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Chat log from R14 of 2019: Melbourne vs Fremantle

Chat log for Melbourne vs Fremantle, R14 of 2019

thiccgucci: Brought oliver in, that price was too tempting. very nervous now.
Apachecats: same thicc except my buy was Walters.
DrSeuss: Let�s go Brayshaw – took the risk and traded him back in at rock bottom pricing
Apachecats: vc on big Maxy naturally.
Apachecats: agree Seuss ,I sacked him but it is getting very tempting and he has gone OK last few.
Yelse: how many ppl picked up Logue? or should i wait a week
dipstick: why would you buy logue? he costs 40K more than hind
m0nty: Bewley doing well to get a kick from the bench
Apachecats: Waiting yelse.
m0nty: ah now they fixed it
Yelse: don’t trust hind to keep his spot, richo and selections scare me like bevo
hinsch: need Walters to go very low this week for trade in next week
hinsch: who likes these Thursday night games another one next week
nics: hi guys, noob question but when hover over a player why is data blank?
dipstick: @drsuess thanks for buying brayshaw off me. finally got rid of him this week after waiting over a month LOL
original: Ryan ya pretender ffs
dipstick: theres a diff between rock bottom price because youre shit or injury.
DrSeuss: Was in AF dipstick – where he has done well over his last 2 games after moving back on the ball
DrSeuss: Doesn�t help that his team mates miss him when open
Apachecats: Fanfooty used to have that facility ,no longer does nics.
Apachecats: hinsch Walters BE is 36 so he wont be dropping this week.
PowerBug: Also got Brayshaw in AF this week, hoping for a bit of a price rise from him
BestCoast: GENTLEMEN how does it the fine thirsty Saturday
BestCoast: This*
dipstick: in AF fair enough. the same guy won that 2 yeras in a row so had to take this year off.
frenzy: OK, who jumped on Maxy this week?
dipstick: his algorithm selected the best team weekly. alot more accurate on best players in AFL than SC format
DrSeuss: Bewley starting well today
BestCoast: Hinsch Thursday games ok if you get the chocolates
nics: thanks aoache
circle52: I did in DT Frenzy traded ROB to him.
pcaman2003: Ryan off the ground a fair while. Is he injured?
th3rio: wtf ryan? why off for so long?
frenzy: knew it
th3rio: hes back now pca
Apachecats: Cheers BC ,whats the drop?I’v got a nice red breathing.
BestCoast: VC Gawn 140+ same please Fyfe, Oliver and a ton will do Logue and Hore bag
pcaman2003: Hopefully Ryan will get more TOG now.
original: Gawn ffs
Manowar: Gawn has given up to cold for him! Soft as his team!
th3rio: ryan was getting a rub, hopeflly not injured?
BestCoast: Apache great minds think alike just decanting a WA red as we
BestCoast: Speak haven�t even started sipping and already not making sense
dipstick: @bestcoast you gettin stuck into hore
BestCoast: 2014 Leeuwin Estate Art Series Cabernet Sauvignon then onto the fortifieds
pcaman2003: Great mark Ryan
m0nty: Hore doing Fyfe from behind, that was hardcore
BestCoast: Apache what are you wetting your beak on
th3rio: big ryan 😀
Apachecats: 2017 19 Crimes The Magistrate Victorian Shiraz.
BestCoast: dipstick shhhhhh in case the wife is watching lol
Apachecats: Cheapie but quite nice.BC
hinsch: Oppenent has C on Gawn and VC on Dunkley ?? working at the moment
BestCoast: Apache me old girl is a wine connoisseur from way back she would have a dozen labels from 16-30 range that bang on
BestCoast: With the best of them will pick her brains and feed you some info
Apachecats: All ears.
BestCoast: She bought an $8- bottle some years ago ripped of the label and had ya guessing big time
feralmong: hore gone quiet? fluffer role?
