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Chat log from R14 of 2019: Sydney vs Hawthorn

Chat log for Sydney vs Hawthorn, R14 of 2019

J.Worrall: Go Bloods!
J.Worrall: Heeney and Lloyd in particular!
Apachecats: Rampe and the Sicilian for me Worrall.
BestCoast: What sort of spud score will Heeney dish up lads
BestCoast: Greetings lads weekend yew
Apachecats: Depends which Heeney turns up BC .
frenzy: Hawks to pinch the win
Apachecats: probably 2 good 1/4s and 2 bad as usual.
BestCoast: Apache hope the 100+ one does
Apachecats: Pulled the cork on one Best Coast?
BestCoast: Work tomorrow after that game on Apache always have the thirst of a thousand camels
m0nty: Sicily warming up with forwards again 🙁
Sixty656: ffs sicdawg
Apachecats: Playing someone with a 2176 SC forecast ,me 1900.
BigChief: Sicily forward = Swans win.
thiccgucci: made a horrid prediction on hurn’s score last night. tonight is guessing heeney 130+. sorry all.
Apachecats: Everone except Clarkson knows that Big Chief.
Pokerface: take the 51.00 first goalscorer m0nty. don’t tell heath shaw though
cmperrfect: Sicily starting fwd again, so glad i dont have him
Pokerface: or not
beerent11: Fuck you clarko
Umpirespet: Evening Ladies
StacksOn: hope sicily doesnt score well, it will definitely make me feel better about trading in rich over him
thiccgucci: wait, that high was not on heeney?
Breezey: With no Stratton down back the Swans should pinch a few early goals.
Apachecats: Wrong forum umpires.
Raspel31: Evening all- burp- sorry ,long lunch. Hope everyone travelling well.
duckky: Evening all
Umpirespet: Soz Apache opened wrong tab
StuL: Pinchy out tonight?
Umpirespet: Crap took papley 1st goal scorer
Apachecats: Cheers Duckky and Rasp.
OhSoRozee: yeh ladettes not ladies
Pokerface: Don’t be so presumptuous.
Pokerface: can’t read my, can’t read my pokerface
duckky: The Hawks still at the airport?
twinpeaks: Clarko you git
OhSoRozee: rivals have sicily so expecting a 3 goal 1st half b4 switched to back for 150 coz swans will dominate
PowerBug: Decided to trade in Ricky Henderson (yep!) this week. Biggest trade-in risk of my season
Pokerface: sicily each way first goalscorer :DD
Breezey: Yeah Sic
jamesh1290: rather amusing how lloyd gets 10 points for 2 sideways kicks
BigChief: Nice start Papley.
Umpirespet: In case someone doesn’t have foxtel if u open a beteasy account you get 3 months free kayo.. No deposit needed
StacksOn: Thanks Umpirespet! will definitely take advantage of that
Raspel31: I don’t even have a phone or a computer- let alone a telly Umpire. But good call.
original: Hey there Heeney and JPK. How was the bye week. Ffs
Umpirespet: Np just hope it helps
BigChief: You still using the stone and chisel Raspel?
Raspel31: Lol BigChief
beerent11: Reckon that defence needs sorting out clarko
Apachecats: need Sicily to go back Hawks,
beerent11: What should we do?
Searly34: Get Sicily back Clarkson you turkey
Umpirespet: Sydney on fire
pcaman2003: I can smell a flogging coming on. C’mon Worps and Hawks.
Umpirespet: Must be hard watching this mOnty
OhSoRozee: ty sicily negative points woo
J.Worrall: @BigChieflol x 2
StacksOn: hahahahhahaahaha wow sicily
J.Worrall: @pcamzan – it has that whiff …
DrSeuss: Why is Worpel not on the ball Clarko??
OhSoRozee: heeney doesnt need to go fwd at all this yr now with the fwd line sydney got on park now
BigChief: Clarko doesn’t seem to be coaching like he wants to win.
original: JPK so much bench time
Apachecats: It’ll soon be too late to move Sicily back Clarkson ,just so you’ll know.
OhSoRozee: idm special comments from davis his just chilled comments
Apachecats: Probably already too late.ffs
beerent11: Sic, worpel and Lloyd killing me. Only early.
StacksOn: surely the hawks put roughy on franklin and sicily back next quarter
Raspel31: Tactics wise- think Hawks all over this.
runt: Roughies opponent appears to be giving him some advice about how to get a kick
J.Worrall: Haha!
