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Chat log from R15 of 2019: Collingwood vs North Melbourne

Chat log for Collingwood vs North Melbourne, R15 of 2019

frenzy: evening chaps
Chelskiman: Evening.
Hadouken: top of the mornin’ to ya
The39Steps: Great to have two games back on Saturday night.
Oddsy5: do youse reckon captain grundy is a bit risky v goldy
PlungeMe: i did it oddsy but definitely not confident of a big score
PlungeMe: thought his form is too good to be ignored
OhSoRozee: gone with dunkley c wet in adelaide
Bevo11: got the c on grundy
bushranger: Grundy my captain Oddsy. Fingers crossed
Oddsy5: yeh i need him 130ish and i’ll take it
circle52: same for me Rozee Macrae C afetr Dangerfail
OhSoRozee: just worried to see who houston tags mac,dunk,bont
OhSoRozee: honestly thought dunks would b 3rd in line
Grimes Jr: typical decision going collingwoods way
pcaman2003: Interesting! My opponent has Grundy C and Fyfe VC. No loophole play.
Raspel31: Taken the punt on Macrae- don’t trust Fyfe or Neale or even Grunty. Go Gooey thingy.
pcaman2003: Could be an inspired pick Raspel.
Yelse: moore back on kicking in duties nice to see
cmperrfect: This is Pendles last chance this week…
PlungeMe: not for me yelse – just rid myself of him
Beast_Mode: lol Grundy will go massive. never in doubt
Yelse: been trying to upgrade my team all year but constantly getting stopped by injuries
pcaman2003: @Beast. Hope so. Have VC grundy C on Gawn.
cmperrfect: Grundy on track for a ton already 🙂
StuL: Why the Grundy doubt? Back form.
DrSeuss: Get a touch Ziebell??
Oddsy5: cmon grundles
Bevo11: grundy going huge
Raspel31: Hmm- Grundy indeed looking good. Cap pick so hard when your VC don’t fire.
pcaman2003: With a 129 Ave,it’s hard to doubt him.
Beast_Mode: lol exactly
DrSeuss: Where is Ziebell playing?
OhSoRozee: still only expect him to scrape the ton grundy
StuL: The HS wrote a piece saying maybe this was the week to jump of Grawn. Don’t listen
Oddsy5: has huge ceiling and don’t think he has a floor. low score 80 odd v gawn and he was sore
pcaman2003: Grundy will do this all game Massive tank and super athletic.
Hadouken: heres the ziebell we’ve come to know over the years…
Yelse: for my last mid spot treloar or parker or gaff
OhSoRozee: parker for me
Tig-Train: Scrape the ton? What by half time?
Raspel31: Gaff for me- but my mid set.
Oddsy5: need more goals kicked so more ruck contests for grundy 😂
Yelse: maybe even sloan added to the mix?
scrappers: sloan then
Bevo11: he will have a ton by half time at this rate. he basically takes the c every week hands down
beerent11: Parker if you can afford him
beerent11: Parker great pod
DrSeuss: Why has Shaw put Ziebell at Full Forward??
pcaman2003: Grundy on target for good C score
Raspel31: Indeed pcaman- groan.
duckky: Because Brown caan’t kick @DrSeuss
DrSeuss: Ziebell at Full Forward worked well for Chris Scott @duckky!
nick2397: Before this game started, I thought Gawn would be better choice for C than Grundy, I guess not!
pcaman2003: @Raspel. Hopefully Macrae will do the right thing by you.
The39Steps: Seriously, who names a kid Kyron?
Tig-Train: Rozee still sticking by your statement?
OhSoRozee: soz on other game
Breezey: What’s the injury for Ben Reid anyone.
NoneyaB: calf again breezy
woodduck: Kyron means ‘infinite run’ in Korean
obione05: Got Goldy and Grundy, nice start boys
BigChief: Lower leg strain I believe @Breezey
Gelly: ben reid injury is ben reid
Breezey: No luck with them legs
Bevo11: grundy slowing
pcaman2003: Went away for 5 mins and Grundy drops 8 pts. Doh!