Sunharp: Clayton Oliver just taking a quarter off
DrSeuss: Baker and Oliver real low TOG
Bennyherb: Cameron to Walters I think now . Saying that if I do Cameron will come out an get a 140
th3rio: wow ryan good bloke wowo
original: Gawn have a shot within 50, Nuh hand off to a bloke who doesn�t kick in 45m ffs
StuL: Big Max like the hamburger. Yea like the hamburger. No not like the bloody hamburger!
dipstick: i bought $7 bottle red from DanMurphy and druk it 13 years later. that shit had me hallucinating
Lawls: oliver was on 20 something 1 minute ago?
pcaman2003: Points for Oliver are BS
ademase: monty OOTF is out on the full right
ademase: but didnt smith just kick a goal
Gelly: smith absolute potato, vfl standard
DrSeuss: Brayshaw, Bewley and Fyfe all stopped
Apachecats: Logue a massive buy for next round.
StuL: Why is Logue such a gun? His history before last week was ordinary.
original: Can�t believe freo weren�t favorites. Unfortunately due to being a bad better I had no cash in my account to put on lol
Gelly: logue playing a new role that scores well i guess
DrSeuss: Goodwin moves Brayshaw Forward again ffs
pcaman2003: Ross keeps giving Ryan long stints on bench. Get him off the bench you flog.
StuL: Was considering getting him this week but can probably win with a donut. Which looks bad now.
PowerBug: Because Port and Melb are the two worst teams I50 in the comp
original: Ffs gawn
Manowar: Do not buy Logue don’t take this advise! Big mistake if you do.
StuL: But I know I needed to eat 0. Just don’t wanna
BestCoast: Dipstick sounds like it might of turned
StuL: Dees coming back
pcaman2003: FFS Lyon. Ryan been off for 10 mins now. Something has to be wrong to keep best def on bench.
original: Gawn getting mauled
zoomba23: Brayshaw is a mid not a forward Goodwin you bald headed flog
pcaman2003: Nearly a 60 pt qtr from Oliver.
DrSeuss: Brayshaw needs to go to a different club – Goodwin screws his role and TOG every game
Drak: ill take him at the bombers
original: Come to Carlton brayshaw.
jbjimmyjb: At the game, Gawn is getting shafted by the umps, they’re all looking at each other to see if anyone will pay a free
jbjimmyjb: Btw no Hogan = Mundy forward
NugzNiggle: Agree Zoomba and Seuss. TOG a killer.
BRAZZERS: lol he just signed contract last season, he not going no where lol
thiccgucci: was heartbroken when i saw olivers score after q1
pcaman2003: Heartbroken when I saw his 1/2 time score. Opponent has him.
thiccgucci: haha @pca, hopefully he backs it up 😉
thiccgucci: his TOG is low, or is it always like this?
Yelse: should have taken wlters over dunkley this week
DanBlack: Jimmy both your calls there are wrong
Yelse: whats wrong with hore
duckky: Are Hore and May competing for the same role?
wadaramus: Shaggers back.
DrSeuss: WTF – Brayshaw killing it then back on the pine
BRAZZERS: Hore pull your finger out!
bones351: Call of the week there.He does the Beyonce, to the left, to the left and then hes got no left. Haha
StuL: Hore and Bewley going backwards
duckky: Hore to Logue looks the go
NugzNiggle: Really starting to confuse me. Brayshaw TOG.
zoomba23: Hore you fucking moron. That’s a simple handball
shang0: Both the Brayshaws are faggots
cmperrfect: Looking like Grundy will keep the C
StuL: Fritsch as +1 might be cheapening Hore?
