham should be, i thought about putting him as a pod round 1
StuL: Neale BE of 124, we a good chance he will fall more but the byes I guess meant you had to jump possibly early.
StuL: Answerth just needs and intercept mark or 2. Never going to get big possies
lukefield9: @Poker gresh usually splits his time mid/fwd, then clark acres and that chip in every now and then
pcaman2003: Great tackle by Marshall on McStay,brought him to ground,not credited? WTF!
Apachecats: yep PCA Marshall 0 tackles.FFS
pcaman2003: Check it out at the 9.58 mark.CD must be blind to miss it.
circle52: May be wrong pcaman but unless there is a ball up tackle not credited
Apachecats: Answerth not my biggest worry ,my biggest worry is ANDREWS
penguins00: @ppcaman They do have a team that watches on delay and review the decisions.
pcaman2003: Hope so penguin cause they definitely owe him.
Pokerface: i just watched it pcaman. thats not a tackle. there are defined definitions
Pokerface: didnt cause a free kick or stoppage. wasnt paid. blame the umpire not CD
Pokerface: still not sure why this comes up every week.
pcaman2003: @Poker. They must have redeined what a tackle is then,because that was always a tackle.2hounds around waist,ball spills
thiccgucci: it doesnt have to cause a stoppage or free kick. ball can come lose in a tackle
Struda: lyons can completely tear the game open when hes on
blonde0na: if the disposal is affected by the tackle, isn’t that counted also?
Pokerface: look up definition gucci – ‘the tackler’s action must change the course of playof play
Struda: hannebery bench cover? loking good
StuL: Marshall looks like a Grundy type. Not just a big unco ruck but can play
Pokerface: not stat wise no blonde
zoomba23: Attaboy Marshall
Pokerface: @blonde well if it reduced the effectiveness, yes. but if the disposal is judged effective then no
Apachecats: Agree Strada .bargain basement.
Pokerface: and the disposal still came out effectively there, even though he was ‘tackled’
Pokerface: ball didn’t spill
thiccgucci: Poker, there have been 75 odd tackles so far this game, dont think there have been that many ball ups as a result
Apachecats: well done everyone ,he just got his tackle ,reckon they are logged on here.
pcaman2003: @Poker. I’m looking at it again now. Not sure what you’re watching,but ball goes straight to ground from the tackle.
pcaman2003: I guess Poker was INCORRECT after all.
Pokerface: ok, i only watched it the once. guess i was wrong ๐Ÿ™‚
pcaman2003: Does anyone still own Parker these days?
Pokerface: absolutely pcaman. sits there at f8 all year i think. can’t do anythign with him
Apachecats: yeah PCA ,can’t get rid of him ,he’ll just be bench next week ,and will go close to his BE of 58 today.
Apachecats: *had bigger priorities to get rid of.
pcaman2003: Commiserations fellas. He hurts his owners every week
Pokerface: yep apache. more important to deal with your first 22 than bench fodder
Pokerface: not so bad pca.. he only gets a run during the byes.
pcaman2003: I have petrol and he’s not much better.
heppelitis: have billings,ross,marshall,gresham, hind and neale in dt…nice
thiccgucci: Wheres everyone sitting in the rankings?
Pokerface: in my league rankings ๐Ÿ™‚
Apachecats: 42175 with a bullet gucci
Apachecats: * thats SC by the way.
jbjimmyjb: gucci I’m 1161 overall, dropped 800 last week ๐Ÿ™
Pokerface: comment didn’t get through, so that kind of fell flat.. 6th
StuL: I’m sure there are some monsters here but 4095
JockMcPie: 785 but strugglin for trades so I’ll fall off a cliff eventually
Pokerface: around 9000
Struda: 5kish, havent gone up in rankings since round 2
Pokerface: pca parker doesn’t worry me.. its a backline containing sicily andrews and smith that does
thiccgucci: everyones looking good, hopefully we all finish strong!
Apachecats: bit like how high can you pi55 ,competition.
Hadouken: 95 before this game, 135 currently
Apachecats: *not very high in my case.