Umpirespet: I bought in Lloyd this week that’s why he is stinking it up
danmaio: Easier for Clarko to leave and go too Roos by throwing a few
duckky: Its too early for the bin-chicken to score much @umpire
beerent11: Could Sicily be carrying an injury maybe?
OhSoRozee: have a feeling if longmire doesnt go to roos blakey will
J.Worrall: I thought about Parker in this week. I’ve decided on Dunkley.
thiccgucci: na, think clarko is just trying to ‘spark’ something with sicily forward
BestCoast: Once Dump Chook Lloyd smells those half time chips
J_Herer: Sicily, bad up forward to bench, nice start ex-premo
frenzy: we’d take him danmaio, in a flash
Apachecats: Brain injury beerent
danmaio: They bleeding goals and Sicily is foreard
runt: low hanging fruit gets nervous when Blakey is around
thiccgucci: hopefully heeney can put together atleast 2 more of these nice 1/4s
Umpirespet: Reckon Clarkson to blues if he left
JR33: Stop kicking around clarko, bring Sicily back! Looks too unorganised
Sixty656: VC on Lloyd against my better judgment, I’ll listen to myself one of these days…
Breezey: He won’t move Sicily back yet. It will look like he made a mistake. Maybe late in the 3rd
Yelse: papley becoming a good fwd SC. not many out there
DrSeuss: Nice comeback from Worps. You next Lloyd
Breezey: Is Wingard injured or not getting a game
twinpeaks: Can someone update us if/when Sic moved back?
Apachecats: Injured breezy
Struda: Sicily wtf
Ash777: dogs dodged a bullet with wingard
Breezey: Cheers Apache. He might be handy about now.
Umpirespet: Wingard suffers from figjam disease
Apachecats: Hamstring one week ,breezy.
pcaman2003: Hawks looking very ordinary. Lot of players well down
pcaman2003: Worps 4 possies and a tackle for 8 pts this qtr. Seems low.
Nuffman: Heeney TOG hurting my heart
Bennyherb: Silcy stick in the mud
BestCoast: Wingard put one good season together 5 years ago still living of that spud
OhSoRozee: 2 season @bc b2b all aus
OhSoRozee: atleast he better than stringer
BestCoast: OhSoRozee must of missed that second season
BestCoast: Stringer the parcel
Umpirespet: BT destroyed the package
Ash777: He’s gotten lazy even on field. Stringer at least tries now.
thiccgucci: henderson very busy this 1/4
OhSoRozee: well wasnt b2b was 2013,15
Breezey: The Hawks are well in this still
BestCoast: Package return to sender address unknown
StacksOn: the package destroyed the package by making his whole club hate him
cmperrfect: keep going Heeney + Lloyd
Dead_Ned: sicily and lloyd… wow
BestCoast: Time for Lloyds family chips
OhSoRozee: wingard injuries get to his head shows in his effort
OhSoRozee: cant complain with 39 from lloyd he feasts on chips in 2nd half
GobChuck: lloyds on track for a ton…..why’s everyone grumbling about him?
thiccgucci: lloyd is fine, as long as he does okay until unk time he scores well
BestCoast: Did Package punch his misses in the head that’s what I heard
thiccgucci: junk*
StacksOn: he cheated on his wife with a 16 year old @bc
OhSoRozee: there was something about cheating
cmperrfect: just ordered a large chips for Lloydy, being delivered in Q4..
duckky: Sad thing is the teen’s parents approved of it
BestCoast: StacksOn true 16 well I’ll be f
Nuffman: Being pedantic, but she was 17 lol
Breezey: Boy or girl
thiccgucci: 16?!? surely legal issues with that?
BestCoast: Cmperrfect extra gravy
Harmzy99: Loving it, stay down lloyed and sic
StuL: Her family is probably poor and had hopes of a rich sugar Daddy
PlungeMe: geez worpel gets stitched up by cd
StuL: 16 is the age of consent. We’re not Alabama. No legal issue
Nuffman: @gucci, age of consent in Vic is 16
BestCoast: Breezey lol
duckky: Roughy hit the Rampe post
Umpirespet: Back on the game please lol
pcaman2003: @PlungeMe. I thought that too. His score hasn’t gained a lot from a good qtr.
thiccgucci: heeney looks done for the half
OhSoRozee: yeh 16 when the rompy pompy was happening
Ash777: lol rich. He was also heavy in gambling debt.
