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Chat log from R14 of 2019: West Coast vs Essendon

Chat log for West Coast vs Essendon, R14 of 2019

J.Worrall: Go those Same Olds!
frenzy: wet toast on the flat track
J.Worrall: @ frenzy: wet toast on the flat rack!
Apachecats: Fort picked ,you beauty! Gives me 21 players,
J_Herer: Massive game for both clubs tonight
OhSoRozee: think grundy is under injury cloud with lynch named in extended
Gotigres: Only got Clarke in this game after i traded him in.
OhSoRozee: looks like hately might get 2 months in a row with debeor out yippee
frenzy: you’re FORTunate Apache
thiccgucci: hope everyone brought in hurn. he will get his break eventonight
DrSeuss: Hurn, Zerrett and Clarke in this one. Hutchings to Shiel and Clarke to Gaff I hope
OhSoRozee: ill grab hurn next week
OhSoRozee: held off 1 week from the injury
original: hurn from the start surely
OhSoRozee: stupid advantage that was darling’s shot =(
Apachecats: Nice goal Hooker ,dill.
thiccgucci: i had hurn from the start. not too sure why but i backed him. my only genius move this season
original: merrett up n about
OhSoRozee: no tag on merrett gonna change quickly
thiccgucci: went with oliver and not merrett this week. painful so far
Pokerface: who is hutchings doing his jobs on
OhSoRozee: shiel by looks
original: Poker, bsed on scoring, hutchings must be on hurn
Burnsy03: hutchings looked to be in def for the start?
Pokerface: thanks
Pokerface: but he is doing jobs in the midfield.
OhSoRozee: ellis said hutchings on saad
hinsch: If D Clarke out score S Hurn I will very dissapointed
Burnsy03: hutchings was runnin next to guelfi when that ball went in
original: very hopeful cameron comes good and holds a spot. a m/f would be useful
OhSoRozee: yeh saad was off so hutchings went high
OhSoRozee: sadly with cameron 5th behind rioli/petrol/cripps,ryan
DrSeuss: Any time now Hurn, want to get involved?
OhSoRozee: haydon at nm should get a run soon was travelling emergency last week and only 102k with dpp
Monfries96: Deja Vu from the WCE vs Ess game last year
Sixty656: Cheers Bunga :/
original: bailey scott news was not good this week, was thinking he’d be back to make us some coin
Pokerface: rozee id rather see scott get a run!
original: lol hurley has two good weeks guarding the goal line..?
frenzy: been Emerg for weeks Rozee
OhSoRozee: yeh scott had surgey this week
SilverLion: Shoulda dived on it hurley
OhSoRozee: @frenzy yeh but they won 2/3 of those weeks so didnt wanna change winning formula much only like for like
Raspel31: They’ll tag Zerrett soon- a tag. But until then.and he hates
original: Scott is done boys. either trade him or cop him on bench all year. true?
OhSoRozee: i can see him coming in for sympkin next
SilverLion: Gov on the angry pills tonight
Raspel31: Sorry my key board- Zerrett hates the tag.
Burnsy03: Just got injured didnt he?
Pokerface: true original. i live in hope. i sometimes forget he is there at m11.
OhSoRozee: cop bench can be ur looper
frenzy: has had a tagging role in the VFL, Rozee
Burnsy03: AFL website has him out indefinitely with a foot injury
Gelly: are the commentators blind, he smacked his head on the fence
HappyDEZ: Clarke looks to be following Shuey.
OhSoRozee: yeh lots of tackles good for sc all depends on hately being named with deboer out for 2 months itll b hately or dpp hayd
Raspel31: Par this so far.don me but I’m rather liking
Pokerface: yikes so it does burnsy. oh well
SilverLion: Have a holiday belly
JockMcPie: lmao how bad was mcgovern’s push?
original: if gov pushed him inside field of play he’s ok surely
Gotigres: how on Earth is petrol 17
wadaramus: Shuey ran into Belly?! Belly turned but he didn’t push into it did he?
Burnsy03: looked dirty but technically in the rule book, pushed guelfi and he slid into the fence
Raspel31: My keyboad is stuffed- sorry lads. I’ll sit back
Breezey: I brought the n the good Cripps in Draft this week. Good start from him
Yelse: what is fantasia doing
BestCoast: Greetings
Apachecats: Bit sticky Rasp?
original: Yeo is such a good player
Apachecats: Evening BC.