Struda: Bewley going backwards
shang0: Angus Brayshit
original: Cmon gawn
pcaman2003: Opponent has C on Gawn,so hoping Grundy goes big as my C
MontyJnr: Imagine if you kept Hore through his bye thinking he was a keeper lol
Apachecats: Manowar not taking your advice on Logue ,massive buy ,buy,buy signals around him .* CP already and scored 90 odd last we
Struda: i traded him in this week in draft montyjnr
original: Umpire let McDonald off there, should have been an even sharper angle
cmperrfect: Hoping Grundy gives a good English lesson
StuL: Hores BE is 39, as if you wouldn’t have kept him until at least this round. Looks gone with May back and not plus 1, tho
pcaman2003: @cmperrfect. Exactly!
thiccgucci: pick it up clayton
DrSeuss: Brayshaw lowest TOG for Melb is a joke
cmperrfect: worst qtr Gawn’s had in a while..
Apachecats: no need for that shango ,way out of line ,don’t know how that gets through even ,mOnty must have a good lawyer.
Z. Dawsome: Not cool shang
pcaman2003: Very happy with Ryan so far. As long as Lyon keeps him on ground.
cmperrfect: there’s always one @Apache…
BRAZZERS: the injuries will help Ryan’s TOG lol
Apachecats: Back to square 1 for captain ,Neale maybe?
thiccgucci: idk why oliver and brayshaw have such low TOG, they are athletes, just not trusted
pcaman2003: Hope so Brazzers
original: Fritsch doesn’t have gawn in his sc
MontyJnr: Hore’s low breakeven was cancelled out by his bye last week, you don’t need to squeeze every last 10k out of rookie
JockMcPie: I’m only keeping Hore because he’s averaging a decent amount, will make money, is a defensive rookie who is playing…
cmperrfect: I’m sticking with Grundy @Apache
pcaman2003: Nice one Ryan. Keep going fella.
original: Muppet icon for half of Melbourne loll
NugzNiggle: Well dear me. It’s all happening here at the MCG.
Struda: oliver done nothing since half time fuck me
pcaman2003: Bring back the biff! Lol!
cmperrfect: Jones is a knob
Kermit: Kermit the Frog here with a Muppet News Flash: Nathan Jones just performed the rare twelve-points-against play, what a muppet.
Struda: muppet for jones there wow
cmperrfect: dumb as a hammer: Jones
Yelse: oliver spend that last 8 mins on bench just couldn’t get on
zoomba23: Lol Jones
wadaramus: Walters knew the bump was coming and leaned forward to make sure it clipped his chin!
Apachecats: cmp I’ve got Neale ,Macrae or Pendles to pick from .Tossing up between first two.
Schillaci: walters reported for headbutting
BRAZZERS: unfortuantly i have b.smith, so i’ll trade him for logue and wait a week for hurn to lose more money for hore
Sillybugga: walters is embarrassing
DrSeuss: Fyfe, Brayshaw, Baker and Bewley in this game. Going to need a big 4th qtr
StuL: 67% TOG for Oliver. Bring back the runners
Apachecats: Do you think Woods will tag Macrae?
Gelly: was walters reported for headbutting?
jbjimmyjb: I’m sitting behind the interchange, Oliver just couldn’t get on due to play
Gelly: nvm
StuL: I said a couple of weeks ago after a monster Walters score that he will get injured or suspended soon
OhSoRozee: He played one last yr Rd 2what happen to hill and hogan?
Apachecats: Typical ,just bought Walters today.
hinsch: need Fyfe Oliver & Gawn to go crazy this Qtr unless I am ******
dipstick: how bad was Walters liverpool kiss?
arbel: Walters deserves it always toes the line then tries to complain when he gets it back. Hate the way he plays
Oh8ball: Lmao Walters is an absolute jet and that’s the bottom line
Gelly: walters was on my never again list from years back
Apachecats: I do remember that Stul ,wish I had listenned.
thiccgucci: oliver 5 point qtr….. pathetic
zoomba23: Walters is a prick. Dives like a cheap hooker, acts like a cocky shit. No respect for the bloke
cmperrfect: fair enough @Apache… I’d go Neale… he’s due
wadaramus: Carn Maxy, big last qtr champ!