Pokerface: ease up stu, geez. they were actually childhood sweethearts
Breezey: Clearly loved the Package
PlungeMe: i would say the handballs would be the issue but guys like neale and titch didnt seem to be affected much
StacksOn: 16 or 17, still was in high school, the only package stringer delivers is a divorce settlement to the judge
StuL: I thought they were talking about the one he cheated with. Anyway. Back to footy
twinpeaks: This is why it always pays to have more than 18 in the bye rounds…
Pokerface: while wife was pregnant
BigChief: Seriously BT? Ceglar was hit in the head ya grey headed flog.
Bevo11: Clarko is killing sic
BestCoast: StacksOn so he lost his 10 bedroom place in Melton
duckky: Not sure they are actually divorced yet
Nuffman: She certainly used it to shoot herself into insta influencer stardom. Quite fortunate for her.
StuL: I hope Sicily gets to 400k then Clarko swings him back
Pokerface: ah sorry mate, thought you meant the wife.
pcaman2003: Hawks fighting back. Hard side to fathom sometimes.
Nuffman: Although, her influencer friends all ditched her because apparently, she’s not a very nice person irl
OhSoRozee: werent married
cmperrfect: no such thing as bad publicity
BestCoast: Who has everybody VC-C this week I’ve gone Gawn Grundy
Nuffman: Last thing before back to footy. I don’t condone cheating in any form. Just passing on what the wife learns lol
Pokerface: davis voice sound very similar to hodgey
Pokerface: well near enough rozee
Umpirespet: Atm Neale /Danger
PowerBug: Gawn, Grundy as well
BigChief: VC Neale into C Grundy.
Nuffman: Gawn into Danger BC
Pokerface: has to be gawn against darcy. into neale
StacksOn: shes probably jealous of pickens wife who is 1 a social influencer 2 has a functional family and 3 a good person
Apachecats: Sicily 1 effective disposal for the half ,fish out of water as a forward.
OhSoRozee: yeh danger stayed home possible kid born
Pokerface: ROB has the bye so i couldn’t go him.
DrSeuss: Anytime now Lloyd
StacksOn: vc gawn c kelly
StacksOn: @nuffman dangers not playing lol
jocka: Danger will not play
Apachecats: BT just about starts dribbling at the melee.
duckky: Gawn into MacRae
OhSoRozee: and grundy could b a late out for lynch so might go gawn into kelly
Raspel31: Yep- Gawn the obvious choice.
danmaio: Great half Sicily
BestCoast: Anyone get stung By Captain Cripps last week
Umpirespet: Heard Danger took a later flight
Ash777: bt probably has a hard on now. lol
Nuffman: @stackson. It was Hard Cachia’s missus that she was jealous of lol, apparently
VodkaHawk: Lol z.jones, little bitch
Apachecats: vc Gawn ,C on Neale ,hope I don’t need him though
Nuffman: That’s how confident I am in Gawn hahah
Pokerface: lower the falsetto BT
Raspel31: Me Bestcoast- cost me the game.
BestCoast: Jocka says who ???
Ash777: I’m going Neale into Macrae
Raspel31: Same Apache.
OhSoRozee: might go gawn in dunkley for a unique
OhSoRozee: if grundy doesnt get up
BestCoast: Raspel Mbappe to Liverpool
Umpirespet: If Grundy and Danger out I’ll have a donut
Pokerface: serious bestcoast?? wow
pcaman2003: Have V Gawn and C Neale.
Umpirespet: Man Utd is after mbappe
StacksOn: grundy wont go out surely, hes just had a bye week to get over soreness. hes a tough pig
BestCoast: Umpires my team name should be crispy cream
pcaman2003: Opponent had V on Hurn,yet has Gawn Grundy and Neale. Go figure. Hahaha
Raspel31: True Best? They’ll be unbeatable.
Pokerface: you better not be making that up bestcoast
Pokerface: false info is bannable
Tig-Train: No big names will want to go to United now…
jbjimmyjb: next time i see clarko at my school ill ask him what hes thinking with sicily
pcaman2003: Finally the slow pokes at CD upped Worpels score by 5pts.
OhSoRozee: wish i had a slot for parker
Pokerface: lol jimmy with the casual name drop
Raspel31: We all hope Danger and Grundy not late outs- but, in truth, we all have them so, swings and roundabouts.
Pokerface: different during bye rounds though raspel.
Ash777: Grundy out would be good for me.
Raspel31: Oh I know Poker- and Westhoff hardly a gun but not happy he’s out.