StuL: Getting Hoff a while back when I could have got Marshall is hurting now. Will hurt the ranking as I’m taking a 0
Pokerface: drink more water apache.
circle52: How did Charlie do that
Struda: charlie is on fire
JRedden: cameron is the best small forward in the game hands down
StuL: Come on Neale, join the party
Apachecats: Hoff is just about the biggest downfall of the year Stul ,bad luck with that one.
pcaman2003: @Poker. I might boot Smith for Whitfield when he gets back. Just biding time.
pcaman2003: Have to go eat. Be back soon. Good luck everyone.
StuL: If Marshall had DPP I would have been all over him. That was all it was. Ruck cover
circle52: Common Answerth want you to get your B/e as cannot afforf cash loss
Apachecats: Andrews to Whitfield when the timing is right ,Whitfiels will drop bigtime for first 2 weeks back.
Apachecats: Redden ,Camerons little brother looks OK too.
StuL: I got Hoff at about 400k, anyway, first world problems
pdiddy: I’m still holding linc mcarthy!!!
Apachecats: You’re a dirty rat cow pig Andrews.
StuL: Looks like Capt Grundy. Flower u Neale
Pokerface: dirty rat cow pig!!
Apachecats: A few will be caught with that one Stul.
StuL: Bearmanpig
Apachecats: yeah Poker ,someone used that earlier in the season ,sledge of the year i reckon.
Pokerface: was you wasn’t it?!
The0Grrr: Charlie the new KB. Zero handballs.
StuL: A StKilda flag in 2085. “We’re realistic”
Apachecats: Nah can’t claim credit.
duckky: KB handballed a couple of times … to himself
Pokerface: any chance of keeping this under 40 points sainters?
Apachecats: Reckon they’re getting ahead of themselves Stul.
thiccgucci: Andrews hasnt missed a target all day. barely had it, but hasnt missed nonetheless ๐Ÿ™‚
cmperrfect: Why would Hind not be playing since Rnd 1
Dead_Ned: all my players r spudding up this week
hinsch: Can the LIONS hang on to win this one
Apachecats: yeah gucci 5 touches @100 pretty good for a $500 k
thiccgucci: $100k a touch. u get what u pay for
Struda: answerth fucking pick it up, need sicily my bottom score
Apachecats: Any sainters in the room ? Didn’t think so.
Apachecats: Thanks Guch
bones351: Cmon Lachie wtf are you doing!
thiccgucci: hasnt andrews been on a rampage lately? swear his past 3 games been insane
cmperrfect: How long b4 Richardson get the ar$e too lads ?
StuL: GOD could coach the Saints, won’t make a difference
Apachecats: yeah gucci ,he had a 118 and a 131 ,so I bought him and hes had an 82 and todays p
Struda: is andrews playing lockdown?
Catatafish: I fucking brought Neale in, this is what we all get. My bad.
Breezey: GOD from this site or the real one @Stul
Apachecats: *todays pathetic effort for me.typical
Gelly: might get the sack at 3qt
StuL: Either Breezey, lol
Struda: neale still 0 tackles
StuL: I could say what real one though?
cmperrfect: Can the Lions make it to September this year??
Burnsy03: almost a guarantee prefect
circle52: Not counting on it cmperfect. have some difficult matches as well. Need to win another 5 to be sure.
StuL: There’s probably only one spot max for teams outside the 8 atm
Yelse: Tagging Neale obviously not helping saints win should have dropped tag ages ago
Gelly: witches hats for saints team
zoomba23: This is ugly
circle52: Ross has moved to Zorko
cmperrfect: Lions have 5/9 games at Gabba’ on the run home… I’d say bottom of the 8
JR33: Why is Neale score low? 11 contested 11 clearances 70+% de
StuL: If Port beat us they’re a chance, everyone else can go home
StuL: From what I’ve seen some of those contested have had no impact JR
italz: Well this is fun ๐Ÿ™‚
cmperrfect: Bombers are a smoky to sneak in still.. have to storm home like last season though
JR33: Thanks Stul
mattmac24: 6, 7 & 8 positions aren’t certain yet, Freo, Brisbane and Richmond aren’t guaranteeing themselves a spot
zoomba23: Bombers aren’t making finals mate. They aren’t top 8 standard
Foursuits: Wishful thinking cmperrfect
Foursuits: I’m s realest
Apachecats: Put your colours up Zoomba
zoomba23: Cats, Weagles, Pies, Giants, Crows, Dockers, Lions, and one of Port and the Tiges to make the 8 imo
cmperrfect: Would just love Ess to finish 8th and Rich 9th haha
Gelly: now its a training drill
zoomba23: I’m North Apache. Don’t even know how to put colours up lol
Foursuits: Tonne up Rich
happytimes: Bombers smokey? You must of missed thursday nights game
Apachecats: They’re up Zoomba .well done.