BRAZZERS: walters burned me many time sin the past, ever again personally
Oh8ball: So salty hahahahahah
cmperrfect: Gawn is a slight VC chance now…
Manowar: Good news M. Walters reported
nics: cmon gawn, winning goal
pcaman2003: Gawn gone from 57 to 91 in 2 secs flat. WTF!
thiccgucci: Gawn and Oliver wtf!!! Keep going
pcaman2003: In 3 mins my opponent has picked up 50 pts. Damn!
Struda: baker an bewley lift it this quarter
Struda: @manowar what for?
Apachecats: Moe kiss struda.
Fatbar5tad: It’s Freekick time
Struda: they just showed it, cheers
Apachecats: Just working out how I cover for walters for a couple of weeks.Can’t trade him ,just bought him.
StuL: Didn’t look much on replay, Walters headbutt. Might get a week.
Oh8ball: @apache set and forget!
Gelly: i dont think he will get more than a week
duckky: Meh – you only get time if you hurt the opponent or are really dumb. Was that really dumb?
pcaman2003: This qtr is killing me big time.
Apachecats: Hows Gawn ,unbelievable ,still going to do 130.
nics: nice logue, nice.
duckky: Gawn is looking like “take the VC and run”
Gelly: gawn 130 lol
thiccgucci: gawn will go 170!
wadaramus: Max you fucking legend.
Apachecats: make that 150.
Gelly: he is scaling up big time
pcaman2003: WTF Gawn! Unbelievable 2nd half
StuL: Should have gone VC Gawn. Neale better do the job
thiccgucci: would not be surprised if he pulls a 170
Nuffman: Pulling trigger on Logue early paying off. VC Gawn, Ryan and Logue today
Apachecats: less than 15 minutes ago I was searching for an alternative captain.
zoomba23: Gawn been massive
Nuffman: Oh..and Fyfe
BRAZZERS: keep going VC Gawn!
original: Wow gawny
Burnsy03: Captain Cripps to come in clutch even when not playing
zoomba23: Brayshaw ton plz
Gelly: now on the pine
Apachecats: Logue will have a BE of something like -140
vartic: “Upgrading” to Mundy about 5 weeks ago was the worst trade I’ve made all season. Fuck this guy
pcaman2003: I guess Grundy won’t be my C any more. Thanks Gawny.
nics: CD having fun with gawns score
pcaman2003: C’mon Ryan,keep scoring.Don’t stop!
BRAZZERS: T-Macdonald the zombie
Lawls: Mundy has killed me as a POD since I got him in
wadaramus: Mundy sucks! His form sucked me in too.
Apachecats: Gawn’s meter is spinning.
thiccgucci: oliver is crawling looks very timed
duckky: Hello Captain Houli
pcaman2003: Ryan been going backwards. Get the ball FGS
Struda: Melburne back into form?
m0nty: Andrew young fella, hands off that Hore
OhSoRozee: Start throwing those $5 bills on field hore needs essentive
Struda: haahahah Gawn gettign run down is one of the best hings ive seen all day
OhSoRozee: 101 from 15 touches is massive on ryan
number22: Frost has had an unreal Q4
Gotigres: Great stuff vc Gawn
Gotigres: Great stuff Logue
nics: logue and gawn = manlove
pcaman2003: @NUMBER22. Thing is he was on 102 half way through the qtr.
mace485: Max Gawn is the best player in the afl
Struda: Gawn VC, Oliver, Fyfe, baker and bewley. not behd, good syize
JockMcPie: Trading in Logue is a good move
original: Just gettin over the line vs a team with 2 men down who haven’t exactly been setting world on fire..what’s happened mfc
cmperrfect: nice Gawny
pcaman2003: Sorry! Meant @OhSoRozee last comment
Nuffman: Original… Really… Do you remember who you barrack for? Lol
zoomba23: Gawny you absolute jet
Magniitude: Gawny get like 80 in that last qtr alone? what an animal
Dogs5416: Gawn vc, oliver, brayshaw, logue and ryan. Not a bad day out. Yieww

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