Nuffman: Any news on Constable? Just being can’t get back in? Thought he was playing well?
Umpirespet: Raspel has been dreaming of a Tottenham PL championship again?
Burnsy03: just like hately pet, cant get a run
OhSoRozee: parfitt pushed out constable
OhSoRozee: along with guthrie
duckky: Shuey not injured – fine at best
thiccgucci: didnt constable get injured like three weeks ago and everyone got off him?
Nuffman: Urgh… Such an SC waste! Tha ks Rozee
OhSoRozee: if hately cant get 7 weeks of games in a row with deboer out id b asking for trade
HappyDEZ: Shuey tackled, drops it, play on. Stacks on the mill. HTB free kick West Coast. Pfft.
Sixty656: Can’t believe I picked up Yeo in draft league this week in the pool for zero
Umpirespet: I hope hately doesn’t get a run bought in 3 premos this week now locked in
HappyDEZ: Just a lazy 32 free kicks to freo last week.
Nuffman: If that’s the case Gucci, makes sense I didn’t know…had throat surgery so I was out of it lol
BestCoast: Apache looks like the Bombers are up and running
twinpeaks: Made Yeo VC, come on son
Crave: Classic WA home game HappyDEZ
Apachecats: Yeah BC shaping like a genuine contest.
HappyDEZ: Great get Sixty656.
original: replay doesnt look too good for mcgovern
thiccgucci: think so @nuff, thats y i left him. hope all is well with u now
OhSoRozee: is any1 elses cricket coverage playing up?
original: @sixty656 yeo FA wow crazy
Sixty656: Happy days with the VC on him
Umpirespet: Na good here rozee
Woosha 73: Only a complete moron would suspend McGovern. Enter Michael Christian
Monfries96: Glad I put the VC on Clarke
Bevo11: sheeeedy
DrSeuss: Zerrett slowing while Clarke and Hurn doing nothing…fantastic
Nuffman: @gucci: yeah, all g, just trying to sort out sleep apnea lol
Bevo11: sheeedy
frenzy: pedal harder Rozee
wadaramus: Carn Hurn, get involved!
OhSoRozee: cheers its weird all other channels are fine just not that 1 yday or 2day
HappyDEZ: Clarke on Shuey not Gaff imo.
OhSoRozee: almost good mark by jd
beerent11: Gotta hit the mute on basil wanna be Dennis zemplis
BestCoast: No vision what McGovern do
JR33: Yeo is tackling machine. 5 possessions for 50pts
OhSoRozee: guelfi in rooms after the fence hit
Nuffman: The wide wings are killing us
Umpirespet: Beerent dream team tonight BT and Basil
BestCoast: Basil Zemplis is the FLOG of Floggs
HappyDEZ: Accuracy in front of goal keeping Ess in it atm.
thiccgucci: Hurn hasnt been the same since he niggled his hammy. hardly involved unless necessary
Ash777: umm… it’s be played in eagles forward line and it’s his first game back.
wadaramus: Bombers need to kick behinds so Hurn can get his cheap possies.
OhSoRozee: that 1st set shot has got in the mind of kennedy now
NugzNiggle: According to someone earlier, Hurn was getting his BE tonight. Junk Time? 😛
Apachecats: West Coast have missed 4 getable ones this 1/4.
thiccgucci: i understand that @ash, but im saying in general. normally he sets the tempo
original: Hurn would get BULK points from kick ins. bombers aint missed yet
HappyDEZ: Those that traded in Hurley this week would be stoked so far.
Ash777: score assist hurn
Nuffman: And that’s me done for the night. Have fun everyone
thiccgucci: im happy to be wrong, just my gut
JockMcPie: mmm that +10 to Hurn hey
thommoae: And those who traded in Hurley Rd 11 🙂
OhSoRozee: @monty bandaid on guelfi
DrSeuss: Zerrett has done nothing since about halfway through the first quarter
Apachecats: Someone pinch Fantasia please.
frenzy: fanta needs to pinch himself
Crave: This is woeful, woosha been out coached so badly
twinpeaks: Playing the BE game to pick up Hurn from S.Stack next week
SilverLion: Could see that was gunna happen
Nuffman: I can handle losing, but I can’t handle watching us play shower.