Oddsy5: bit of backwards by grundy
original: Lol Marley Williams that was shockin
Bevo11: meanwhile goldy best on
nick2397: Big Goldy on fire!
Haydo: Goldy and grundy not too bad
Haydo: Want more from vc grundy
jbjimmyjb: Stay low Grundy, my C is on Gawn
pcaman2003: Grundy ya spud!
thommoae: 88% DE Treloar. Blue moon?
LMartos: I’ve been through this before with Goldy, not expecting more than 130
Yelse: if the pie mids learn to rove grundy better he score even better
cmperrfect: Goldy takes the points so far
Nuffman: Put ROB on field instead of Goldy… 120 is great.. but Goldy is smashing it now! Rude!
thesilentl: Carlton worked out the strat to play the pies
thesilentl: Non stop holding and hope the umps don’t call 50 frees a game
Sloan4Pres: Bont protected species
Grimes Jr: if bont is a protected species i don’t know what dangerfield is
OhSoRozee: treloar usually clean under the roof
OhSoRozee: dont play there much
Gotigres: just seen Goldy’s sc lol
Jackwatt$: I reckon Pies will win this now that Kyron Hayden’s gone down
OhSoRozee: well there goes my dpp option in hayden can officially turn off rookie watch
BigChief: Pies down 2 with Ried and Sier out @Jack
OhSoRozee: pies have 2 down 2 so roos should win
OhSoRozee: go cunners,pendles
Schillaci: Brought in Hayden during the byes for DPP… loophole option again.
OhSoRozee: 3 shots on goal for a half is bad
OhSoRozee: achillies is season done
thesilentl: No free-kick pies tonight….getting nothing
Yelse: geez where are the frees for the pies constantly getting held
teddyt: LMAO thats gold
Grimes Jr: collingwood are protected most week. head up
Torz: It’s 17-9 to the pies in free kicks
teddyt: 18-9 on target for 30 or so. Thats full delusional mode
Oddsy5: grundy close to unleashing
Tig-Train: 18-9 isn’t a big enough differential…
pcaman2003: Who was it rubbishing Ziebell earlier?
Hadouken: wow ziebell !
Grimes Jr: up the shinboners
Yelse: numbers mean nothing if they are there they are there even if its 50 -1 one
9inch: pies will piss this in
Raspel31: Okay, Collingwood has the worst injury list but still- to let these bozos beat you?
Tig-Train: Don’t worry, razor ray will do his best to help you guys wins
Gotigres: What was that about holding frees Yelse?
Grimes Jr: jeez cox is a flog. my most hated player in the comp by a distance
thommoae: Your accountant must be a worried man, Yelse …
Tig-Train: Collingwood has worst injury list? I’m guessing no one has noticed Richmond’s
Breezey: Guys wins
pcaman2003: Grundy fighting back this qtr.
cmperrfect: Grundy finding his mojo now
thesilentl: No free-kick pies tonight….getting nothing
pcaman2003: Why are there so many behinds missing in the columns?
OhSoRozee: sides are starting to work out pies it seems
Breezey: Forced behinds@ PCA
Hadouken: rushed behinds?
OhSoRozee: 4.1 from almost 3 qtrs from the boot is bad esecially under roof
pcaman2003: @Breezey. Of course…makes sense.
OhSoRozee: off hand behinds rushed
Grimes Jr: r u collingwood supporters serious right now
pcaman2003: Just that
pcaman2003: Just that I thought Grundy kicked 2 behinds.
beerent11: Pies supporters world champion umpiring sooks 🙂
Breezey: Your working them beautifully @ thesilentl
thesilentl: @grimes jr, pies could have had 30 free this qtr
jbjimmyjb: Cunnington, Grundy and Crisp, not bad
Grimes Jr: collingwood to miss the 4
pcaman2003: Pies look gonsky! Norf playing all over them.
thesilentl: Strat works vs pies but it’s shit footy
teddyt: thats not even a troll Grimes thats a good call tbh
cmperrfect: Pies have a hard month ahead, could lose all 4 potentially
Grimes Jr: ik they are very overrated. Cox sort of sums them up – overrated rubbish
Lawls: This is lovely, another nice wake up call.