Umpirespet: No a donut fan raspel prefer custard tarts
pcaman2003: Hope Danger is out. I have cover for him,opponent doesn’t
Pedsy: Ugh. Sicily has to be my worst trade of the year
mattmac24: Geelong need their best of the best 22 this round.. I have cover but Geelond need him
Harmzy99: loving it. stay down lloyd and sic
Oddsy5: got darcy fort if grundy goes down so my score wouldnt be affected. feeling a fort ton up
Umpirespet: Hope dangers missus holds on till next week
jbjimmyjb: lol how is 46 for lloyd at HT “low”, 50% of his scoring is junk time
PowerBug: Darcy Fort will score 0 because we will towel Geelong up tomorrow night 😉
StacksOn: if forts in the ruck he wont tonne up on lycett
Breezey: Red Cross for the Umpire (Shaun Ryan) Hammy
pcaman2003: Gee O’brien is useless.
Apachecats: next week will wait until 30 sec to go and trade out Sicily if he is in forward line.
Oddsy5: was jokin stacks
Raspel31: That’s probably the funniest joke I’ve heard all year Powergnat.
SALAH: Go Bloodssss
Breezey: Geelong have not won after the Bye since 2011. Just a stat worth mentioning
OhSoRozee: 2 main rivals have held rocky since his injury so its been good
Pokerface: carn the mayblooms
beerent11: Gotta hold Sicily. This won’t go on for whole season.
Umpirespet: Port and Adelaide oval don’t mix well tho
pcaman2003: Should swap Sicily back and O’Brien fwd IMO.
Raspel31: And my great auntie hasn’t knitted a pair of socks since my great uncle died Breezey. Stats mean nothing.
Pokerface: knew i should have fielded answerth over sicily.
StacksOn: if sicily hadnt of gotten the opening goal, clarko wouldve pushed him back
Umpirespet: How old is your great auntie raspel?
beerent11: Sic getting cranky
pcaman2003: Worps 2nd half fadeout comes into play. No pts yet.
Breezey: I think they do mate
Patty19: Sicily is such a headcase
Pokerface: i could do with a nice warm pair of socks if she needs the practice.
Patty19: God knows why I went to him last week
hinsch: my opponent this week has the top scorers so far in SC fyi he has Gawn Walters and Brayshaw coming up
Pokerface: prepared to pay – what i pay for these things made in the sweatshops?
Raspel31: I’m 11 Umpire and she’s 32 and rather hot if I do say so.
Umpirespet: Too young for me then
DrSeuss: Off the bench Worps
pcaman2003: Any time you’re ready Worps and LLoyd.
valkorum: Back on topic please
OhSoRozee: i went ryan they went sicily my rivals
pcaman2003: @Seuss. -1 for the qtr . Not goog!
original: Has gunston REALLY had a 40+ qtr in 18 minutes..
Apachecats: The off topic stuff is more interesting than this game.
BestCoast: Sicily be rookie price in the next couple of weeks
Umpirespet: This isn’t the eharmony chat room Vlad?
DrSeuss: Not good PCA – needs to get involved some more
BRAZZERS: 2 games in a row Sic has started forward, will Calrko continue this in coming games or is it temp?
Umpirespet: Valk *
original: Meanwhile jpk going backwards ffs
BigChief: Is Valk the chat police?
Raspel31: Thank you valk for reminding us we are all responsible human beings. Come on Lloyd.
Nuffman: Nothing wrong with a bit of hot aunty action *shrug*
Sixty656: Worpel is gonna fuk me here, nice QTR you potato
Apachecats: Everyone getting the RoseWe ads left of screen.Nice clothes.
pcaman2003: How does BT and Lingy get a gig? 2 flogs!
Pokerface: *great auntie action
BestCoast: Bloody Bombers supporters got to love em
jbjimmyjb: sicily just go home already theres no point you being out there
Pokerface: was danger definitely on a later flight?
Apachecats: Can eliminate 3 lowest scores ,didn’t think Sicily would be one of them.
OhSoRozee: id b worried having sicily staying forward even with roughead back and stratton out
Apachecats: Now its an ad for mature qualit singles ,quite distracting really.
BigChief: Franklin must be injured if on bench again.
OhSoRozee: his flight will b tomorrow if born 2night
beerent11: It’s crazy that sic is still fwd. their disposal out of defence is killing them
Apachecats: If it was Essendon Danger would be in a taxi.
BigChief: Poker yes according to AFl website.
Daics35: Franklin has done his “Chaminda Vaas”
Pokerface: valk m0nty wouldn’t put these ads on if he didn’t want us to talk about them?
pcaman2003: Nice goal,but no defenders? Lol!
Pokerface: thanks bc
OhSoRozee: iced hammy for franklin
Apachecats: Buddy iced up.