Apachecats: great minds frenzy
beerent11: I miss the days when hurn was a pod
Ash777: dons getting no help from the umpires
Burnsy03: Hurn could still get 60 by half time, calm
Breezey: Who’s battling more here. McKernan Fanta Ambrose or Masten,
Umpirespet: Jk is hitting form tonight
twinpeaks: Yeo very quiet, anyone watching the game seen him?
Ash777: Ambrose easily being it so much in the eagles forward
Patty19: Yeo has been in the contest just not getting his hands on it
DrSeuss: Would be loving Hurns score – if I was playing SC and not AF
original: finally a kick in and hurn doesnt even take it ffs
OhSoRozee: i shoulda held the faith on sheed as i did with dunkley
Sixty656: @Suess – Have him in both but my opp doesn’t in AF… pissing me of :/
Ash777: umps are bad tonight. also bt is especially bad tonight
Drak: Sheed is a downhill skier Rozee. Too inconsistent.
Bevo11: sheed going well
thiccgucci: i wish kayo let me watch this game on fox footy
DrSeuss: @sixty – you know it is bad when Hickey is outscoring him
OhSoRozee: he had 3 bad games all others are fine
Dead_Ned: very quite qtr from yeo
cmperrfect: Where t f is Hurn?
original: dog act redman
wadaramus: Do something Hurn!
DrSeuss: Who is Clarke tagging? He obviously isnt getting tackles or the ball
Breezey: Hurn will not get the ball when it’s down the other end.
Umpirespet: Fantasia doesn’t play well unless pinched
OhSoRozee: shuey is 2 quick for clarke
PlungeMe: if an emergency outscores an on-field player do i get the emergency score or still on-field score?
OhSoRozee: top 18 scores during bye so ud get emerg
OhSoRozee: as long as theres a free spot on field
original: lol plunge
Burnsy03: on field plunge
Ash777: only way you get the e score is if the on-field player doesn’t play
Sixty656: lol please.
circle52: No unless there is a non player on the line.
Ash777: oh forgot the bye
Sixty656: not even close
Breezey: You get your Top 18 Plunge. Doe t matter where they are.
Dead_Ned: wow 1 goal 5 for kennedy
HappyDEZ: Agreed circle. You still need an on field 0 for E to count.
Pokerface: and that on field 0 need to be in the position of your E
HappyDEZ: Yep, that too poker.
OhSoRozee: hope bombers get up with the wasteful eagles
J_Herer: East Perth is missing Masten
OhSoRozee: masten plays for eagles wafl team next week
PlungeMe: are we allowed to talk cricket in here at HT or no?
Pokerface: not sure they are Herer!
OhSoRozee: @herer i think he come from east fremantle not perth
heppelitis: logged in to say…how the fuck is Hurley on 57…he is being destroyed.
Pokerface: yeah cos that was his point rozee..
J_Herer: Nah I follow Sharks, think he was EP
frenzy: Sheed, a couple of tackles will help the cause bud.
V@lks: That’s my boi Dominic, don’t stop.
Oddsy5: hurley sc score doesnt reflect his game at all. spud
Pokerface: might trade hurn for D.Warner
OhSoRozee: ok he played for both just east perth up until west coast got their own team
frenzy: benefits from kick in does Hurls
OhSoRozee: possible broken ribs to guelfi
Dead_Ned: hi will
thiccgucci: wish to attend a match at perth or adelaide, atmosphere looks amazing. can anyone confirm?
J_Herer: @thiccgucci I would try Adelaide
PlungeMe: i went to port v richmond last year at AO and it was amazing
Dead_Ned: Warner with the ton!
OhSoRozee: only go at spring time
DrSeuss: Ok need Hurn to start playing Kick 2 Kick in the back half
OhSoRozee: in adelaide
Burnsy03: clarke tagging tonight, thought he had shuey but wasnt at the centre bounce
Ash777: someone replaced the dons players with witches hats
heppelitis: Woosha a DH..Hurley still on him WTF
Umpirespet: Susan Boyle is warming up the vocal cords
thiccgucci: hutching on merrett i think
thommoae: You shark, Darling!