jbjimmyjb: Ton up Hind
Struda: neale another 30 please and answerth 20. need a 50 from you
mattmac24: I reckon 1-5 is staying the way it is. 6-8 goes to those currently in 6-10. Essendon could do it
Nuffman: love the smuggness of Blues supporters lol
hinsch: Hind will be a popular trade in next week free up some $$
zoomba23: Oh shit, didn’t realise that worked. Cheers lol
Burnsy03: Logue surely the hottest avg of nearly 95 i think
Apachecats: Can scrub 3 scores .Gat 34 ,44 and 34 in this game at the moment.
Gelly: yep logue for me, hind has 3 goals, wont do that again
StuL: Hind will be another slow Burner.
cmperrfect: Rich prob have easiest run home
Apachecats: logue biggest buy of the year Gelly ,Manowar doesn’t think so however .I’ll be lining up .Answerth to Logue.
Dead_Ned: i got logue in before he played in round 13.. so glad i did
mattmac24: Logue and Naish double downgrade next week
Apachecats: same mattmac
Catatafish: Neale you useless pick up
cmperrfect: Same @Dead
Struda: assuming answerth gets less than 40, itll be treloar, daniel & T stewart + 40 vs Duursma & dunks + 120. should be safe
StuL: Neale a marked man now, not sure he will get his early season form back
BRAZZERS: naish wont play many games
Apachecats: too complex Struda.
JR33: Pretty sure Neale got his first tackle
Apachecats: Naish is a gun.
Struda: neale excelled at freo because fyfe wasthe target, went to another level this year
Struda: fair, will shut up ahha
pdiddy: Struda – why not drop 40 points from both sides??
pcaman2003: Whoa! Just came back from my half time dinner. Did coach send saints home?
cmperrfect: Martin wound the clock back this evening… only 4th ton for the season
Gelly: bris kicked 9 or 10 goals in 3rd qtr
Apachecats: Its not good PCA ,another coach on the way?
pcaman2003: I must have missed a feast of goals by looks of it.Happy with Marshall again.
Struda: my lowest is sicily on 40, opponents is hore on 49, too complex for this kind of chat probs
Dead_Ned: answerth still should get BE
Apachecats: 10 goal shellacking.
pcaman2003: Answerth useless as TOAB again.
Apachecats: yeah Struda byes a pain to work out probabilities.
Apachecats: Parker going to beat Andrews ffs.
cmperrfect: Neale and Cripps C and VC of “i cant shake a tag” club
pcaman2003: Has Neale been tagged?
Apachecats: Perfect ,all i can say is thank god for Gawn
Apachecats: Tagged? ,he’s been nutted PCA.
cmperrfect: Agreed @Apache, and so lucky he played the early game!! (although i do have Grundy)
dipstick: @pca you can’t say that anymore. It offends the caitlyn Jenner’s
thiccgucci: Why tag when getting smacked? surely try win it yourself
Manowar: St Kilda lost, not good for coach!
pcaman2003: Hahaha! Just my luck Neale falls off a cliff.
BRAZZERS: get it yourself? lol ross has had 30 mate. more than anoyone on the ground muppet
GobChuck: he was talking about saints being defensive. Tbf when the tag started they were still in it
thiccgucci: he has 30 but his team lost by 50. tagging often attracts touches, they clearly didnt have much impact
thiccgucci: muppet

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