Lawls: Cox tearing apart Richmond will always be amazing though!
PlungeMe: if you wanna know why moores SC score is so high, its because i traded him this week
JockMcPie: Richmond supporter calling Cox shit LOL
teddyt: hahaha yeah what a moment that was. Richmond winning the grand final will always be amazing though?
Yelse: geez shocking footy pies
Grimes Jr: haha pies won’t win a flag for a long time
Hadouken: was kind of hoping grundy didnt get much more than danger.
teddyt: Remember when collingwood beat richmond in the semis then choked against west coast amazing life memories w0w haha xD
Yelse: that was a mark lol umpires
Oddsy5: finally a ton for grundy
thesilentl: We get it grimes jr you hate the pies, move on
pcaman2003: Looks like Gawn will be my C unless Grundy has a flurry of pts.
VodkaHawk: Only 6 teams with a chance of winning the flag, Tigs not one of them
Raspel31: When you are comprehensively outplayed by a pretty ordinary unit- it is time to sum up.
pcaman2003: @Raspel. If you had the C on Macrae,he’s looking much better now.
thesilentl: 9 of the best 22 out raspel, really should be losing more games
thesilentl: Similar injury number to tigers and demons and look where they are
OhSoRozee: keep it goin pendles/cunners
Lawls: Remember when the whole Richmond fanbase thought they were going back to back 😉
Beast_Mode: give larkey the wall!
Yelse: we missing half our defence half our mid and half our fwds
Lawls: You mean prelims teddy! 😉 Memory must be a bit fuzzy?
thesilentl: Not an excuse btw, managing your team is part of footy and pies don’t do it well
Grimes Jr: dom sheeeeeed
Lawls: Nah we just been shit tonight, they’ve out numbered us around the ground and their pressure has been great
Raspel31: I agree thesilent-you’ve got the worst injury list and it makes it hard.
Nuffman: Looks like it wasn’t a masterstroke swapping ROB and Goldy on field… Ohwells
Lawls: No excuses at all
VodkaHawk: One good thing about the Pies… they’re the only VIC in the 8
Beast_Mode: your team is still better than norths though lol
Grimes Jr: come on grundy 130
Yelse: not taking anything away from north. just facts.pies done nothing right all game 4 goals pathetic
beerent11: Flogging the pies calls for a celebration. Scotch o’clock.
Oddsy5: grundy pls keep truckin
The39Steps: Geelong has seceded from Victoria @Vodka?
Raspel31: One is slightly confused by Goldstein 59 DT and 123 SC?
teddyt: Expected result tbh cant see pies making the 8 this year
Yelse: do you take grundy’s score or go Gawn?
Lawls: Lmao raspel, that’s a huge difference
VodkaHawk: Isn’t stef Martin pretty bad for opponent ruck scores?
beerent11: Big Stefan restricts other ruckman scores. Go Fyfe if you have him I reckon
OhSoRozee: score on bored id take
Lawls: Nah 200% making the 8 without a doubt, quote me on that! Just had an off night like Richmond have had against us
OhSoRozee: board*
VodkaHawk: 39steps, I don’t associate that filth with Vic, lol
cmperrfect: You survive another week Pendlebury, just.
Raspel31: Grundy all the awy Yelse- gawny not good v Martin.
Lawls: As well as Geelong, North, Bulldogs, gws etc
beerent11: Take Grundy now
Oddsy5: happy with grundy n cunners
Grimes Jr: grundy C now
Jackwatt$: No doubt about it Heath Shaw has out coached Nathan tonight
teddyt: I thought you guys lost tonight because you are missing half your team
Bevo11: fyfe may not break tags
Breezey: Try Rhyse Shaw
Lewysport: Have North not had a free this half?
Lawls: Jeez could’ve been much worse
VodkaHawk: Lol, try Rhyce Shaw
BigChief: Rhyce Shaw even Beeezey
Jackwatt$: Coach of the year this year is out of Heath Shaw or David League for mine
Jackwatt$: *I mean Teague
thesilentl: Well done north, firing brad Scott best thing you’ve done

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