Dead_Ned: haha hurley goes todarling, and darling goals
OhSoRozee: shoulda gone hately not clarke…..
beerent11: Fuck off jack! Taking yoyos goal
beerent11: And my rookie curse continues with Clarke sorry to all who bought him in this week my fault
OhSoRozee: jd had a goal robbed from him to cripps so taken 1 back
J_Herer: wow Bombers have 3 players for 5 points
thiccgucci: hurn not leaping like he normally does, opposition team not kicking behinds like they normally do too
DrSeuss: I have Clarke and Hurn – just when I think I got out of the byes ok
OhSoRozee: hurn will get 110 from here coz i dont have him
beerent11: Balls not down there much thiccgucci
Gotigres: Guelfi taking a taxi to the hospital lol
OhSoRozee: mosquito needs a run help lock ball up fwd
beerent11: Haha my dead rookies: gardener, McKay, Scott, young, and burgess
thiccgucci: even when it has been he hasnt been as involved as usual, and normally he directs it from the back half
Ash777: this is turning into a absolute flogging.
thiccgucci: we will see though, he does sore in spurts
J_Herer: Snelling might get a run next week for one of those bottom 4
V@lks: Commentary is particularly cringeworthy tn
beerent11: Yo-yos such a beast
V@lks: Also Redman 2nd worst hair do after pittard
StacksOn: flower dyl clarke isnt making the dosh i was hoping for
thiccgucci: clarke been better this quarter i thought
beerent11: Playing a pretty good side stackson
Gelly: orazio might need a week off to let his bruised arm recover
Burnsy03: -87 be, should make a bit this week
Raspel31: I think we’ve got this one in the bag lads.
OhSoRozee: i got stuck with clarke last yr coz of injury
StacksOn: true he can still get to 60 or so
StacksOn: what did mcgovern do?
Sixty656: Neck a rod Hurn, ruined my weekend all ready.
twinpeaks: Maxy could go very large but I think Yeo 130+ has to be a lock for VC
MONEY TALK: pushed gueifi in the fence
J_Herer: Yeo coming off a calf injury is fantasy code for a 150 game… (VC Merret instead)
OhSoRozee: shoved guelfi into fence
Burnsy03: shoved guelfi into the fence, potential broken ribs and concussed
Struda: Hurn juicy for next week
Struda: massive last quarter coming up, almost 1000 points up to get
OhSoRozee: hurn my last upgrade def next week
bones351: Love your work Dom!
DrSeuss: Clarke with a great quarter – Hurn not so much
thiccgucci: BT providing better coverage about the cab than the game
beerent11: Got me
OhSoRozee: main league rival has sheed/hooker pod
beerent11: Got em right where you want em raspel
DrSeuss: That sucks Rozee – cant do much about that one
Apachecats: Clarke not much return from 11 poss @ 81% plus 6 tac
circle52: Playing someone with Yeo as VC
Apachecats: no clangers or FA
HappyDEZ: Not to mention equal game high clearances Apache.
beerent11: Are they mostly hbs Apache?
Raspel31: That’s the spirit beerent- take them from behind.
beerent11: Gutsy coming off an injury circle52
OhSoRozee: was goin gawn into grundy but worried about grundy with lynch named in extended and after under cloud b4 the last game
Apachecats: beerent he has 7 cp and 5 cl ,cant work it out ,should be on 70 minimum.
frenzy: sheed tackled and I missed it, bugger.
duckky: Clarkes score got to be wrong – 6 tackles and 7 contested with no clangers?
circle52: That one does seem wrong Apache,
beerent11: CD is a curious thing sometimes.
Raspel31: Ohsorozee- how can you not have Gawn and Grundy at this stage of the comp? But Grundy neck a worry.
MONEY TALK: hurn will ton up
OhSoRozee: i meant vc and c
Struda: unless this game gets close (hope it does but it wont) there will be heaps of scaling
Struda: clarke still on gaff?
Raspel31: Apologies rozee
Apachecats: Any one think Grundy will be a late out?
HappyDEZ: Shuey, Redden & Yeo = way too much inside grunt compared to Ess or most teams for that matter.
OhSoRozee: clarke was never on gaff
beerent11: How’s the cricket going?
Umpirespet: Warner going nuts
Struda: mckenna and saad having no impact, parish too
bones351: Hurley is having a shocking game. So many poor decisions.