Breezey: The thing is they are only 8 pts behind.
original: 50 pt qtr for gunston likely ffs of course my oppo has him in draft. Was lovin’ 18 at HT
Breezey: Buddy looks down with a hammy
pcaman2003: @Apache. Good one!
VodkaHawk: Lol pca, that was a weird one
Raspel31: Hmm- Rampe in this week rather than Sicily- will I live to regret it? Not tonight for sure.
OhSoRozee: whoever picked up hender 2night is 1 happy chappy
Ash777: twice in a row from hawks for on the siren goal without it being touched lol
Pokerface: ‘did he get it away in time?!’ JB this confected suspense is horrible. noone thought the siren was first
original: Was a late siren tho coverage time clock had expired
Ash777: JB is still better than BT
Raspel31: We have 5 minutes- please post your favourite photos of your great aunt and I will follow suite.
pcaman2003: @VodaHawk. Totally strange no attempt to touch it.
Sixty656: Siren counts over all clocks.
J_Herer: Happy I have Nick Hind, Sicily score might not count
pcaman2003: Big qtr from you Worpel
BigChief: @original your draft league is running during byes?
pcaman2003: Looks like Sicily gone back,finally
Apachecats: Sicily gone back?
OhSoRozee: it was sinclair and rampe not high footy iq
BRAZZERS: Yup Sic gone back
beerent11: Too fucken late now
original: Menzel is awful to watch
OhSoRozee: weird 1 when franklin kicked 4 sicily still fwd now hes off he goes back
danmaio: Sicily goes back when they need goals to win the game, not defend -12, Clarkson you flog
original: @bigchief yeh I know, first time I’ve done draft, wish it wasn’t but it is. 2/3 bye wins tho (assuming I win this week)
OhSoRozee: this mills highest sc score?
thiccgucci: reach the ton please heeney i have faith
pcaman2003: O’Brien ahead of Worps. That hurts heaps. Killing my SC
circle52: Mills best before tonight 108 Rd 3
Yelse: need Reid to get a goal to win my multi cmonnnnnn
BigChief: I wouldn’t think so Rozee.
OhSoRozee: yeh it is his highest is a few 105s and 1 108 this yr rd 3
number22: Boring, boring Hawthorn
BigChief: That’s not deliberate FFS
Jackwatt$: Purple name game for Sicily: I’ll take 47
original: Not gooood
BigChief: Sinclair done for night I would think.
Ash777: that was a bit sickening to watch.
DrSeuss: Damn Worpel has really died this half
original: Hey every time I ask about purple name game I can’t get answers, is it still a thing?
Pokerface: i’ll take 28. expected another FA
The39Steps: Clarkson’s brand equity has gone down a notch or two after this coaching performance.
duckky: How on earth can you concuss yourself?
pcaman2003: @Seuss. 2 touches this half. Not good enough at this level.
Jackwatt$: m0nty sent the PnG into retirement because he couldn’t be flowered changing people names purple
Patty19: Sicily mare
Pokerface: @jack doesn’t sound like m0nty. i bet it was Evan.
DrSeuss: Yeah PCA – Might finally be time to upgrade Worps
circle52: Where are those worried about Lloyd not tonning up.
BigChief: Agree it’s time to trade Worpel.
pcaman2003: @Seuss. Just doesn’t do enough over 4 qtrs.
Bennyherb: Might trade silicy to frawley this week as frawley scores more these days
thiccgucci: please get involved heeney
J_Herer: @Bennyherb better off upgrading him to Frost
Yelse: where are you thy reid multi on the line
OhSoRozee: hmm choices get hurn or keep smith and pick up parker
BigChief: Still not there @circle 🙂
pcaman2003: Parker gave Worps a lesson. Swans gave Hawks a lesson. Back again tomorrow lads.Bye!
Ash777: Looks like your multi is a bust Yelse
J_Herer: lol Hawks
Yelse: so disappointed
Nuffman: Rampe an actual def target?
original: Bench icon for jpk ffs
duckky: Rampe 4 SC tons in a row
BigChief: @Nuffman averaging 95, so yes.
jamesh1290: filthy with sic and worps
OhSoRozee: yeh but rampe good score against higher ranked teams look at his run to come lots of low ranks
OhSoRozee: less i50s from low rank opp so less impact
Nuffman: That’s what I was looking at… Lol
Breezey: A little cream for Sic. Hahaha
beerent11: One of the worst games of the year
Apachecats: Notice how the seagull grabbed the ball for the kickin ,wouldn’t let Rampe have it.
duckky: Don’t like the new Swans theme song much

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