OhSoRozee: i do apache although he did have the bye so 2 weeks by sunday might b handy
JockMcPie: cricket spoilers? 263-1 with 9 overs to go (dont ban)
bones351: Not on his own there though
Umpirespet: What happened to Grundys neck?
StacksOn: whos this cameron kid come in for? potential downgrade ion a few weeks?
heppelitis: oh apparently zaharakis is on fire…hes playing crap
V@lks: Bit early on the icons m0ntesaurus?!
Apachecats: umpires ,remember last game he was off the ground fo
OhSoRozee: that injury to yeo made me go cunners instead think il regret that all yr
HappyDEZ: In for Rioli (suspended 1 game) StacksOn
Umpirespet: Yeah thought it was ankle trouble Apache. Thanks tho
Raspel31: Disrespectful to this ste as England have it in the bag- but thanks Jock.
Apachecats: *for a fair while and not the same when he came back on ,reported in with neck injury that week.
thiccgucci: get to 90 please hurn and 60 clarke!
ozziekev: am i watching essendon or carlton ?..terrible disposal !
Umpirespet: That United Nations team they call England raspel?
beerent11: Clarke far from worst for the dons
V@lks: Softest decision, wow what can you do as a defender
Apachecats: yeah umpires it was ankle as well ,and he had ankle trouble the week before as well.
StuL: Come on Clarke, 60 plus please
OhSoRozee: best opp to rest grundy tho english ruck opp
Umpirespet: They should just shoot him Apache
Raspel31: With the spirir umpire- like the ozzie rugby Irish captain- that’s
Struda: he rolled his ankle during the game and they were taking care of it, the issue during the week was neck troubles
beerent11: Dons already on the way to the airport
Umpirespet: Do we have an Irish Captain raspel?
OhSoRozee: eagles should rue this 1 when goin for top 4 coulda been the % they needed to hold
DrSeuss: Ok Hurn about 6 more kick 2 kicks please
Apachecats: should be walking home on this effort beerent
Raspel31: My keyboard is truly stuffed- come on England in the cricket and fare thee all well lads.
Apachecats: Cameron ,at last a forward rookie to put on the watchlist ,few and far between this year.
Pokerface: m0nty cheering for england should be bannable.
Umpirespet: Rookies have been poor since most of the year
beerent11: Robbie young’s first game was like this Apache.
Umpirespet: At least a spud
TheLegend6: Clarke got +2 for an inside 50 goal assist lol
DrSeuss: Zerrett has just stopped
OhSoRozee: yeh rioli will push cameron out back from susp
Apachecats: Don’t buy till they play 2 games beerent.
beerent11: Nope
Burnsy03: probably loses his spot for willie eventually
StuL: Clarke will hold his spot, that’s the main thing.
StacksOn: Umpirespet theres been 3 worth holding this year in hore, walsh and maybe stack
OhSoRozee: yeh stack has 3 tons already
StacksOn: plus big ROB
Umpirespet: Not ROB Stackson
OhSoRozee: ive decided to keep duursma for the dpp cover back end kids like top 3 distance covered all season and should only groww
Umpirespet: Lol
Raspel31: tack definitely- losing Walsh next week and Rozee for Port.
StacksOn: ROBS been the best money maker this year, just a shame hes in the ruck
DarkHorseR: Glad we’ve got loophole this week – neither Gaff n
Umpirespet: Booted Walsh this week
StuL: Walsh will ton up next week.
StacksOn: i booted duursma this week to get tommy stewart
Ash777: seems everyone has dropped walsh. watching him get 120+
beerent11: Hurn silently to 90
Burnsy03: gonna be difficult this week ash…
Umpirespet: When he can score a 50 he isn’t a keeper
Struda: i traded walsh out after round 7 lol
OhSoRozee: yeh i dumped walsh b4 he got the 140
Umpirespet: Cricket time
Ash777: I traded him for R. Gray
TheLegend6: I went Walsh to Parker this week
beerent11: Maxwell has 5 overs to play havoc
Chelskiman: I dumped Walsh in AF this week for Fyfe but kept him in RDT. Hoping to turn him into Kelley next week though.
Burnsy03: then origin time after that pet
Struda: i mean once he was 440k, hed doen his job fattening upto grab josh kelly at 580k
Raspel31: pt Walsh but he’s going next week- let’s be respectful- an average of over 90. I didn’t want to trade this week.
Struda: 200 points to come

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